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(Land Commission Papers)

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Original papers filed for land commission proceedings to perpetuate or restore land boundaries, 1769-1843, and to divide or sell inherited land, 1795-1881. Land boundary documents consist of petitions, court orders, oaths of commissioners, depositions, commission reports, and some surveys and plats. Estate proceedings contain petitions, exhibits, court orders, oaths of commissioners, commission reports, invoices, and usually surveys and plats. The papers are arranged by the beginning date for each case. Most of the case files were recorded in (Land Commissions) in series C1878 and C2396. The unrecorded files, about 25% of the cases, will be scanned for the plats project. The Archives will create an electronic finding aid from the records themselves. The papers are housed in 206 folders, each containing an average of 30 pages of text and plats.

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 Details1852-1858Folders: 1-2201/44/04/059C2398-1
 Details1859-1881Folders: 23-4301/44/04/060C2398-2
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