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(County Road Plat Book)

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Right of way plats for county roads, filed by the county engineer. The documents, placed in one volume, show the proposed routes of the roads and dates of the surveys and filings. Access available in electronic form derived from the records themselves.

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DatePlatFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksLocationMSA Citation
 Details1721-1726Land Records PF 13, p. 23CR 47030   C2401-1
 Details1721-1726Land Records PF 13, p. 754CR 47030   C2401-2
 Details1734-1740Land Records TB 14, p. 146CR 47030   C2401-3
 Details1796-1798Land Records WSB 27, p. 468CR 47030   C2401-4
 Details1798-1800Land Records WSB 28, p. 165CR 47030   C2401-5
 Details1800-1802Land Records JL 29, p. 209CR 47030   C2401-6
 Details1800-1802Land Records JL 29, p. 271CR 47030   C2401-7
 Details1802-1804Land Records JL 30, p. 29CR 47030   C2401-8
 Details1802-1804Land Records JL 30, p. 31CR 47030   C2401-9
 Details1808-1809Land Records JL 33, p. 170CR 47030   C2401-10
 Details1808-1809Land Records JL 33, p. 207CR 47030   C2401-11
 Details1811-1813Land Records JL 35, p. 125CR 47030   C2401-12
 Details1811-1813Land Records JL 35, p. 174CR 47030   C2401-13
 Details1811-1813Land Records JL 35, p. 443CR 47030   C2401-14
 Details1816-1817Land Records JL 39, p. 404CR 47030   C2401-15
 Details1818-1819Land Records JL 41, p. 295CR 47030   C2401-16
 Details1818-1821Land Records JL 42, p. 86CR 47030   C2401-17
 Details1818-1821Land Records JL 42, p. 356CR 47030   C2401-18
 Details1827-1828Land Records JL 47, p. 484CR 47030   C2401-19
 Details1833-1835Land Records JL 51, p. 294CR 47030   C2401-20
 Details1837-1838Land Records JP 53, p. 140CR 47030   C2401-21
 Details1838-1839Land Records JP 54, p. 375CR 47030   C2401-22
 Details1841-1842Land Records JP 56, p. 394CR 47030   C2401-23
 Details1844-1846Land Records JP 59, p. 79CR 47030   C2401-24
 Details1849-1850Land Records JP 62, p. 212CR 47030   C2401-25
 Details1849-1850Land Records JP 62, p. 219CR 47030   C2401-26
 Details1850-1851Land Records JP 63, p. 217CR 47030   C2401-27
 Details11/09/1976Plat Book JTB 1, p. 1 Glebe Road from Route 33 Westerly 0.87 Miles Plat Number 1001OR/04/19/111C2401-28
 Details11/09/1976Plat Book JTB 1, p. 2 Glebe Road from Route 33 Westerly 0.87 Miles Plat Number 1002OR/04/19/111C2401-29
 Details11/09/1976Plat Book JTB 1, p. 3 Glebe Road from Route 33 Westerly 0.87 Miles Plat Number 1003OR/04/19/111C2401-30
 Details Plat Book JTB 1, p. 4 Glebe Road from Route 33 Westerly 0.87 Miles Plat Number 1004OR/04/19/111C2401-31
 Details11/09/1976Plat Book JTB 1, p. 5 Glebe Road from Route 33 Westerly 0.87 Miles Plat Number 1005OR/04/19/111C2401-32
 Details11/09/1976Plat Book JTB 1, p. 6 Proposed County Road; Glebe Road from Route 33 Westerly 0.87 Miles Plat Number 1006OR/04/19/111C2401-33
 Details10/24/1977Plat Book JTB 1, p. 7 50' Right-of-Way leading from High Banks Subdivision to Kingston Road Plat Number 1007OR/04/19/111C2401-34
 Details10/24/1977Plat Book JTB 1, p. 8 Final Plat of High Banks, A Subdivision by High Banks Farm Associates Plat Number 8OR/04/19/111C2401-35
 Details01/17/1978Plat Book JTB 1, p. 9 Belmont LandingOR/04/19/111C2401-36
 Details04/27/1978Plat Book JTB 1, p. 10 Grasswell Drive to be dedicated a Public RoadOR/04/19/111C2401-37
 Details11/17/1978Plat Book JTB 1, p. 11 Pawpaw CoveOR/04/19/111C2401-38
 Details10/05/1979Plat Book JTB 1, p. 12 Woodland FarmsOR/04/19/111C2401-39
 Details10/05/1979Plat Book JTB 1, pp. 13A-13B Woodland Farms, Lots 31, 33, 37, 39OR/04/19/111C2401-40
 Details10/05/1979Plat Book JTB 1, p. 14 Woodland Farms, Lots 45-46OR/04/19/111C2401-41
 Details10/29/1979Plat Book JTB 1, p. 15 Bentley ManorOR/04/19/111C2401-42
 Details11/28/1979Plat Book JTB 1, p. 16 Anchorage RoadOR/04/19/111C2401-43
 Details11/28/1979Plat Book JTB 1, p. 17 Canterbury SouthOR/04/19/111C2401-44
 Details10/10/1979Plat Book JTB 1, p. 18 U. S. Route 50, South of Hiners Road To South of Landing Neck Road Plat Number 47114 C2401-45
 Details10/10/1979Plat Book JTB 1, p. 19 U. S. Route 50, South of Hiners Road To South of Landing Neck Road Plat Number 47115 C2401-46
 Details10/10/1979Plat Book JTB 1, p. 20 U. S. Route 50, South of Hiners Road To South of Landing Neck Road Plat Number 47116 C2401-47
 Details11/25/1980Plat Book JTB 1, p. 21 Playtor Road C2401-48
 Details01/08/1982Plat Book JTB 1, p. 22 Woodland Subdivision and a portion of Morgans NeglectOR/04/19/111C2401-49
 Details01/08/1982Plat Book JTB 1, p. 23 Bittorf Lane a Chapel Woods SubdivisionOR/04/19/111C2401-50
 Details01/08/1982Plat Book JTB 1, p. 24 Bishop Drive and Malvern Lane a Chapel Woods SubdivisionOR/04/19/111C2401-51
 Details Plat Book JTB 1, p. 25 OakwoodOR/04/19/111C2401-52
 Details11/19/1982Plat Book JTB 1, p. 26 Public Roadway to be conveyed to Talbot CountyOR/04/19/111C2401-53
 Details12/28/1982Plat Book JTB 1, p. 27 Indian Point West SubdivisionOR/04/19/111C2401-54
 Details05/10/1984Plat Book JTB 1, p. 28 Plat showing existing Right -of-Way and Proposed Right-of-Way at Anderby HallOR/04/19/111C2401-55
 Details12/20/1985Plat Book JTB 1, p. 29 Aveley Farm RoadOR/04/19/111C2401-56
 Details09/14/1987Plat Book JTB 1, p. 30 Aveley, Phase 2OR/04/19/111C2401-57
 Details10/20/1987Plat Book JTB 1, p. 31 Bunny LaneOR/04/19/111C2401-58
 Details12/17/1987Plat Book JTB 1, p. 32 Ashby C2401-59
 Details12/17/1987Plat Book JTB 1, p. 33 A portion of Washington Driveway Rio Vista Development C2401-60
 Details12/17/1987Plat Book JTB 1, p. 34 Rio Vista Development, Section R, Lot 21, Temporary Easement C2401-61
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