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(Road Record)

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Proceedings of the levy court, 1825-1845, regarding petitions to alter roads or lay out private roads. Also, proceedings of the board of county commissioners, 1853-1861, concerning petitions to open, alter, or close public roads, a function held by the circuit court prior to 1853 (Ch. 220, Acts of 1853). Documents for each case may contain the petition, objection statements, orders, examiners return including surveys and plats, damage awards to landowners, and ratification of the return. Entries in C2307 are arranged chronologically by petition date and in C2308 numerically by docket number, a continuation of the system used by the circuit court. For ways to access these documents through related records, see the descriptions for (Road Descriptions) in series C867 and C868 and (Road Book) in series C872 and C873. For earlier and concurrent records, see (Road Record) in series C871 and C874. Extant records after 1861 remain in county offices. For abstracts of proceedings for 1870-1892, see (Road Book) in series C873. The Archives will create an electronic finding aid from the records themselves.

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DateDescriptionLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1853-1861JAS 1, No. 321-465.01/55/14/02519451C2308-1
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