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Plats filed in land commission cases and civil proceedings that involve land, and recorded in proceedings books. The land commission records, 1818-1883, concern the perpetuation or restoration of land boundaries or the division or sale of inherited land and are a continuation from (Land Commissions and Petitions) in series C2034. The plats in civil proceedings date from 1837 and include ejectments. The Land Office filmed the plats in 1951, now found in series CM1488 and CM1489. The original volumes of (Proceedings) are included on film in series CM1112 and CM1093. Access available in electronic form derived from (Plats, Index) in series C2203 and C2204, supplemented by the records themselves.

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CIRCUIT COURT (Plats from Proceedings) CM1489, 1851-1947

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DatePlatDescriptionMSA Citation
 Details02/1856Proceedings 7, p. 277Carey, James T., Comission to divideC2216-1
 Details10/1859Proceedings 7, p. 657Beachboard, Margaret, Commission to divideC2216-2
 Details08/1853Proceedings 7, p. 62Bishop, William, Commission to divideC2216-3
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 44Bevans, John S., Commission to divideC2216-4
 Details Proceedings 10, p. 7Bishop, James, Commission to divideC2216-5
 Details Proceedings 10, p. 7-8Bishop, Isabella, Commission to divide, (case starts on p. 16)C2216-6
 Details08/15/1872Proceedings 10, p. 173Benson, Edward R.C2216-7
 Details Proceedings 9, p. 244Boston, Henry, Commission to divideC2216-8
 Details Proceedings 9, p. 324Clayville, Peter, Commission to divideC2216-9
 Details05/1858Proceedings 7, p. 564Colburn, Joshua, Vs. Joshua RuarkC2216-10
 Details Proceedings 10, p. 279Collins, James B., Petition to divideC2216-11
 Details05/1854Proceedings 7, p. 96Cottingham, Levin, Commission to divideC2216-12
 Details05/1857Proceedings 7, p. 483Coulbourne, Elijah, Commission to divideC2216-13
 Details05/1860Proceedings 7, p. 715Cottman, William S. B., Commission to divideC2216-14
 Details04/26/1930Proceedings 14, pp. 408 and 421Cropper, Mary A. and George S. Cropper, Ats. State of MarylandC2216-15
 Details Proceedings 10, p. 149Davis, Soloman, Commission to divideC2216-16
 Details05/1853Proceedings 7, pp. 39-40Dennis, John W., Commission to divideC2216-17
 Details10/1859Proceedings 7, p. 675Denn, John, lessee of, Elijah L. Perdue VS John FreenyC2216-18
 Details06/14/1926Proceedings 14, p. 299Disharoon, Levin B. and Elizabeth J. Disharoon Ats. State of MarylandC2216-19
 Details01/1858Proceedings 7, p. 530Bradford, Ananias, Commission to divideC2216-20
 Details10/1859Proceedings 7, p. 698Brittingham, Thomas, Commission to divideC2216-21
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 423Brittingham, Peter, Commission to divideC2216-22
 Details Proceedings 9, p. 142Bruff, Eliza, Wicomico and Pocomoke RailroadC2216-23
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 443Burbage, John, Commission to divideC2216-24
 Details05/1856Proceedings 7, p. 290Evans, John, Division of landC2216-25
 Details10/1859Proceedings 7, p. 675Freeny, John , John Denn, lessee of Elijah, L. PerdueC2216-26
 Details Proceedings 9, p. 117Freeman, Isaac, Commission to divideC2216-27
 Details10/1858Proceedings 7, p. 581Garman, William, Commission to divideC2216-28
 Details1853Proceedings 6, p. 431Godfrey, Arthur, Commission to divideC2216-29
 Details10/19/1883Proceedings 11, p. 13Gordy, George W., Commission to divideC2216-30
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 338Dryden, Noble, Commission to divideC2216-31
 Details Proceedings 9, p. 520Dryden, James P., Commission to divideC2216-32
 Details Proceedings 3, p. 47Duncan, Thomas, Division of landsC2216-33
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 345Hancock, John H., Commission to divideC2216-34
 Details Proceedings 10, p. 359Hamblin, John, Commission to divideC2216-35
 Details03/13/1919Proceedings 13, p. 489Hancock, Harvey T. and Sarah E.M. Hancock, Ats. Delaware, Maryland and Virginia RailroadC2216-36
 Details03/13/1919Proceedings 13, p. 489Hancock, Ira B. and Annie A. Hancock, Ats. Delaware, Maryland and Virginia RailroadC2216-37
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 316Lambertson, Isaac, Commission to divideC2216-38
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 161Lane, Thomas G., Commission to divideC2216-39
 Details05/1860Proceedings 7, p. 720Maddux, Wilson, Commission to divideC2216-40
 Details05/1856Proceedings 7, p. 282Jarvis, Henry W., Commission to divideC2216-41
 Details01/1957Proceedings 7, p. 460Jarman, George C., Commission to divideC2216-42
 Details08/1854Proceedings 7, p. 127Hill, Stephen, Commission of divideC2216-43
 Details05/1859Proceedings 7, p. 627Hickman, John, Commission of divideC2216-44
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 118Holland, Sarah L., Commission to divideC2216-45
 Details05/1852Proceedings 6, p. 325Horsey, James B., Commission to divideC2216-46
 Details02/1855Proceedings 7, p. 176Houston, Joseph B., Commission to divideC2216-47
 Details01/1857Proceedings 7, p. 457Huston, Sarah, Commission to divideC2216-48
 Details10/1859Proceedings 7, p. 649Hozier, Nelly, Commission to divideC2216-49
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 432Hudson, Peggy, Commission to divideC2216-50
 Details08/21/1947Proceedings 16, p. 196Eastern Shore Public Service Company VS Granville B. JonesC2216-51
 Details08/1855Proceedings 7, p. 231Jones, Isaac, Commission to divideC2216-52
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 97Johnson, Cordelia M., Commission to mark and boundC2216-53
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 282Johnson, James H., Commission to divideC2216-54
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 370Jones, Purnell I., Commission to divideC2216-55
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 396Jones, John S., Commission to divideC2216-56
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 481Jones, Eliakim, Commission to divideC2216-57
 Details08/21/1947Proceedings 16, p. 196Jones, Granville B. and Clara K. Jones Ats. The Eastern Shore Public Service CompanyC2216-58
 Details05/1859Proceedings 7, p. 610Knox, James and Lydia Knox Vs. Levi WardC2216-59
 Details11/1854Proceedings 7, p. 145Mason, Peter, Commission to divideC2216-60
 Details05/1855Proceedings 7, p. 203Mason, John, Commission to divideC2216-61
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 323Mason, Daniel, Commission to divideC2216-62
 Details1853Proceedings 6, p. 423McGregor, James, Commission to divideC2216-63
 Details11/1853Proceedings 7, p. 83Melvin, Aora, Commission to divideC2216-64
 Details05/1856Proceedings 7, p. 356Mills, Lydum H. ats George Walston, EjectmentC2216-65
 Details05/1917Proceedings 2, p. 27Morris, Jethro, Division of landsC2216-66
 Details05/1858Proceedings 7, p. 554Morris, Ratliff, Commission to divideC2216-67
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 295Shockley, Isaac, Commission to divideC2216-68
 Details Proceedings 9, p. 229Schoolfield, Henry, Commission to divideC2216-69
 Details06/14/1926Proceedings 14, p. 319Shockley, Elijah C. and Mary V. Shockley, State of MarylandC2216-70
 Details06/14/1926Proceedings 14, p. 319Shockley, Charles L. and Annie B. Shockley, State of MarylandC2216-71
 Details08/1855Proceedings 7, p. 215Selby, Atalanta, Division of landsC2216-72
 Details Proceedings 9, p. 401Selby, Zadok, Commission to divideC2216-73
 Details Proceedings 10, p. 127Smullen, Humphrey, Commission to divideC2216-74
 Details Proceedings 9, p. 22Taylor, Elias, Commission to divideC2216-75
 Details Proceedings 9, p. 446Taylor, William, Commission to divideC2216-76
 Details10/23/1916Proceedings 13, p. 316Taber, Sarah Kenton ATS State of MarylandC2216-77
 Details05/1856Proceedings 7, p. 315Tilghman, Mary, Commission to divideC2216-78
 Details Proceedings 10, p. 116Timmons, Benjamin, Commission to divideC2216-79
 Details08/23/1916Proceedings 13, p. 231Northam, Arthur H. and Olivia T. Northam Ats State of MarylandC2216-80
 Details08/1854Proceedings 7, p. 119Parker, John T., Commission to divideC2216-81
 Details11/1855Proceedings 7, p. 251Paradise, William, Commission to divideC2216-82
 Details Proceedings 9, pp. 150-151Payne, Wrixham, Commission to divideC2216-83
 Details06/14/1926Proceedings 14, p. 308Parsons, Chester R. and Mary R. Parsons, ATS State of MarylandC2216-84
 Details08/1854Proceedings 7, p. 119Parker, John T., Commission to divideC2216-85
 Details11/1855Proceedings 7, p. 251Paradise, William, Commission to divideC2216-86
 Details Proceedings 9, pp. 150-151Payne, Wrixham, Commission to divideC2216-87
 Details06/14/1926Proceedings 14, p. 308Parsons, Chester R. and Mary R. Parsons ATS State of MarylandC2216-88
 Details Proceedings 9, p. 220Pilchard, Stephen, Commission to divideC2216-89
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 54Phillips, Major, Commission to divideC2216-90
 Details02/1853Proceedings 7, p. 4Powell, John, Commission to divideC2216-91
 Details05/1856Proceedings 7, p. 322Powell, James, Commission to divideC2216-92
 Details Proceedings 10, p. 248Powell, John W., Commission to divideC2216-93
 Details05/1871Proceedings 2, p. 50Riley, Thomas, Division of landsC2216-94
 Details12/31/1938Proceedings 15, p. 297Richardson, Ann Maria, unknown heirs, ATS Mayor and Council of Snow HillC2216-95
 Details07/1860Proceedings 8, p. 22Rounds, Thomas R., Commission to divideC2216-96
 Details Proceedings 8, p. 126Rodgers, Walter P., Commission to divideC2216-97
 Details05/1858Proceedings 7, p. 564Ruark, Joshua ATS Joshua ColburnC2216-98
 Details12/31/1938Proceedings 15, p. 297Mayor and Council of Snow Hill VS Unknown heirs of Ann Maria Richardson, River SwampC2216-99
 Details Proceedings 9, p. 189Tingle, Sally, Commission to divideC2216-100
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