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(State Road Plats, Aperture Cards)

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Right of way plats for state and federal roads filed by the State Roads Commission, now the State Highway Administration. The documents show the proposed routes of the roads and contain plat and contract numbers assigned by the highway administration. Original plats received through 1975 were microfilmed as shown in (State Road Plats, Microfilm) in series C2848, reproduced on aperture cards, and subsequently destroyed. After that the highway administration filed its plats only on aperture cards. Since October 1, 2002, the records are filed electronically with the Maryland State Archives as (State Road Plats) in series S1742. The records are arranged numerically by plat number. Access available in electronic form derived from the records themselves.

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DatePlatBook NameDescriptionLinksMSA Citation
 Details Right of Way 1 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-1
 Details Right of Way 2 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-2
 Details Right of Way 3 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-3
 Details Right of Way 4 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-4
 Details Right of Way 5 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-5
 Details Right of Way 6 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-6
 Details Right of Way 51 MD175 HO-111-000-034C2473-7
 Details Right of Way 51 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-8
 Details Right of Way 52 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-9
 Details Right of Way 52 MD175 HO-111-000-034C2473-10
 Details Right of Way 53 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-12
 Details Right of Way 53 MD175 HO-111-000-034C2473-13
 Details Right of Way 111 MD175 HO-111-000-000C2473-14
 Details Right of Way 111 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-15
 Details Right of Way 124 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-16
 Details Right of Way 124 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-17
 Details Right of Way 124 MD175 HO-106-000-000C2473-18
 Details Right of Way 125 MD175 HO-106-000-000C2473-19
 Details Right of Way 125 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-20
 Details Right of Way 125 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-21
 Details Right of Way 242 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-22
 Details Right of Way 242 MD175 HO-111-000-034C2473-23
 Details Right of Way 243 MD175 HO-111-000-034C2473-24
 Details Right of Way 243 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-25
 Details Right of Way 244 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-26
 Details Right of Way 244 MD175 HO-111-000-034C2473-27
 Details Right of Way 342 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-28
 Details Right of Way 342 MD 32 HO-112-000-511C2473-29
 Details Right of Way 343 MD 32 HO-112-000-511C2473-30
 Details Right of Way 343 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-31
 Details Right of Way 344 MD 32 HO-112-000-511C2473-32
 Details Right of Way 344 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-33
 Details Right of Way 345 MD 32 HO-112-000-511C2473-34
 Details Right of Way 345 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-35
 Details Right of Way 346 MD 32 HO-112-000-511C2473-36
 Details Right of Way 346 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-37
 Details Right of Way 347 MD 32 HO-112-000-511C2473-38
 Details Right of Way 347 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-39
 Details Right of Way 348 MD 32 HO-112-000-511C2473-40
 Details Right of Way 348 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-41
 Details Right of Way 526 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-42
 Details Right of Way 526 MD 32 HO 121-001-52C2473-43
 Details Right of Way 527 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-44
 Details Right of Way 527 MD 32 HO 121-001-52C2473-45
 Details Right of Way 627 MD 32 HO 121-001-52C2473-46
 Details Right of Way 528 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-47
 Details Right of Way 528 MD 32 HO 121-001-52C2473-48
 Details Right of Way 627 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-49
 Details Right of Way 627 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-50
 Details Right of Way 750 MD108 HO-128X-060-000C2473-51
 Details Right of Way 750 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-52
 Details Right of Way 793 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-53
 Details Right of Way 793 MD108 HO-128X-000-000C2473-54
 Details Right of Way 839 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-55
 Details Right of Way 839 MD 32 HO-112- X-511C2473-56
 Details Right of Way 840 MD 32 HO-112- X-511C2473-57
 Details Right of Way 840 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-58
 Details Right of Way 841 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-59
 Details Right of Way 842 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-60
 Details Right of Way 843 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-61
 Details Right of Way 842 MD 32 HO-112- X-511C2473-62
 Details Right of Way 844 MD 32 HO-112- X-511C2473-63
 Details Right of Way 843 MD 32 HO-112- X-511C2473-64
 Details Right of Way 844 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-65
 Details Right of Way 845 MD 32 HO-112- X-511C2473-66
 Details Right of Way 845 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-67
 Details Right of Way 846 MD 32 HO-112- X-511C2473-68
 Details Right of Way 846 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-69
 Details Right of Way 847 MD 32 HO-112- X-511C2473-70
 Details Right of Way 847 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-71
 Details Right of Way 848 MD 32 HO-112- X-511C2473-72
 Details Right of Way 848 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-73
 Details Right of Way 884 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-74
 Details Right of Way 884 US 1 HO-088-000-311C2473-75
 Details Right of Way 885 US 1 HO-088-000-311C2473-76
 Details Right of Way 885 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-77
 Details Right of Way 937 CO RD HO-65X-000-000C2473-78
 Details Right of Way 937 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-79
 Details Right of Way 1020 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-80
 Details Right of Way 1020 MD108 HO-137- X-311C2473-81
 Details Right of Way 1044 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-82
 Details Right of Way 1045 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-83
 Details Right of Way 1045 MD108 HO-137- X-311C2473-84
 Details Right of Way 1044 MD108 HO-137- X-311C2473-85
 Details Right of Way 1102 US 1 HO-141-000-000C2473-86
 Details Right of Way 1102 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-87
 Details Right of Way 1160 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-88
 Details Right of Way 1315 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-89
 Details Right of Way 1316 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-90
 Details Right of Way 1338 MD583 HO-146-001-052C2473-92
 Details Right of Way 1338 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-93
 Details Right of Way 1339 State Roads Commission Plats; Old Annapolis Road Florence toward Roxbury MillsC2473-94
 Details Right of Way 1339 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-95
 Details Right of Way 1340 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-96
 Details Right of Way 1340 MD583 HO-146-001-052C2473-97
 Details Right of Way 1463 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-98
 Details Right of Way 1563 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-99
 Details Right of Way 1561 STATE ROADS COMMISSION PLATSC2473-100
 Details Right of Way 1561 MD532 HO 145-001-52C2473-101
 Details Right of Way 1562 MD532 HO 145-001-52C2473-102
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