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Electronic indexes to plats found in (Plat Book) in series C2255, (Plat File) in series C2254, (Plats from Equity) in series C2246 and C2247, (Plats from Land Commissions) in series C2518 and C2519, (Plats from Land Records) in series C2248 and C2249, (Plats from Mortgage Records) in series C2250, and (Plats from Tax Sales) in series C2251. The original indexes encompass two volumes, one covering 1790-1937 and the other 1790-1987. For the overlapping period of time the second volume includes more references. The indexes contain brief abstracts of information concerning the plats, that show the dates, names of the owners or parties, tract names or descriptions, acreages, election districts, and recording citations. The entries in the first volume are arranged chronologically in three sections: land records for 1791-1921, land commissions for 1790-1884, and land, mortgage, and equity records for 1923-1937. An accompanying index to specific names of persons and tracts provides page references to the abstract entries. The entries in the second volume are arranged chronologically and then numerically by artificially assigned numbers of 1-6773. Accompanying indexes to specific names of persons and tracts provide references to the numbered abstract entries. For 1987-1993 index entries for plats appear in the land record indexes; thereafter in the Judicial Information System (JIS).

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COURT (Plats, Index) CM1400, 1790-1851

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 Details1790-1851GAD 1 01/02/04/01512918-1C547-1
 Details1790-1851 GAD 1. Contains more complete abstract entries.  C547-2
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