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(Plats from Equity)

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Plats filed in equity proceedings, some of which were placed in the case files, with others being recorded in equity record books. The series consists of plats removed from the case files because of their size or physical condition and placed in oversize storage and of plats recorded in equity records. Many of the latter were filmed by the Land Office in 1948, now found in series CM841 and CM1473. Access available in electronic form derived from (Plats on Microfilm, QA) in series S1530, supplemented by the records themselves.

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CIRCUIT COURT (Plats from Equity) CM1473, 1852-1948

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksMSA Citation
 Details08/07/1868Judgments in Extenso WFW3, p. 552Properties of James Smith, George Johnson, Robert Conyer, Lewis Rowles, Henry Hellum, James Butter, William Reddick, Joseph Harris, Charles Scott, Lewis Rowles, Martha Anderson, and Chilip Demby, Division of McKenney EstateC2522-1
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 97-99B. E. Cook Farm at Princes Station, Parcel 1, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-2
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 165-166Cacy Farm, Parcel 2, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-3
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 165 and 167Peacock Farm, Parcel 3, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-4
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 97 and 100Skinner Farm, Parcel 4, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-5
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 26-28Bowen Farm, Parcel 5, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-6
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 51-53S. R. Emory Farm, Parcel 6, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-7
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 141-143Reeds Creek Farm, Part A and B, Parcel 7, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-8
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 144-145Greenlots Farm, Parcel 8, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-9
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 144 and 146Cockey Farm, Parcel 9, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-10
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 144 and 147Dill Farm, Parcel 10, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-11
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 148-149John Brown Harper Farm, Parcel 11, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-12
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 101-103Big Oak Farm, Parcel 12, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-13
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 73-74Needwood Farm, Parcel 13, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-14
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 75-77Duhamel Farm, Parcel 14, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-15
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 54-56Baynard Farm, Parcel 15, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-16
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 57-58Tanyard Farm, Parcel 16, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-17
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 59-60C. C. Harper Farm, Parcel 17, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-18
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 59 and 61Arlett Farm, Parcel 18, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-19
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 78-79Woodyard Farm, Parcel 19, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-20
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 29-30Cole Farm, Parcel 20, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-21
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 80-82Knotts Farm, Pat A and B, Parcel 21, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-22
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 124-125Nicholson Farm, Parcel 22, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-23
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 31-32Peters Farm, Parcel 23, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-24
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 126-127Prouse Park Farm, Parcel 24, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-25
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 168-169Walkers Square Woodlot, Parcel 25, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-26
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 128-129Ashley Farm, Parcel 26, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-27
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 104-106George M. Smith Farm, Parcel 27, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-28
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 150-151S. L. Wright Farm, Parcel 28, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-29
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 152-153Fesmyer Farm, Parcel 29, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-30
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 152 and 154B. P. Keating Farm, Parcel 30, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-31
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 170-173Whitehouse Farm, Part A-C, Parcel 31, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-32
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 174-176My Lords Gift Farm, Parcel 32, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-33
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 107-109Doctor Wright Farm, Parcel 33, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-34
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 83-84Bellevue Farm, Parcel 34, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-35
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 110-112Paca Farm, Parcel 35, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-36
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 33-34Starr Farm or Rasin Farm, Parcel 36, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-37
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 62-64Wakefield Farm, Part A-C, Parcel 37, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-38
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 85-86Erdman Farm, Parcel 38, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-39
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 85 and 87Keyser Farm, Parcel 39, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-40
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 35-36Beatty Farm, Parcel 40, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-41
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 37-38Feddeman and Keating Farm, Parcel 41, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-42
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 39-40Pippin Farm, Parcel 42, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-43
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 155-157Driver Farm of Brandford, Parcel 43, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-44
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 130-132Tarman Farm, Part A and B, Parcel 44, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-45
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 133-135Sleeper Farm, Parcel 45, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-46
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 88-90Red House Farm, Parcel 46, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-47
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 65-67D. C. Hopper Frm, Part A and B, Parcel 47, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-48
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 41-42Bewley Farm, Parcel 48, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-49
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 177-179Hackers or Davis Farm, Parcel 49, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-50
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 118-121Powells Point Farm, Parcel 50, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-51
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 136-137McKenney Home Place, Parcel 51, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-52
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 180-181Brick Hotel Property, Parcel 52, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-53
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 180 and 182Frame Hotel Property, Parcel 53, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-54
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 43-44McKenney Office Propery, Parcel 54, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-55
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 122-123Keating Office Property, Parcel 55, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-56
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 43 and 45Store Property, Parcel 56, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-57
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 113-114Peters Property, Parcel 57, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-58
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 43 and 46Julianna Harper Property, Parcel 58, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-59
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 68-69Goodwin Property, Parcel 59, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-60
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 43 and 47Forman Property, Parcel 60, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-61
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 158-159Davidson or Tighman Property, Parcel 61, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-62
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 91-92Phillips Property, Parcel 62, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-63
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 91 and 93Harley Property, Parcel 63, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-64
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 158 and 160Weedon Lot, Parcel 64, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-65
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 158 and 161Haydentown Lot, Parcel 65, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-66
 Details08/23/1915Chancery Record 2120, pp. 183-184Caroline Woodlot, Parcel 66, Estate of William McKenneyC2522-67
 Details07/1836Chancery Case M15Estate Of Mark BentonC2522-68
 Details07/1836Chancery Case M17Wye Island; Samuel Harrison Vs Beal BordleyC2522-69
 Details05/1837Chancery Case M30Upper Heathworth; George F. Mason Vs. SethC2522-70
 Details05/1837Chancery Case M31New Road; New Road By Arthur EmoryC2522-71
 Details05/1838Chancery Case M33Tomlenson Vs. MeconnekinC2522-72
 Details11/1840Chancery Case M35Wrights Forest; Isaac Davis/Dairs Vs. John LowmanC2522-73
 Details11/1842Chancery Case M38Part Of Ward's Gift, Tilghmans Vs. ThomasC2522-74
 Details11/1842Chancery Case M39Lowes Arcadia; Burchinal Vs. William Skinner HeirsC2522-75
 Details11/1844Chancery Case M43Johns Chance and Salem; Edward T. Paca Vs. William S. ReedC2522-76
 Details11/1844Chancery Case M43Smiths Forest; Edward T. Paca Vs. William S. ReedC2522-77
 Details12/1845Chancery Case M50Neglect; Mitchell, et al Vs. Nicols, et alC2522-78
 Details01/1850Chancery Case M53Sarah's Fancy, Okenthorpe, Windmill; William Camper and Sarah Camper Vs. Samuel S. C. EwingC2522-79
 Details09/1854Chancery Case M58Bourbon; Watson Vs. GodwinC2522-80
 Details11/1854Chancery Case M59Gunners Harbour; John B. Eccleston Vs. James BordleyC2522-81
 Details11/1854Chancery Case M60Edenkelly and Goshen; Estate Of Charles AdamsC2522-82
 Details05/1855Chancery Case M65In Caroline County; Joh W. Temple Vs. James Temple HeirsC2522-83
 Details05/1855Chancery Case M71Arlett Lott; William S. Price Vs. James ShoebrooksC2522-84
 Details05/1855Chancery Case M71Mount Hope; William S. Price Vs. James ShoebrooksC2522-85
 Details11/1855Chancery Case M73Clouds Adventure and Lloyds Forest; Estate Of George O. TrenchardC2522-86
 Details11/1855Chancery Case M73Locust Forest; Estate Of George O. TrenchardC2522-87
 Details11/1855Chancery Case M73Porters Lodge; Estate Of George O. TrenchardC2522-88
 Details05/1856Chancery Case M74Pock Hickory Ridge, Clouds Hazard, and Salisbury Meadows; William Spry and Caleb Spry Vs. John W. Walls and Susan WallsC2522-89
 Details05/1856Chancery Case M75Stephen Wright Vs. Thomas WrightC2522-90
 Details05/1843Chancery Case 17Pryor's Choice; Matthias Geoge For Henrietta Elliott, Joseph Elliott, John George Elliott, and Georgianna ElliotC2522-91
 Details11/1855Chancery Case 37Gunners Harbor; Frances J. Walters Vs. James E. Walters and OthersC2522-92
 Details05/1856Chancery Case 42Hit Or Miss and Barbados Hall; John H. Clayton and Others Vs. Walter T. Clayton and OthersC2522-93
 Details01/1859Chancery Case 60Bryan, Jones and DeCoursey Vs. Bryan, DeCoursey and WilliamsC2522-94
 Details07/1859Chancery Case 69Ann's Portion; Samuel Townsend and Mary Townsend Vs. James Smith, Anna V. Smith, Sally R. P. Smith, and James E. SmithC2522-95
 Details07/1859Chancery Case 69Readbourn Rectified; Samuel Townsend and Mary Townsend Vs. James Smith, Anna V. Smith, Sally R. P. Smith, and James E. SmithC2522-96
 Details05/1860Chancery Case 85Lots; Trustees and Friends Of Richard T. Earle (Deceased) Vs. Mary T. Davidson and ChildrenC2522-97
 Details11/1863Chancery Case 132Prophecy and Heath's Discovery; Daniel Newnam Execs V. John Watson Admins and HeirsC2522-98
 Details11/1863Chancery Case 133Thomas Mallalieu and Mary Mallalier, His Wife Vs. William B. P. WaltersC2522-99
 Details11/1863Chancery Case 140Lowlands; Stephen E. Pardee Vs. Isaac Pardee, Mary Pardee, Martha Pardee, Henrietta Pardee, John Loller, and Sarah LollerC2522-100
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