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(Plat Book, Index)

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Electronic index that provides references to (Plats) in series C2136 and (Plat Book) in series C2122. The entries will serve also as an authority file for (Subdivision Plats, BA) in series S1236. The index is derived from a volume with entries arranged alphabetically by names of owners, tracts, or subdivisions for 1804-1946 and a card index covering the same dates and subsequent years. Neither index is completely comprehensive. References in one do not appear in the other, and some plats are not listed in either index. All indexes provide book and page references, but no dates. The card index was filmed by the Land Office in 1950, now found in series CM1211.

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CIRCUIT COURT (Plat Book, Index) CM1211, 1804-1950

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksMSA Citation
 Details Plat Book 1, p. 11Addition to Gott's Hope C2875-1
 Details Plat Book 1, p. 20Aquensick Part of, Charles County C2875-2
 Details Plat Book 1, p. 50Ax C and G. W. Gail, Property of C2875-3
 Details Plat Book 1, p. 64Arnold's Addition to City of Baltimore and Mount Winans C2875-4
 Details Plat Book 1, p. 93Aigburth Vale C2875-5
 Details Plat Book 1, p. 112Algire, Jacob etc, Baltimore and Hanover Railroad Company Condemned C2875-6
 Details Plat Book 1, p. 179Arnold, Marcella M. deed from Henry H. Stricker C2875-7
 Details Plat Book 1, p. 330Abell, A. S. deed to Mayor and City Council of Baltimore C2875-8
 Details Plat Book 2, p. 28Annapolis and Baltimore Short Line Railroad vs Joseph M. Brian C2875-9
 Details Plat Book 2, p. 58Alta Vista C2875-10
 Details Plat Book 2, p. 102Abell, Edwin F., Northeast Side Hamilton Avenue C2875-11
 Details Plat Book 2, p. 115Appold, Helen E. agreement with Roland Park Company C2875-12
 Details Plat Book 2, p. 122Avalon Station, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Roads Opened and Closed C2875-13
 Details Plat Book 2, p. 160Avon C2875-14
 Details Plat Book 2, p. 241Arlington Improvement Company deed to Western Maryland Railroad Company C2875-15
 Details Plat Book 2, p. 358Altona Park C2875-16
 Details Plat Book 2, p. 363Arbutus Heights, Property of George A. Miller C2875-17
 Details Plat Book 2, p. 364Aull, Jacob H., South Govans C2875-18
 Details Plat Book 3, p. 5Ailsa Terraces, Amended Plat of C2875-19
 Details Plat Book 3, p. 35Abromatis, Peter deed from South Baltimore County C2875-20
 Details Plat Book 3, p. 96American T and T Company deed from Baltimore County, W and E Company C2875-21
 Details Plat Book 3, p. 170Amos, Lida C. deed to Cockeysville and Towson Railroad Company C2875-22
 Details Plat Book 3, p. 171Amos, Lida C. deed to Cockeysville and Towson Railroad Company C2875-23
 Details Plat Book 3, p. 201Algire, Thomas H. agreement with Western Maryland Railroad Company C2875-24
 Details Plat Book 4, p. 14Arndt, J. Herman deed to L. W. Giles C2875-25
 Details Plat Book 4, p. 15Ardmore Park C2875-26
 Details Plat Book 4, p. 43Alta View, First District C2875-27
 Details Plat Book 4, p. 45Ardmore Park, Plat B C2875-28
 Details Plat Book 4, p. 62Arnz, Katherine deed from Forest Glen Land Company C2875-29
 Details Plat Book 4, p. 87Arbutus C2875-30
 Details Plat Book 4, p. 147Ahles, William H. deed to Anna M. Gent C2875-31
 Details Plat Book 4, p. 153Arnold, Cassandra L. deed to Mary B. Price C2875-32
 Details Plat Book 4, p. 160Albrecht, Charles A. deed to County Commissioner, Baltimore County C2875-33
 Details Plat Book 4, p. 160Ailsa Avenue, Plat A C2875-34
 Details Plat Book 4, p. 165Andrews, David M. and wife deed part with Harrison Rider C2875-35
 Details Plat Book 5, p. 59Atkinson, Walter E. deed to Morton P. Tottle C2875-36
 Details Plat Book 5, p. 77Aigburth, Plat of Section A C2875-37
 Details Plat Book 5, p. 77Aigburth, Plat of M H Merryman's Sub-Division C2875-38
 Details Plat Book 5, p. 91Annapolis Short Line and W B and B A E Company C2875-39
 Details Plat Book 6, p. 9Arnold's Addition to Baltimore and Mount Winans C2875-40
 Details Plat Book 6, p. 107Avondale Park, J, Charles Linthicum and Brothers, Owners C2875-41
 Details Plat Book 6, p. 117Avondale Park, Number 2, J. Charles Linthicum and Brothers, Owners C2875-42
 Details Plat Book 6, p. 137Arndt, John H. et al agreement with C and P Telephone Company C2875-43
 Details Plat Book 6, p. 144Arcadia, Plat of, Property of Andrew L. Blankner C2875-44
 Details Plat Book 6, p. 149Anthony, John et al. deed to John H. Hictchcock et al. C2875-45
 Details Plat Book 7, p. 1Abell, Edwin F., Plat of Property C2875-46
 Details Plat Book 7, p. 4Atkinson, Walter E. deed to Morton P. Tottle C2875-47
 Details Plat Book 7, p. 14Aigburth, Plat of, Subdivision C2875-48
 Details Plat Book 7, p. 17Arbutus Terrace C2875-49
 Details Plat Book 7, p. 27Adamantex Brick Company mortgage to James H. Preston C2875-50
 Details Plat Book 7, p. 33Andrews and Roller, Plat of Property C2875-51
 Details Plat Book 7, p. 35Arnold, Stuart B. from Lee J. Stebbins C2875-52
 Details Plat Book 7, p. 40Anneslie, Plat of C2875-53
 Details Plat Book 7, p. 49Ashman, Henry Incorporated from John S. Wilson Company C2875-54
 Details Plat Book 7, p. 94Apsley, Edward H. deed to Blocher C2875-55
 Details Plat Book 7, p. 108Adamantex Brick Company of Maryland Amendment C2875-56
 Details Plat Book 7, p. 130Avalon Beach C2875-57
 Details Plat Book 7, p. 144Apsley, Edward H. deed to County Commissioners C2875-58
 Details Plat Book 7, p. 153Annex Realty Company deed to County Commissioners C2875-59
 Details Plat Book 7, p. 156Arbutus Terrace, Plat 1, Baldwin Addition C2875-60
 Details Plat Book 7, p. 172Anderson, John, Right of Way to Consolidated Electric Light and Power Company C2875-61
 Details Plat Book 8, p. 2Arbutus Land Company et al. deed to County Commissioners C2875-62
 Details Plat Book 8, p. 34Annadale, Plat of C2875-63
 Details Plat Book 8, p. 34Arbutus Land Company deed to County Commissioners C2875-64
 Details Plat Book 8, p. 51Andres, Francis E. and wife to County Commissioners C2875-65
 Details Plat Book 8, p. 62Alderwood Park C2875-67
 Details Plat Book 8, p. 64Angelier, F. P., Right of Way to Gas Company C2875-68
 Details Plat Book 8, p. 84Anderson, Benjamin H. and wife, Right of Way to Consolidated Gas Company C2875-69
 Details Plat Book 9, p. 2Alexander, Charles B. and wife deed from R. C. Stewart and wife C2875-70
 Details Plat Book 9, p. 18Arrow Real Estate Company mortgage to Real Estate Terrace C2875-71
 Details Plat Book 9, p. 18Arrow Real Estate Company deed to County Commissioners C2875-72
 Details Plat Book 9, p. 20American T and T Company, Right of Way from James G. Kane et al C2875-73
 Details Plat Book 9, p. 23American T and T Company, Right of Way from Louise Watters et al. C2875-74
 Details Plat Book 9, p. 26Arrow Real Estate Company deed to County Commissioners C2875-75
 Details Plat Book 9, p. 30Arrow Real Estate Company deed to County Commissioners C2875-76
 Details Plat Book 9, p. 41Aigburth Addition C2875-77
 Details Plat Book 9, p. 50Alkevich, Grant to Consolidated Gas Company C2875-78
 Details Plat Book 9, p. 62Arrow Real Estate Company agreement with Consolidated Gas Company C2875-79
 Details Plat Book 9, p. 86Adams, Samuel deed to Susquehanna Transmission Company C2875-80
 Details Plat Book 9, p. 91American Sercuity and Trustee, Trustees deed to Maryland Gas Transmission Company C2875-81
 Details Plat Book 9, p. 92Amos, John T., Right of Way to Susquehanna Transmission Company C2875-82
 Details Plat Book 9, p. 112Allen, Right of Way to Susquehanna Transmission Company C2875-83
 Details Plat Book 9, p. 113Ayers, Henry T. deed to State of Maryland C2875-84
 Details Plat Book 9, p. 119Almony, Benjamin H., Right of Way to Susquehanna Transmission Company C2875-85
 Details Plat Book 10, p. 3Almony, C. L., Right of Way to Susquehanna Transmission Company C2875-86
 Details Plat Book 10, p. 23Allen, Ada L., Right of Way to State Roads Commissioners C2875-87
 Details Plat Book 10, p. 30Amev, Joseph A. and wife agreement with C. Raymond Levis et al. C2875-88
 Details Plat Book 10, p. 55Atkinson, et al., deed to State Roads Commissioners C2875-89
 Details Plat Book 10, p. 56Arlington Realty Company, Patterson Heights C2875-90
 Details Plat Book 10, p. 64Asher deed to Lassahn, Bengies Farm Beach C2875-91
 Details Plat Book 10, pp. 76-77Arundel Home Finance Corporation deed from Eastern Properties C2875-92
 Details Plat Book 10, p. 83Arbutus Terraces, Plat number 2 C2875-93
 Details Plat Book 10, p. 89Ashman, Henry S. and wife lease to Julius Farbman C2875-94
 Details Plat Book 10, p. 89Ashman, Henry S. and wife lease to Julius Farbman C2875-95
 Details Plat Book 10, pp. 92-93Arnold, Cassandra L., et al., deed to County Commissioners C2875-96
 Details Plat Book CWB, Jr. 12, p. 8Amerin, Elmer T. to Gunpower Falls Montebello Tunnel C2875-97
 Details Plat Book CWB, Jr. 12, p. 33Ashton, Robert J. and wife deed from Edmond J. McGraw C2875-98
 Details Plat Book CWB, Jr. 12, p. 35Arbutus Bond and Loan Association to George Schwesinger Jr. and wife C2875-99
 Details Plat Book CWB, Jr. 12, p. 48Anneslie Addition to Block D C2875-100
 Details Plat Book CWB, Jr. 12, p. 53American Telephone and Telephone Company, Right of Way from Charles Morton Stewart C2875-101
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