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(Plats from Land Records)

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Survey, easement, subdivision, and condominium plats recorded in land records as attachments to other documents or as separate instruments. Large plats were made to fit within the books by folding the documents. Beginning in October 1930 the clerk instituted a two-tiered system for recording plats. The smaller ones continued to be placed within the land record volumes. Larger ones were recorded in land record books devoted only to plats. Recordation practices changed again in 1974 when all land record books were set to an 8 1/2" x 14" format and would include plats that size or smaller. Larger ones were placed in cabinets designed to store oversize plats. Each such hanging file was given a three-part citation, consisting of a cabinet number that resembled a book reference, rod number, and page number. A 1977 law specified that all subdivision and condominium plats be one of two standardized sizes: 18" x 24" or 24" x 36" (Ch. 92). After that only the smaller survey and easement plats were recorded within the land records. The larger documents and all subdivision and condominium plats were placed in the cabinets. These hanging files are included in (Plats, Cabinet File) in series C2333. Original volumes of (Land Records) for 1867-1941 are found in series T1692. Also available on film in series CM1049, as filmed by the Land Office in 1950 and by the circuit court in later years, and as part of (Land Records) in series CM1059. Many of the film copies, especially in CM1059, are unreadable. Because (Subdivision Plats, WI) in series S1256 encompasses all documents dating from 1945, only those between 1867 and 1945 in series C2331 will be included in the plats project. For oversized plats, 1867-1936, removed from the land record books, see (Plats in Envelopes) in series C2489. Access available in electronic form derived from (Plats on Microfilm, WI) in series S1548 and (Plats, Index) in series C2341, supplemented by the records themselves. Many of the initial images to be put online will be placed in series S1548. As plats are scanned from the actual land records, the images in S1548 will be moved to C2331.

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DatePlatFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksLocationMSA Citation
 Details Land Records JWTS 397, p. 65 Long, J. Brice and Conrad O. Long; Weaver, Anita Downs Ward and Paul K. WeaverB5/15/01/020C2331-1
 Details05/04/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 33 Wood, Irving W.; Parsons Election DistrictB5/15/01/020C2331-2
 Details06/14/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 45 Horsey Property; Larmar CorporationB5/15/01/020C2331-3
 Details11/15/1950Land Records JWTS 321, p. 73 South Haven; Camden Election DistrictB5/15/01/020C2331-4
 Details Land Records JWTS 397, pp. 21-25 South Division St. Ext.; Proposed Widening PlanB5/15/01/020C2331-5
 Details03/26/1965Land Records JWTS 593, p. 49 Ward, David J., Jr; Hebron Election DistrictB5/15/01/020C2331-6
 Details11/25/1959Land Records JWTS 464, p. 75 Hunting Park; Larmar Corporation; Camden Election DistrictB5/15/01/020C2331-7
 Details09/24/1946Land Records JWTS 263, p. 89 Feeney, James A; Salisbury District No. 9B5/15/01/020C2331-8
 Details06/16/1966Land Records JWTS 487, p. 97 Boundaries of Election Districts; Index Map; Sheet No. 1 of 8B5/15/01/020C2331-9
 Details10/14/1957Land Records JWTS 427, p. 63 Dye, B. F.; Relay Out of Lots 308 inc.; Larmar CorporationB5/15/01/020C2331-10
 Details06/13/1969Land Records JWTS 678, p. 85 Five Star Farms C2331-11
 Details06/06/1968Land Records JWTS 655, p. 63 Ward, David J., Jr., and Nellie P. Ward; Hebron Election District C2331-12
 Details09/14/1971Land Records JWTS 716, p. 43 Toby Shelby Joint Venture; Barren Creek Election DistrictOR/04/20/080C2331-13
 Details05/06/1974Land Records AJS 815, p. 27 Dykes, Robert E. C2331-14
 Details09/29/1952Land Records JWTS 333, p. 35 Wilson, Clem F. and Marion C. Wilson C2331-15
 Details09/18/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 5 Adkins, Russell T., Consolidated FarmsB5/15/01/020C2331-16
 Details02/27/1974Land Records AJS 811, p. 35 Hamlet, Luther C2331-17
 Details11/13/1961Land Records JWTS 501, p. 55 Whitehill, Howard Joseph, Jr. and Cecily Sharp Whitehill C2331-18
 Details04/17/1973Land Records JWTS 786, p. 7 High Banks Estates, Section 5 C2331-19
 Details05/09/1950Land Records JWTS 321, p. 23 Allenwood C2331-21
 Details10/04/1971Land Records JWTS 716, p. 61 Meadow Manor, Section 1B5/15/01/020C2331-22
 Details08/01/1967Land Records JWTS 487, p. 117 Coulbourn Mill Park AcquisitionB5/15/01/020C2331-23
 Details04/11/1942Land Records JWTS 250, p. 5 Chandler, George P., revised plat; plat no longer extant OR/04/20/071C2331-24
 Details04/20/1942Land Records JWTS 250, p. 7 Watson, Lloyd U. property; plat no longer extant OR/04/20/071C2331-25
 Details06/16/1942Land Records JWTS 250, p. 9 Roberts, Henry W. property; plat no longer extant OR/04/20/071C2331-26
 Details06/29/1942Land Records JWTS 250, p. 11 Windon, Thomas; plat no longer extant OR/04/20/071C2331-27
 Details10/14/1942Land Records JWTS 250, p. 13 Steam Boat, Wharf Property; plat no longer extant OR/04/20/071C2331-28
 Details10/21/1942Land Records JWTS 250, p. 15 Mitchell Property; plat no longer extant OR/04/20/071C2331-29
 Details09/16/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 1 Coulbourn Manor, Block C, Lot 3-7, resubdivisionOR/04/20/070C2331-30
 Details09/16/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 3 Coulbourn Manor, Block C, Lots 19,20-27, and 53-56, Block D, Lots 48-62, resubdivisionOR/04/20/070C2331-31
 Details09/23/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 7 Widening of Zion Church Road, Department of Public WorksOR/04/20/070C2331-32
 Details09/23/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 9 Widening of Zion Church Road, Department of Public WorksOR/04/20/070C2331-33
 Details09/23/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 11 Widening of Zion Church Road, Department of Public WorksOR/04/20/070C2331-34
 Details09/25/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 13 Riverside Drive RelocationOR/04/20/070C2331-35
 Details09/26/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 15 St. Pauls (Old Spring Hill) Episcopal Church propertyOR/04/20/070C2331-36
 Details09/15/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 17 Property Acquisition for Boat Harbor, Department of Public WorksOR/04/20/070C2331-37
 Details09/29/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 19 Widening of Elberta Avenue, Department of Public WorksOR/04/20/070C2331-38
 Details09/29/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 21 Perdue, J. Herman Jr. and Perdue, Alexendra, ux.OR/04/20/070C2331-39
 Details09/30/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 23 Property to be Acquired by Allen, Richard M. and Nancy F.OR/04/20/070C2331-40
 Details10/02/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 25 Lincoln Heights AnnexOR/04/20/070C2331-41
 Details10/03/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 27 Hochmuth, George J.OR/04/20/070C2331-42
 Details10/21/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 29 Gordy, Edward Farm, Descriptive PlatOR/04/20/070C2331-43
 Details10/22/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 31 Allenwood, resubdivisionOR/04/20/070C2331-44
 Details10/22/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 33 Magnolia Terrace for Morris, Upshur W.OR/04/20/070C2331-45
 Details10/22/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 35 Proposed Widening of Lincoln Ave., Commissioners of Wicomico CountyOR/04/20/070C2331-46
 Details10/22/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 37 Proposed Widening of Lincoln Ave., Commissioners of Wicomico CountyOR/04/20/070C2331-47
 Details10/31/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 39 Moore, Marshall W. and Wimbrow, Charles S., resubdivision of Lots 3-5, Block AOR/04/20/070C2331-48
 Details11/05/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 41 Property to be Acquired by the City of SalisburyOR/04/20/070C2331-49
 Details11/10/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 43 Eastern Shore Public Service Co.OR/04/20/070C2331-50
 Details11/19/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 45 Allen, W. F., Company LandOR/04/20/070C2331-51
 Details11/26/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 47 Holloway, Charles E. and JaneOR/04/20/070C2331-52
 Details11/26/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 49 Coffin, Harold H. and Rachel C.OR/04/20/070C2331-53
 Details12/01/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 51 Showell Poultry, Inc.OR/04/20/070C2331-54
 Details12/01/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 53 Spearin, Walter A.OR/04/20/070C2331-55
 Details12/02/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 55 Relocation and Widening Athol Road, Department of Public WorksOR/04/20/070C2331-56
 Details12/08/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 57 Delmar Fire Department, Inc.OR/04/20/070C2331-57
 Details12/19/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 59 Emerson Heights, Block D and part Block B, revisedOR/04/20/070C2331-58
 Details01/05/1958Land Records JWTS 460, p. 61 Hastings Metal Co.OR/04/20/070C2331-59
 Details01/12/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 63 Property to be Acquired by the City of SalisburyOR/04/20/070C2331-60
 Details01/19/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 65 Westview, section 1OR/04/20/070C2331-61
 Details02/02/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 67 North Prong LaneOR/04/20/070C2331-62
 Details02/05/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 69 Larmar Corp., part of Block A (Lakewood Subdivision)OR/04/20/070C2331-63
 Details02/10/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 71 Property to be Acquired by the City of SalisburyOR/04/20/070C2331-64
 Details02/20/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 73 Opening-Widening-Relocation StreetsOR/04/20/070C2331-65
 Details02/24/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 75 Jarrell, Hollis V. and Thelma I.OR/04/20/070C2331-66
 Details02/26/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 77 Tract of Land to be Conveyed to the Commissioners of Wicomico CountyOR/04/20/070C2331-67
 Details03/02/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 79 Whiting, Van R. and Sara H.OR/04/20/070C2331-68
 Details03/02/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 81 Eastview Park, section 1OR/04/20/070C2331-69
 Details03/03/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 83 Chandler and Carey, resubdivision of lot 6-9, Block I on plat of Parker FarmOR/04/20/070C2331-70
 Details03/03/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 85 Resubdivision of part of Lots 6-14 in Block A of Cannon FarmsOR/04/20/070C2331-71
 Details03/09/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 87 Armour and CompanyOR/04/20/070C2331-72
 Details03/16/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 89 Pryor, Theodore Q.OR/04/20/070C2331-73
 Details03/30/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 91 Holt, John T. Jr.OR/04/20/070C2331-74
 Details04/02/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 93 Baker, Robert L. and Baker, Regina M., ux.OR/04/20/070C2331-75
 Details04/03/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 95 Keller, Crawford F., et al.,tract of land and an off convey ance therefrom surveyed forOR/04/20/070C2331-76
 Details04/10/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 97 Plat for Exchange of land between Miami lines and the City of Salisbury for Riverside Drive RelocationOR/04/20/070C2331-77
 Details04/14/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 99 Green Hill VillageOR/04/20/070C2331-78
 Details04/14/1959Land Records JWTS 460, p. 101 Livingston Manor Plat 1OR/04/20/070C2331-79
 Details06/24/1944Land Records JWTS 250, p. 91 Victory Gardens, see number 11,462 Chancery for decree to abandon and close certain streets and parts therofOR/04/20/071C2331-80
 Details03/26/1942Land Records JWTS 250, p. 1 Development of Forest LaneOR/04/20/071C2331-81
 Details03/27/1942Land Records JWTS 250, p. 3 Parkway Manor, subdivisionOR/04/20/071C2331-82
 Details10/30/1942Land Records JWTS 250, p. 17 Property Acquired by Salisbury LodgeOR/04/20/071C2331-83
 Details12/03/1942Land Records JWTS 250, p. 19 Walston, G. W.OR/04/20/071C2331-84
 Details02/04/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 21 Fairground PropertyOR/04/20/071C2331-85
 Details03/16/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 23 Atkinson, Chas H.OR/04/20/071C2331-86
 Details03/17/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 25 Emerelda FarmOR/04/20/071C2331-87
 Details03/17/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 27 Kent, F. and Cooper, NorvellOR/04/20/071C2331-88
 Details04/2031Land Records JWTS 250, p. 29 Phillips, Pratt D. Jr.OR/04/20/071C2331-89
 Details04/30/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 31 Details of a Proposed Causeway for Weisner, Raymond A.OR/04/20/071C2331-90
 Details05/26/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 35 Property to be acquired by the Salvation ArmyOR/04/20/071C2331-91
 Details06/03/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 37 Survey of Davis, Hillary landOR/04/20/071C2331-92
 Details06/04/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 39 Survey of Shipyard PropertyOR/04/20/071C2331-93
 Details06/07/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 41 Property Survey for Eypel, ArthurOR/04/20/071C2331-94
 Details06/11/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 43 Property Survey for Phillips, Pratt D. and H. LayOR/04/20/071C2331-95
 Details07/09/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 47 Larmar, James H.OR/04/20/071C2331-96
 Details08/12/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 49 Lake View Terrace, Plot 1OR/04/20/071C2331-97
 Details09/01/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 51 Property Survey for Roberts, Elsie HollandOR/04/20/071C2331-98
 Details10/11/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 53 Adkins, E. S. and Co.OR/04/20/071C2331-99
 Details11/16/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 55 Property Survey for Tennaro, Gerald A.OR/04/20/071C2331-100
 Details11/29/1943Land Records JWTS 250, p. 57 Mitchell PropertyOR/04/20/071C2331-101
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