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(Plat Book, Oversize)

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Plat books containing survey and subdivision plats too large to be placed in the hanging files in (Plat Book) in series C2157. The records are bound in eight volumes. Access available in electronic form derived from (Plats, Index) in series C2204.

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMSA Citation
 Details08/10/1954Plat Book CWN 2, p. 100Mayor and Council of Pocomoke City  C2210-1
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 11Dickerson, Albert W. from Virgil O. Dickerson  C2210-2
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 13I. Villani and Sons, Incorporated, from G. D. Ewell  C2210-3
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 14Duncan, C. K., Lot  C2210-4
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 18Moore Business Forms, Incorporated  C2210-5
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 19Dryden, P. W., Carmean land  C2210-6
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 2Lambros Building, Lot 9, Block 5, Ocean City  C2210-7
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 20Robinson, Virginia Evans, Part of Thoroughfare Farm  C2210-8
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 20Thoroughfare Farm, part sold to Virginia Evans Robinson  C2210-9
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 21Onley, Walter T., Lot corner of Belt and Collins  C2210-10
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 22Payne, William J., Purnell or Matthew Farm  C2210-11
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 22Payne, William J., Purnell or Matthew Farm  C2210-12
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 23Bishopville Bank, Lot and Part of William Curtis Hudson Lot  C2210-13
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 24Peters Farm  C2210-14
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 25Miles, W. Thomas  C2210-15
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 27Chatham, Charles H.  C2210-16
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 3Anderson Property  C2210-17
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 30E. S. Adkins and Company, near Pocomoke  C2210-18
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 31Davis, Horace to Ebe Holland  C2210-19
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 33St. Peters Church Lot  C2210-20
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 36Bethards, Aralanta K. from James H. Mumford  C2210-21
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 38Riddle Farm, Divisional lines  C2210-22
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 39Onley, Walter T., Jr., and James S. Onley, 2nd District  C2210-23
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 4Jones, Otho J. and Mary R. Jones from Harry W. Tull and wife  C2210-24
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 40McDaniel, Fred and wife, Pocomoke  C2210-25
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 43Mills, Mrs. Edna E., Near Pocomoke  C2210-26
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 44Milbourne, Geneva, Near Pocomoke  C2210-27
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 45Duncan, Lynwood W. from George Alfred Justice  C2210-28
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 46Onley, Walter T., Jr., and James S. Onley, Corrected lines, 1st District  C2210-29
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 47Trustees of Salem Methodist Church  C2210-30
 Details04/24/1952Plat Book CWN 2, p. 50Ward, Raymond F., Division or partition lines, Pocomoke  C2210-31
 Details07/07/1952Plat Book CWN 2, p. 51Crosswell, Edward E. and Eyssalle Y. Crosswell from Daisey Ellis Williams  C2210-32
 Details07/07/1952Plat Book CWN 2, p. 51Venable, Paul M. and Hazel M. Venable from Daisey Ellis Williams, Excr.  C2210-33
 Details07/07/1952Plat Book CWN 2, p. 51Williams, Daisy Ellis, Excx. To Paul M. Venable  C2210-34
 Details08/29/1952Plat Book CWN 2, p. 55Mumford, John W., Newark  C2210-35
 Details10/21/1952Plat Book CWN 2, p. 56The Pierson Farm, Pocomoke  C2210-36
 Details11/14/1952Plat Book CWN 2, p. 57Ewell, L. Paul-Series of Lots - Payne (See CWN 54, p. 174)  C2210-37
 Details11/25/1952Plat Book CWN 2, p. 58Pusey, Francis, Farm  C2210-38
 Details12/16/1952Plat Book CWN 2, p. 59Clarke, Charles E., Lot  C2210-39
 Details12/24/1952Plat Book CWN 2, p. 60Duncan Motor Company, Incorporated  C2210-40
 Details01/05/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 61Davis, Everett L., Lots  C2210-41
 Details01/10/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 62Berlin Milling Company, Incorporated  C2210-42
 Details03/13/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 63County road, Berlin to Ironshire  C2210-43
 Details03/27/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 64Davis, Annie M., Residence property  C2210-44
 Details03/30/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 66Child, Godfrey, Gale-Merrill Property  C2210-46
 Details03/31/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 67Pitts Creek Baptist Church  C2210-47
 Details04/21/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 68Scott, John H., Residence  C2210-48
 Details04/21/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 69Ward, Harry W., Lots in Snow Hill  C2210-49
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 7Jones, John F.  C2210-50
 Details05/12/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 70Ewing, Frank M. and Hannah A. Ewing from John M. Timmons, by and c., (see EWR 59, p. 381)  C2210-51
 Details06/02/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 73Elliotts Development, (Property in Ocean Bay City)  C2210-52
 Details07/01/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 74Elliotts Development, (Property in Ocean Bay City)  C2210-53
 Details07/14/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 75Marvil Package Company Property, 1st District  C2210-54
 Details07/29/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 76Ocean Bay City, Block 37, Beach Homes, Incorporated  C2210-55
 Details08/19/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 77Beach Graham Property, Lots in Blocks B and C  C2210-56
 Details08/19/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 77Taylor, Jesse J. - Beach Graham Property  C2210-57
 Details08/20/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 78Miles, Edna W., Pocomoke  C2210-58
 Details09/01/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 79Harris,William A., Jr., Spence, Maryland  C2210-59
 Details09/01/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 79Harris, William A., Jr., Spence, Md.  C2210-60
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 8Rayne Residence Property, 10th District  C2210-61
 Details09/03/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 80Chesapeake Corporation of Virginia  C2210-62
 Details09/15/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 81Phillips, William P., Part of Tingle Farm  C2210-63
 Details09/15/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 81The Tingle Farm, part of  C2210-64
 Details09/15/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 82Brick house on Tingle Farm  C2210-65
 Details09/22/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 83Adams, Carl, Partition Lines  C2210-66
 Details09/22/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 83Mariner, Archie W., Partition lines  C2210-67
 Details09/22/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 83Shepherd, Annie, Partition lines  C2210-68
 Details10/03/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 84Adams, R. J., 1st District  C2210-69
 Details10/10/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 85Vincent, Panzy J.  C2210-70
 Details10/15/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 86Hamlet, Luther  C2210-71
 Details10/19/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 87Johnson, Thomas J., Part of The Peters Farm  C2210-72
 Details12/03/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 88County road, Thorofare Farm  C2210-73
 Details12/21/1953Plat Book CWN 2, p. 89Whaley Family Cemetery  C2210-74
 Details01/20/1954Plat Book CWN 2, p. 90Greenbackville Cemetery  C2210-75
 Details01/20/1954Plat Book CWN 2, p. 90Union Methodist of Greenbackville Cemetery  C2210-76
 Details01/20/1954Plat Book CWN 2, p. 91Powell, J. Robert Farm  C2210-77
 Details01/21/1954Plat Book CWN 2, p. 92Mitchell, Carrie, 4th District  C2210-78
 Details02/08/1954Plat Book CWN 2, p. 93Jones, Paul M., Lot, Market Street  C2210-79
 Details03/09/1954Plat Book CWN 2, p. 94Acme Market, Snow Hill  C2210-80
 Details04/15/1954Plat Book CWN 2, p. 95Eastern Shore Public Service Company-Snow Hill  C2210-81
 Details04/27/1954Plat Book CWN 2, p. 96Denston, Ralph W., Subdivision, Pocomoke  C2210-82
 Details05/27/1954Plat Book CWN 2, p. 97Fritchie, Dr. John A.  C2210-83
 Details06/02/1954Plat Book CWN 2, p. 98County road, 9th District  C2210-84
 Details08/04/1954Plat Book CWN 2, p. 99Shockley, Nellie Bly Tarr  C2210-85
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, pp. 12, 26Michels, Florence M. and Glen E. Michels Property  C2210-86
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, pp. 16-17Parsons, Frank, possessions  C2210-87
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, pp. 16-17Parsons, Frank, possessions  C2210-88
 Details08/17/1954Plat Book EWR 3, p. 1Stockton Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.  C2210-138
 Details01/24/1955Plat Book EWR 3, p. 10Roberts, John B.  C2210-139
 Details01/14/1960Plat Book EWR 3, p. 100Zion Meeting House Cemetery  C2210-140
 Details01/25/1955Plat Book EWR 3, p. 11Purnell, Elizabeth K.  C2210-141
 Details Plat Book EWR 3, p. 12Bennett, Laura  C2210-142
 Details03/11/1955Plat Book EWR 3, p. 13Bishop Processing Company  C2210-143
 Details Plat Book EWR 3, p. 14Cox Farm  C2210-144
 Details05/13/1955Plat Book EWR 3, p. 15Mayor and Council of Berlin, Maryland  C2210-145
 Details05/16/1955Plat Book EWR 3, p. 16Mason, Stanley A.  C2210-146
 Details06/13/1955Plat Book EWR 3, p. 17Young, Francis E. and Bruce E. Young  C2210-147
 Details Plat Book EWR 3, p. 18Foster, Georgia S.  C2210-148
 Details06/27/1955Plat Book EWR 3, p. 19Worcester County Board of Education  C2210-149
 Details08/25/1954Plat Book EWR 3, p. 2Ruark, Franklin R. and Della M. Ruark  C2210-150
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