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The original survey and subdivision plats of Nos. 1-197 in (Plats) in series C2167. Most documents are blueprints, pasted on pages in one volume. Their physical condition - folded and torn - will necessitate conservation before usage can be permitted. Individual plats will be made available for scanning only if the copies in C2167 are missing or unreadable. The book contains an index to the plats recorded there and in land records. Also available on film in series CM1383.

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMSA Citation
 Details1901/08/29Plat 8Paramount 03/64/05/048C2193-1
 Details04/02/1902Plat 8Hensons, Alexanders Suballotment03/64/05/000C2193-2
 Details10/28/1890Plat 7East Park Addition to Hagerstown03/64/05/000C2193-3
 Details12/15/1921Plat 26Ford, James P. Mountain Lots03/64/05/000C2193-4
 Details10/08/1902Plat 26Riverview Cemetery Association, Williamsport03/64/05/000C2193-5
 Details02/15/1923Plat 25Snyders Reallotment of Heysers Addition, Zellers Revision, Lots 13-1403/64/05/000C2193-6
 Details03/29/1912Plat 25Snyders Reallotment of Heysers Addition to Hagerstown03/64/05/000C2193-7
 Details08/17/1911Plat 25Snyders Reallotment of Heysers Addition to Hagerstown03/64/05/000C2193-8
 Details07/15/1911Plat 25Heysers Addition to Hagerstown, Relocation of Alley, Revision03/64/05/000C2193-9
 Details09/04/1903Plat 25Heysers Addition to Hagerstown03/64/05/000C2193-10
 Details08/19/1896Plat 25Chapman, John Lee, Estate, Highfield03/64/05/000C2193-11
 Details08/31/1897Plat 25Heysers, Addition to Hagerstown03/64/05/000C2193-12
 Details09/21/1903Plat 34Grand View Heights, Pen Mar, Charles Seibold Property03/64/05/000C2193-13
 Details Plat 34Browns Addition to Hagerstown, First and Second Addition03/64/05/000C2193-14
 Details09/01/1897Plat 33West End Improvement Company03/64/05/000C2193-15
 Details12/22/1905Plat 55Oak Hill, Hamiltons Addition, Section A03/64/05/000C2193-16
 Details01/20/1906Plat 56Bowers, Daniel to C. V. Railroad, Halfway03/64/05/032C2193-17
 Details01/20/1906Plat 56Brown, James to C. V. Railroad, Halfway03/64/05/000C2193-18
 Details12/23/1909Plat 76COak Hill, Section C03/64/05/000C2193-19
 Details11/06/1914Plat 77Oak Hill, Section B03/64/05/000C2193-20
 Details12/23/1909Plat 76AOak Hill, Section A03/64/05/000C2193-22
 Details12/23/1903Plat 76Oak Hill, Sections A-D03/64/05/000C2193-23
 Details03/15/1910Plat 75Towson Addition to Smithsburg, Maple Avenue as Condemed from A to B by the Burgess and Commissioners of Smithsburg03/64/05/000C2193-24
 Details02/16/1914Plat 75Semlers First Addition to East Hagerstown03/64/05/000C2193-25
 Details05/16/1916Plat 100Northern Heights adjoining Oak Hill, Section B03/64/05/000C2193-26
 Details10/18/1917Plat 100Northern Heights, adjoining Oak Hill, Section B03/64/05/000C2193-27
 Details10/17/1927Plat 100Northern Heights, adjoining Oak Hill, Section B03/64/05/000C2193-28
 Details12/21/1911Plat 99Hensons Brick and Supply Company, Proposed Addition to Hagerstown03/64/05/000C2193-29
 Details08/30/1912Plat 110Hillard Place03/64/05/000C2193-30
 Details11/09/1912Plat 110Bridges, Reallotment of Lots 20-21, Hancock03/64/05/000C2193-31
 Details Plat 106-107Dr. Fosters Orchards, Proposed Road Changes03/64/05/000C2193-32
 Details01/27/1915Plat 106Rows Addition to Hagerstown03/64/05/000C2193-33
 Details01/30/1915Plat 107Porterfields Second Addition to Hagerstown03/64/05/000C2193-34
 Details01/05/1916Plat 107Rows Revised Addition to Hagerstown03/64/05/000C2193-35
 Details04/15/1912Plat 105Western Maryland Railroad Company, Branch Line03/64/05/000C2193-36
 Details04/15/1912Plat 105Western Maryland Railroad Company, Branch Line03/64/05/000C2193-37
 Details Plat 108-109Relocation of Road, Along Antietam Creek Near Breathedsville03/64/05/000C2193-38
 Details04/02/1913Plat 117McCauleys, W. W. Addition to Hagerstown03/64/05/000C2193-39
 Details06/20/1913Plat 118Stouffers Addition to Funkstown03/64/05/000C2193-40
 Details04/27/1923Plat 118Stouffers Second Addition to Funkstown03/64/05/000C2193-41
 Details05/15/1913Plat 119BEmmertson, Section A03/64/05/000C2193-42
 Details Plat 120-121Bridges, Henry P., Round Top03/64/05/000C2193-43
 Details11/22/1915Plat 122Western Maryland Railroad Company, Eastern Division, Details for Encasing Abutments03/64/05/000C2193-44
 Details03/03/1917Plat 143Jacques, Lancelot, Sr. Addition to Sharpsburg03/64/05/000C2193-45
 Details04/19/1917Plat 144Horst, S. L., Paramount03/64/05/000C2193-46
 Details Plat 147Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, Section Between Knoxville and Weaverton03/64/05/032C2193-47
 Details03/19/1919Plat 148Jacob Stouffer Farm, Section A03/64/05/000C2193-48
 Details03/20/1919Plat 148Sheehan, Elizabeth, Heirs Property, for George B. Ridenour03/64/05/000C2193-49
 Details06/06/1918Plat 151Williamsport Heights, W. D. Byron and Sons, Inc.03/64/05/000C2193-50
 Details10/14/1922Plat 151McCunes Addition to Friendship Park03/64/05/000C2193-51
 Details02/24/1920Plat 152Norfolk and Westeern Railway Company, Showing Change of Downsville Pike03/64/05/000C2193-52
 Details12/24/1921Plat 161Feldmans, John W., Potomac Addition 03/64/05/000C2193-53
 Details08/16/1922Plat 161Harp, Joshua, Heirs, Benevola03/64/05/000C2193-54
 Details02/01/1922Plat 162Hagerstown Homes Corp., Cleveland Avenue Property03/64/05/000C2193-55
 Details04/27/1923Plat 165Jacques Addition to Hagerstown, Section F03/64/05/000C2193-56
 Details12/26/1922Plat 165Jacques Addition to Hagerstown, Section E03/64/05/000C2193-57
 Details11/01/1922Plat 165Jacques Addition to Hagerstown, Section D03/64/05/000C2193-58
 Details06/01/1922Plat 165Jacques Addition to Hagerstown, Sections A-B03/64/05/000C2193-59
 Details09/28/1922Plat 165Jacques Addition to Hagerstown, Sections A-C03/64/05/000C2193-60
 Details05/25/1923Plat 166Sunset Addition to Camp Harding03/64/05/000C2193-61
 Details06/17/1924Plat 179Hilliard Place, Spaldings Realotment, Revision03/64/05/000C2193-62
 Details Plat 180Potomac Transmission Company from C. H. Burns03/64/05/000C2193-63
 Details Plat 180Potomac Transmission Company from R. B. Wright03/64/05/000C2193-64
 Details Plat 180Potomac Transmission Company from W. H. Downs03/64/05/000C2193-65
 Details Plat 180Potomac Transmission Company from M. F. Ward03/64/05/000C2193-66
 Details Plat 189Potomac Edison Company from R. H. Wolf03/64/05/000C2193-67
 Details Plat 189Potomac Edison Company from Daniel E. Smith03/64/05/000C2193-68
 Details09/22/1924Plat 189Potomac Edison Company from Benjamin F. Snyder03/64/05/000C2193-69
 Details09/22/1924Plat 189Potomac Edison Company from L. H. Smith03/64/05/000C2193-70
 Details Plat 189Potomac Edison Company from Walter L. Smith03/64/05/000C2193-71
 Details Plat 190Potomac Transmission Company, Estate of Joseph H. Troup03/64/05/000C2193-72
 Details Plat 193Cook, Alvey, Relocation of Road03/64/05/000C2193-73
 Details11/01/1924Plat 194Kaylor, Harry W. by Mayor and Council for Hagerstown, Sewerage Commision Agent03/64/05/000C2193-74
 Details Plat 259Antietam Works; Antietam Iron Works03/64/05/000C2193-75
 Details08/30/2002Plat 202Summerland Manor Condominium, Phase 21, Revision 03/64/05/032C2193-76
 Details08/30/2002Plat 203Summerland Manor Condominium, Phase 20, Revision 03/64/05/032C2193-77
 Details05/08/1924Plat 166AFountain Head Heights, Allotments 1-203/64/05/000C2193-78
 Details08/01/2002Plat 6951-6952Long, Melvin J. and Teresa A. Long, Lots 1-2 B5/15/01/032C2193-79
 Details08/02/2002Plat 6953Rest Haven Heights, Lot 2R, Resubdivision; Dominick J. Perini B5/15/01/032C2193-80
 Details08/05/2002Plat 6954R. B. Young Limited Liability Limited Partnership and Stuart Abraham and Ida Abraham, Parcels A-B B5/15/01/032C2193-81
 Details08/06/2002Plat 6955-6957Lime Kiln Estates, Section A-B B5/15/01/032C2193-82
 Details08/07/2002Plat 6958Courtney, Frank R., Revision B5/15/01/032C2193-83
 Details08/08/2002Plat 6959D'Angelo, Phillip and Patricia D'Angelo, Lot 5 B5/15/01/032C2193-84
 Details08/12/2002Plat 6960King's Crest, Section B, Lot 1, Phase 2, Revision B5/15/01/032C2193-85
 Details08/13/2002Plat 6961McDowell, Bryan and Roberta McDowell, Lot 1, Revision B5/15/01/032C2193-86
 Details08/13/2002Plat 6962Seibert, James and Paul Seibert, Parcels D-E B5/15/01/032C2193-87
 Details08/13/2002Plat 6963Forsyth, James, Lot 1 B5/15/01/032C2193-88
 Details08/13/2002Plat 6964Valley Ridge Estates, Lots 3, 23, Resubdivision B5/15/01/032C2193-89
 Details08/13/2002Plat 6965Miller, Rodney and Vicki Miller, Lot 9 B5/15/01/032C2193-90
 Details08/13/2002Plat 6966Capone, Mike and Kim Capone to Troy Brawner and Robin Brawner, Lot 1, Revision B5/15/01/032C2193-91
 Details08/13/2002Plat 6967-6968Kendle, Lynn and Paula Kendle, Lot 11 B5/15/01/032C2193-92
 Details08/16/2002Plat 6969Huntzberry, Mr and Mrs. Harry, Lot 2 B5/15/01/032C2193-93
 Details08/16/2002Plat 6970Ford, Dale and Paula Ford, Lots 2A, 2B B5/15/01/032C2193-94
 Details08/21/2002Plat 6971-6972R. B. Young Limited Liability Limited Partnership, Parcel B B5/15/01/032C2193-95
 Details08/21/2002Plat 6973Sword, Vernon L., Lots 1-4 B5/15/01/032C2193-96
 Details08/22/2002Plat 6974City of Hagerstown B5/15/01/032C2193-97
 Details08/23/2002Plat 6975Londontowne, Section D, D-1, Lots 163, 181, 183 B5/15/01/032C2193-98
 Details08/23/2002Plat 6976Walker, Jesse Millard and Dawn D. Walker, Revision B5/15/01/032C2193-99
 Details08/27/2002Plat 6977Roxbury Hill for John R. Oliver Company, Lot 6, Revision B5/15/01/032C2193-100
 Details08/27/2002Plat 6978Cosey, Harry and Peggy Cosey, Lots 1-2 B5/15/01/032C2193-101
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