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(Land Records)

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Land and chattel records filed with the court for recording. The land records include deeds, mortgages, releases, leases, assignments, powers of attorney, agreements, easements, and commissions. The chattel records, dating through the 18th century, consist of bills of sale, mortgages, depositions, manumissions, notices of strays, and cattle marks. The instruments provide dates of execution and recording, names of the parties, and descriptions of the land, personal property, or subject matter. Entries are arranged chronologically by recording dates. The volumes are available also on microfilm in series CM135. Indexing is found in (Land Records, Index) in series C353 and CM1073, (Land Records, Grantee Index) in series CM169 and T3347, (Land Records, Grantor Index) in series CM170 and T3348, and (Land Records, Tract Index) in series C2841. One hundred twenty-seven of the land record books between 1832 and 1851 are being included in the plats project because the original volumes are no longer extant and exist only on film produced over fifty years ago. Each book contains an average of 556 pages.

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DateBook NameFilm ReelsDescriptionLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1661-1692  RM HS, pp. 1-34002/12/10/0214879C352-1
 Details1692-1729  RM HS, pp. 341-71402/12/10/0224880C352-2
 Details1666-1705  IR PP02/12/10/0234882C352-3
 Details1665-1737  IS IK02/12/10/0244884C352-4
 Details1672-1675  G J02/12/10/0254885C352-5
 Details1672-1719  TR RA02/12/10/0264886C352-6
 Details1681-1706  IR AM02/12/10/0274887C352-7
 Details1686-1689  F 202/12/10/0285004C352-8
 Details1699-1704 R 110-5HW 2. Do not circulate. Use R 110-502/12/10/0294888C352-9
 Details1709-1718  TR A02/12/10/0304889C352-10
 Details1719-1721  TR DS02/12/10/0314890C352-11
 Details1721-1725  IS G02/12/10/0324891-1C352-12
 Details1725-1727  IS H02/12/10/0334892C352-13
 Details1727-1729  IS I02/12/10/0344893C352-14
 Details1729-1732  IS K02/12/10/0354894C352-15
 Details1730-1733  IS L02/12/10/0364896C352-16
 Details1733-1736  HWS M02/12/10/0374897C352-17
 Details1737-1741  HWS IA02/12/10/0384898C352-18
 Details1741-1742  TB A02/12/10/0394900C352-19
 Details1742-1743  TB C, pp. 1-34802/12/10/0404901-1C352-20
 Details1743-1745  TB C, pp. 349-70002/12/10/0414901-2C352-21
 Details1745-1746  TB D, transcript02/12/10/0424903C352-22
 Details1745-1746  TB D. Do not circulate02/13/11/0044902C352-23
 Details1746-1748  TB E02/12/10/0434904C352-24
 Details1748-1750  TR C02/12/10/0444905C352-25
 Details1750-1753  TR D02/12/10/0454906C352-26
 Details1753-1757  BB I, transcript02/12/11/0014909C352-27
 Details1753-1757  BB I. Do not circulate02/13/11/0054908C352-28
 Details1757-1759  B G02/12/11/0024910C352-29
 Details1759-1761  B H02/12/11/0034911C352-30
 Details1761-1763  B I02/12/11/0044912C352-31
 Details1762-1763  B K02/12/11/0054913C352-32
 Details1763  B L02/12/11/0064915C352-33
 Details1763-1764  B M02/12/11/0074916C352-34
 Details1764  B N02/12/11/0084917C352-35
 Details1764-1765  B O02/12/11/0094918C352-36
 Details1765-1767  B P02/12/11/0104919C352-37
 Details1767-1768  B Q02/12/11/0114920C352-38
 Details1768-1770  AL A02/12/11/0124921C352-39
 Details1770-1771  AL B02/12/11/0134922C352-40
 Details1771  AL C02/12/11/0144923C352-41
 Details1771-1772  AL D02/12/11/0154924C352-42
 Details1772  AL E02/12/11/0164925C352-43
 Details1772-1773  AL F02/12/11/0174926C352-44
 Details1773  AL G02/12/11/0184927C352-45
 Details1773-1774  AL H02/12/11/0194928C352-46
 Details1774  AL I02/12/11/0204929C352-47
 Details1774  AL K02/12/11/0214930C352-48
 Details1774-1775  AL L02/12/11/0224931C352-49
 Details1775  AL M02/12/11/0234932C352-50
 Details1775  AL N02/12/11/0244933C352-51
 Details1776-1777  AL O02/12/11/0254934C352-52
 Details1777-1778  WG A02/12/11/0264935C352-53
 Details1778  WG B02/12/11/0274936C352-54
 Details1778-1779  WG C02/12/11/0284937C352-55
 Details1779-1780  WG D02/12/11/0294938C352-56
 Details1780  WG E02/12/11/0304939C352-57
 Details1780-1781  WG F02/12/11/0314940C352-58
 Details1781-1782  WG G02/12/11/0324941C352-59
 Details1782  WG H02/12/11/0334942C352-60
 Details1782  WG I02/12/11/0344943C352-61
 Details1782  WG K02/12/11/0354944C352-62
 Details1783  WG L02/12/11/0364945C352-63
 Details1782-1783  WG M02/12/11/0374946C352-64
 Details1783  WG N02/12/11/0384947C352-65
 Details1783  WG O02/12/11/0394948C352-66
 Details1783  WG P02/12/11/0404949C352-67
 Details1783  WG Q02/12/11/0414950C352-68
 Details1783-1784  WG R02/12/11/0424951C352-69
 Details1784  WG S02/12/11/0434952C352-70
 Details1784  WG T02/12/11/0444953C352-71
 Details1784-1785  WG U02/12/11/0454954C352-72
 Details1784-1785  WG V02/12/12/0014955C352-73
 Details1785  WG W02/12/12/0024956C352-74
 Details1785  WG X02/12/12/0034957C352-75
 Details1785-1786  WG Y02/12/12/0044958C352-76
 Details1786-1787  WG Z02/12/12/0054959C352-77
 Details1787  WG AA, pp. 1-34602/12/12/0064960-1C352-78
 Details1787  WG AA, pp. 347-72802/12/12/0074960-2C352-79
 Details1788  WG BB02/12/12/0084961C352-80
 Details1788-1789  WG CC02/12/12/0094962C352-81
 Details1789-1790  WG DD02/12/12/0104963C352-82
 Details1790  WG EE02/12/12/0114964C352-83
 Details1790-1791  WG FF02/12/12/0124965C352-84
 Details1791  WG GG02/12/12/0134966C352-85
 Details1791-1792  WG HH02/12/12/0144967C352-86
 Details1792  WG II02/12/12/0154968C352-87
 Details1792-1793  WG KK02/12/12/0164969C352-88
 Details1793  WG LL02/12/12/0174970C352-89
 Details1793  WG MM02/12/12/0184971C352-90
 Details1794  WG NN02/12/12/0194972C352-91
 Details1794  WG OO02/12/12/0204973C352-92
 Details1794  WG PP02/12/12/0214974C352-93
 Details1795  WG QQ02/12/12/0224975C352-94
 Details1795  WG RR02/12/12/0234976C352-95
 Details1795  WG SS02/12/12/0244977C352-96
 Details1795  WG TT02/12/12/0254978C352-97
 Details1795-1796  WG UU02/12/12/0264979C352-98
 Details1795-1796  WG VV02/12/12/0274980C352-99
 Details1796  WG WW02/12/12/0284981C352-100
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