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Diazo versions of the county copies of subdivision plats, filed with the circuit court since 1945, and survey, easement, and subdivision plats filed between 1851 and 1945. The series also contains some survey and easement plats after 1945. The few documents predating 1851 were actually filed after that date for recording purposes. All plats were assigned book and page references regardless of how they were maintained. Through the beginning of 1952 the originals were folded and placed in envelopes that were arranged by book and page numbers. After that originals were stored in map drawers or cardboard tubes, both arranged by book and page citations. Over time copies of the plats have been made and bound into volumes to reflect the original book and page references. The first twenty-two volumes, 1804-1956, contain ink tracings made from the original plats. In the 1960s the clerk's office began to make diazo copies that grew to encompass volumes 1-65, and were created from the tracings of books 1-22, and from the originals for the remainder. The tracings when compared to the originals are sometimes inaccurate, a situation then perpetuated by the diazo copies. All the original plats maintained by the circuit court and many of the tracings and diazo copies are being scanned into series C2136 in order to capture in one place surviving versions of individual documents. Original plats for 1804-1952 are also available on microfilm in series CM1209 including those filmed by the Land Office in 1947, and diazo copies for 1982-1993 in series CM1210. Access available in electronic form derived from (Plat Book, Index) in series C2875, (Plats on Microfilm, BA) in series S1462, and the records themselves. Earlier and other survey and subdivision plats are found in (Plats from Land Records) in series C2418 and C2146. Most subdivision and survey plats after 1944 are found in (Subdivision Plats, BA) in series S1236. Most easements after 1948 are found in (Right of Way Plats) in series C2140 and (State Road Plats, Aperture Cards) in series C2877.

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