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(Plats from Equity)

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Plats filed in equity proceedings, some of which were placed in the case files, with others being recorded in equity record books. The series consists of plats removed from the case files because of their size or physical condition and placed in oversize storage and of plats recorded in equity records. Many of the latter were filmed by the Land Office in 1948, now found in series CM841 and CM1473. Access available in electronic form derived from (Plats on Microfilm, QA) in series S1530, supplemented by the records themselves.

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CIRCUIT COURT (Plats from Equity) CM1473, 1852-1948

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksMSA Citation
 Details08/07/1868Judgments in Extenso WFW3, p. 552Properties of James Smith, George Johnson, Robert Conyer, Lewis Rowles, Henry Hellum, James Butter, William Reddick, Joseph Harris, Charles Scott, Lewis Rowles, Martha Anderson, and Chilip Demby, Division of McKenney EstateC2522-1
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 97-99B. E. Cook Farm at Princes Station, Parcel 1, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-2
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 165-166Cacy Farm, Parcel 2, Estate of William McKenney