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(Plats from Land Records)

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Survey plats originally recorded in land records. These records still are resident in the courthouse either in the land record books or in separate files, having been removed from the books. This series includes the originals of the plats copied into (Plat Book) 1883-1894 [MSA C2139]. Access available in electronic form.

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMSA Citation
 Details11/19/1851Land Records JGH 1, p. 3Palmers to Rockville Road to Westminster to Washington Road, Bready, David, Thomas I. Bowie, Richard I. Bowie, Margaret D. Bowie, George Cashell, Richard Holemes, Basil Mulliken, Pennuell Palmer, William C. Pierce, William Reed, Mary Lazenby C2152-1
 Details03/06/1854Land Records JGH 3, p. 110Blunt, Samuel, William Benson, Ninian Benson, John Crawford, Remus Dorsey, John Taylor, and Enoch G. Ward; Georgetown Road to Baltimore Road  C2152-2
 Details03/06/1854Land Records JGH 3, p. 104Bentley, Richard T., Elizabeth Ellicott, William H. Farquhar, and Charles Holand, Thomas Lea, Nicholas Hardy, and Thomas Tyson; Unity and Bladensburg to Patuxent River  C2152-3
 Details03/06/1854Land Records JGH 3, p. 108Barcroft, John, Joshua Brown, William Burford, Benjamin Downes and Nancy Downes, Lloyd Green, Anna Hokins, John Hardin, John Perkin, Hutchinson, Samuel Shreve, Wineberry, and Holmes Heirs; Sandy Spring and Washington Road to Prince Georges County Lin  C2152-4
 Details03/06/1854Land Records JGH 3, p. 106Collier, Henry A., Thomas Hall, Hilleary Hoskinson, George Peter, Thomas N. Gott, William Metzgar, and Stephen N. White; Poosville Road to Edwards Ferry C2152-5
 Details10/11/1854Land Records JGH 3, p. 433Baltimore Road to Goshen and Damascus Road, Samuel Blunt, William Benson, Mrs. P. Griffith, Benjamin Gartrell, James Magruder, Nathaniel Waters, and Washington Waters  C2152-6
 Details10/11/1854Land Records JGH 3, p. 435Frederick County Line to Clarksburg and Damascur Road, Elisha Beal, Luther Browning, Elisha Etchison, Sarah Day, William Glaze, John Purdom and Josias Purdom, Joshua Purdom, Jacob Keller, John Sheckels and Richard Sheckels, Cephas Sommers  C2152-7
 Details06/21/1855Land Records JGH 4, p. 383Union Plank Road to Bladensburg Road; Batchelor, Clark, and Ben Johnson  C2152-8
 Details06/21/1855Land Records JGH 4, p. 385Willson, Thomas N., et al.  C2152-9
 Details03/03/1856Land Records JGH 5, p. 96Bladensburg Road, William V. Bouic and Elias Young  C2152-10
 Details03/03/1856Land Records JGH 5, p. 98Road from Piney Meeting House Road to Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, J. E. Beall, John Brackenridge, William A. Cady, J. L. Dufief, William Harris, and Madison Harris  C2152-11
 Details04/10/185Land Records JGH 5, p. 140Laurel Road to Washington Road, John Barcroft, Benjamin Downs, Anna Hopkins, John Harding and Joseph Harding, Nathan Moore, Samuel Shrive, Griffith Search, and Thomas Winpenny  C2152-12
 Details06/02/1856Land Records JGH 5, p. 213Piney Meeting House Road to Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, Amy C. Fisher and William Fisher, Z. Gatton, John C. Myers, and Samuel Jones  C2152-13
 Details12/04/1856Land Records JGH 5, p. 456Dawsonville to Poolesville Road to Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, Joseph Bussard, George Byrd, Theresa Dyson, R. P. Dodge, C. H. Nourse, John Peter, and Napoleon Vinson  C2152-14
 Details07/28/1857Land Records JGH 6, p. 163Barnesville Road and Frederick Road  C2152-15
 Details07/28/1857Land Records JGH 6, p. 165Brookeville to Unity and Colesville Road  C2152-16
 Details09/16/1857Land Records JGH 6, p. 227Bonds Mill Road  C2152-17
 Details05/12/1858Land Records JGH 6, p. 567Rockville to Potomac Falls Road to Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, Thomas Clagett, Sr., R. Davidson, Fitzhue, William O. Orendorff, Mrs. Hughes, Muncaster, Moore, Otho Magruder, Evan Jones, Samuel C. Veirs, William Sheperd, Zadoc Talbott, Cephas Willett  C2152-18
 Details05/12/1858Land Records JGH 6, p. 565Old Frederick Road to River Road  C2152-19
 Details06/30/1858Land Records JGH 6, p. 625Rockville to Georgetown, Rudolph Gogler and William Hance  C2152-20
 Details01/05/1859Land Records JGH 7, p. 186City Road to Georgetown Pike, Margaret I. Beall, Jane E. Beall, and Matilda Beall; James W. Higgins, C. A.Harding, Samuel C. Veirs  C2152-21
 Details03/31/1859Land Records JGH 7, p. 310Colesville and Bladensburg Road to D.C. Line, Wilson Crawford, William T. Carroll, Benjamin Davis, G. C. Grammer, Alexander G. Pendleton, William Pearce, Jasper M. Jackson, William R. Smith  C2152-22
 Details03/31/1859Land Records JGH 7, p. 312Darnestown to Muddy Branch Road, James B. Beall and John L. Dufief  C2152-23
 Details03/31/1859Land Records JGH 7, p. 313Brookeville to Laytonsville  C2152-24
 Details11/24/1859Land Records JGH 7, p. 603Gaithersburg to Union Meeting House Road, John Braddock, Samuel Briggs, John T. Desellum, James H. Dowden, John L. Dufied, Ignatius Fulks, William Garrett, Johnson Hardesty, Robert W. Stephens, E. L. Hays, Henry Mossburgh, Z. N. Jones, Thomas Jenkins  C2152-25
 Details11/30/1859Land Records JGH 7, p. 608Baltimore Road, Elisha D. Berry  C2152-26
 Details01/28/1860Land Records JGH 7, p. 661Laytonsville and Brookeville Road to Laytonsville and Unity Road, James Dwyer, Thomas Gaither, E. B. Hutton, Reubin T. Manakee, William B. Magruder, Gassaway Watkins, Laucy A. B. Worthington, and George Williams  C2152-27
 Details06/26/1860Land Records JGH 8, p. 162Patuxent River to Damascus and Laytonsville Road  C2152-28
 Details09/26/1860Land Records JGH 8, p. 212Washington Road to Baltimore Road, C. Lewis Hammond, C. P. Iddings and R. J. Iddings, Thomas Lea, Edward Lea, and Sally Lea; and E. E. Tyson  C2152-29
 Details09/26/1860Land Records JGH 8, p. 215Gaithersburg to Union Meeting House  C2152-30
 Details12/03/1860Land Records JGH 8, p. 267Laurel Road  C2152-31
 Details06/21/1861Land Records JGH 8, p. 407Georgetown and Washington Turnpike to Newport Mills  C2152-32
 Details06/21/1861Land Records JGH 8, p. 408Frederick Road to Seneca Bridge Road, John Bean, Nathan Cook, John T. Desellum, Newland Irish, Otho Z. Muncaster and Edwin Muncaster, Charles Shaffell, and Elijah Thompson  C2152-33
 Details01/01/1864Land Records EBP 1, p. 30Friends Loss, Burriss, Lemuel P. and Elizabeth J. Burriss  C2152-34
 Details02/09/1864Land Records EBP 1, p. 85Girls Portion, Christopher Brashear and W. T. Carroll  C2152-35
 Details04/06/1864Land Records EBP 1, p. 147Clouen Course and Dobbin Farm, Samuel Anderson  C2152-36
 Details06/07/1864Land Records EBP 1, p. 231Day, Lawson  C2152-37
 Details06/11/1864Land Records EBP 1, p. 238Roberts Choice, G. C. Grammer Estate  C2152-38
 Details08/18/1864Land Records EBP 1, p. 302Girls Portion, James Eslins  C2152-39
 Details08/22/1864Land Records EBP 1, p. 309Cashell, Andrew J., Thomas F. Cashell, and George Cashell  C2152-40
 Details09/01/1864Land Records EBP 1, p. 325Friendship and Oak Hill, E. H. Brooke  C2152-41
 Details10/28/1864Land Records EBP 1, p. 378Mitchell, Richard T., Hermitage  C2152-42
 Details11/24/1864Land Records EBP 1, p. 422Joseph, G. C. Poole  C2152-43
 Details03/11/1865Land Records EBP 2, p. 27Grammer, Lewis M, and G.C. Grammer, Estate  C2152-44
 Details03/11/1865Land Records EBP 2, p. 23Grammer, G.C., Estate  C2152-45
 Details04/14/1865Land Records EBP 2, p. 70Suters to Frederick Hall, Lewis Belmear, Sr. and Thomas R. Suter  C2152-46
 Details05/17/1865Land Records EBP 2, p.117Cashells to Washington Road, Leading to Brookeville Turnpike, John Brady and Abraham Vanhorn  C2152-47
 Details09/26/1865Land Records EBP 2, p. 292Waters, Washington  C2152-48
 Details04/17/1866Land Records EBP 2, p. 631Bowie, Catharine W., Thomas J. D. Bowie, Washington Bowie, and Washington Waters  C2152-49
 Details09/11/1866Land Records EBP 3, p. 171Poolesville to Edwards Ferry Road to Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, Samuel C. Young  C2152-50
 Details09/11/1866Land Records EBP 3, p. 172Brookeville and Washington Turnpike to Jones Bridge  C2152-51
 Details09/11/1866Land Records EBP 3, p. 173Columbia Road to Patuxent River, Isaac Burton, Sr., Charles O. Ridgely, John Wilson, Samuel D. Waters  C2152-52
 Details09/11/1866Land Records EBP 3, p. 174Washington and Brookeville Turnpike to Muncasters Mill Road, Thomas Beall, Roger Brooke, N. C. Childs, and A. R. Wadsworth  C2152-53
 Details09/11/1866Land Records EBP 3, p. 176Laytonsville and Mechanicsville Road to Seneca Bridge Road, Frederick and Washington Road to Damascus; H. Barber, William Campbell, John W. Darby, Thomas Griffith, Peter Hagner, G. Miles, William Poole, Mrs. Purdom, W. G. Robertson, Joshua Riggs,  C2152-54
 Details10/26/1868Land Records EBP 5, p. 425Brown, Robert and George Knowles  C2152-55
 Details02/09/1869Land Records EBP 6, p. 172Rockville to Orendorff Mill and Georgetown Turnpike Road, William V. Bouic  C2152-56
 Details03/17/1869Land Records EBP 6, p. 174Seneca Bridge and Mechanicsville Road to Laytonsville and Mechanicsville Road, Joshua W. Dorsey and John L. Layton  C2152-57
 Details05/18/1869Land Records EBP 6, pp. 270-271Patuxent River to Mount Lebanon Church Road, John J. Mullinix and Asbury Mullinix, and Walter Stewart C2152-58
 Details02/25/1870Land Records EBP 7, p. 486Blair, Francis P. and Washington Bonifant  C2152-59
 Details02/25/1870Land Records EBP 7, p. 492Barnesville and Hyattstown Road, John W. Brown and Thomas H. Ward  C2152-60
 Details02/25/1870Land Records EBP 7, p. 493Rickard Ford Road, H. Duvall, George Ellicott, William Gray, Jacks, Henry Moore, and Joseph Snyder  C2152-61
 Details02/25/1870Land Records EBP 7, p. 488Persimmon Tree Road, from River Road to Seven Locks Road, George Bradley, Thomas Dowling, Charles Dodge and John F. Dodge, Joshua W. Offutt, Margaret A. Pennifell, C. Rupert, Phillip Stone, and John Saunders C2152-62
 Details02/25/1870Land Records EBP 7, p. 490Daniels Branch Road, from Sandy Spring to Unity Road, B. T. Bentley, S. Bowen, Mrs. Budd, M. Chandler, Mary Chandler, E. Elcorn, Sarah Gilpin and A. Gilpin, William H. Farquhar, Jack Hill, H. Plummer, Caleb Pumphrey, William Pratt, B. R. Roberts, Til  C2152-63
 Details02/25/1870Land Records EBP 7, p. 491Rockville and Monocacy Road to Rockville and Poolesville Road, Joseph Bruner, Sarah Chiswell, Thomas Fyffe, John T. Fletchall, Howard Griffith, and Samuel Metcalf  C2152-64
 Details05/10/1870Land Records EBP 7, p. 494White Road, from Dawsonville and Monocacy Road to Barnesville and Rockville Road, N. Brewer, John W. Darby, R. T. Dade and Alexander Dade, Robert Grant, Brooke Jones, A. Wade, Ursula Wilcoscen, J. C. White, and Richard T. White  C2152-65
 Details06/15/1870Land Records EBP 8, p. 284Edwards Ferry to Barnesville and Monocacy Road, Dickerson Road, N. C. Dickerson  C2152-66
 Details11/14/1870Land Records EBP 8, p. 94Haviland, James C.  C2152-67
 Details12/06/1870Land Records EBP 8, p. 402Edwards Ferry Road to Monocacy and Rockville Road, Warner Bollinger, Lemuel L. Beall, Robert T. Hillard and John W. Hillard, Thomas N. Gott, and John H. Scholl  C2152-68
 Details12/06/1870Land Records EBP 8, p. 404Falls Road to Aqueduct Road, John Collins, Casey; Thomas Offutt, John Offutt, and Levin Offutt, Francis Stone, and Michael Talty  C2152-69
 Details03/23/1871Land Records EBP 8, p. 283Pugh Road from Old Baltimore Road to Goshen and Laytonsville Road, Atwood Blunt, David L. Peugh, Remus D. Riggs, Benjamin Lyons, U. MacWaters, and Washington MacWaters  C2152-70
 Details04/02/1871Land Records EBP 9, p. 329Beer Garden Enlarged, Deer Park, and Edmonstones Range; Sarah Lee  C2152-71
 Details05/02/1871Land Records EBP 8, p. 338Nicholson, John W.  C2152-72
 Details07/06/1871Land Records EBP 8, p. 419Magruder, Edward  C2152-73
 Details08/28/1871Land Records EBP 8, p. 489Slaymaker, William D., et al. and Sarah E. Slaymaker, et al.  C2152-74
 Details09/27/1871Land Records EBP 9, p. 24Hill, George, Jr.  C2152-75
 Details01/10/1872Land Records EBP 17, p. 152River Road, Charles M. Butler, John Elgin and James Elgin, and Winebrenner and Company  C2152-76
 Details01/10/1872Land Records EBP 7, p. 496Baltimore Road to City Road, W. V. Bouic and John B. Young  C2152-77
 Details01/25/1872Land Records EBP 9, p. 197Adams, Thomas and Philip A. Daunielle  C2152-78
 Details02/28/1872Land Records EBP 9, p. 297Dufief, Catharine A., et al. and John L. Dufief, et al.  C2152-79
 Details03/05/1872Land Records EBP 17, p. 155Hughes Bridge Road, from Rockville and Dawsonville Road to Seneca Mill Road, C. Bulluff, Mary Broome, Upton Darby, C. Homiller, I. Higgins, George Peter, William T. Lewis, and George Knowles  C2152-80
 Details03/07/1872Land Records EBP 8, p. 397Rockville and Baltimore Road to Rockville and Washington Road, P. W. Dorsey,  C2152-81
 Details04/15/1872Land Records EBP 9, p. 367Connell, Ann and John McDonald  C2152-82
 Details05/10/1872Land Records EBP 17, p. 156River Road to Edwards Ferry Road, William Dowling, J. O. Elgin and J. B. Elgin, Jesse Hyatt, John Johnson, John Jones, G.W.H. Smith, and John Young, Thomas H. White  C2152-83
 Details05/18/1872Land Records EBP 17, p. 153Neellsville and Barnesville Road, New Cut Road to Gambles Mill, Mary E. Beckwith, Eliza Creamer, Mary M. Dodd, John L. Dufief, John T. Gray, William F. Pyles, Roberstson, Benjamin T. Hodge, and Samuel Jones C2152-84
 Details06/24/1872Land Records EBP 10, p. 25Claphane, Lewis, John O. Evans, and William J. Murtagh  C2152-85
 Details08/10/1872Land Records EBP 17, p. 148Poolesville and Dawsonville Road to Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Road, Isaac Bailey, Mrs. J. Pleasants, Samuel R. Jarboe, G. W. Spates, Gilmore Lynch, Thomas L. Jones, H. Lowe and J. Hanson, James Trundle, and William Turner  C2152-86
 Details08/10/1872Land Records EBP 17, p. 149Sandy Spring and Rockville Roads to Colesville and Spencerville Roads, George Bonifant, Samuel Bivans, Canby, Anna Hopkins, Basil Mullican, and Thomas Rawlings  C2152-87
 Details08/10/1872Land Records EBP 17, p. 150Rockville and Darnestown to Boons and Gambles Mill Road, Joseph F. Bailey, Mrs. Ireland, S. T. Stonestreet, and Henry Hodges and Benjamin T. Hodges  C2152-88
 Details01/10/1873Land Records EBP 17, p. 157Hyattstown and Damascus Road to New Cut Road, Basil Beall, Edward Beall, Caleb Beall, Charles Hendry, George Lawson, John R. Lewis and A. H. Lewis, William B. Lewis and F. H. Lewis, and Joseph S. Watkins  C2152-89
 Details03/04/1873Land Records EBP 12, p. 297Rockville Third Addition  C2152-90
 Details04/14/1873Land Records EBP 23, p. 395Clarksburg and Turners Mill Road to Clarksburg and Damascus Road, Mrs. Beal, James W. Day, Odediah Layton, Rufus King and Charles King, and Thompson Estate  C2152-91
 Details09/11/1873Land Records EBP 11, p. 36Linden and Josephs Park  C2152-92
 Details01/20/1874Land Records EBP 17, p. 154Dawsonville and Beallsville Road to Sellmans Station, Grafton Beall, Mahlon Browning, Joseph Bruner, Edward Cooley, Thomas Fyffe, Samuel Darby, Thomas R. Hall, F. S. Poole, J. H. Lynch, William Jones, N. T. Talbott, and Ludwig C. Young  C2152-93
 Details09/01/1874Land Records EBP 13, p. 220Spencerville to Patuxent River Road, George Bowen and G. H. Bowen, Nicholas Berry, Joseph Budd, F. P. Chaney, John G. Dorsey, Martha Elzy, James Franklin, Frank T. Murphy and brother, Asa Stabler and Charles Stabler, Frank T. Murphy, Michael Murphy,  C2152-94
 Details11/17/1874Land Records EBP 13, p. 222Road from Brookeville-Washington and Colesville Road to Bladensburg Road, Lewis Mackall, James Owens, John Hyatt, Mrs, Lee, and George W. Walters  C2152-95
 Details12/17/1874Land Records EBP 13, p. 224Seneca Bridge to Rockville Road to Gaithersburg Station, Mrs. E. Cooke, Remus G. Dorsey and Joshua W. Dorsey, Samuel Lloyd, John W. Mills, Martha Gaither, William R. Hutton, Mrs. E. Hughes, and Nathan I. Walker  C2152-96
 Details12/22/1874Land Records EBP 13, p. 229Persimmon Tree Road, Thomas Dowling, Charles Dodge, and Esau Pickerel C2152-97
 Details12/22/1874Land Records EBP 13, p. 227Germantown and Neelsville Road to Germantown Station, William W. Blunt and Harry W. Blunt, and Thomas H. Henderson  C2152-98
 Details12/22/1874Land Records EBP 13, p. 230River Road to Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, Broomes, Charles Cooper, Thomas Dove, Charles Homiller, and William Reading  C2152-99
 Details03/10/1875Land Records EBP 14, p. 1Knowles Station to Brookeville and Washington Road, Susan Bunting, Charles A. Echolston, John W. Hillard, Joseph F. Kelly, and George Knowles  C2152-100
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