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(Survey Record)

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Survey books originally created and maintained by county surveyors. The circuit court library in 1988 loaned the records to the Archives for filming, now found in series CM1243. The ten volumes consist of two originals and eight transcriptions prepared, bound, and indexed by Henry Wilson Archer between 1892 and 1896. The documents contain metes and bounds descriptions extracted from patent records and surveyors' field books that include survey notes and plats. The records were compiled initially by the following surveyors: Thomas White, Daniel Scott, David Clark, William Clark, Jr., John Love, Patrick Doran, James Calder, and James Steel. Each volume was given a reference consisting of the initials of the surveyor's name and a Roman numeral. Book IV, derived from multiple sources, was designated as HA, presumably standing for Harford County. Within each transcribed volume Archer assigned consecutive numbers to the entries and prepared indexes of tract names, individuals, and place names, using those numbers as reference points. Some of the indexes also refer to page numbers. The two original volumes contain tract and name indexes. Archer compiled a general index of tract names, as found in (Survey Record, Index) in series C2452. The Archives will create an electronic finding aid from the entries in C2452 and the individual indexes, supplemented by the records themselves.

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SURVEYOR (Survey Record) CM1243, 1658-1894

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