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(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards)

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Right of way plats for state and federal roads, filed on aperture cards by the State Highway Administration since 1972. The earlier records were copied from plats in (State Road Plat Book) in series C2458 that also contains documents filed in paper form between 1972 and 1987. The records show the proposed routes of the roads and contain plat and contract numbers assigned by the highway administration. The records are arranged numerically by state plat number and were given book and page references. All plats prior to 1972 should be found in series C2458 and (Plat Book) in series C2442. Since October 1, 2002, the records are filed electronically with the Maryland State Archives as (State Road Plats) in series S1742. Scanning from aperture cards will be reserved for those plats not found in series C2458 or to fill in gaps or provide a clearer or more complete copy. Access available in electronic form derived from the records themselves.

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PlatDescriptionLinksMSA Citation
 DetailsRight of Way 99White Oak to AshtonC2459-1
 DetailsRight of Way 114Great Seneca Highway, Phase 3C2459-2
 DetailsRight of Way 574Bridge Over Deer Creek at RocksC2459-3
 DetailsRight of Way 575Bridge Over Deer Creek at RocksC2459-4
 DetailsRight of Way 857Bridge Over Deer Creek at RocksC2459-5
 DetailsRight of Way BSCMaryland Route 24, Forest Hills to Ramseys CornerC2459-6
 DetailsRight of Way BSDMaryland Route 24, Forest Hills to Ramseys CornerC2459-7
 DetailsRight of Way BSEMaryland Route 24, Forest Hills to Ramseys CornerC2459-8
 DetailsRight of Way BSFMaryland Route 24, Forest Hills to Ramseys CornerC2459-9
 DetailsRight of Way BSGMaryland Route 24, Forest Hills to Ramseys CornerC2459-10
 DetailsRight of Way BSHMaryland Route 24, Forest Hills to Ramseys CornerC2459-11
 DetailsRight of Way BZVChurchville Towards LevelC2459-12
 DetailsRight of Way BUBMaryland Route 165 and Maryland Route 23C2459-13
 DetailsRight of Way BUIBushs Corner, Five ForksC2459-14
 DetailsRight of Way BUKHartford RoadC2459-15
 DetailsRight of Way BULMitchell, JulianC2459-16
 DetailsRight of Way BUMPhiladelphia Road, Perryman Road, Maryland Route 159 RoadC2459-17
 DetailsRight of Way BUNStepney, Perrymand Road, Maryland Route 159, Road,C2459-18
 DetailsRight of Way BUOStepney, Perryman Road, Maryland Route 159 RoadC2459-19
 DetailsRight of Way BUVJarresttsville Road, Upper Cross RoadC2459-20
 DetailsRight of Way BUWWashingtons Corner, DarlingtonC2459-21
 DetailsRight of Way BUXWashingtons Corner, DarlingtonC2459-22
 DetailsRight of Way BUZWashingtons Corner, DarlingtonC2459-23
 DetailsRight of Way BVBPhiladelphia Road, Edgewood RoadC2459-24
 DetailsRight of Way BVJFive Forks, Pennsylvania State LineC2459-25
 DetailsRight of Way BVNHarmony Chuch, DarlingtonC2459-26
 DetailsRight of Way BVOHarmony Chuch, DarlingtonC2459-27
 DetailsRight of Way BVSCreswell, Priest Ford BridgeC2459-28
 DetailsRight of Way BVTChurchville, CreswellC2459-29
 DetailsRight of Way BVVChurchville, CreswellC2459-30
 DetailsRight of Way BVWGrafton, W. C.C2459-31
 DetailsRight of Way BVXGrafton, W. C.C2459-32
 DetailsRight of Way BVYChurchville to McCanns CornerC2459-33
 DetailsRight of Way BVXChurchville to McCanns Corner C2459-34
 DetailsRight of Way BWKJarrettsville, Upper Roads Line ChangeC2459-35
 DetailsRight of Way BWMJarrettsville, Upper Roads Line ChangeC2459-36
 DetailsRight of Way BWOShuck, John W.C2459-37
 DetailsRight of Way BWREnd of Contract Number H-81 to BushC2459-38
 DetailsRight of Way BWSEnd of Contract Number H-81 to BushC2459-39
 DetailsRight of Way BWTEnd of Contract Number H-81 to BushC2459-40
 DetailsRight of Way BXABelair to Norris CornerC2459-41
 DetailsRight of Way BXMMadonna-Hess Road, End of Contract Number H-73 to the Baltimore County LineC2459-42
 DetailsRight of Way BYABagley to Shipleys CornerC2459-43
 DetailsRight of Way BYBBagley to Shipleys CornerC2459-44
 DetailsRight of Way BYCAdditional Right of Way, Bagley to Shipleys CornerC2459-45
 DetailsRight of Way BYDBagley to Shipleys CornerC2459-46
 DetailsRight of Way BYEBagley to Shipleys CornerC2459-47
 DetailsRight of Way BYFBagley to Shipleys CornerC2459-48
 DetailsRight of Way BYHBagley to Shipleys CornerC2459-49
 DetailsRight of Way BYPFederal Hill to Bushs CornerC2459-50
 DetailsRight of Way BYQFederal Hill to Bushs CornerC2459-51
 DetailsRight of Way BYYMoxley, JesseC2459-52
 DetailsRight of Way BYZTerrell, Walton, Churchville-Dublin RoadC2459-53
 DetailsRight of Way BZAMorris, Raymond, Churchville-Dublin RoadC2459-54
 DetailsRight of Way BZBMorris, Roy, Churchville-Dublin RoadC2459-55
 DetailsRight of Way BZCTrappe Church to Conowingo Road, United States Route 1C2459-56
 DetailsRight of Way BZDTrappe Church to Conowingo Road, United States Route 1C2459-57
 DetailsRight of Way BZEBar, Wilbur and Bertie BarC2459-58
 DetailsRight of Way CAHPerryman to Bush RiverC2459-59
 DetailsRight of Way CAIPerryman to Bush RiverC2459-60
 DetailsRight of Way CBGClapper, S. K.C2459-61
 DetailsRight of Way CLDDarnestown to DawsonC2459-62
 DetailsRight of Way CLEGaithersburg to Germantown RoadC2459-63
 DetailsRight of Way CLGGaithersburg to Germantown RoadC2459-64
 DetailsRight of Way CLLGermantown, Gedar GroveC2459-65
 DetailsRight of Way CLMKenningston RoadC2459-66
 DetailsRight of Way CLPCedar Grove to Kings ValleyC2459-67
 DetailsRight of Way CLRClaggettsville to Howard County LineC2459-68
 DetailsRight of Way CLSKings Valley to ClaggettsvilleC2459-69
 DetailsRight of Way CLZOlney to Patuxent RiverC2459-70
 DetailsRight of Way CMCDawsonville to Buck Lodge RoadC2459-71
 DetailsRight of Way CMDBuckeystown PikeC2459-72
 DetailsRight of Way CMFHunting Hill RockvilleC2459-73
 DetailsRight of Way CMINealsville, ClarksvilleC2459-74
 DetailsRight of Way CMJSligo to ColesvilleC2459-75
 DetailsRight of Way CMKSligo to ColesvilleC2459-76
 DetailsRight of Way CMLBurns Property, Gaithersburg, LaytonsvilleC2459-77
 DetailsRight of Way CMNCurve elimination, Sligo BranchC2459-78
 DetailsRight of Way CMOEnd of Contract Number M-23 to ColesvilleC2459-79
 DetailsRight of Way CMQSligo to ColesvilleC2459-80
 DetailsRight of Way CMSEnd of Contract Number M-22 to ClarksburgC2459-81
 DetailsRight of Way CMTCampbells Corner to Lelands CornerC2459-82
 DetailsRight of Way CMUFlower AvenueC2459-83
 DetailsRight of Way CMVDawsonville, SenecaC2459-84
 DetailsRight of Way CMYDawsonville, BeallsvilleC2459-85
 DetailsRight of Way CNAPrince Georges County Line, Blair RoadC2459-86
 DetailsRight of Way CNNCordell, E.C2459-87
 DetailsRight of Way CNQLaytonsville, DamascusC2459-88
 DetailsRight of Way CNRRiver RoadC2459-89
 DetailsRight of Way CNSClaggettsville, KemptownC2459-90
 DetailsRight of Way CNUBarnesville, ComusC2459-91
 DetailsRight of Way CNVPotomac Towards SenecaC2459-92
 DetailsRight of Way CNXLaytonsville, ClaysvilleC2459-93
 DetailsRight of Way CNYLaytonsville, DamascusC2459-94
 DetailsRight of Way CNZDickerson, Sugar Loaf MountainC2459-95
 DetailsRight of Way COFClaysville, OlneyC2459-96
 DetailsRight of Way COHRockville Pike, District of Columbia Line, BethesdaC2459-97
 DetailsRight of Way COIEnd of Contract Number M-57, WoodfieldC2459-98
 DetailsRight of Way COJBarnesville, ComusC2459-99
 DetailsRight of Way COLKensington Grade Elimination, Land to be Acquired from McQuinn, Allison B.C2459-100
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