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DatePlatBook NameDescriptionLinksLocationMSA Citation
 Details2009/11/05Plats F99; Plat Book F1, p. 99F1Northpark Land Condominium, Land Units 1-3B5/16/02/000C3014-1
 Details05/12/2010Plats F100; Plat Book F1, p. 100 Randall PropertyB5/16/02/000C3014-2
 Details09/17/2010Plats F101; Plat Book F1, p. 101 Harris, Whit A., Jr. and Gloria J. HarrisB5/16/02/000C3014-3
 Details07/13/2011Plats F102; Plat Book F1, p. 102 Daniel J. Maletic Revocable Trust and Jerrily M. Jutton Revocable TrustB5/16/02/000C3014-4
 Details09/26/2011Plats F103; Plat Book F1, p. 103 Smithsonian Institution, Exxon Parcel03/65/07/000C3014-5
 Details09/26/2011Plats F104-F107; Plat Book F1, pp. 104-107 Smithsonian Institution, Parcels 1-3; Stevens Farm, Parcels 1-503/65/07/000C3014-6
 Details08/31/2012Plats F108; Plat Book F1, p. 108 Wright Property03/65/07/000C3014-7
 Details02/27/2013Plats F109-F160; Plat Book F1, pp. 109-160 Fort George G. Meade03/65/09/000C3014-8
 Details10/08/2014Plats F161; Plat Book F1, p. 161 Smithsonian Environmental Research Center03/65/09/000C3014-9
 Details10/08/2014Plats F162-F163; Plat Book F1, pp. 162-163 Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Wolf Property, Reserve Parcel03/65/09/000C3014-10
 Details04/08/2015Plats F164-F183; Plat Book F1, pp. 164-183 Naval Support Activity Annapolis North Severn, Boundary Survey03/65/09/000C3014-11
 Details04/08/2016Plats F184-F197; Plat Book F1, pp. 184-197 Naval Support Activity Annapolis Upper Yard and Lower Yard, Plat of Survey03/65/09/000C3014-12
 Details04/13/2016Plats F199; Plat Book F1, p. 199 Lands of Brothers Investment, LLC, 57 and 59 Spa Road, Annapolis, MD, 2140103/65/09/000C3014-13
 Details04/21/2016Plats F200; Plat Book F1, p. 200 Land of William C. Triolett, II and Eleanor Noon Triplett, Boundary Survey03/65/09/000C3014-14
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