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(Subdivision Plats)

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Plats of proposed land developments, filed with the Land Office, 1949-1974, and since 1974 with the State Archives. Rendered on sheets of linen, mylar, or paper, each plat shows a drawing of the proposed divisions within a parcel of land. Plats bear names of the developer, surveyor, and land owner; scale of drawing; coordinates; courses; distances; approvals and certifications issued by state and local agencies showing legal compliance; recordation and filing dates with the circuit court; and plat reference. Also included are plats of land acquired by the county commissioners for roads and streets, 1894-1915. Arranged chronologically by series unit number. Access available in electronic form. Records also available on microfilm [MSA SM203]. Subdivision plats for Montgomery County begin at an early date because of a law passed in 1894. Chapter 622 specifically provided for the recording of plats of lands being subdivided for town sites, streets, lanes, alleys, or other purposes. The clerk was required to record the plats by affixing them in plat books. These requirements were applied also to plats of land acquired by the county commissioners for streets, avenues, public roads, lanes, or alleys and filed with the circuit court for recording. The law specified a uniform size of 18" x 18" for each plat. Over time mylar has become the predominant medium for the copies filed with the Archives. Developers and surveyors use the linen version of the plats to collect the information and signatures required by law and then create reproductions on mylar. The court retains the linen plats for its collection. This series of (Subdivision Plats) 1894- [MSA C2158] is housed in plat books, each measuring 18" x 18". Another set of records exists as aperture cards at the circuit court, (Subdivision Plats, Aperture Cards) 1894- [MSA C2159]. Plats 1 through 2,350 for 1894-1949 are also available on microfilm [MSA CM688]. Any of these county series may be used to produce digital plat images as supplements to S1249 to fill in gaps or provide more complete or clearer copies.

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CIRCUIT COURT (Subdivision Plats) CM1276, 1993

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMSA Citation
 Details10/03/1980Plat 13150Highlands of Darnestown, Plat 10 C2158-1
 Details10/03/1980Plat 13151Highlands of Darnestown, Plat 11 C2158-2
 Details10/03/1980Plat 13152Highlands of Darnestown, Plat 12 C2158-3
 Details10/07/1980Plat 13154Bel-Pre Farms, Lot 3, 13-17, Resubdivision C2158-4
 Details10/20/1980Plat 13174Rosedale Park, Block 3, Lots 1-3, 31, Resubdivision C2158-5
 Details10/23/1980Plat 13184Rock Creek Manor, Block 24, Lots 50-98, Plat 23 C2158-6
 Details10/24/1980Plat 13185Rossmoor, Leisure World, Plat 36 C2158-7
 Details11/10/1980Plat 13194Cabin John Park, Section 4, Block 7, Lots 1-4, 19-39, Parcel A C2158-8
 Details11/10/1980Plat 13196Linden Forest, Block 3, Lots 21-27 C2158-9
 Details11/10/1980Plat 13197White Oak, Parcel H C2158-10
 Details05/04/1992Plat 18499Hickory Grove, Lots 4-15, 47-48, Parcels K-M C2158-11
 Details09/23/1981Plat 13629Rockshire Village Center, Plat 20, Lots 1-34, Parcel F, Resubdivision, Parcels D-E; BelairHF/10/01/072C2158-12
 Details08/26/1981Plat 22980Darnes Acres, Block B, Parcel A; John Deere Landscapes, IncB5/16/03/000C2158-13
 Details08/26/1981Plat 22981West Chevy Chase Heights, Block 5 Lot 26, Resubdivision; Bloom Investments, LLCB5/16/03/000C2158-14
 Details08/26/1981Plat 22982Chevy Chase, Section 2, Block 25, Lot 14, Resubdivision; Baptiste, Robert M. and Patricia S. BaptisteB5/16/03/000C2158-15
 Details08/31/1981Plat 22983Kilmain, Lot 1; Chalk, Steven G. and Edith A. ChalkB5/16/03/000C2158-16
 Details08/31/1981Plat 22984-22985Clarksburg Village, Block R, Lots 42-50; Clarksburg Village, LC B5/16/03/000C2158-17
 Details09/09/1912Plat 149Connecticut Avenue, Chevy Chase Land Company, James McK. Eiker, and Clarissa M. Ludlum and Samuel S. Ludlum HF/10/04/070C2158-18
 Details09/23/1992Plat 18785Willows of Potomac, Block H, Lots 43-63, Parcels AP-AS; Percontee, Inc.HF/10/03/068C2158-19
 Details09/24/1992Plat 18800Piney Glen Village, Block F, Lots 18-19, Parcel P, Block H, Lots 1, 8-9, Block I, Lot 9, Block J, Parcel R, Block P, Lots 1-8; Piney Meetinghouse Limited Partnership, R.C.S. Land Company 2, IncHF/10/03/068C2158-20
 Details11/17/2006Plat 23523-23527Montgomery-White Oak, Block A, Lots 73-95, 100-105 and 112-144, Parcels I-J and L-M; Block B, Lots 35-59, Parcels D-E, Revision; White Oak Investments, LLC.B5/16/03/000C2158-21
 Details11/30/2006Plat 23528Hungerford, Block 6, Lot 15, Revision; 135, LLC.B5/16/03/000C2158-22
 Details12/01/2006Plat 23529Wheaton Hills, Block 44, Lots 62-63; Biddensburg Properties, LLC.B5/16/03/000C2158-23
 Details12/01/2006Plat 23530Washington Christian School Society, Inc., Lot 1B5/16/03/000C2158-24
 Details12/07/2006Plat 23531Liberty Grove, Lots 1-2; Osborne Custom Homes, Inc.B5/16/03/000C2158-25
 Details12/07/2006Plat 23532-23535Columbia Country Club, Parcels A-B; Congressional Country ClubB5/16/03/000C2158-26
 Details12/07/2006Plat 23536Towns Of Dogwood, Block A, Lots 31-46, Parcels D-E, RevisionB5/16/03/000C2158-27
 Details02/04/2010Plat 24056Lake Potomac, Block B, Lots 28-29, Parcel A; Bogdan, ChristopherB5/16/03/000C2158-28
 Details02/04/2010Plat 24057Huntington Terrace, Block 1, Lot 36; Cone, Joyce E. (Farnsworth)B5/16/03/000C2158-29
 Details02/04/2010Plat 24058Great Falls Estates, Block K, Lot 42; Shaw, William J. and Diane M. ShawB5/16/03/000C2158-30
 Details02/04/2010Plat 24059Crestview, Block C, Lots 47-48; McKinney, Stephen A. W., Frederick H. McKinney, Jr.(Trustee), and Langley W. McKinney(Trustee)B5/16/03/000C2158-31
 Details02/04/2010Plat 24060Hendry Estates, Block 8, Lot 25, Resubdivision; Moore, John M., II and Brianna M. MooreB5/16/03/000C2158-32
 Details06/22/2010Plat 24095Olde Towne, Block N, Parcel A; Montgomery County Board Of EducationB5/16/03/000C2158-33
 Details06/22/2010Plat 24096Deer Park, Block L, Lot 13; OMF Contractors, Inc.B5/16/03/000C2158-34
 Details04/05/2011Plat 24198Layhill Overlook, Lots 13-16, Parcels B-C and P, Plat 1; Aspen Hill Estates, LLC.03/65/07/000C2158-35
 Details04/05/2011Plat 24199Layhill Overlook, Lots 22-26, Parcel D, Plat 2 , Plat 1; Aspen Hill Estates, LLC.03/65/07/000C2158-36
 Details04/05/2011Plat 24200Layhill Overlook, Lot 39, Parcels E-F, Plat 3, Plat 1; Aspen Hill Estates, LLC.03/65/07/000C2158-37
 Details04/05/2011Plat 24201Layhill Overlook, Lots 9-12 and 17-20, Parcel D, Plat 4 , Plat 1; Aspen Hill Estates, LLC.03/65/07/000C2158-38
 Details04/05/2011Plat 24202Layhill Overlook, Lots 1-8 and 39, Parcels A and I, Plat 5 , Plat 4 , Plat 1; Aspen Hill Estates, LLC.03/65/07/000C2158-39
 Details04/05/2011Plat 24203Layhill Overlook, Lots 27-38, Parcels H-G, Plat 6 , Plat 4 , Plat 1; Aspen Hill Estates, LLC.03/65/07/000C2158-40
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