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(County Road Plat Book)

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Right of way plats for county roads, bridges, drainage systems, and sewer systems, filed by the county engineering department. The records are filed numerically in reverse order by plat number. One finding aid consists of a county map within (Plats and Maps) in series C2195 that shows the county roads with cross references to plat numbers. In addition, access available in electronic form derived from the records themselves.

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMSA Citation
 Details10/24/1980Plat 100-10-224Landfill Access Road C2166-1
 Details04/01/1981Plat 100-10-223Showalter Road C2166-2
 Details10/24/1980Plat 100-10-222Landfill Access Road C2166-3
 Details10/24/1980Plat 100-10-221Landfill Access Road C2166-4
 Details04/20/1979Plat 100-10-220Oak Ridge Place C2166-5
 Details05/13/1980Plat 100-10-219Leitersberg Smithsberg Road & Bowmans Mill Bridge C2166-6
 Details05/13/1980Plat 100-10-218Leitersberg Smithsberg Road & Bowmans Mill Bridge C2166-7
 Details05/05/1981Plat 100-10-217Maugansville Drainage C2166-8
 Details02/20/1979Plat 100-10-204Access Road C2166-9
 Details02/20/1979Plat 100-10-203Governor Lane Boulevard C2166-10
 Details02/20/1979Plat 100-10-202Governor Lane Boulevard C2166-11
 Details02/20/1979Plat 100-10-201Fergusson Lane C2166-12
 Details02/20/1979Plat 100-10-200Grumbacker Lane C2166-13
 Details02/20/1979Plat 100-10-199Industrial Lane C2166-14
 Details02/20/1979Plat 100-10-198Industrial Lane C2166-15
 Details02/20/1979Plat 100-10-197Industrial Lane C2166-16
 Details02/20/1979Plat 100-10-196Industrial Lane C2166-17
 Details02/02/1978Plat 100-10-195Draper Road C2166-18
 Details02/02/1978Plat 100-10-194Draper Road C2166-19
 Details02/02/1978Plat 100-10-193Draper Road C2166-20
 Details04/05/1982Plat 100-10-192ABurnside Bridge Road & Sharmans Run C2166-21
 Details05/04/1978Plat 100-10-192Burnside Bridge Road & Sharmans Run C2166-22
 Details05/18/1979Plat 100-10-189Robinwood Drive to Maryland 64 C2166-23
 Details05/18/1979Plat 100-10-188ARobinwood Drive to Maryland 64 C2166-24
 Details12/21/1977Plat 100-10-184Relocated Route 416 Bridge & Approaches over Conocoheague Creek C2166-25
 Details12/21/1977Plat 100-10-183Relocated Route 416 Bridge & Approaches over Conocoheague Creek C2166-26
 Details12/21/1977Plat 100-10-182Relocated Route 416 Bridge & Approaches over Conocoheague Creek C2166-27
 Details01/22/1981Plat 100-10-180Mount Aetna Road C2166-28
 Details01/22/1981Plat 100-10-179Mount Aetna Road C2166-29
 Details01/22/1981Plat 100-10-178Mount Aetna Road C2166-30
 Details01/22/1981Plat 100-10-177Mount Aetna Road C2166-31
 Details01/22/1981Plat 100-10-176Mount Aetna Road C2166-32
 Details04/10/1978Plat 100-10-175Maugansville Storm Drainage C2166-33
 Details04/10/1978Plat 100-10-174Maugansville Storm Drainage C2166-34
 Details12/09/1977Plat 100-10-173Maugansville Storm Drainage C2166-35
 Details12/09/1977Plat 100-10-172Maugansville Storm Drainage C2166-36
 Details12/09/1977Plat 100-10-171Maugansville Storm Drainage C2166-37
 Details04/15/1977Plat 100-10-170Mount Aetna Road C2166-38
 Details04/15/1977Plat 100-10-169Mount Aetna Road C2166-39
 Details04/15/1977Plat 100-10-168Mount Aetna Road C2166-40
 Details04/15/1977Plat 100-10-167Mount Aetna Road C2166-41
 Details08/30/1977Plat 100-10-166Underpass Way C2166-42
 Details08/30/1977Plat 100-10-165Railway lane C2166-43
 Details08/06/1976Plat 100-10-164West Oak Ridge Drive C2166-44
 Details08/06/1976Plat 100-10-163West Oak Ridge Drive C2166-45
 Details08/30/1977Plat 100-10-162Massey Boulevard North C2166-46
 Details08/30/1977Plat 100-10-161Masey Boulevard North C2166-47
 Details07/15/1981Plat 100-10-160AChestnut Grove Road C2166-48
 Details07/15/1981Plat 100-10-160Chestnut Grove Road C2166-49
 Details09/26/1977Plat 100-10-159Oakmont Drive C2166-50
 Details10/01/1976Plat 100-10-157Gossard Mill Road C2166-51
 Details09/09/1975Plat 100-10-156San Mar Road - Boonsboro Mount Lean Road to Maryland Route 66B5/15/02/018C2166-52
 Details09/09/1975Plat 100-10-155San Mar Road - Boonsboro Mount Lean Road to Maryland Route 66 C2166-53
 Details09/09/1975Plat 100-10-154San Mar Road - Boonsboro Mount Lean Road to Maryland Route 66B5/15/02/018C2166-54
 Details01/09/1976Plat 100-10-152Bottom Road C2166-55
 Details01/09/1976Plat 100-10-151Bottom Road C2166-56
 Details01/09/1976Plat 100-10-150Bottom Road C2166-57
 Details01/23/1976Plat 100-10-148Eckstine Road C2166-58
 Details01/23/1976Plat 100-10-147Eckstine Road C2166-59
 Details02/25/1975Plat 100-10-146Kemp Mill Road C2166-60
 Details07/22/1975Plat 100-10-145Semler Lane C2166-61
 Details10/03/1974Plat 100-10-144Beverly Drive Drainage Easements C2166-62
 Details04/07/1976Plat 100-10-142Ramp E - Loop Road Underpass Way C2166-63
 Details10/14/1974Plat 100-10-141ATurners Lane C2166-64
 Details07/24/1974Plat 100-10-141Turners Lane C2166-65
 Details03/06/1974Plat 100-10-140North Martin Street - Clearspring C2166-66
 Details Plat 100-10-139Broadfording Road Bridge C2166-67
 Details01/10/1974Plat 100-10-138Halfway Boulevard Extended Maryland Route 632 to U.S. Route 11 (Virginia Avenue) C2166-68
 Details01/10/1974Plat 100-10-137Halfway Boulevard Extended Maryland Route 632 to U.S. Route 11 (Virginia Avenue) C2166-69
 Details01/10/1974Plat 100-10-136Halfway Boulevard Extended Maryland Route 632 to U.S. Route 11 (Virginia Avenue) C2166-70
 Details03/06/1974Plat 100-10-135Halfway Boulevard Extended Maryland Route 632 to U.S. Route 11 (Virginia Avenue) C2166-71
 Details03/06/1974Plat 100-10-134East Oak Ridge Drive C2166-72
 Details03/06/1974Plat 100-10-133East Oak Ridge Drive C2166-73
 Details03/06/1974Plat 100-10-132East Oak Ridge Drive C2166-74
 Details03/06/1974Plat 100-10-131East Oak Ridge Drive C2166-75
 Details03/19/1975Plat 100-10-130Longmeadow Road- WMRR to Marsh Pike C2166-76
 Details03/19/1975Plat 100-10-129Longmeadow Road- WMRR to Marsh Pike C2166-77
 Details03/19/1975Plat 100-10-128ALongmeadow Road- WMRR to Marsh Pike C2166-78
 Details03/19/1975Plat 100-10-128Longmeadow Road- WMRR to Marsh Pike C2166-79
 Details01/11/1973Plat 100-10-127Sensel Road C2166-80
 Details11/03/1972Plat 100-10-126Deneen Road C2166-81
 Details11/03/1972Plat 100-10-125Deneen Road C2166-82
 Details11/03/1972Plat 100-10-124Deneen Road C2166-83
 Details11/03/1972Plat 100-10-123Deneen Road C2166-84
 Details11/03/1972Plat 100-10-122Deneen Road C2166-85
 Details11/03/1972Plat 100-10-121Deneen Road C2166-86
 Details06/22/1971Plat 100-10-120Gossard Mill Road C2166-87
 Details11/19/1974Plat 100-10-119Nursery Road C2166-88
 Details02/09/1972Plat 100-10-118Interstate Industrial park Road C2166-89
 Details02/09/1972Plat 100-10-117Interstate Industrial park Road C2166-90
 Details08/16/1972Plat 100-10-116Relocation of Lashley Road I-70 Near Hancock C2166-91
 Details06/03/1971Plat 100-10-115Ernstville Road C2166-92
 Details09/03/1971Plat 100-10-114ADellinger Road C2166-93
 Details02/11/1971Plat 100-10-114Dellinger Road C2166-94
 Details04/24/1972Plat 100-10-113Harpers Ferry Road C2166-95
 Details04/24/1972Plat 100-10-112Harpers Ferry Road C2166-96
 Details11/19/1974Plat 100-10-111Nursery Road C2166-97
 Details11/19/1974Plat 100-10-110Massey Boulevard C2166-98
 Details11/19/1974Plat 100-10-109Massey Boulevard C2166-99
 Details11/16/1971Plat 100-10-108ABeards Church Road C2166-100
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