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REGISTER OF WILLS (Wills) CM412, 1665-1981

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DateBook NameDescriptionLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1665-1708 A 201/08/10/0017281C681-1
 Details1705-1733AB 3 01/08/10/0027282C681-2
 Details1716-1718 J, reverse01/08/10/0037283-2C681-3
 Details1734-1752AC 4 01/08/10/0047284C681-4
 Details1752-1767AD 5 01/08/10/0057285C681-5
 Details1760-1766 Reverse01/08/10/0067286-2C681-6
 Details1767-1777AE 6 01/08/10/0077287-1C681-7
 Details1777-1782AF 7 01/08/10/0087288-1C681-8
 Details1782-1785 B 101/08/10/0097289-1C681-9
 Details1785-1788AH 9 01/08/10/0107290-1C681-10
 Details1788-1791AI 10 01/08/10/0117291-1C681-11
 Details1791-1801AK 11 01/08/10/0127292C681-12
 Details1801-1808AL 12 01/08/10/0137293C681-13
 Details1808-1817 HBBH 1301/08/10/0147294C681-14
 Details1818-1825 HB 14, pp. 1-35301/08/10/0157295-1C681-15
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