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(County Road Plat Book)

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Right of way plats for county roads, filed by the board of county commissioners. The documents, placed in two volumes that remain at the courthouse, show the proposed routes of the roads and dates of the surveys and filings. The Archives will create an electronic finding aid from the records themselves. Other records appear in (Plats from Land Records) in series C2446 and C2447, (Plat Book) in series C2442, (Subdivision Plats, HA) in series S1246, and (Public Works Plat Book) in series C2461.

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMSA Citation
 Details Right of Way 5AProposed Road Improvement, Prospect toward Mill Green; Note: poor quality copy, best image available C2460-1
 Details03/05/1940MSA C2460-2Proposed County Road Relocation and Improvement from Mill Green to Macton C2460-2
 Details11/23/1942Right of Way 1AMacton-Mill Green Road to Prospect-Mill Green Road C2460-3
 Details Right of Way 5Proposed Road Improvement and Relocation, From Prospect to Mill Green C2460-4
 Details11/1935Right of Way 9Road from Hopes Corner to Turners Corner; District 4 C2460-5
 Details12/1935Plat Book SWC 1, p. 10Road From Darlington Toward Nobles Mills C2460-6
 Details10/1936Plat Book SWC 1, p. 11Road From Oakington toward Swan Creek C2460-7
 Details02/1936Plat Book SWC 1, p. 13County Commissioners of Harford County, Right of Way thru Henry A. Brehm Property known as the road form Philadelphia Road to Oakington C2460-8
 Details01/1936Plat Book SWC 1, p. 12Road From Dwaayer Crossing to Magnolia Road C2460-9
 Details09/1936Plat Book SWC 1, p. 20Right of Way for Concrete Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter C2460-10
 Details02/1936Plat Book SWC 1, p. 14Road From Baptist Church to Coopstown C2460-11
 Details12/1935Plat Book SWC 1, p. 7Road From Forest Hill To Chestnut Hill C2460-12
 Details10/1935Plat Book SWC 1, p. 1Road From Edgewood Road to Magnolia C2460-13
 Details09/25/1941Plat Book SWC 1, p. 8AProposed Road Improvement From Edgewood Road Towards Willoughby Beach C2460-14
 Details12/1935Plat Book SWC 1, p. 8Road From Forest Hill to Chestnut HillOR/04/18/079C2460-15
 Details10/05/1940Plat Book SWC 1, p. 4Proposed Relocation and Improvement of Fourth District County Road from near Corea to State Line C2460-17
 Details11/1935Plat Book SWC 1, p. 6Road From Scarboro Toward Deer Creek; Best Image Available from Poor Quality Original PlatOR/04/18/079C2460-18
 Details11/1935Plat Book SWC 1, p. 4Road From Earlton to Lapidum C2460-19
 Details08/10/1940Plat Book SWC 1, p. 3Proposed Relocation and Improvemt of Fourth District County Road C2460-20
 Details11/1935Plat Book SWC 1, p. 3Road From Earlton to Lapidum C2460-21
 Details10/1935Plat Book SWC 1, p. 2Road From Edgewood Road to Magnolia C2460-22
 Details02/14/1941Plat Book SWC 1, p. 5Propsed Road Improvement and Relocation From 1st and 3rd District Line to State Road Leading From Fountain Green to Creswell  C2460-23
 Details01/1938Plat Book SWC 1, p. 21On Road From Rock Run Leading Toward Earlton C2460-24
 Details01/14/1939Plat Book SWC 1, p. 22Proposed County Road Relocation on County Road, From The Forest Hill State Road, To Bynum Station C2460-25
 Details12/28/1962Plat Book GRG 2, p. 55Plat of Property of Maryland Marble Corperation From Plat No. C-58-8 of Sutcliffe and WardOR/04/19/076C2460-26
 Details12/19/1962Plat Book GRG 2, p. 54Deer Creek Church RoadOR/04/19/076C2460-27
 Details11/02/1962Plat Book GRG 2, p. 53Taylor Brook LaneOR/04/19/076C2460-28
 Details10/16/1962Plat Book GRG 2, p. 52Woodside DriveOR/04/19/076C2460-29
 Details09/13/1962Plat Book GRG 2, p. 51Waverly DriveOR/04/19/076C2460-30
 Details08/27/1962Plat Book GRG 2, p. 50Bauers DriveOR/04/19/076C2460-31
 Details11/08/1961Plat Book GRG 2, p. 49Elm StreetOR/04/19/076C2460-32
 Details Plat Book GRG 2, p. 48Old Stepney RoadOR/04/19/076C2460-33
 Details Plat Book GRG 2, p. 47Saint Clair Bridge and Approaches Deer Creek OR/04/19/076C2460-34
 Details06/22/1961Plat Book GRG 2, p. 46Broadneck Crossing RoadOR/04/19/076C2460-35
 Details01/18/1961Plat Book GRG 2, pp. 42-45Relocation of MacPhail Road, STA.24+00 to 46+00, 65+50 to 83+78OR/04/19/076C2460-36
 Details01/06/1961Plat Book GRG 2, p. 41Bel Air and VicinityOR/04/19/076C2460-37
 Details10/28/1960Plat Book GRG 2, p. 40Abingdon Road ImprovementOR/04/19/076C2460-38
 Details10/28/1960Plat Book GRG 2, p. 39Abingdon Road ImprovementOR/04/19/076C2460-39
 Details10/28/1960Plat Book GRG 2, p. 38Abingdon Road ImprovementOR/04/19/076C2460-40
 Details10/27/1960Plat Book GRG 2, p. 33Stepney Road ImprovementOR/04/19/076C2460-41
 Details10/27/1960Plat Book GRG 2, p. 34Stepney Road ImprovementOR/04/19/076C2460-42
 Details10/27/1960Plat Book GRG 2, p. 35Stepney Road ImprovementOR/04/19/076C2460-43
 Details10/27/1960Plat Book GRG 2, p. 36Stepney Road ImprovementOR/04/19/076C2460-44
 Details10/27/1960Plat Book GRG 2, p. 37Stepney Road ImprovementOR/04/19/076C2460-45
 Details10/04/1960Plat Book GRG 2, p. 32Proposed Relocation of Tower Road to Carsins Run RoadOR/04/19/076C2460-46
 Details08/11/1960Plat Book GRG 2, p. 31Silver Spring HeightsOR/04/19/076C2460-47
 Details08/11/1960Plat Book GRG 2, p. 30Clear View, 1st District, Harford County , MarylandOR/04/19/076C2460-48
 Details08/11/1960Plat Book GRG 2, p. 29Williams DriveOR/04/19/076C2460-49
 Details08/11/1960Plat Book GRG 2, p. 28Reinhardt, Edward W. and Wife, Eva Avenue and Clayton RoadOR/04/19/076C2460-50
 Details07/07/1960Plat Book GRG 2, p. 27Deaton, Glen C.OR/04/19/076C2460-51
 Details Plat Book GRG 2, p. 1Havre De Grace OR/04/19/076C2460-52
 Details Plat Book GRG 2, p. 25Plat of 10.0' Drainage Easment to be Granted By John Schatzsneider To The County Commissioner Of Harford CountyOR/04/19/076C2460-53
 Details04/24/1958Plat Book GRG 2, p. 24Harford County Highway Department, Improvement of part of Moores Mill Road, Third DistrictOR/04/19/076C2460-54
 Details04/16/1958Plat Book GRG 2, p. 23Relocation Of McPhail RoadOR/04/19/076C2460-55
 Details04/16/1958Plat Book GRG 2, p. 22Relocation Of McPhail RoadOR/04/19/076C2460-56
 Details12/28/1957Plat Book GRG 2, p. 21Relocated Pleasantville Road Over Winters RunOR/04/19/076C2460-57
 Details12/28/1957Plat Book GRG 2, p. 20Relocated Pleasantville Road Over Winters RunOR/04/19/076C2460-58
 Details07/02/1957Plat Book GRG 2, p. 19Edgewood Sanitary DistrictOR/04/19/076C2460-59
 Details11/21/1956Plat Book GRG 2, p. 18Conveyances Of Additional Right Of Way To County Commissioners Of Harford CountyOR/04/19/076C2460-60
 Details08/01/1956Plat Book GRG 2, p. 17Relocated Pleasantville Road Over Winters RunOR/04/19/076C2460-61
 Details08/01/1956Plat Book GRG 2, p. 16Relocated Pleasantville Road Over Winters Run OR/04/19/076C2460-62
 Details Plat Book GRG 2, p. 15Plat Of Additional Right Of Way Conveyed to The County Highway DepartmentOR/04/19/076C2460-63
 Details05/21/1956Plat Book GRG 2, p. 14County Commissioners of Harford County from Stephen M. KahoeOR/04/19/076C2460-64
 Details11/03/1955Plat Book GRG 2, p. 13Proposed 50 Foot Right of Way through Properties in the Third Election District of Harford CountyOR/04/19/076C2460-65
 Details10/01/1955Plat Book GRG 2, p. 12Deaton, Glen C. OR/04/19/076C2460-66
 Details05/12/1955Plat Book GRG 2, p. 11Deaton, Glen C.OR/04/19/076C2460-67
 Details Plat Book GRG 2, p. 10Harford Construction Co. and Arthur W. NelsonOR/04/19/076C2460-68
 Details12/22/1953Plat Book GRG 2, p. 9Plan of Right of Way to be Acquired from Allen St. Clair, Fourth District, Harford County MarylandOR/04/19/076C2460-69
 Details Plat Book GRG 2, p. 8Deaton, Glen C.OR/04/19/076C2460-70
 Details Plat Book GRG 2, p. 7Deaton, Glen C.OR/04/19/076C2460-71
 Details Plat Book GRG 2, p. 6Deaton, Glen C.OR/04/19/076C2460-72
 Details Plat Book GRG 2, p. 5Right of Way Plan of Road From Creswell to Old Post Road (Route 7)OR/04/19/076C2460-73
 Details Plat Book GRG 2, p. 4Right of Way Plan of Road From Creswell to Old Post Road (Route 7)OR/04/19/076C2460-74
 Details Plat Book GRG 2, p. 3Right of Way Plan of Road from Creswell to Old Post Road (Route 7)OR/04/19/076C2460-75
 Details Plat Book GRG 2, p. 2Part of County Road-Hard Surfaced From Prospect To Mason and Dixon LineOR/04/19/076C2460-76
 Details Plat Book GRG 2, p. 1Turner To Baltimore County Line At Little Gunpowder CreekOR/04/19/076C2460-77
 Details Right of Way 5DSt. Pauls Church Road, District 4 C2460-78
 Details Right of Way 5BCounty Road C2460-79
 Details02/21/1933Plat Book SWC 3, p. 1Siler, Harry and wife in opening a new road near EdgewoodOR/28/01/061C2460-80
 Details02/21/1933Plat Book SWC 3, p. 1Patton, Jack M. in opening a new road near EdgewoodOR/28/01/061C2460-81
 Details02/21/1933Plat Book SWC 3, p. 1Loughlin, Edward J. in opening a new road near EdgewoodOR/28/01/061C2460-82
 Details09/24/1934Plat Book SWC 3, p. 1Carr, Oliver S. opening a new public road to the State Road leading from Hickory to AdyOR/28/01/061C2460-83
 Details02/21/1933Plat Book SWC 3, p. 1Cahl, Ida M. in opening a new road near EdgewoodOR/28/01/061C2460-84
 Details02/21/1933Plat Book SWC 3, p. 1Belcamp Beach, Block A; County Commissioners of Harford County for a roadway and public landingOR/28/01/061C2460-85
 Details02/21/1933Plat Book SWC 3, p. 1Carroll, John H. in opening a new road near EdgewoodOR/28/01/061C2460-86
 Details06/04/1932Plat Book SWC 3, p. 2Baker's Corner - Walker's Corner Road; Contract H-113, Sheet 1OR/28/01/061C2460-87
 Details06/04/1932Plat Book SWC 3, p. 2Baker's Corner - Walker's Corner Road; Contract H-113, Sheet 2OR/28/01/061C2460-88
 Details06/04/1932Plat Book SWC 3, p. 3Baker's Corner - Walker's Corner Road; Contract H-113, Sheet 3OR/28/01/061C2460-89
 Details06/04/1932Plat Book SWC 3, p. 3Baker's Corner - Walker's Corner Road; Contract H-113, Sheet 1OR/28/01/061C2460-90
 Details06/04/1932Plat Book SWC 3, p. 4Baker's Corner - Walker's Corner Road; Contract H-113, Sheet 2OR/28/01/061C2460-91
 Details06/04/1932Plat Book SWC 3, p. 4Baker's Corner - Walker's Corner Road; Contract H-113, Sheet 3OR/28/01/061C2460-92
 Details06/04/1932Plat Book SWC 3, p. 5Baker's Corner - Walker's Corner Road; Contract H-113, Sheet 1OR/28/01/061C2460-93
 Details06/04/1932Plat Book SWC 3, p. 5Baker's Corner - Walker's Corner Road; Contract H-113, Sheet 2OR/28/01/061C2460-94
 Details06/04/1932Plat Book SWC 3, p. 6Baker's Corner - Walker's Corner Road; Contract H-113, Sheet 3OR/28/01/061C2460-95
 Details04/25/1933Plat Book SWC 3, p. 7Parke, J.H. acquired from; contract H-118OR/28/01/061C2460-96
 Details04/25/1933Plat Book SWC 3, p. 8Holter, Henry C. acquired from; contract H-118-44OR/28/01/061C2460-97
 Details04/25/1933Plat Book SWC 3, p. 9Right of Way Bagley to Shipley Corner, Sheet 5-AOR/28/01/061C2460-98
 Details09/24/1934Plat Book SWC 3, p. 9Carr, Oliver S. to the State Road leading from Hickory to AdyOR/28/01/061C2460-99
 Details04/25/1933Plat Book SWC 3, p. 9Bagley to Shipley's Corner, Contract H-118-44, Sheet 1 of 9OR/28/01/061C2460-100
 Details04/25/1933Plat Book SWC 3, p. 10Bagley, Charles; Contract H-118-44OR/28/01/061C2460-101
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