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(Plat Book, Index)

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Electronic index to plats recorded in (Plat Book) in series C2408. The record is alphabetically arranged by name of tract, subdivision, condominium, or owner, usually lists the election district, and provides book and page references. Dates are not included in the entries. The Archives will use this index as the authority file for (Subdivision Plats, SO) in series S1253.

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DatePlatDescriptionMSA Citation
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 16Adams, J. Stanley, center line of 18 foot road; 3rd DistrictC2405-1
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 26Anderson, Edward E.; 5th DistrictC2405-2
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, pp. 40, 51Ames, Helen Barnes, etal; 13th DistrictC2405-3
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 84Addition To Rowleys Hill; 15th DistrictC2405-4
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 96Armstrong Lott; 13th DistrictC2405-5
 Details Plat Book BLB 2, p. 12Annamessex Beach; 8th DistrictC2405-6
 Details Plat Book BLB 2, p. 33Austin, Kenneth P.; 1st DistrictC2405-7
 Details Plat Book BLB 2, p. 47Ayers, Paul C., Subdivision; 12th DistrictC2405-8
 Details Plat Book BLB 2, p. 51Adams, Louis; 3rd DistrictC2405-9
 Details Plat Book BLB 2, p. 67Atkinson, Gordon J., Subdivision; 7th DistrictC2405-10
 Details Plat Book BLB 2, p. 70Almshouse Farm; 5th DistrictC2405-11
 Details Plat Book BLB 2, p. 85Athes, William J. etux; 15th DistrictC2405-12
 Details Plat Book BLB 2, pp. 98, 99Adams, Fred J.; 3rd DistrictC2405-13
 Details Plat Book BLB 3, p. 18Almodington; 2nd DistrictC2405-14
 Details Plat Book BLB 3, p. 57Austin, Kenneth; 13th DistrictC2405-15
 Details Plat Book BLB 4, p. 9Antioch Methodist Episcopal Church Property; 1st DistrictC2405-16
 Details Plat Book BLB 4, p. 11Almondington; 2nd DistrictC2405-17
 Details Plat Book BLB 4, p. 17All Saints Episcopal Church, Monie, Addition to CemertaryC2405-18
 Details Plat Book BLB 3, pp. 86-88, 92-93Army Engineers, Levering CreekC2405-19
 Details Plat Book BLB 3, pp. 96, 98-99Army Engineers, Websters CoveC2405-20
 Details Plat Book BLB 4, p. 85Austin, Kenneth P.C2405-21
 Details Plat Book BLB 4, p. 98Abbott, Kenneth J. and Richard R. Abbott; 8th DistrictC2405-22
 Details1960Plat Book GJB 5, p. 1, 7Adams, Fredrick, H. E.; 14th DistrictC2405-23
 Details Plat Book GJB 5, p. 17Armstrong Lott, Part Of; 13th DistrictC2405-24
 Details Plat Book GJB 5, p. 84Adams, Allen; 3rd DistrictC2405-25
 Details Plat Book GJB 6, p. 26Arbon, Lucille C. etal; 4th DistrictC2405-26
 Details Plat Book GJB 6, p. 59Atkins, E. S. and Company; 15th DistrictC2405-27
 Details Plat Book GJB 6, p. 61Anderson, Howard H., Sweetwood Farm; 5th DistrictC2405-28
 Details Plat Book GJB 6, p. 102Arcadia; 1st DistrictC2405-29
 Details1966Plat Book GJB 6, p. 103Arbor Acres Farm Incorporated; 1st DistrictC2405-30
 Details Plat Book ITP 7, p. 53Ainsworth, Freedom H., The Goose Creek Farm; 1st DistrictC2405-31
 Details Plat Book ITP 7, p. 67Ainsworth, Freedom H., etal; 1st DistrictC2405-32
 Details Plat Book ITP 7, p. 75Adams, Morris E. Lands, 3 Parcels; 15th DistrictC2405-33
 Details Plat Book ITP 7, p. 48Annemessex Ridge, Long, Jesse and Vivan Long; 8th DistrictC2405-34
 Details Plat Book ITP 7, p. 84Annemessex Ridge, Long, Jesse and Vivan Long; 8th DistrictC2405-35
 Details Plat Book ITP 7, p. 95Annemessex Ridge, Long, Jesse and Vivan Long, Block 4; 8th DistrictC2405-36
 Details Plat Book ITP 8, p. 5Annemessex Ridge, Long, Jesse and Vivan Long, Block 2; 8th DistrictC2405-37
 Details Plat Book ITP 8, p. 17Annemessex Ridge, Section B-1, Block 5; 8th DistrictC2405-38
 Details Plat Book ITP 8, p. 21American Legion, Post 194; 1st DistrictC2405-39
 Details Plat Book ITP 8, p. 69Adams, Robert E. and Helen W. Adams, John W. Wilson Farm; 14th DistrictC2405-40
 Details Plat Book ITP 9, p. 15Ainsworth, Freedom H. and Norma R. Ainsworth, ( Beckford ); 1st DistrictC2405-41
 Details Plat Book ITP 9, p. 44Adams, LouisC2405-42
 Details Plat Book ITP 10, p. 6Adams, Marion Lee and Norma E. Adams; 13th DistrictC2405-43
 Details Plat Book ITP 10, p. 31Adkins Company Of Pocomoke; 4th DistrictC2405-44
 Details Plat Book ITP 10, p. 52Adkins, E. S. and CompanyC2405-45
 Details Plat Book ITP 10, p. 90Adkins Company Of Pocomoke; 4th DistrictC2405-46
 Details Plat Book ITP 10, p. 91Anderson, S. H. Langford; 1st DistrictC2405-47
 Details Plat Book ITP 11, p. 18Antioch Avenue Extented; 15th DistrictC2405-48
 Details Plat Book ITP 11, p. 34Adkins, Courtland and Jeffrey Adkins; 5th DistrictC2405-49
 Details Plat Book ITP 11, p. 5Asbury Methodist Church Cemetery, Mt. Vernon; 5th DistrictC2405-50
 Details Plat Book ITP 13, p. 20Ake, Michael; 1st DistrictC2405-51
 Details Plat Book ITP 13, p. 37Ainsworth, Freedom H. and Norma R. Ainsworth etal; 1st DistrictC2405-52
 Details Plat Book ITP 13, p. 40Ahtes, William; 5th DistrictC2405-53
 Details Plat Book ITP 13, p. 89Annemessex Ridge, Block 6, Subdivision; 8th DistrictC2405-54
 Details Plat Book ITP 13, p. 103Abresch, Craig J. and Linda S. Abresch; 5th DistrictC2405-55
 Details Plat Book ITP 14, p. 6Annamessex Ridge, Section 2A; 8th DistrictC2405-56
 Details Plat Book ITP 14, p. 7Annamessex Ridge, Block 1, Lots 15, 17-18; 8th DistrictC2405-57
 Details Plat Book ITP 14, p. 37Adler, Hyman T. Estate; 7, 12th DistrictC2405-58
 Details Plat Book ITP 14, p. 75Adams, Hilda; 13th DistrictC2405-59
 Details Plat Book ITP 14, p. 80Adkins, Ephrain and Courtland Adkins; 5th DistrictC2405-60
 Details Plat Book ITP 15, p. 4Abbey Incorporated, ResubdivisionC2405-61
 Details Plat Book ITP 15, p. 97Adkins, Ephraim, Melody Manor Estates; 5th DistrictC2405-62
 Details Plat Book ITP 16, p. 5Abrams, Edward; 12th DistrictC2405-63
 Details Plat Book ITP 16, p. 41Asbury Methodist Church, Mt. Vernon; 5th DistrictC2405-64
 Details Plat Book ITP 16, p. 80Adkins, Ephraim; 5th DistrictC2405-65
 Details Plat Book ITP 16, p. 82Atkinson, Charles; 4th DistrictC2405-66
 Details Plat Book ITP 17, p. 3Abbott, Miriam E.C2405-67
 Details Plat Book ITP 17, p. 34Aires, Lloyd; 3th DistrictC2405-68
 Details Plat Book ITP 17, p. 71Antonik, Larry; 11th DistrictC2405-69
 Details Plat Book ITP 18, p. 15Adams, Norma; 13th DistrictC2405-70
 Details Plat Book ITP 18, p. 70Adkins, Jeff; 15th DistrictC2405-71
 Details Plat Book ITP 20, p. 93Adams, Harry L. and Mary F. Adams; 1st DistrictC2405-72
 Details Plat Book ITP 20, p. 94Abbottt, Guilford H., Lot Reconfigaration; 2nd DistrictC2405-73
 Details Plat Book ITP 21, p. 4Atkinson, Charles; 4th DistrictC2405-74
 Details Plat Book ITP 21, p. 78Auth, Thomas J.; 14th DistrictC2405-75
 Details Plat Book ITP 21, p. 97Asanovich Acres; 3rd DistrictC2405-76
 Details Plat Book ITP 22, p. 8Austin Bounds, Chesapeak Corporation; 1st DistrictC2405-77
 Details Plat Book ITP 22, p. 43Ames Estates; 4th DistrictC2405-78
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 2Board Of Education Of Somerset County, MD; 14th DistrictC2405-79
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 5Bellmont; 1st DistrictC2405-80
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 6Backfield Farm; 4th DistrictC2405-81
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 9Brinkley Farm, Brinkley, Joseph B.; 3rd DistrictC2405-82
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 19Bozman, Charles W. Tract; 15th DistrictC2405-83
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 20Bountiful Ridge Nurseries; 1st DistrictC2405-84
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 24Briar Patch Tract; 15th DistrictC2405-85
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 25Brown, George W.; 1st DistrictC2405-86
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 29Brooklyn; 7th DistrictC2405-87
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 30Brooklyn; 7th DistrictC2405-88
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 31Benson, Harry E., from W.E. Walton; 4th DistrictC2405-89
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 34Baylis, Norman M.; 1st DistrictC2405-90
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 36Ballard, Thomas E. Land, The; 6th DistrictC2405-91
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 39Bellville; 5th DistrictC2405-92
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 39Barrow, H.Y.; 5th DistrictC2405-93
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 41Brooklyn; 7th DistrictC2405-94
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 43Beakler, G. W. Subdivision; 15th DistrictC2405-95
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 50Brooklyn; 7th DistrictC2405-96
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 60Briddell, Victor and W. Heber; 15th DistrictC2405-97
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 66Brumbley, William J.; 15th DistrictC2405-98
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 80Bradshaw, Robert J.; 8th DistrictC2405-99
 Details Plat Book BLB 1, p. 88Briddell, Charles W.; 3th DistrictC2405-100
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