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Miscellaneous collection of plats originally filed in civil proceedings, mostly land commissions and ejectments, or for recordation in land records. Most of the documents come from land records. For some surveys including tracts, roads, railroads, building plans, and sewer lines the reason for their existence is unknown. Also available on microfilm in series CM1229 and CM348 where the records in folders are arranged by MdHR number, that for 4877 include materials from (Plats from Equity) in series C72, and the pages from land record books, that were filmed by the Land Office in 1952, are arranged by book and page numbers. Access available in electronic form created from accession databases, (Plats on Microfilm, AA) in series S1532, and (Plats from Land Records, Index) in series C2261 and C2262, supplemented by the records themselves. Some plats, specifically those accessioned within MdHR 4877, are included in (Plat References, AA, Index) in series S1551. These references will not be used because they are outdated and have been superseded by the databases for C129 and C130.

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CIRCUIT COURT (Plats) CM348, 1849-1924

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DatePlatFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1849MSA C0130-1CR 40717 (Scanned)Lot 98 in Annapolis01/02/06/00140229-15C130-1
 Details1851MSA C0130-2CR 40714 (Scanned)Purdy, Thomas vs. Margaret Purdy, et al., Land of Thomas Purdy, Henry Galen, and John Purdy01/02/06/0064877-30C130-2
 Details1852MSA C0130-3CR 40717 (Scanned)Level01/02/06/00140229-11C130-3
 Details1852MSA C0130-4CR 40717 (Scanned)Hammonds Fourth Connection01/02/06/00140229-16C130-4
 Details1853MSA C0130-5CR 40717 (Scanned)Luns Addition, Askewton, Barkers Increase01/02/06/00140229-19C130-5
 Details1856MSA C0130-6CR 40717 (Scanned)Estate of Theophilus Norman01/02/06/00140229-12C130-6
 Details1838/03/13MSA C0130-7CR 40717 (Scanned)Abington, Joseph Ford and Jonathan Hawkins01/02/06/00140229-1C130-7
 Details1857MSA C0130-8CR 40714 (Scanned)Ebenezer Phelps and John Stewart vs. James Phelps, Ejectment - Addition to Timber Ridge01/02/06/0064877-26C130-8
 Details1860MSA C0130-9CR 40717 (Scanned)Hammonds Fourth Connection, Trusty Friend, Worthingtons BeginningB5/11/03/00040229-14C130-9
 Details1861MSA C0130-10CR 40714 (Scanned)Nicholas L. Darnall vs. Samuel L. Brook. Ejectment - Portland Manor01/02/06/0054877-10C130-10
 Details1861MSA C0130-11CR 40714 (Scanned)Curtis Creek Mining, Furnace and Manufactoring Co. vs. Greenbury P. Sappington. Ejectment - PartnershipB5/11/03/0004877-40C130-11
 Details1862/07/01Land Records NHG 10, p. 447CR 40717 (Scanned)Biggs Purchase (Part), Survey of Pindells Estate for Hours01/02/06/00140229-18C130-12
 Details1862MSA C0130-13CR 40714 (Scanned)Ann Tongue vs. George W. Nutwell. Ejectment - Holly Hill Farm01/02/06/0114877-101C130-13
 Details1863MSA C0130-14CR 40714 (Scanned)Deep Creek Point, Weems Outlet to the Creek, Pascalls ChanceB5/11/03/0004877-91C130-14
 Details1864MSA C0130-15CR 40714 (Scanned)John B. Wilhelm et al. vs. George A. and Henry Hodges. Ejectment - Halls Palace01/02/06/0114877-100C130-15
 Details1866Land Records SH 3, p. 554CR 40717 (Scanned)Holland Chance. Recorded in (Land Records) SH 3, p. 55401/02/06/00140229-7C130-16
 Details1892Land Records SH 42, p. 544CR 40717 (Scanned)Brights, Ignatius; Robinsons Chance, Forked Neck, Brushy Neck01/02/06/00140229-24C130-17
 Details1874MSA C0130-18CR 40717 (Scanned)Lots on Randall, East, and King George Sts. in Annapolis01/02/06/00140229-20C130-18
 Details1874MSA C0130-19CR 40714 (Scanned)Lots on Hanover, Tabernacle, and Wagner Sts. in AnnapolisB5/11/03/0004877-56C130-19
 Details1877MSA C0130-20CR 40717 (Scanned)Snowdens Grove Enlarged01/02/06/00140229-23C130-20
 Details1881MSA C0130-21 Lots on East St. and Carroll's Alley in Annapolis 01/02/06/0114877-106C130-21
 Details1882MSA C0130-22CR 40714 (Scanned)Wharf, Dock, Frame Factory, Allens and Grillets Wharf in BCB5/11/03/0004877-28C130-22
 Details1882Land Records SH 20, p. 394CR 40717 (Scanned)Oyster lot of George W. Duvall. Recorded in (Land Records) SH 20, p. 39401/02/06/00140229-9C130-23
 Details1888MSA C0130-24CR 40717 (Scanned)Askewton01/02/06/00140229-25C130-24
 Details1888MSA C0130-25CR 40717 (Scanned)Tax sale - Mount Misery01/02/06/00140229-28C130-25
 Details1888MSA C0130-26CR 40714 (Scanned)Condemnation of land at Hawkins Point; Best Image Available from Poor Quality Original Plat01/02/06/0104877-85C130-26
 Details1889MSA C0130-27CR 40717 (Scanned)Cedars01/02/06/00140229-10C130-27
 Details1896MSA C0130-28CR 40717 (Scanned)Lot on City Dock in Annapolis01/02/06/00140229-27C130-28
 Details1897Land Records GW 7, p. 290CR 40717 (Scanned)Oyster lot of N. H. Green. Recorded in (Land Records) GW 7, p. 29001/02/06/00140229-2C130-29
 Details1897Land Records GW 5, p. 1CR 40717 (Scanned)Oyster lot of Albert K. Starlings. Recorded in (Land Records) GW 5, p. 101/02/06/00140229-8C130-30
 Details1907MSA C0130-31CR 40717 (Scanned)William W. Webb et al. vs. Board of Shell Fish Commissioners. Herring Bay01/02/06/00140229-22C130-31
 Details1915MSA C0130-32CR 40717 (Scanned)T. Fletcher Bullen et al. vs. Benjamin K. Green et al. Oyster lots in Aberdeen Creek01/02/06/00140229-21C130-32
 Details1924MSA C0130-33CR 40714 (Scanned)Courthouse plans01/02/06/0084877-59C130-33
 Details1927MSA C0130-34CR 40717 (Scanned)Ferry Farms01/02/06/00140229-4C130-34
 Details1940MSA C0130-35CR 40717 (Scanned)Homewoods Lott01/02/06/00140229-3C130-35
 Details1953MSA C0130-36CR 40717 (Scanned)Estate of Olivia S. Murray01/02/06/00140229-6C130-36
 Details1962MSA C0130-37CR 40717 (Scanned)Lake Forest01/02/06/00140229-5C130-37
 Details MSA C0130-38CR 40717 (Scanned)Lighthouse site on Leading Point01/02/06/00140229-13C130-38
 Details MSA C0130-39CR 40717 (Scanned)Lots on Patapsco River and Curtis Creek01/02/06/00140229-17C130-39
 Details MSA C0130-40CR 40717 (Scanned)Law 8666. Gas, water, and sewer lines01/02/06/00140229-26C130-40
 Details MSA C0130-41CR 40714 (Scanned)State Roads Commission. Plans for roads in AA, PG, and BA01/02/06/0104877-86C130-41
 Details MSA C0130-42CR 40714 (Scanned)Gas House on Hanover StB5/11/03/0004877-113C130-42
 Details1919Land Records WNW 16, p. 221CR 87714Hosfrus, Joseph B., Camp Mead03/62/10/0B1 C130-43
 Details1919Land Records WNW 16, p. 231CR 87714Hebron, Stephen03/62/10/0B1 C130-44
 Details1919Land Records WNW 16, p. 231CR 87714Hebron, Stephen03/62/10/0B1 C130-45
 Details1919Land Records WNW 16, p. 239CR 87714Jones, Anna M. and W. H. Jones03/62/10/0B1 C130-46
 Details1919Land Records WNW 16, p. 303CR 87714Watts, Parthenia P.03/62/10/0B1 C130-47
 Details1919Land Records WNW 16, p. 323CR 87714Clautice, John F. and Elle J. Clautice03/62/10/0B1 C130-48
 Details1919Land Records WNW 16, p. 329CR 87714Dublin, Samuel Oscar03/62/10/0B1 C130-49
 Details1919Land Records WNW 16, p. 331CR 87714Duval, Zeduc03/62/10/0B1 C130-50
 Details1919Land Records WNW 16, p. 347CR 87714Farmers and Truckers Exchange, Camp Mead03/62/10/0B1 C130-51
 Details1919Land Records WNW 16, p. 361CR 87714Moss, William J. and Amelia Moss, Blocks 26-3303/62/10/0B1 C130-52
 Details1919Land Records WNW 16, p. 365CR 87714Friedhofer, John G.03/62/10/0B1 C130-53
 Details1919Land Records WNW 16, p. 387CR 87714Steffey, Charles H. and Company, Inc.03/62/10/0B1 C130-54
 Details1919Land Records WNW 16, p. 441CR 87714Owens, George C.03/62/10/0B1 C130-55
 Details1919Land Records WNW 16, p. 287 Simms, Thomas03/62/10/0B1 C130-56
 Details1919Land Records WNW 19, p. 114CR 87715Gilbert, J. Newton03/62/10/0B1 C130-57
 Details03/23/1919Land Records WNW 17, p. 147CR 87715Ridout, Frank H., Elizabeth Ridout, and Nancy C. Ridout03/62/10/023 C130-58
 Details04/23/1919Land Records WNW 17, p. 290CR 87715Blaszozak, Nickolas and Thomas F. Bottomly03/62/10/0B1 C130-59
 Details1919Land Records WNW 17, p. 285CR 87715McGuckian, Thomas03/62/10/0B1 C130-60
 Details02/28/1919Land Records WNW 14, p. 345CR 87714Melvin, P., Augusta B. Melvin and Edward E. Dravo 03/62/10/0B1 C130-61
 Details03/23/1919Land Records WNW 17, p. 145CR 87715Ridout, Frank and Elizabeth H. Ridout to Frank Gott03/62/10/0B1 C130-62
 Details11/10/1919Land Records WNW 18, p. 397CR 87715Andrews, Charles R. M. and May E. Andrews03/62/10/0B1 C130-63
 Details10/22/1919Land Records WNW 20, p. 201CR 87714Summers, Charles G. to Sarah Francis Clark03/62/10/0B1 C130-64
 Details1919-1920Land Records WNW 21, p. 46CR 87715Benson, R. C.03/62/10/0B1 C130-65
 Details1919-1920Land Records WNW 21, p. 56CR 87715Dull, R. F.03/62/10/0B1 C130-66
 Details1919-1920Land Records WNW 24, p. 195CR 87715Duvalls, John03/62/10/0B1 C130-67
 Details1919-1920Land Records WNW 24, p. 198CR 87715Beall, John B., Part of Mt. Almo, Survey made for Aubrey B. Beall03/62/10/0B1 C130-68
 Details10/30/1919Land Records WNW 25, p. 364CR 87715Murray, Eva, James D. Murray and Matilda Hope Murray, Katherine C. Murray McComar and Joseph P. McComar03/62/10/0B1 C130-69
 Details08/06/1919Land Records WNW 26, p. 59CR 87715Levis, Charles, Anna A. Levis to Edward Waldo and Frank Waldo03/62/10/0B1 C130-70
 Details1919-1920Land Records WNW 25, p. 392CR 87714Helmer, Bernhardt03/62/10/0B1 C130-71
 Details12/04/1919Land Records WNW 26, p. 123CR 87714Hiltz, George, Johanna M. Hiltz and Josephine A. Link03/62/10/0B1 C130-72
 Details08/06/1919Land Records WNW 26, p. 67CR 87715Levis, Charles and Anna Levis03/62/10/0B1 C130-73
 Details10/18/1919Land Records WNW 26, p. 4CR 87714Stinchcomb, Sarah Elizabeth to Charles F. Harley03/62/10/0B1 C130-74
 Details1919-1920Land Records WNW 26, p. 209CR 87714Sass, Martin and John Sass03/62/10/0B1 C130-75
 Details11/05/1920Land Records WNW 39, p. 208CR 87714Delmissier, Leanard and Mary Delmissier to United State of America03/62/10/0B1 C130-76
 Details02/21/1920Land Records WNW 27, p. 157 Brumwell, Edward and Maggie Brumwell vs. Thomas Bottomly, Equity 424603/62/10/0B1 C130-77
 Details1921Land Records WNW 41, pp. 342-343CR 87715Moss, Mrs. Robert03/62/10/0B1 C130-78
 Details07/26/1920Land Records WNW 26, p. 243CR 87715Beyer, Thomas E. and Josephine F. Beyer03/62/10/0B1 C130-79
 Details1920-1921Land Records WNW 37, p. 406CR 87715Gaither, Burton A.03/62/10/0B1 C130-80
 Details1920-1921Land Records WNW 38, p. 220CR 87715Parker, Charles H. to James Christ03/62/10/0B1 C130-81
 Details03/31/1920Land Records WNW 38, p. 375CR 87715Cantler, Albert H. and Vronis B. Cantler to Frank M. Duvall, Nelson A. Stinchcomb, Charles W. Stinchcomb, and William H. Stinchcomb03/62/10/0B1 C130-82
 Details04/30/1921Land Records WNW 38, p. 378 Pumphrey, Thomas, Charles G. Pumphrey, and William Pumphrey to State of Maryland B5/00/00/0B1 C130-83
 Details1921Land Records WNW 44, p. 95CR 87714Overlook Drive at Cedar Park, Change in Location03/62/10/0B1 C130-84
 Details09/23/1921Land Records WNW 44, p. 260CR 86029Jackson, Leander C. and Gertrude Jackson to County CommissionersB5/00/00/0B1 C130-85
 Details1921-1922Land Records WNW 45, p. 250CR 87714Keys, Herbert A. and Mary Lillian Keys03/62/10/0B1 C130-86
 Details03/09/1894Land Records SH 46, p. 191CR 86029Brighton BeachB5/00/00/0B1 C130-87
 Details1921Land Records WNW 48, p. 28CR 86029Baltimore and Ohio System, The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, Right of Way to be Acquired through the lands of the State of Maryland (House of Correction)B5/00/00/0B1 C130-88
 Details04/05/1921Land Records WNW 48, p. 305CR 87714Gerland, Harry A. to Richard M. Thomas03/62/10/0B1 C130-89
 Details07/18/1921Land Records WNW 48, p. 216CR 87714Kubitz, Julia E., Relocation of Public Road03/62/10/0B1 C130-90
 Details1921-1922Land Records WNW 49, p. 115CR 87715Meredith-Healy Lumber Company to Maximillian Parkinson (lot 23) and Louis Fisher (lots 25, 27)03/62/10/0B1 C130-91
 Details1921Land Records WNW 49, p. 358CR 87714South River Park, Block A, Lot 3103/62/10/0B1 C130-92
 Details1921-1922Land Records WNW 50, p. 33CR 87715Outing Park, Lots 5-803/62/10/0B1 C130-93
 Details1921-1922Land Records WNW 50, p. 163CR 86029Barrow, Katie I. to W. B. and A. Electric RailroadB5/00/00/0B1 C130-94
 Details1922Land Records WNW 55, p. 184 Lee Property B5/00/00/0B1 C130-95
 Details1921-1922Land Records WNW 50, p. 99CR 87714Gott, Winson G. and Carrie W. Gott, Annapolis Savings Institution, and Charles Edward Smith and Lottie Smith03/62/10/0B1 C130-96
 Details1921-1922Land Records WNW 54, p. 232CR 87714Allview Manor03/62/10/0B1 C130-97
 Details1921-1922Land Records WNW 54, p. 282CR 87715Allview Manor03/62/10/0B1 C130-98
 Details1921-1922Land Records WNW 54, p. 312CR 86029Fyffe, Thomas J., Part of Bay HeadB5/00/00/0B1 C130-99
 Details1919Land Records WNW 16, p. 53CR 87714Clark, Plummer A.03/62/10/0B2 C130-100
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