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(State Road Plat Book)

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Right of way plats for state and federal roads, filed by the State Roads Commission, now the State Highway Administration. The documents show the proposed routes of the roads and contain plat and contract numbers assigned by the roads commission. The records were placed in fourteen books, and within each volume arranged numerically by state plat number. Larger than normal materials were put in a separate volume. Also available on film for 1932-1947 as filmed by the Land Office in series CM811. Records between 1995 and 2002 are found in (State Road Plats, Aperture Cards) in series C2194. Since October 1, 2002, the records are filed electronically with the Maryland State Archives as (State Road Plats) in series S1742. Access available in electronic form derived from (State Road Plats, Index) in series C2872, supplemented by the records themselves.

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CIRCUIT COURT (State Road Plat Book) CM811, 1932-1947

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DatePlatFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksLocationMSA Citation
 Details1935Right of Way 1677 Angle, Mary A. and Henry A., Cearfoss CT/00/00/000C2165-3
 Details1936Right of Way 2261 Alger, Annie V., Conococheague Bridge CT/00/00/000C2165-4
 Details1937Right of Way 2273 Ankeney, Clyde G., Conococheague Bridge CT/00/00/000C2165-5
 Details1937Right of Way 2081 Ankeney, Elizabeth H. H., Conococheague Bridge CT/00/00/000C2165-6
 Details1939Right of Way 3762 Ankeney, Domie, St. Pauls, Antietam Grade Crossing CT/00/00/000C2165-9
 Details1939Right of Way 4040CR 47032 (Scanned)Ankeney, Domie, St. Pauls, Antietam Grade Crossing C2165-11
 Details1943Right of Way 2443CR 47032 (Scanned)Adams, Ranney H. and William C. Adams, Hagerstown-Frederick Road toward Frederick C2165-13
 Details07/18/1952Right of Way 3524 Jackson and High Streets approaches  C2165-37
 Details1932Right of Way 414-415 Board of Education, Cearfoss, Riverview CT/00/00/000C2165-65
 Details1932Right of Way 16 Board of Education, Chewsville, Leiterburg CT/00/00/000C2165-66
 Details1932Right of Way 16 Bailey, James E. and Minnie Bailey, Leitersburg, Chewsville CT/00/00/000C2165-69
 Details1932Right of Way 16 Bachtell, Calvin T. and Luther M. Bachtell, Leitersburg, Chewsville CT/00/00/000C2165-71
 Details1932Right of Way 414-415 Big Pool, Clearspring CT/00/00/000C2165-72
 Details1932Right of Way A Bell, John B. and Fannie L. Bell, Dry Run, Fairview CT/00/00/000C2165-78
 Details1933Right of Way 324 Brumbaugh, Gail, Middleburg Pike CT/00/00/000C2165-79
 Details1933Right of Way 322 Brewbaker, Christian C. and Annie Brewbaker, Middleburg Pike CT/00/00/000C2165-80
 Details1933Right of Way 525 Board of Education, Middleburg Pike CT/00/00/000C2165-82
 Details1933Right of Way 323 Board of Education, Middleburg Pike CT/00/00/000C2165-83
 Details1933Right of Way 525 Blickenstaff, Ralph O. and Hattie M. Blickenstaff, Middleburg Pike CT/00/00/000C2165-84
 Details1933Right of Way 325 Beautiful View Cemetery, Middleburg Pike CT/00/00/000C2165-85
 Details1933Right of Way 324 Brumbaugh, Edward C. and Rhoda B. Brumbaugh, Middleburg Pike CT/00/00/000C2165-86
 Details1933Right of Way 324CR 47032 (Scanned)Brumbaugh, Robert N. and Emma J. Brumbaugh, Middleburg Pike C2165-87
 Details1933Right of Way H, K, LCR 47032 (Scanned)Boonsboro, Cavetown C2165-88
 Details1933Right of Way 525 Byers, Charles E. and Mary E. Byers, Middleburg Pike CT/00/00/000C2165-89
 Details1933Right of Way 561 Baer, Amanda C. and Abram H. Baer, Middlburg Pike CT/00/00/000C2165-90
 Details1933Right of Way 561CR 47032 (Scanned)Baer, Alvey S. and Elizabeth K. Baer, Middleburg Pike C2165-91
 Details1933Right of Way 325 Berger, Clinton H. and Evers S. Berger, Middleburg Pike CT/00/00/000C2165-92
 Details1933Right of Way 325 Berger, Margaret E., Middleburg Pike CT/00/00/000C2165-93
 Details1933Right of Way I-J Board of Education, Huyetts, Cearfoss CT/00/00/000C2165-94
 Details1933Right of Way 525 Boward, H. Cantz, Middleburg Pike CT/00/00/000C2165-95
 Details1933Right of Way 772 Brandenburg, Chester R. and Susan D. Brandenburg, Smithsburg, Camp Ritchie CT/00/00/000C2165-96
 Details1933Right of Way 773 Barkdoll, Florence A., Smithsburg, Camp Ritchie CT/00/00/000C2165-97
 Details1934Right of Way 772-774 Brown, Reuben B., Smithsburg, Camp Ritchie CT/00/00/000C2165-100
 Details1934Right of Way 1545-1547 Brownsville, Weverton CT/00/00/000C2165-103
 Details1934Right of Way 1547 Brown, G. T. and Jane B. Brown, Brownsville, Weverton CT/00/00/000C2165-104
 Details1934Right of Way 1547 Boteler, Hannah E., Brownsville, Weverton CT/00/00/000C2165-105
 Details1935Right of Way 525 Baker, Catherine and Obediah Baker, Middleburg Pike CT/00/00/000C2165-106
 Details1935Right of Way 525 Baker, Lydia, Edith Baker, and Charles W. Baker, Middleburg Pike CT/00/00/000C2165-107
 Details1935Right of Way 1616CR 47032 (Scanned)Boppe, M. Luther and Amelia V. Boppe, Fairview, Cearfoss C2165-108
 Details1935Right of Way 1677CR 47032 (Scanned)Briscoe, Julia Hamilton, Fairview, Cearfoss C2165-109
 Details1935Right of Way 525 Briscoe, Julia Hamilton, Middleburg Pike CT/00/00/000C2165-110
 Details1935Right of Way 2032CR 47032 (Scanned)Bain, Ida E., Timber Ridge C2165-111
 Details1936Right of Way 2081 Bowers, Cora A. and Samuel A. Bowers, Broadfording Road CT/00/00/000C2165-112
 Details1936Right of Way 2351-2352 Blickenstaff, Meelie and Elkana Blickenstaff, Hagerstown, Frederick CT/00/00/000C2165-113
 Details1936Right of Way 2130 Brown, John W. and Mary E. Brown, Smithsburg, Foxville CT/00/00/000C2165-115
 Details1936Right of Way 2262 Breitweiser, Russell and Jean Breitweiser, Conococheague CT/00/00/000C2165-116
 Details1937Right of Way 2273 Brown, W. Maynard and Ada L. Brown, Conococheague CT/00/00/000C2165-117
 Details1937Right of Way 2620 Bowers, John J. and Lela B., Conococheague CT/00/00/000C2165-118
 Details1937Right of Way 2620 Bowers, Victor L. and Mary L., Conococheague CT/00/00/000C2165-119
 Details1937Right of Way 2620 Bowers, Robert L. and Margaret C., Conococheague CT/00/00/000C2165-120
 Details1937Right of Way 2620 Bowers, Eva L., Conococheague CT/00/00/000C2165-121
 Details1937Right of Way 2798CR 47032 (Scanned)Barnes, William S. and Marie M. Barnes, Conococheague C2165-122
 Details1937Right of Way 2443 Barnes, William S. and Marie M. Barnes, Charles E. Barnes and Marie O. Barnes, and E. Louise Barnes and Martha Barnes; Conococheague CT/00/00/000C2165-123
 Details1937Right of Way 2081 Broadfording Church of God, Broadfording Road CT/00/00/000C2165-124
 Details1937Right of Way 2081 Bloyer, John H. and Nannie M. Bloyer, Broadfording Road CT/00/00/000C2165-125
 Details1938Right of Way 2260 Board of Education CT/00/00/000C2165-127
 Details1938Right of Way 2881-2883CR 47032 (Scanned)Beckenbaugh, John K. and Harriett L., Shpherdstown C2165-128
 Details1938Right of Way 3200 Boward, George C. and Anna M. Boward, National Highway CT/00/00/000C2165-129
 Details1938Right of Way 3347 Bridges, J. T. and Sarah I. Bridges, National Highway CT/00/00/000C2165-130
 Details1939Right of Way 2988 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, Hancock CT/00/00/000C2165-131
 Details1939Right of Way 3346 Beard, Frank R., Sr. and Georgeana, Hancock CT/00/00/000C2165-135
 Details1939Right of Way 3758 Bootman, Sadie, Hancock CT/00/00/000C2165-136
 Details1939Right of Way 2090 Benchoff, Arron W. and Laura G. Benchoff, Benevola San Mar CT/00/00/000C2165-137
 Details1939Right of Way 3763 Board of Education, St. Pauls CT/00/00/000C2165-138
 Details1939Right of Way 3763-3764 Beckley, Harry S. and Grace R. St. Pauls CT/00/00/000C2165-139
 Details1939Right of Way 3164-3165 Bahman, Ruth H. and Alvey B. Bahman, Hagerstown Downsville CT/00/00/000C2165-140
 Details1939Right of Way 3164-3165 Berry, Helen V. and John M., Hagerstown Downsville CT/00/00/000C2165-141
 Details1939Right of Way 3164-3165 Barnhart, Ethel O. and H. Russell Barnhart, Hagerstown Downsville CT/00/00/000C2165-142
 Details1940Right of Way 3915 Board of Education, Fairview, Cearfoss CT/00/00/000C2165-144
 Details1940Right of Way 2133 Board of Education, Foxville CT/00/00/000C2165-145
 Details1940Right of Way 2131 Brener, W. M. B., Foxville CT/00/00/000C2165-146
 Details1940Right of Way 2306CR 47032 (Scanned)Bowie, Helen R. and Clarence K. Bowie C2165-147
 Details1940Right of Way 3787 Bechenbaugh, John and Harriett L. Bechenbaugh CT/00/00/000C2165-148
 Details1940Right of Way 3851-3852 Buchanan, Clyde W. and Nellie Buchanan, Fairview, Cearfoss CT/00/00/000C2165-149
 Details1940Right of Way 3851-3852 Boppe, M. Luther and A. V. Boppe, Fairview, Cearfoss CT/00/00/000C2165-150
 Details1940Right of Way 3945 Baker, Kate, National Pike or Tonoway CT/00/00/000C2165-151
 Details1941Right of Way 4273 Board of Education, Tonoloway CT/00/00/000C2165-153
 Details1947Right of Way 6239-6240 Breakall, Jessie M. and Leonard P. Breakall, Millstone to Pennsylvania State Line Road CT/00/00/000C2165-155
 Details1932Right of Way 236 Chewsville, Leitersburg CT/00/00/000C2165-398
 Details1932Right of Way 297 Chewsville, Leitersburg CT/00/00/000C2165-399
 Details1932Right of Way 414-415 Clearspring, Big Pool CT/00/00/000C2165-401
 Details1932Right of Way 414 Clearspring National Bank, Clearspring Big Pool CT/00/00/000C2165-403
 Details1932Right of Way 15 Chaney, John H. and Catherine Chaney, Leitersburg, Chewsville CT/00/00/000C2165-404
 Details1932Right of Way 356 Cearfoss, Fairview CT/00/00/000C2165-408
 Details1933Right of Way 325CR 47032 (Scanned)Beautiful View Cemetery, Middleburg Pike C2165-409
 Details1933Right of Way J, I Cearfoss-Huyett, Greencast CT/00/00/000C2165-410
 Details1933Right of Way L, K, H Cavetown, Boonsboro CT/00/00/000C2165-411
 Details1933Right of Way H, K, L Colliflower, Charlton C., Clyde Colliflower, and Mrs. Clyde Colliflower, Cavetown, Boonsboro CT/00/00/000C2165-412
 Details1933Right of Way H, I, J, K, L Colliflower, John E. and wife, Cavetown, Boonsboro CT/00/00/000C2165-414
 Details1933Right of Way 772-773 Camp Ritchie, Smithsburg CT/00/00/000C2165-415
 Details1934Right of Way 1616 Cearfoss, Fairview CT/00/00/000C2165-417
 Details1934Right of Way 1483-1484 Cearfoss, Fairview CT/00/00/000C2165-418
 Details1934Right of Way 1677 Cearfoss, Preston I. and Mary S. Cearfoss, Fairview, Cearfoss CT/00/00/000C2165-421
 Details1934Right of Way 1616 Cearfoss, Charles W. and Catharine A. Cearfoss, Cearfoss, Fairview CT/00/00/000C2165-423
 Details1935Right of Way 1677 Cearfoss, Sarah J. and Harry V. Cearfoss, Cearfoss, Fairview CT/00/00/000C2165-424
 Details1935Right of Way 1677 Cearfoss, Fairview CT/00/00/000C2165-425
 Details1934Right of Way 774-777 Camp Ritchie-Smithsburg CT/00/00/000C2165-427
 Details1935Right of Way 2027-2028 Creager, Emma K., Timber Ridge CT/00/00/000C2165-429
 Details1936Right of Way 2262 Clark, David E. and Harriett Z. Clark, Conococheague CT/00/00/000C2165-430
 Details1937Right of Way 2652CR 47032 (Scanned)Conococheague, Hagerstown C2165-431
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