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(Plats from Equity)

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Plats filed in equity proceedings, some of which were placed in the case files, with others being recorded in equity record books. The series consists of plats removed from the case files because of their size or physical condition and placed in oversize storage and of plats recorded in equity records. The books themselves remain at the courthouse. Many of the latter were filmed by the Land Office in 1955, now found in series CM1424 and CM1425. Access available in electronic form derived from (Plats on Microfilm, TA) in series S1546, supplemented by the records themselves.

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CIRCUIT COURT (Plats from Equity) CM1425, 1852-1949

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DatePlatFilm ReelsLinksMSA Citation
 Details1840Equity Record STH 6, p. 48CR 47031C2392-1
 Details Equity Record STH 6, p. 49CR 47031C2392-2
 Details Equity Record STH 6, p. 50CR 47031C2392-3
 Details Equity Record STH 6, p. 194CR 47031C2392-4
 Details Equity Record STH 6, p. 218CR 47031C2392-5
 Details Equity Record STH 6, p. 287CR 47031C2392-6
 Details Equity Record STH 6, p. 323CR 47031C2392-7
 Details Equity Record STH 6, p. 379CR 47031C2392-8
 Details Equity Record STH 6, p. 400CR 47031C2392-9
 Details Equity Record STH 6, p. 430CR 47031C2392-10
 Details Equity Record STH 6, p. 452CR 47031 C2392-11
 Details Equity Record STH 6, p. 453CR 47031C2392-12
 Details1853Equity Record STH 6, p. 456CR 47031C2392-13
 Details Equity Record STH 7, p. 46CR 47031C2392-14
 Details1856Equity Record STH 7, p. 47CR 47031C2392-15
 Details Equity Record STH 7, p. 119CR 47031C2392-16
 Details Equity Record STH 7, p. 268CR 47031C2392-17
 Details Equity Record STH 7, p. 269CR 47031C2392-18
 Details Equity Record STH 7, p. 302CR 47031C2392-19
 Details Equity Record STH 7, p. 336CR 47031C2392-20
 Details Equity Record STH 7, p. 402CR 47031C2392-21
 Details Equity Record STH 7, p. 424CR 47031C2392-22
 Details1861Equity Record STH 7, p. 438CR 47031C2392-23
 Details Equity Record STH 7, p. 499CR 47031C2392-24
 Details Equity Record STH 7, p. 517CR 47031C2392-25
 Details1863Equity Record STH 8, p. 110CR 47031C2392-26
 Details Equity Record STH 8, p. 201CR 47031C2392-27
 Details Equity Record STH 8, p. 242CR 47031C2392-28
 Details Equity Record STH 8, p. 250CR 47031C2392-29
 Details1839Equity Record STH 9, p. 91CR 47031C2392-30
 Details Equity Record STH 9, p. 92CR 47031C2392-31
 Details Equity Record STH 9, p. 94CR 47031C2392-32
 Details Equity Record STH 9, p. 108CR 47031C2392-33
 Details Equity Record STH 9, p. 244CR 47031C2392-34
 Details Equity Record STH 9, p. 419CR 47031C2392-35
 Details1867Equity Record STH 9, p. 530CR 47031C2392-36
 Details1868Equity Record JB 10, p. 254CR 47031C2392-37
 Details1871Equity Record JB 10, p. 412CR 47031C2392-38
 Details1875Equity Record JFT 12, p. 410CR 47031C2392-39
 Details1873Equity Record JFT 14, p. 145CR 47031C2392-40
 Details Equity Record JFT 14, p. 237CR 47031C2392-41
 Details Equity Record JFT 14, p. 239CR 47031C2392-42
 Details Equity Record JFT 14, p. 375CR 47031C2392-43
 Details Equity Record JFT 14, p. 441CR 47031C2392-44
 Details Equity Record JFT 14, p. 442CR 47031C2392-45
 Details Equity Record JFT 14, p. 443CR 47031C2392-46
 Details Equity Record JFT 14, p. 444CR 47031C2392-47
 Details Equity Record JFT 14, p. 445CR 47031C2392-48
 Details Equity Record JFT 14, p. 446CR 47031C2392-49
 Details Equity Record JFT 14, p. 447CR 47031C2392-50
 Details1867Equity Record JFT 14, p. 448CR 47031C2392-51
 Details1877Equity Record JFT 17, p. 34CR 47031C2392-52
 Details Equity Record JFT 17, p. 103CR 47031C2392-53
 Details Equity Record JFT 17, p. 454CR 47031C2392-54
 Details1876Equity Record JFT 17, p. 455CR 47031C2392-55
 Details1885Equity Record TH 19, p. 18CR 47031C2392-56
 Details Equity Record TH 19, p. 154CR 47031C2392-57
 Details1893Equity Record TH 21, p. 77CR 47031C2392-58
 Details Equity Record TH 21, p. 79CR 47031C2392-59
 Details1896Equity Record TH 22, p. 384CR 47031C2392-60
 Details1889Equity Record FGW 24, p. 375CR 47031C2392-61
 Details Equity Record FGW 24, p. 383CR 47031C2392-62
 Details Equity Record FGW 24, p. 384CR 47031C2392-63
 Details Equity Record FGW 24, p. 391CR 47031C2392-64
 Details Equity Record FGW 24, p. 390CR 47031C2392-65
 Details Equity Record FGW 24, p. 398CR 47031C2392-66
 Details Equity Record FGW 24, p. 404CR 47031C2392-67
 Details Equity Record FGW 24, p. 410CR 47031C2392-68
 Details Equity Record FGW 24, p. 417CR 47031C2392-69
 Details Equity Record FGW 24, p. 425CR 47031C2392-70
 Details Equity Record FGW 24, p. 435CR 47031C2392-71
 Details1902Equity Record FGW 26, p. 29CR 47031C2392-72
 Details1906Equity Record FGW 26, p. 412CR 47031C2392-73
 Details1880Equity Record FGW 28, p. 147CR 47031C2392-74
 Details1910Equity Record FGW 30, p. 188CR 47031C2392-75
 Details1914Equity Record FGW 31, p. 187CR 47031C2392-76
 Details1870Equity Record FGW 32, p. 148CR 47031C2392-77
 Details1885Equity Record FGW 34, p. 135CR 47031C2392-78
 Details1912Equity Record TJF 41, p. 196CR 47031C2392-79
 Details1942Equity Record TJF 49, p. 390CR 47031C2392-80
 Details1947Equity Record LBC 51, p. 41CR 47031C2392-81
 Details1949Equity Record LBC 51, p. 531CR 47031C2392-82
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