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Harford County
(Plat Films)

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Large 8.5"x11" sized sheets of film each with a single plat.

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMSA Citation
 Details07/08/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 83Gunpowder Heights00/06/04/018C2978-1
 Details08/16/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 95Pleasant Hills Section A00/06/04/018C2978-2
 Details08/26/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 99Shady Glen Subdivision00/06/04/018C2978-3
 Details08/26/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 98Lynch Subdivision00/06/04/018C2978-4
 Details07/01/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 82Clear View00/06/04/018C2978-5
 Details07/16/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 84Gibson Manor00/06/04/018C2978-6
 Details07/22/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 87Reedmoore Heights, Section A00/06/04/018C2978-7
 Details06/08/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 78Oakdale Subdivision00/06/04/018C2978-8
 Details06/02/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 77Greene, Earl A. & Cathleen A., Land of00/06/04/018C2978-9
 Details05/19/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 75West Grove00/06/04/018C2978-10
 Details04/21/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 67Tudor Hall Addition00/06/04/018C2978-11
 Details03/04/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 61Roland Heights Subdivision00/06/04/018C2978-12
 Details02/09/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 60Amoss, William D. and wife to Henry A. Dentry and wife00/06/04/018C2978-13
 Details01/24/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 58Mills Subdivision, Baglly's Corner00/06/04/018C2978-14
 Details12/09/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 51Wendellwood00/06/04/018C2978-15
 Details12/04/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 50Clayton Manor, Section B.00/06/04/018C2978-16
 Details12/07/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 49Big Woods Subdivision00/06/04/018C2978-17
 Details04/21/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 68Havre de Grace Heights, Section 300/06/04/018C2978-18
 Details11/22/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 46Hills Dale Subdivision00/06/04/018C2978-19
 Details10/17/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 45Corns Manor, Subdivision00/06/04/018C2978-20
 Details09/14/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 42Happy Acres00/06/04/018C2978-21
 Details08/11/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 40Umbarger Subdivision, Revised Layout00/06/04/018C2978-22
 Details07/26/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 37Wakefield Forest00/06/04/018C2978-23
 Details07/21/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 36Ger Mar Estates, Subdivision00/06/04/018C2978-24
 Details07/12/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 35Homeland Extended00/06/04/018C2978-25
 Details07/04/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 32Evergreen Heights, Section D00/06/04/018C2978-26
 Details03/16/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 28Evergreen Heights Section C00/06/04/018C2978-27
 Details03/16/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 27Baker, Helen M., Land of00/06/04/018C2978-28
 Details03/02/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 26Commissioners of Harford County; Alms House Farm, Land Leased for Sanitary Land-Fill by the Commissioners of Bel Air from the Commissioners of Harford County00/06/04/018C2978-29
 Details02/17/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 23Ingleside, Revised Plat00/06/04/018C2978-30
 Details01/07/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 22Vaughn, Charles C. and D. Paul McNabb; Homeland Extended Property of00/06/04/018C2978-31
 Details11/23/1952Plat Book GRG 5, p. 17Mitchell Manor No. 2, Revised Plat of00/06/04/018C2978-32
 Details07/15/1952Plat Book GRG 5, p. 8Clayton Manor, Section A.00/06/04/018C2978-33
 Details06/23/1952Plat Book GRG 5, p. 7Steltz, Cavie L., Plat of Farm of00/06/04/018C2978-34
 Details04/22/1952Plat Book GRG 5, p. 2Rohrbaugh, Porter & wife00/06/04/018C2978-35
 Details06/10/1952Plat Book GRG 5, p. 6Baybrook, Revision of Part of00/06/04/018C2978-36
 Details08/21/1953Plat Book GRG 5, p. 10Evergreen Heights, Section B00/06/04/018C2978-37
 Details07/16/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 85Magness, W. Harry, Subdivision - Toll Gate Rd. Lot00/06/04/018C2978-38
 Details06/25/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 81Scarborough, Edmund R. and Elizabeth M., from Martha C. Brockenbrough00/06/04/018C2978-39
 Details06/22/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 80Passano, Lindsay and wife00/06/04/018C2978-40
 Details05/21/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 74Taylor, Henry Z. and wife, Subdivision of Land of00/06/04/018C2978-41
 Details05/26/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 76Grafton Heights,, Subdivision00/06/04/018C2978-42
 Details05/11/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 73Evergreen Heights Section F00/06/04/018C2978-43
 Details05/12/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 72Moore, Mrs. Frank K., Subdivision of Portion of00/06/04/018C2978-44
 Details05/04/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 71Jerusalem Heights00/06/04/018C2978-45
 Details04/22/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 69Anderson, S. H., Lot Subdivision for00/06/04/018C2978-46
 Details04/21/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 68Havre de Grace Heights, Section 300/06/04/018C2978-47
 Details04/04/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 66Evergreen Heights, Section E00/06/04/018C2978-48
 Details03/28/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 63Homeland Subdivision00/06/04/018C2978-49
 Details02/01/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 59Umbarger Subdivision, Fountain Green00/06/04/018C2978-50
 Details12/27/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 55Long Bar Harbor, North and Maryland Avenue00/06/04/018C2978-51
 Details12/13/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 54Havre De Grace Heights, Section 300/06/04/018C2978-52
 Details12/10/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 52Joshua Green Farm00/06/04/018C2978-53
 Details10/26/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 44Magness, William S., et ux00/06/04/018C2978-54
 Details01/07/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 21Havre De Grace Manor, Subdivision00/06/04/018C2978-55
 Details11/25/1953Plat Book GRG 5, p. 20Harford County, Lot Layout of Property of00/06/04/018C2978-56
 Details08/29/1953Plat Book GRG 5, p. 12Harford Highlands, Eastern Section00/06/04/018C2978-57
 Details09/01/1953Plat Book GRG 5, p. 13Putnam Village00/06/04/018C2978-58
 Details09/11/1953Plat Book GRG 5, p. 15Poole, Eugene, from Benton H. Gross00/06/04/018C2978-59
 Details08/21/1953Plat Book GRG 5, p. 11Preston Manor Subdivision00/06/04/018C2978-60
 Details06/24/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 1Paradise Manor, Section B00/06/04/018C2978-61
 Details08/19/1953Plat Book GRG 5, p. 9Howard Park, Revised and Extension of Part of Block G00/06/04/018C2978-62
 Details03/01/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 24Merry Dell Acres No. 100/06/04/018C2978-63
 Details10/05/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 96Schilling, Florence Mrs., Ralph Minton and M. Eleanor Minton00/06/04/018C2978-64
 Details07/12/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 34Burkley Manor, Revised Plat of00/06/04/018C2978-65
 Details06/15/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 33Aberdeen Hills, Section 200/06/04/018C2978-66
 Details07/24/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 39Davis, Lester, Land of00/06/04/018C2978-67
 Details Plat Book GRG 5, p. 16Petitioner's Exhibit A00/06/04/018C2978-68
 Details10/05/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 97Jourdan Land, Subdivision of Portion of00/06/04/018C2978-69
 Details03/29/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 64Greene, Earle A. & Cathleen A., from Clark A. & Bertha A. Greene00/06/04/018C2978-70
 Details09/14/1953Plat Book GRG 5, p. 41Rutherford, Albert & Ruth D., Land of00/06/04/018C2978-71
 Details01/13/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 56DeAngelis, Louis and Ida, to Sophie Moravec00/06/04/018C2978-72
 Details07/24/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 39Davis, Lester, Land of00/06/04/018C2978-73
 Details03/11/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 25Douglass Addition No. 4, Town of Aberdeen00/06/04/018C2978-74
 Details08/02/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 90Edmund Street Addition, Revised00/06/04/018C2978-75
 Details08/26/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 100Johnsens Manor00/06/04/018C2978-76
 Details04/22/1953Plat Book GRG 5, p. 3Royal Acres Section 300/06/04/018C2978-77
 Details12/10/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 53Douglass Addition No. 500/06/04/018C2978-78
 Details03/28/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 62Ingleside, Revised Plat No. 200/06/04/018C2978-79
 Details05/15/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 70Baldwins Addition, Revised Plat, Portion of00/06/04/018C2978-80
 Details03/29/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 65Pine Crest Subdivision00/06/04/018C2978-81
 Details11/23/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 47Newton, Thomas A., Subdivision00/06/04/018C2978-82
 Details Plat Book GRG 5, p. 14Havre De Grace Heights, Section 100/06/04/018C2978-83
 Details06/21/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 79Bower, Elma M., Property of00/06/04/018C2978-84
 Details Plat Book GRG 5, p. 18Forest Greens, Revised Plat of Portion00/06/04/018C2978-85
 Details11/23/1953Plat Book GRG 5, p. 19Forest Greens, Revised Plat of00/06/04/018C2978-86
 Details Plat Book GRG 4, p. 75Lyndhurst, Section 1, Subdivision00/49/10/021C2978-87
 Details08/02/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 91Wakefield Meadows, Section 100/06/04/018C2978-88
 Details07/16/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 86Wilgis Road, Plan of00/06/04/018C2978-89
 Details05/21/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 31Hale, Elmo C. and Leva Ellen00/06/04/018C2978-90
 Details07/27/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 88Howard Park Subdivision, Revision of Block F and part of Block G00/06/04/018C2978-91
 Details01/18/1955Plat Book GRG 5, p. 57Bagley, Dr. Charles Jr.00/06/04/018C2978-92
 Details09/11/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 38Belcamp Heights, Section B00/06/04/018C2978-93
 Details09/15/1952Plat Book GRG 4, p. 86Lyndhurst, Sub. Plan of Section 200/06/04/018C2978-94
 Details07/30/1955Plat Book GRG 4, p. 89Kelly, Charlotte, from David S. Slade00/06/04/018C2978-95
 Details04/22/1953Plat Book GRG 5, p. 5Woodland Manor00/06/04/018C2978-96
 Details10/06/1954Plat Book GRG 5, p. 43Harford Plumbing Company, Property of, Resubdivision of00/06/04/018C2978-97
 Details Plat Book GRG 5, p. 4Spencer, Harriet R.00/06/04/018C2978-98
 Details04/13/1959Plat Book GRG 8, p. 66Smith, Chris, Plat of property of00/06/04/018C2978-99
 Details04/06/1959Plat Book GRG 8, p. 65Baker, Archie D., Land of00/06/04/018C2978-100
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