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REGISTER OF WILLS (Wills) CM188, 1666-1979
REGISTER OF WILLS (Wills) T4232, 1851-1981

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DateDescriptionLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1666-17591 02/28/12/00111610C435-1
 Details1721-17642 02/42/13/03111611-1C435-2
 Details1721-17642, i, transcript 02/28/12/00211611-2C435-3
 Details1763-17843 02/28/12/00311612C435-4
 Details1784-17914 02/28/12/00411613C435-5
 Details1791-17975 02/28/12/00511614C435-6
 Details1797-18026 02/28/12/00611615C435-7
 Details1802-18057 02/28/12/00711616C435-8
 Details1805-18108 02/28/12/00811617C435-9
 Details1810-18159 02/28/12/00911618C435-10
 Details1815-181910 02/42/13/03211619-1C435-11
 Details1815-181910, i, transcript 02/28/12/01011619-2C435-12
 Details1819-182411 02/28/12/01111620C435-13
 Details1824-182712 02/28/12/01211621C435-14
 Details1827-183113, i. Do not circulate, use transcript 02/42/13/03311622-1C435-15
 Details1827-183113, i, transcript 02/28/12/01311622-2C435-16
 Details1831-183414 02/28/12/01411623C435-17
 Details1834-183615 02/28/12/01511624C435-18
 Details1836-183816 02/28/12/01611625C435-19
 Details1838-184017 02/28/12/01711626C435-20
 Details1840-184218 02/28/12/01811627C435-21
 Details1842-184419 02/28/12/01911628C435-22
 Details1844-184520 02/28/12/02011629C435-23
 Details1845-184721 02/28/12/02111630C435-24
 Details1847-184922 02/28/12/02211631C435-25
 Details1849-185023 02/28/12/02311632C435-26
 Details1850-185124, i, pp. 1-378 02/28/12/02411633-1C435-27
 Details1851-1859JLR 1 CW/07/25/115 C435-28
 Details1859-1865JLR 2 CW/07/25/116 C435-29
 Details1865-1871JLR 3 CW/07/25/117 C435-30
 Details1871-1875OPM 4 CW/07/25/118 C435-31
 Details1875-1879JBM 5 CW/07/25/119 C435-32
 Details1879-1882JBM 6 CW/07/25/120 C435-33
 Details1882-1886TP 7 CW/07/26/049 C435-34
 Details1886-1889TP 8 CW/07/26/050 C435-35
 Details1889-1892BWA 9 CW/07/26/051 C435-36
 Details1892-1896BWA 10 CW/07/26/052 C435-37
 Details1896-1900HJH 11 CW/07/26/053 C435-38
 Details1900-1903HR 12 CW/07/26/054 C435-39
 Details1903-1905HR 13 CW/07/26/055 C435-40
 Details1905-1908JEB 14 CW/07/26/056 C435-41
 Details1908-1910WJP 15 CW/07/26/057 C435-42
 Details1910-1912WJP 16 CW/07/26/058 C435-43
 Details1910-1914WJP 17 CW/07/26/059 C435-44
 Details1914-1916WJP 18 CW/07/26/060 C435-45
 Details1916-1917WJP 19 CW/07/26/061 C435-46
 Details1917-1919WJP 20 CW/07/26/062 C435-47
 Details1919-1921WJP 21 CW/07/26/063 C435-48
 Details1921-1924WJP 22 CW/07/26/064 C435-49
 Details1924-1926WJP 23 CW/07/26/065 C435-50
 Details1926-1927WJP 24 CW/07/26/066 C435-51
 Details1927-1929WJP 25 CW/07/26/067 C435-52
 Details1929-1931WJP 26 CW/07/26/068 C435-53
 Details1931-1932JPC 27 CW/07/26/069 C435-54
 Details1932-1933JPC 28 CW/07/26/070 C435-55
 Details1933-1934JPC 29 CW/07/26/071 C435-56
 Details1934-1936JPC 30 CW/07/26/072 C435-57
 Details1935-1936JPC 31 CW/07/26/073 C435-58
 Details1936-1937JPC 32 CW/07/26/074 C435-59
 Details1937-1938JPC 33 CW/07/26/075 C435-60
 Details1938-1939JPC 34 CW/07/26/076 C435-61
 Details1939-1940JPC 35 CW/07/26/077 C435-62
 Details1940-1941JPC 36 CW/07/26/078 C435-63
 Details1941-1943JPC 37 CW/07/26/079 C435-64
 Details1943-1944JPC 38 CW/07/26/080 C435-65
 Details1944-1945JPC 39 CW/07/26/081 C435-66
 Details1945-1946JPC 40 CW/07/26/082 C435-67
 Details1946-1948JPC 41 CW/07/26/083 C435-68
 Details1948-1949JPC 42 CW/07/26/084 C435-69
 Details1949-1950JPC 43 CW/07/26/085 C435-70
 Details1950-1951JPC 44 CW/07/26/086 C435-71
 Details1951-1952JPC 45 CW/07/26/087 C435-72
 Details1952-1953JPC 46 CW/07/26/088 C435-73
 Details1953-1954JPC 47 CW/07/26/089 C435-74
 Details1954JPC 48 CW/07/26/090 C435-75
 Details1954-1955JPC 49 CW/07/26/091 C435-76
 Details1955-1956JPC 50 CW/07/26/092 C435-77
 Details1956-1957JPC 51 CW/07/26/093 C435-78
 Details1957JPC 52 CW/07/26/094 C435-79
 Details1957JPC 53 CW/07/26/095 C435-80
 Details1957-1958JPC 54 CW/07/26/096 C435-81
 Details1958JPC 55 CW/07/26/097 C435-82
 Details1958JPC 56 CW/07/26/098 C435-83
 Details1958-1959JPC 57 CW/07/26/099 C435-84
 Details1959JPC 58 CW/07/26/100 C435-85
 Details1959JPC 59 CW/07/26/101 C435-86
 Details1959JPC 60 CW/07/26/102 C435-87
 Details1959-1960JPC 61 CW/07/26/103 C435-88
 Details1960JPC 62 CW/07/26/104 C435-89
 Details1960JPC 63 CW/07/26/105 C435-90
 Details1960-1961JPC 64 CW/07/26/106 C435-91
 Details1961JPC 65 CW/07/26/107 C435-92
 Details1961JPC 66 CW/07/26/108 C435-93
 Details1961EJDeM 67 CW/07/26/109 C435-94
 Details1961-1962EJDeM 68 CW/07/26/110 C435-95
 Details1962EJDeM 69 CW/07/26/111 C435-96
 Details1962EJDeM 70 CW/07/26/112 C435-97
 Details1962EJDeM 71 CW/07/26/113 C435-98
 Details1962EJDeM 72 CW/07/26/114 C435-99
 Details1962-1963MTH 73 CW/07/26/115 C435-100
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