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The Lida Lee Tall Learning Resource Center originated in 1886 as a model school for students of the newly established State Normal School in Baltimore (Chapter 160, Acts of 1865). Prospective teachers at the normal school used the model elementary school as a training center where they could observe and practice effective teaching methods. The model school continued its function as the State Normal School became the Maryland State Teachers College in 1935 (Chapter 554, Acts of 1935), and Towson State University in 1976. The Lida Lee Tall Learning Resources Center, as successor to the model school, continues to serve as a laboratory environment for training students from public institutions of higher education to be teachers in elementary and secondary schools. It provides opportunities for early field experience, to observe and demonstrate effective teaching practices, and to conduct research activities. The center also identifies and addresses appropriate early childhood and elementary education research needs and priorities, and offers staff development opportunities for faculty from teacher education programs, prospective principals, and experienced teachers in elementary schools. The center is governed by an eleven member board of trustees appointed by the governor to a three year term. The board establishes policy and appoints a school principal and professional staff (Chapter 641, Acts of 1984).