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This record series contains plat books that were maintained outside of the Circuit Court's control and have been donated to the Maryland State Archives for their preservation by W.C. Deering and Associates.

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DateDescriptionLinksLocationMSA Citation
 Details10/25/1956Chestnut Hill Estates; Chestnut Hill Development Company01/64/09/062C3029-1
 Details11/01/1956Beaverbrook, Section 1; Gardiner, Paul L.01/64/09/062C3029-2
 Details Property Of Henry R. Wehland and Betty Y. Wehland01/64/09/000C3029-3
 Details11/08/1956Parlette Farm, Section 1; Parlette, Ruth E.01/64/09/000C3029-4
 Details Property Of Charles H. Elliott and Mary C. Elliott01/64/09/000C3029-5
 Details Pine Orchard Meadow; Lots 10-15, Resubdivision; Giardina, Harry B. and Jessica A. Giardina01/64/09/062C3029-6
 Details11/13/1956Hammond Park, Section 1, Block 1, Lots 1-5; Hammond Park Homes, Inc.01/64/09/062C3029-7
 Details Payne, Albin F. and Sarah E. Payne Property01/64/09/062C3029-8
 Details Brinkleigh, Section 1; Yale Contractors, Inc.01/64/09/062C3029-9
 Details Property Of Bernard J. Manner, Section 201/64/09/062C3029-10
 Details12/12/1956Meadowvale, Section 3; Lots 9-14 and 22-25; Custer, David J. and Evelyn K. Custer01/64/09/062C3029-11
 Details1956/12/18Gwynn Development, Section 3; John William Hart To J. Frank Gwynn, Jr. and Mattie May Gwynn01/64/09/062C3029-12
 Details Bassler, Edwin01/64/09/062C3029-13
 Details1957/01/03Holiday Hills; Robbins, Frank W. and Mildred L. Robbins01/64/09/062C3029-14
 Details1957/01/31Montgomery Knolls, Section 4; Shank, Walter A. and Annie E. Shank01/64/09/062C3029-15
 Details Property Of Frederick Zeltman and Elizabeth Zeltman01/64/09/062C3029-16
 Details06/25/1923Meadowvale, Section 1; Custer, David J. and Evelyn K. Custer01/64/09/062C3029-17
 Details02/08/1957Dalton, Section 2; Hawkins, Holmes, Thomas C. Chase, Jr. and Charles M. Maddox01/64/09/062C3029-18
 Details08/30/1923Holiday Hills; Robbins, Frank W. and Mildred L. Robbins01/64/09/062C3029-19
 Details07/08/1924Gray Rock, Section 1; Miller, Charles E. and Grace E. Miller01/64/09/062C3029-20
 Details07/08/1924Mary J. Gaither Subdivision; Gaither, Mary Jane and Alvin H. Gaither01/64/09/062C3029-21
 Details03/05/1957Gwynn Development, Revision; Gwynn, J. Frank, Jr. and Mattie May Gwynn01/64/09/062C3029-22
 Details03/11/1957Property Of Joseph D. Judge and Barbera J. Judge01/64/09/062C3029-23
 Details03/20/1957E. G. Pickett Part Of Rolling Acres; Johnson, Wesley L.01/64/09/062C3029-24
 Details03/18/1957River Meadows; Gales, Timothy W. and Alyce C. Gales01/64/09/062C3029-25
 Details03/22/1957Ellicott City Sub-District Howard County01/64/09/062C3029-26
 Details Patuxent Sub-District Number 2 Howard County01/64/09/062C3029-27
 Details Property Of Carrie V. Norman, Grace Norman, and Evelyn Green01/64/09/062C3029-28
 Details Greenwood Farms, Section 3; Greenwood Farms, Inc.01/64/09/062C3029-29
 Details04/06/1957Mount Hebron, Section 1; Mount Hebron, Inc.01/64/09/062C3029-30
 Details04/20/1957Property Of Joseph H. Ray and Ruth E. Ray01/64/09/062C3029-31
 Details05/03/1957Property Of Charles H. O'Donnell and Mary F. O'Donnell01/64/09/062C3029-32
 Details05/09/1957Cedar Acres, Block C, Lot 2, Resubdivision; Clarkson, Charles S. and Mary E. Clarkson01/64/09/062C3029-33
 Details05/07/1957Pickett, Edward G. and Martha C. Pickett01/64/09/062C3029-34
 Details05/09/1957Property Of Elisha Riggs Jones01/64/09/062C3029-35
 Details05/09/1957Rosner, George F. and Blanche L. Rosner01/64/09/062C3029-36
 Details05/15/1957Allview Estates, Section 3; Howard County Development Corporation01/64/09/062C3029-37
 Details05/22/1957Kline Plat; Kline, Frank T. and Catherine A. Kline01/64/09/062C3029-38
 Details05/22/1957Property Of Louis Edwin Carr and Ina V. Carr01/64/09/062C3029-39
 Details05/22/1957Gulf Oil Corporation01/64/09/062C3029-40
 Details05/28/1957Kuhn, John C.01/64/09/062C3029-41
 Details West Elkridge Toward Pfeiffers Corner, Contract Number HO-24 01/64/09/090C3029-42
 Details Superstructure Plan Of Proposed Bridge Over Patapsco Creek At Morgan Station Between Carroll, County and Howard County 01/64/09/090C3029-43
 Details Baltimore Washington Boulevard, Contract Number HO-64 01/64/09/090C3029-44
 Details Baltimore Washington Boulevard, Contract Number HO-64 01/64/09/090C3029-45
 Details Portion Of Boundaries Lines Between Montgomery And Frederick Counties and Montgomery And Howard Counties 01/64/09/090C3029-46
 Details Baltimore Washington Boulevard, Contract Number HO-64 01/64/09/090C3029-47
 Details Restland, Morningside, Rosehill, Evergreen; Meadowridge Memorial Park, Inc. 01/64/09/090C3029-48
 Details Wheatley, John R., Plat Of Property; Property Of Emma K. Thompson and William F. Thompson 01/64/09/090C3029-49
 Details Cedars 01/64/09/090C3029-50
 Details Columbia Woodlands; The Holloway Company 01/64/09/090C3029-51
 Details Noiker, Elizabeth M.; Plat Of A Remaining Section Of The Property Of, 01/64/09/090C3029-52
 Details Beasley, Sallie R. To Downs Brothers; Plat Of A Lot From, 01/64/09/090C3029-53
 Details Saint Johns Lutheran Church, Pfeiffers Corner; Plat Of The Property Of 01/64/09/090C3029-54
 Details Nordau Subdivision, Resurvey Section G; (Resolution Recorded In Land Records CMP 484, folio 487); Lots On Washington Boulevard 01/64/09/090C3029-55
 Details07/1937Estate Of Jacob R. Wells, Jr. To Herman Fotten; Plat Of A Parcel Of Land From; Washington State Road 01/64/09/090C3029-56
 Details06/17/1937Plat Of Subdivision Of The Property Of Roger C. Laynor 01/64/09/090C3029-57
 Details Plat Showing In Particular Parcel 2, A Portion Of The Property Owned By. Dr. J. Lewis Hartsock 01/64/09/090C3029-58
 Details01/06/1938Moore, Harry R. and Barbara C. Moore 01/64/09/090C3029-59
 Details01/06/1939Plan of A Parcel of Land From Mary McLoughlin To Rock Hill College 01/64/09/090C3029-60
 Details08/1937Plat Of Part of The Earp Property; Plat Showing A Subdivision Of Portions Of The J. Lewis Hartsock Home Place 01/64/09/090C3029-61
 Details10/10/1937Plat Of The Property From Charles Raymond Miles To John Chester Stewart 01/64/09/090C3029-62
 Details10/1937Meadowridge Memorial Park, Inc.; Finnell To Ogle 01/64/09/090C3029-63
 Details05/30/1938Cecil Property; Jack A. Browns Property; Stewart To Sencindiver; Plat Showing Four Lots Purchased By The School Board Of Howard County At Elkridge Primary School 01/64/09/090C3029-64
 Details Plat Of Property Of Margaret McCafferty; Plat and Survey Made From Deed From Abraham Levinson and Wife To The County Commissioners Of Howard County 01/64/09/090C3029-65
 Details Potomac Epison Company; Acquisition of Mullinix and Read Private Lines, and Single Phase; Primary Line Extension To Crum and Murray, Near Long Corner, Maryland 01/64/09/090C3029-66
 Details09/04/1936Proposed Easement To State Road Commission Of Maryland; Saint Johns Lane 01/64/09/090C3029-67
 Details10/14/1935Property Of Mortgage From James Dexter Clark and Wife To H. Irvine Keyser 01/64/09/090C3029-68
 Details09/29/1939Potomac Epsilon Company, Sketch Showing Location of Electric Line On The Property Of Mary E. Duvall; James L. Donovan To Emma Cavey, James A. Rowley, et al To George A. Humphrey, James L. Donovan To Charles A. Biddinger, etc. 01/64/09/090C3029-69
 Details07/08/1939Plat Showing All Of J. Frank Harrison Property; Plat Of Mont Ridge 01/64/09/090C3029-70
 Details11/25/1939Plan Of The Subdivisions Of The Property Of The Estate Of John Kramer; Plan Of A Lot To Be Acquired By Edna E. Miller; Plat Of Part Of Warfields Range 01/64/09/090C3029-71
 Details08/1938Plan Of The Subdivision Of The Property Of Henry W. Florey; Plat Of Survey Of Part of Warfields Range 01/64/09/090C3029-72
 Details06/04/1940Plan of The Property Of Joseph A. Fisher; Plan Of A Lot From Ellsworth House To Henry House 01/64/09/090C3029-73
 Details10/23/1934Proposed Public Road Leading From Elkridge Road Through Properties Jacob Wells Estate, Henry Miller, Buelah E. Hunt, Fred Kerger, J. E. Kuhn, et al To Ilchester Road 01/64/09/090C3029-74
 Details11/07/1940Plat Of Property Lying In Sixth Election District, Howard County, Maryland 01/64/09/090C3029-75
 Details Plat Of Parcel Of Land In Sixth Election District Near Savage, Howard County, Maryland 01/64/09/090C3029-76
 Details07/1940Plan Of A Part Of The Property Of Kraft Brothers 01/64/09/090C3029-77
 Details10/27/1941Brunks Addition To North Laurel Park; Brunk, Henry M. and Nora E. Brunk; Part Of A Tract Conveyed By Deed 03/12/1941 By Sarah Weaver To Mary E. Fling 01/64/09/090C3029-78
 Details10/23/1941Plan Showing Right Of Way Acquired From Arthur T. Kuhner; Nordau Subdivision, Section F, Revision 01/64/09/090C3029-79
 Details12/16/1941Showing All Of The Tract Conveyed By Carroll D. Great To Howard S. Brady; Plan of A Part Of The Property of Frank Peterson; Part Of A Tract Conveyed By Elizabeth E. Tyson To Daniel Jones 01/64/09/090C3029-80
 Details11/14/1941Whole Tract Conveyed By William H. Dorsey andWife To Silas W. Hazeltine 01/64/09/090C3029-81
 Details07/01/1941Subdivsion Of Anderson Property; Plan Of The French Lot In Ellicott City To Be Acquired By I. H. Taylor 01/64/09/090C3029-82
 Details03/1942Plan Of A Subdivision Of The Property of Herman F. Otten; Plat Of Survey Of West Corner On Albina Browns Tract; Potomac Epsilon Company, Plat Showing Line Located On Property Of D. Jones and Katherine D. Jones 01/64/09/090C3029-83
 Details08/12/1941American Telephone and Telephone Company, Plan Showing Proposed Cable Line Through Property of Jacob S. Baer; Phillip Greenwell; W. J. Smith 01/64/09/090C3029-84
 Details06/28/1974Woodford Condominium B; Columbia Oaks Corporation01/64/09/087C3029-85
 Details06/28/1974Woodford Condominium D; Columbia Oaks Corporation01/64/09/087C3029-86
 Details06/28/1974Condominium Of Cross Fox; Cross Fox Apartment Venture01/64/09/087C3029-87
 Details06/28/1974Route One Hundred Business Park, Block B, Parcel E; Kaiser-Aetna01/64/09/087C3029-88
 Details06/28/1974Normandy Woods, Section 1, Parcel B; Universal Housing and Development Company01/64/09/087C3029-89
 Details06/28/1974Greater Baltimore Consolidated Wholesale Food Market, Section 1, Block A, Parcels D-E; Greater Baltimore Consolidated Wholesale Food Market Authority01/64/09/087C3029-90
 Details07/03/1974Route One Hundred Business Park, Block B, Parcel F; Block C, Parcels A-B; Kaiser-Aetna01/64/09/087C3029-91
 Details07/12/1974Sieling Industrial Center, Section 1; Howard Research and Development Corporation01/64/09/087C3029-92
 Details07/17/1974Metropolitan District; Howard County, Maryland01/64/09/087C3029-93
 Details07/23/1974Greater Baltimore Consolidated Wholesale Food Market, section 2, Block B, Parcel A; Greater Baltimore Consolidated Wholesale Food Market Authority01/64/09/087C3029-94
 Details07/23/1974C-W and Company; Wagner, Charles E. and Charles A. Cummins, II01/64/09/087C3029-95
 Details07/29/1974Village Of Hickory Ridge, Section 1, Lots 201-203, Resubdivision; Ryland Homes01/64/09/087C3029-96
 Details07/29/1974Village Of Hickory Ridge, Lots 314-315, Parcel A; Howard Research and Development Corporation01/64/09/087C3029-97
 Details08/08/1974Benson, Section 2; Hall, Carl C. and Jewell P. Hall01/64/09/087C3029-98
 Details08/09/1974Patapsco Park Estates, Section 1; Weitz, Benjamin and Steve F. Paul01/64/09/087C3029-99
 Details08/12/1974Chatham Garden Apartments, Section 1; Per Percon, Inc.01/64/09/087C3029-100
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