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(Miscellaneous Plats, Copies)

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Copies of plats filed with the court and placed on composite boards for safe keeping. Most of the earlier documents, 1729-1830 and many undated, show the original layouts of Baltimore Town and Jones Town and subsequent additions to the city. Other records, including the later ones, pertain to streets and lots in the city. Access available in electronic form, derived from a database for each case file and posted on the Archives' web site.

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1729MSA C2043-1Howard, Cornelius, Original Plat of Baltimore Town, copied by Cornelius Howard; Accession No. 19,958-4B5/09/02/00019958-4C2043-1
 Details1745MSA C2043-2Baltimore and Jones Town, showing original lot numbers; Accession No. 19,958-3B5/09/02/00019958-3C2043-2
 Details1754MSA C2043-3Slighs Addition to Baltimore, Halls Addition to Baltimore; Accession No. 19,958-5B5/09/02/00019958-5C2043-3
 Details1766MSA C2043-4Howards Addition to Baltimore; Accession No. 19,958-17B5/09/02/00019958-17C2043-4
 Details1786MSA C2043-5Outline of tracts; Accession No. 19,958-1B5/09/02/00019958-1C2043-5
 Details1787MSA C2043-6Whetstone Point, showing original lot numbers, copied by George Gouldsmith Presbury; Accession No. 19,958-20B5/09/02/00019958-20C2043-6
 Details1792MSA C2043-7Ridgely, Charles, Ridgelys Delight, Timber Neck; Accession No. 19,958-22 B5/09/02/00019958-22C2043-7
 Details1793MSA C2043-8East and Southeast Addition to Baltimore, Section 1; Accession No. 19,958-7B5/09/02/00019958-7C2043-8
 Details1793MSA C2043-9East and Southeast Addition to Baltimore, Section 2; Accession No. 19,958-8B5/09/02/00019958-8C2043-9
 Details1793MSA C2043-10East and Southeast Addition to Baltimore, Section 3; Accession No. 19,958-9B5/09/02/00019958-9C2043-10
 Details1804MSA C2043-11Baltimore Water Company, Lots on Franklin, Calvert, and Madison Sts; Accession No. 19,958-23B5/09/02/00019958-23C2043-11
 Details1814MSA C2043-12Improvement of the Cove, east of Jones Falls; Accession No. 19,958-27 B5/09/02/00019958-27C2043-12
 Details1818MSA C2043-13Pratt Street, Section 1, Copy; Original filed August 21 1818 and to be found on top if law boxes marked A; Accession No. 19,958-34 B5/09/02/00019958-34C2043-13
 Details1818MSA C2043-14Pratt Street, Section 2; Accession No. 19,958-35 B5/09/02/00019958-35C2043-14
 Details1818MSA C2043-15Pratt Street, Sections 3-4, Copy, Original filed August 21, 1818 and to be found on top of Law Boxes Marked A; Accession No. 19,958-36 B5/09/02/00019958-36C2043-15
 Details1818MSA C2043-16Pratt Street, Sections 5-7, Copy, Original filed August 21, 1818 and to be found on top of Law Boxes marked A; Accession No. 19,958-37 B5/09/02/00019958-37C2043-16
 Details1818MSA C2043-17Dorsey vs. Wells, Part of Chatsworth; Accession No. 19,958-31 B5/09/02/00019958-31C2043-17
 Details1819MSA C2043-18McLunes Dock, Extension; Accession No. 19,958-33 B5/09/02/00019958-33C2043-18
 Details1830MSA C2043-19St. Marys Seminary, Intended Course of Centre Street; Accession No. 19,958-26 B5/09/02/00019958-26C2043-19
 Details MSA C2043-20Original lots of Baltimore Town with Additions; Accession No. 19,958-2B5/09/02/00019958-2C2043-20
 Details MSA C2043-21Harrisons Marshes; Accession No. 19,958-6B5/09/02/00019958-6C2043-21
 Details MSA C2043-22Rogers Addition to Baltimore; Accession No. 19,958-10 B5/09/02/00019958-10C2043-22
 Details MSA C2043-23Bowly and Yates Part of Philpots Addition, 1st Section; Accession No. 19,958-11 B5/09/02/00019958-11C2043-23
 Details MSA C2043-24Bowly and Yates Part of Philpots Addition, Section 2; Accession No. 19,958-12 B5/09/02/00019958-12C2043-24
 Details MSA C2043-25Moale and Steirgers Addition to Baltimore; Accession No. 19,958-13B5/09/02/00019958-13C2043-25
 Details MSA C2043-26Poor House Property on North Street, Lewews Alley, Howard Street; Accession No. 19,958-14 B5/09/02/00019958-14C2043-26
 Details MSA C2043-27Fells Prospect; Accession No. 19,958-15B5/09/02/00019958-15C2043-27
 Details MSA C2043-28Lunns Lot, being John E. Howard's Addition to Baltimore; Accession No. 19,958-16B5/09/02/00019958-16C2043-28
 Details MSA C2043-29Ridgelys Addition to Baltimore, Part of Howards Timber Neck; Accession No. 19,958-18B5/09/02/00019958-18C2043-29
 Details MSA C2043-30Welshes Adventure, Chatsworths Part 1 and 2, Conveyed by George Lux to Russell and wife; Accession No. 19,958-19 B5/09/02/00019958-19C2043-30
 Details MSA C2043-31Rogers, Charles, Rogers Inspection, Gallow Barrow; Accession No. 19,958-21 B5/09/02/00019958-21C2043-31
 Details MSA C2043-32Bowly and Ridgelys Addition to Baltimore; Accession No. 19,958-24 B5/09/02/00019958-24C2043-32
 Details MSA C2043-33Plowman, Jonathan, Southeast addition to Baltimore Town, York Street from Front Street to Loyd Street; Accession No. 19,958-25 B5/09/02/00019958-25C2043-33
 Details MSA C2043-34Holliday, John R., Map of Baltimore dedicated by George G. Presbury, showing lots on Holliday Street and East Street; Accession No. 19,958-28 B5/09/02/00019958-28C2043-34
 Details MSA C2043-35Smith and Williams - lots on Pleasant, Holliday, New Church, North Street and Charles Street; Accession No. 19,958-29 B5/09/02/00019958-29C2043-35
 Details MSA C2043-36Hansons Improvement; Accession No. 19,958-30B5/09/02/00019958-30C2043-36
 Details MSA C2043-37Carroll, James and Others, Agreement to open Alluvian Street, from Ridgely Street to Warner Street; Accession No. 19,958-32 B5/09/02/00019958-32C2043-37
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