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Electronic index that provides references to (Plat Book) in series C2800. The entries will serve also as an authority file for (Subdivision Plats, CE) in series S1241. The index is derived from data entered into the Judicial Information System (JIS), beginning in 1984. One set of entries was created as plats were filed for recording. A second set consisted of retroactive data entry for plats filed before installation of JIS. The clerks office used the existing volume indexes, dating back to 1925. All index entries are arranged into two alphabetical lists, one by the names of the tracts, subdivisions, and condominiums and the other by names of owners. The indexes also provide references and filing dates. The latter must be used with caution because the filing dates for retroactive entries were omitted and replaced with the dates of data entry. Thus, all plats between 1925 and 1984 appear in the indexes with a 1984 date.

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksMSA Citation
 Details08/10/1984Plat Book WAS 1, p. 2A Lamonica; Concetta R. Lamonica C2808-1
 Details09/05/1984Plat Book WAS 2, p. 98A T & T, 20 Feet Easement C2808-2
 Details09/25/1984Plat Book NDS 6, p. 16A T & T Company of Baltimore City, Right of Way C2808-3
 Details03/27/1986Plat Book NDS 10, p. 56Academy Hill, Final Major Sub Index Sheet C2808-4
 Details03/27/1986Plat Book NDS 10, p. 57Academy Hill, Final Major Sub Sheet 1 of 2 C2808-5
 Details03/27/1986Plat Book NDS 10, p. 58Academy Hill, Major Final Sub Sheet 2 of 2 C2808-6
 Details12/02/1988Plat Book NDS 14, p. 100Academy Hill, Amended Final Major Lot 6-7; Maucher, Harry J. C2808-7
 Details10/03/1984Plat Book RRC 1, p. 27Aerial Products et al, Agreements and Grants C2808-8
 Details01/29/1987Plat Book NDS 11, p. 65Albeck Farms Inc., Preliminary Final Major Sub Land of C2808-9
 Details09/15/1987Plat Book NDS 12, p. 48Albeck Farms Inc., Final Major, Wilson Road C2808-10
 Details06/30/1988Plat Book NDS 12, p. 20Albeck Farms Inc., Preliminary, Final Major, Sub Lands of C2808-11
 Details01/29/1987Plat Book NDS 11, p. 66Winchester, Albert J., Prelminary, Final Major, Sub Lands of C2808-12
 Details10/18/1990Plat Cabinet PC, Slot 199, p. 302Wilson, Alden, Preliminary, Final Major Sub C2808-13
 Details06/04/1992Plat Cabinet PC, Slot 315, p. 529Ali Abad, Final Mini Road Subdivision, Ali-Abad FKA Topeka, Lot 26 C2808-14
 Details07/19/1988Plat Book NDS 14, p. 27Owen, Allan W. and Charles E. Owen, Subdivision Lands of C2808-15
 Details10/11/1984Plat Book SRA 1, p. 19Altamont Place, Dean Lincoln, Rehill Avenues; J. W. Rehill C2808-16
 Details10/31/1988Plat Book NDS 14, p. 89Altamont Place, Showing Proposed Improvements; G & S Contracting Inc. C2808-17
 Details03/07/1990Plat Cabinet PC, Slot 135, p. 204Altamont Place, Section 2, Lots 38-56; G & S Contracting Inc. C2808-18
 Details09/05/1984Plat Book WAS 2, p. 98American Telephone & Telegraph, 20 Feet Easement C2808-19
 Details12/30/1991Plat Cabinet PC, Slot 277, p. 453Andora Acres, Lot 7; Ray A. Crouse C2808-20
 Details09/19/1984Plat Book WAS 4, p. 66Apgar Lumber Company, Easement C2808-21
 Details09/05/1984Plat Book WAS 2, p. 67Appleton Acres; Carl Howard Gilbert C2808-22
 Details09/05/1984Plat Book WAS 2, p. 66Appleton Glen; J. Elwood Zebley C2808-23
 Details09/05/1984Plat Book WAS 2, p. 84Appleton Glen C2808-24
 Details09/07/1984Plat Book WAS 3, p. 64Appleton Glen, Second Revision; Elizabeth W. Zebley C2808-25
 Details10/28/1985Plat Book NDS 10, p. 9Appleton Glen, Resubdivision Plan, Lots 21-22, N/S of North Edgewood D: Carl E. Boettcher C2808-26
 Details09/21/1984Plat Book WAS 5, p. 64Appleton Glen South; Sun Company Inc. C2808-27
 Details09/05/1984Plat Book WAS 2, p. 97Argyris, Elkton; Louis Martin Dwyer C2808-28
 Details08/22/1984Plat Book WAS 2, p. 45Arrowhead Acres; Howard B. Tome C2808-29
 Details09/25/1984Plat Book WAS 5, p. 72Arundel, Section A, Final: Sunrise Venture C2808-30
 Details09/25/1984Plat Book NDS 6, p. 23Arundel, Section A, Final Major: Sunrise Venture C2808-31
 Details09/25/1984Plat Book NDS 6, p. 40Arundel, Section A, Resubdivision, Preliminary Final; Sunrise Venture C2808-32
 Details09/27/1984Plat Book NDS 7, p. 12Arundel, Section B, Block A; Sunrise Venture Inc. C2808-33
 Details09/27/1984Plat Book NDS 7, p. 21Arundel, Major, Section B, Block A-A; Sunrise Venture Inc. C2808-34
 Details10/03/1984Plat Book NDS 8, p. 11Arundel, Section B, Block B; E. C. Woodward C2808-35
 Details10/03/1984Plat Book NDS 8, p. 93Arundel, Section B, Block C; Sunrise Venture Inc. C2808-36
 Details10/26/1984Plat Book NDS 8, p. 107Arundel, Section B, Block D; Sunrise Venture Inc. C2808-37
 Details08/05/1985Plat Book NDS 9, p. 62Arundel, Section B, Block D, Lots 72, 74. 76 and 78; Sunrise Venture Inc. C2808-38
 Details08/15/1985Plat Book NDS 9, p. 64Arundel, Section B, Block E; Raymond Weed C2808-39
 Details09/05/1985Plat Book NDS 9, p. 77Arundel, Section A, Block A, Lot 2; E. C. Woodward C2808-40
 Details10/04/1985Plat Book NDS 9, p. 87Arundel, Section B, Lots 103 & 105, Block E; Raymond Weed C2808-41
 Details01/14/1986Plat Book NDS 10, p. 37Arundel, Section B, Lot 89, Block C; Sunrise Venture Inc. C2808-42
 Details02/19/1986Plat Book NDS 10, p. 48Arundel, Section B, Block F; Ray Weed C2808-43
 Details08/18/1986Plat Book NDS 11, p. 14Arundel, Section B, Lot C-1, Block A; W W J I S Inc. C2808-44
 Details08/21/1986Plat Book NDS 11, p. 16Arundel, Section B, Lot 89, Block C; Sunrise Venture Inc. C2808-45
 Details09/09/1986Plat Book NDS 11, p. 27Arundel, Section B, Block G; Ray Weed Jr. C2808-46
 Details12/09/1986Plat Book NDS 11, p. 51Arundel, Section B, Block H; Raymond Weed C2808-47
 Details04/14/1987Plat Book NDS 11, p. 84Arundel, Section B, Block 1; Raymond B. Weed C2808-48
 Details09/09/1987Plat Book NDS 12, p. 35Arundel, Section C, Block A; Raymond Weed C2808-49
 Details09/09/1987Plat Book NDS 12, p. 36Arundel, Section C, Block B; Raymond Weed C2808-50
 Details10/29/1987Plat Book NDS 12, p. 78Arundel, Section C, Block C; Raymond B. Weed Jr. C2808-51
 Details02/18/1988Plat Book NDS 13, p. 25Arundel, Section C, Lot 144, Block A; Raymond Weed C2808-52
 Details05/13/1988Plat Book NDS 13, p. 61Arundel, Section C, Lots 157-161 and 181-182; Raymond Weed C2808-53
 Details08/12/1988Plat Book NDS 14, p. 51Arundel, Section C, Lots 183-184, Block B; Raymond Weed C2808-54
 Details08/22/1988Plat Book NDS 14, p. 59Arundel, Section C, Lots 145, 162-175, Block D; Ray Weed C2808-55
 Details08/22/1988Plat Book NDS 14, p. 60Arundel, Section C, Lot 176, Block D; Ray Weed C2808-56
 Details12/02/1988Plat Book NDS 14, p. 101Arundel, Section C. Lot 185--186, Block B; Raymond Weed Jr. C2808-57
 Details12/02/1988Plat Book NDS 14, p. 102Arundel, Final Major, Open Space; Raymond Weed Jr. C2808-58
 Details12/08/1988Plat Book NDS 14, p. 105Arundel, Section C, Lots 164-165, Block D; Raymond Weed Jr. C2808-59
 Details12/09/1988Plat Book NDS 14, p. 106Arundel, Section C, Lots 177-180, Block E; Raymond Weed C2808-60
 Details12/15/1988Plat Cabinet PC, Slot 3, p. 4Arundel, Section C, Lots 187-197, Block E; Raymond Weed Jr. C2808-61
 Details05/08/1989Plat Cabinet PC, Slot 31, p. 47Arundel, Section C, Lot 180, Block E; Raymond Weed Jr. C2808-62
 Details08/23/1989Plat Cabinet PC, Slot 67, p. 102Arundel, Scetion C, Lots 198-206, Block F; Raymond Weed Jr. C2808-63
 Details10/26/1989Plat Cabinet PC, Slot 95, p. 142Arundel, Section C, Lots 226-232, Block E; Raymond Weed C2808-64
 Details12/20/1989Plat Cabinet PC, Slot 119, p. 178Arundel, Section C, Lots 229-232, Block E; Raymond Weed Jr. C2808-65
 Details06/01/1990Plat Cabinet PC, Slot 159, p. 240Arundel, Section C, Lots 207-210, 215-219,221-225, Block G; Raymond Weed Jr. C2808-66
 Details10/23/1990Plat Cabinet PC, Slot 201, p. 304Arundel, Section C, Lots 193-197, Block E; Raymond Weed Jr. C2808-67
 Details06/10/1991Plat Cabinet PC, Slot 247, p. 394Arundel, Section C, Lots 233-234, Block F; Raymond Weed Jr. C2808-68
 Details06/12/1991Plat Cabinet PC, Slot 249, p. 395Arundel, Section C, Lots 211-214, 220, Block G; Raymond Weed Jr. C2808-69
 Details09/25/1984Plat Book NDS 6, p. 46Arundel, Section A, Block C; Sunrise Venture C2808-70
 Details09/19/1984Plat Book WAS 4, p. 74Arundel Corporation, Easement C2808-71
 Details09/19/1984Plat Book WAS 4, p. 75Arundel Corporation, Easement C2808-72
 Details11/07/1986Plat Book NDS 11, p. 45Arundel Shores, Section II, Lots 1-10, Block B; Sunrise Venture Inc. C2808-73
 Details08/02/1990Plat Cabinet PC, Slot 175, p. 266Arundel Shores, Section 2, Lot 1, Block B; Raymond Weed Jr. C2808-74
 Details08/22/1984Plat Book WAS 2, p. 32Asbury Heights; William Glen Funk C2808-75
 Details03/08/1991Plat Cabinet PC, Slot 227, p. 351Atwood, Junior V., Survey and Subdivision Lands C2808-76
 Details10/03/1984Plat Book NDS 8, p. 73Austin, Karl J. and John L. Thomas C2808-77
 Details10/11/1984Plat Book SRA 1, p. 14Austin, Karl J., 2 miles West of Rising Sun C2808-78
 Details09/27/1984Plat Book NDS 7, p. 109Ayres, David H. and Michael, Resubdivision and Minor C2808-79
 Details10/24/1984Plat Book SRA 1, p. 14B & O Railroad, Childs C2808-80
 Details02/19/1991Plat Cabinet PC, Slot 1, p. 219Baldwin Manufacturing Company, Major Resubdivision; Robert T. Bauman C2808-81
 Details10/03/1984Plat Book RRC 1, p. 31Baldwin Manufacturing Company, Frame Dwellings and Land, Elk Mills C2808-82
 Details10/03/1984Plat Book RRC 1, p. 32Baldwin Manufacturing Company, 5 Double Brick Dwellings, Elk Mills C2808-83
 Details09/07/1984Plat Book WAS 3, p. 73Barksdale Farms; B & B Builders C2808-84
 Details10/05/1984Plat Book RRC 1, p. 103Barnes Corner, Route 276 and 269; Henry L. Coulter C2808-85
 Details09/19/1984Plat Book WAS 4, p. 70Barrett, Frank C., Easement C2808-86
 Details09/25/1984Plat Book NDS 6, p. 31Battery Point Farm, Section 1, Lot 23, Resubdivision; Commonwealth Trust Co-Tr C2808-88
 Details09/27/1984Plat Book NDS 7, p. 48Battery Point Farm, Lots 24-25, Resubdivision; William V. Freidel C2808-89
 Details09/21/1984Plat Book WAS 5, p. 57Battery Point Farm, Commonwealth Trust Co-Tr C2808-90
 Details09/21/1984Plat Book WAS 5, p. 57Battery Point Farm, Commonwealth Trust Co-Tr C2808-91
 Details09/25/1984Plat Book NDS 6, p. 12Battery Point Farm, Lots 4-6, Resubdivision; Commonwealth Trust Co-Tr C2808-92
 Details09/25/1984Plat Book NDS 6, p. 35Battery Point Farm, Section 2; Commonwealth Trust Co-Tr C2808-93
 Details04/09/1985Plat Book NDS 9, p. 16Battery Point Farms, Resubdivision; Commonwealth Trust Co-Tr C2808-94
 Details02/06/1992Plat Cabinet PC, Slot 285, p. 467Battery Point Farms, Resubdivision Plan, Lots 5-6; Michael E. Winkler C2808-95
 Details10/05/1984Plat Book RRC 1, p. 137Bay View Estates; Bay View Realty Company C2808-96
 Details09/04/1984Plat Book WAS 2, p. 87Bay View Springs C2808-97
 Details09/27/1984Plat Book NDS 7, p. 37Bay View Springs, Lot 1; Janet M. Densmore C2808-98
 Details10/03/1984Plat Book NDS 8, p. 65Bay View Springs, Lot 5; Richard P. Hudler C2808-99
 Details09/07/1984Plat Book WAS 3, p. 2Bay View Springs, Part 2; Howard John Schuckler C2808-100
 Details10/03/1984Plat Book RRC 1, p. 23Beal, Leon M., Charlestown; Charles M. Jackson C2808-101
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