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(Right of Way Plats, County)

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Right of way plats for county roads, filed by the county Department of Public Works. Most were recorded in Plat Book F. The plats contain drawings for the proposed routes and needed easements for new and revamped county roads. They are identified by road name, with a plat for each specified section. The documents show the easement lines, existing road bed, names of landowners whose lands are affected, typographical features such as fields, woods, or streams, and structures such as houses, barns, or businesses. Access available in electronic form created from the records themselves by the Archives.

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DatePlatFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksLocationMSA Citation
 Details10/16/1975Plat Book F, pp. 1-8 Tick Neck Road Phase 2, From Mountain Road to Fort Smallwood Road03/62/03/000C2143-1
 Details10/30/1975Plat Book F, p. 9 Marley Neck Road, M.A. Realty Company, Incorporated and M.A. Management Company, Incorporated Property03/62/03/000C2143-2
 Details10/30/1975Plat Book F, p. 10 Marley Neck Road; Cornish, Turner and Turner Property03/62/03/000C2143-3
 Details10/30/1975Plat Book F, p. 11 Marley Neck Road; Broadwater, Lamonte, Patrick, Honaker, and Rittmeyer Properties03/62/03/000C2143-4
 Details10/30/1975Plat Book F, p. 12 Marley Neck Road Wilbur T. Driver Property03/62/03/000C2143-5
 Details10/30/1975Plat Book F, p. 13 Magothy Bridge Road From Oak Road to Tick Neck Road03/62/03/000C2143-6
 Details10/30/1975Plat Book F, p. 14 Magothy Bridge Road; From Oak Road to Tick Neck Road, Grimes, Hale, Blitz, and Platzke Properties03/62/03/000C2143-7
 Details10/30/1975Plat Book F, pp. 15-18 Magothy Bridge Road, From Tick Neck Road to Maryland Route 60703/62/03/000C2143-8
 Details12/23/1975Plat Book F, pp. 19-21 Burwood Road, Carl H. Shipley Property, Board of Education Property03/62/03/000C2143-9
 Details01/07/1976Plat Book F, p. 22 Marley Neck Road, From Fort Smallwood Road to Old Baltimore and Annapolis Boulevard, Plat to Accompany Description Showing Property to be Acquired From The Marley Neck Patapsco Company03/62/03/000C2143-10
 Details09/08/1976Plat Book F, pp. 23-27 Benfield Road Relocation, Windward Drive to Truck House Road03/62/03/000C2143-11
 Details04/06/1977Plat Book F, p. 28 Ventnor Road03/62/03/000C2143-12
 Details04/06/1977Plat Book F, p. 29 Mountain Road03/62/03/000C2143-13
 Details04/06/1977Plat Book F, pp. 30-31 Ventnor Road03/62/03/000C2143-14
 Details05/12/1978Plat Book F, p. 32 Road Widening Dedication03/62/03/000C2143-15
 Details05/16/1979Plat Book F, pp. 33-39 Jumpers Hole Road, Phase 303/62/03/000C2143-16
 Details07/18/1979Plat Book F, pp. 40-44 Bay Ridge Road, From Hillsmere Drive to 0.28 Miles East of Arundel Road03/62/03/000C2143-17
 Details04/28/1980Plat Book F, pp. 45-48 Robinson Road03/62/03/000C2143-18
 Details06/22/1981Plat Book F, pp. 49-50 Earleigh Heights Road, From Ritchie Highway to Magothy Bridge Road, Leon A. Crane, et al and Alice E. Rennie Properties03/62/03/000C2143-19
 Details11/05/1982Plat Book F, p. 51 North Arundel Properties, Incorporated03/62/03/000C2143-20
 Details11/05/1982Plat Book F, p. 52 Tick Neck Road, Phase 2, From Mountain Road to Fort Smallwood Road03/62/03/000C2143-21
 Details11/05/1982Plat Book F, pp. 53-58 Ridge Road Reconstruction, Phase 1, From Maryland Route 176 to Valley Road03/62/03/000C2143-22
 Details11/05/1982Plat Book F, pp. 59-60 Fernglen Manor, Flood Plain Improvements, Metes and Bounds Plat03/62/03/000C2143-23
 Details04/29/1986Plat Book F, pp. 61-67 West Nursery Road, From Elkridge Landing Road to Baltimore Washington Expressway03/62/03/000C2143-24
 Details06/25/1986Plat Book F, p. 68 Margate Drive, Storm Drain Improvements03/62/03/000C2143-25
 Details07/08/1986Plat Book F, p. 69 Mayo Peninsula Boundary Survey, Jerome Murray03/62/03/000C2143-26
 Details09/17/1986Plat Book F, p. 70 Baltimore - Annapolis Boulevard, From Oak Land to Ritchie Highway03/62/03/000C2143-27
 Details06/09/1986Plat Book F, pp. 71-72 Mayo Peninsula, Addition to Murray Property, Jerome Murray, Maryland Land Trust03/62/03/000C2143-28
 Details09/15/1987Plat Book F, p. 73 Urby Drive03/62/03/000C2143-29
 Details03/23/1988Plat Book F, pp. 74 Highway Safety Improvements, River Road and Palisades Boulevard03/62/03/000C2143-30
 Details03/23/1988Plat Book F, p. 75 Brock Bridge Road, Bridge Over Little Patuxent River03/62/03/000C2143-31
 Details08/28/1996Plats F-90; Plat Book F-1, pp. 90-91SR 8408Holland Point Citizen Association, Inc., Grant of Easement Dedication03/64/03/000C2143-32
 Details07/26/1961Plats PW 1 Patapsco River Watershed, Ridge Traverse East and West Leg03/64/03/000C2143-33
 Details07/26/1961Plats PW 2-4 Patapsco River Watershed, Ridge Traverse East Leg03/64/03/000C2143-34
 Details07/26/1961Plats PW 5-9 Patapsco River Watershed, Ridge Traverse West Leg03/64/03/000C2143-35
 Details11/03/1961Plats PWA 1-8 South Glen Burnie, Area A03/64/03/000C2143-36
 Details11/03/1961Plats PWB 1-5 South Glen Burnie, Area B03/64/03/000C2143-37
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