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(Plats from Equity)

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Plats filed in equity proceedings, some of which were placed in the case files with others being recorded in equity record books. The series consists of plats removed from the case files because of their size or physical condition and placed in oversize storage and of plats recorded in equity records that were filmed by the Land Office in the early 1950s. Also available on microfilm in series CM107 where the records removed from the files are arranged by MdHR number that for 4877 include materials from (Plats) in series C130, and the pages from equity record books, that were filmed by the Land Office in 1952, are arranged by book and page numbers. Access available in electronic form derived from accession databases and (Plats on Microfilm, AA) in series S1532, supplemented by the records themselves. Some plats, specifically those accessioned within MdHR 4877, are included in (Plat References, AA, Index) in series S1551. These references will not be used because they are outdated and have been superseded by the database for C72.

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CIRCUIT COURT (Plats from Equity) CM107, 1852-1949

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DatePlatFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1856Equity Papers OS 13CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 13. Estate of William Anderson - Burgers Progress, Piney Orchard, Jericho, Cherry Walk, Waters Lot in PG. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-13-1/5B5/11/03/0004877-5C72-1
 Details1856Equity Papers OS 35CR 40715OS 35. Over Creek Farm. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-33-1/2001/02/06/00440215-33-21C72-2
 Details1854Equity Papers OS 49CR 40715OS 49. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-44-1/501/02/06/00440215-44-6C72-3
 Details1855Equity Papers OS 75CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 75. Partition of Lilly of the Valley, Eastern Vale, Military Lots 2-7, 9-11 in AL. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-65-1/2B5/11/03/0004877-51C72-4
 Details1855MSA 5CR 40714 (Scanned)Estate of William O'Hara - Haylands, Waterloo01/02/06/0104877-83C72-5
 Details1856Equity Record NHG 3, p. 16; Equity Papers OS 77CR 40715OS 77. Ridgely vs. Bonsal, and Ridgely vs. Weems, Lot 51 in Annapolis. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-67-1/201/02/06/00440215-67-3C72-6
 Details1854Equity Papers OS 85CR 40715OS 85. Burrage, Burrages End, Burrages Blossom, Knickerstons Choice, Pascalls Purchase, Heaths Purchase, Padgett. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-75-1/501/02/06/00440215-75-6C72-7
 Details1854Equity Record NHG 4, p. 190; Equity Papers OS 91CR 40715OS 91. Clayton, Browsley Hall, Hopkins Search, and Whites Plains. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-82-1/201/02/06/00440215-82-3C72-8
 Details1859Equity Papers OS 95CR 40715OS 95. Brushy Neck. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-86-1/401/02/06/00440215-86-5C72-9
 Details1855Equity Papers OS 98CR 40715OS 98. Carter Bennett, Oblong. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-89-1/201/02/06/00440215-89-3C72-10
 Details1858Equity Papers OS 112CR 40715OS 112. Addition to Stony Thickett, Calebs Choice, Stony Thickett. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-101-1/301/02/06/00440215-101-4C72-11
 Details1856Equity Papers OS 114CR 40715OS 114. Hydes and Rays Resurvey. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-103-1/3B5/11/03/00040215-103-4C72-12
 Details1870Equity Papers OS 130CR 40715OS 130. What You Please, Hammonds Connection. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-116-1/601/02/06/00440215-116-7C72-13
 Details1857Equity Papers OS 155CR 40715OS 155. Land of Henry Owings of Samuel. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-140-1/301/02/06/00440215-140-4C72-14
 Details1857Equity Record NHG 6, p. 480; Equity Papers OS 160CR 40715OS 160. Turner vs. Turner, Bold Venture and Worthingtons Beginning. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-144-101/02/06/00440215-144-2C72-15
 Details1859Equity Papers OS 173CR 40715OS 173. Weems Dowling. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-154-1/301/02/06/00440215-154-4C72-16
 Details1859Equity Record NHG 6, p. 414; Equity Papers OS 182CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 182. Grammer vs. Hunter, Estate of G.I. Grammer, Kerrs Prospect to Annapolis. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-15901/02/06/0104877-84C72-17
 Details1858Equity Papers OS 183CR 40715OS 183. Chews Right. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-160-1/201/02/06/00440215-160-3C72-18
 Details1858  Estate of James Phelps - Meadows, Youngs Success, Worthingtons Grove 01/02/06/0104877-80C72-19
 Details1859  Estate of Nicholas Nicholson - John Cabbin Ridge 01/02/06/0124877-131C72-20
 Details1859Equity Papers OS 211CR 40715OS 211. Indian Ridge. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-185-1/1201/02/06/00440215-185-13C72-21
 Details1859Equity Papers OS 213CR 40715OS 213. Meekins vs. Meekins, Chaneys Rest, Wades Increase, and Elijahs Hope. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-187-1/301/02/06/00440215-187-4C72-22
 Details1860Equity Record NHG 8, p. 172; Equity Papers OS 232CR 40715OS 232. Anderson vs. Watts, Worthingtons Beginning. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-202-1/201/02/06/00440215-202-3C72-23
 Details1861Equity Record NHG 8, p. 410; Equity Papers OS 261CR 40715OS 261. Hammond vs. Duvall; Hammonds Forest, Hammonds Fourth Connection, Hammonds Fifth Connection, Marthas Forest, and Brothers Agreement. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-230-1/201/02/06/00440215-230-3C72-24
 Details1861Equity Papers OS 266CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 266. Estate of Eleanor Stansbury - Browns Adventure. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-23401/02/06/0124877-125C72-25
 Details1860Equity Papers OS 268CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 268. Estate of Richard Tydings - Angle, Hopkins Forbearance. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-236-1/401/02/06/0124877-122C72-26
 Details1862Equity Record NHG 8, p. 516; Equity Papers OS 271CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 271. Henning vs. Mayo, Estate of James Williamson; Selbys Lot Addition, Young Richard, Moss Discovery, and Moss Purchase. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-239-1/301/02/06/0094877-61C72-27
 Details1862Equity Record NHG 9, p. 358; Equity Papers OS 280CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 280. Griffith vs. Griffith, Estate of Robert Griffith; Smiths Delight, Goury Banks, and Trent.01/02/06/0114877-92C72-28
 Details1863Equity Papers OS 292CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 292. Estate of Alexander Franklin - Pascalls Purchase, Dianna Fords, Beaver Dam, Padgett, Pascalls Chance, Deep Creek Point. Case in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-25801/02/06/0104877-88C72-29
 Details1861MSA 30CR 40714 (Scanned)Estate of Henry F. Fowler01/02/06/0094877-76C72-30
 Details1863MSA 31CR 40714 (Scanned)Estate of Stephen W. Hancock - Poplar Plains, Poplar RidgeB5/11/03/0004877-127C72-31
 Details1863Equity Record NHG 8, pp.569-571; Equity Papers 320CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 320. Haydon vs. Gibson, Estate of George Haydon; Severn Farm, Lots on Tabernacle St. in Annapolis. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-284-1/201/02/06/0084877-53C72-32
 Details1866Equity Papers OS 349CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 349. Estate of Charles A. Drury - Portland Manor, Birkheads Chance, Grammars Chance. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-311-1/801/02/06/0054877-4C72-33
 Details1864Equity Record NHG 9, p. 620; Equity Papers OS 358CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 358. Estep vs. Tilland, Estate of Eleanor M. Lyles, Portland Manor. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-320.01/02/06/0074877-42C72-34
 Details1865Equity Papers OS 375CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 375. Estate of John T. Barber of George - Lot 85 in Annapolis01/02/06/0114877-107C72-35
 Details1865Equity Papers OS 379CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 379. Estate of Elijah Rockhold. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-34001/02/06/0084877-60C72-36
 Details1865Equity Record NHG 9, p. 527; Equity Papers OS 384CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 384. Brogden vs. Lemmon, Estate of William Brogden, Rosedawn. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-344-1/3B5/11/03/0004877-117C72-37
 Details1866Equity Record SH 26, p. 112; Equity Papers OS 404CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 404. Clagett vs. Robinson, Estate of Charles Clagett. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-36301/02/06/0094877-62C72-38
 Details1868Equity Papers OS 415CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 415. Estate of John S. Boone. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-368B5/11/03/0004877-99C72-39
 Details1866Equity Papers OS 423CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 423. Estate of Bushrod W. Marriott. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-376-1/2B5/11/03/0004877-118C72-40
 Details1870Equity Record SH 7, p. 276; Equity Papers OS 426CR 40715OS 426. Gambrill vs, Hamilton, Cottage Farm. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-379-1/901/02/06/00440215-379-10C72-41
 Details1866Equity Papers OS 427CR 40715OS 427. Lots on West St. in Annapolis. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-380-1/201/02/06/00440215-380-3C72-42
 Details1868Equity Papers OS 428 and 445CR 40715OS 428 & 445. Brough, Tylers Discovery in PG. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-381-1/901/02/06/00440215-381-10C72-43
 Details1868Equity Papers OS 430CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 430. Estate of Barton Duvall - land in AA, Pleasant Spring Enlarged in PG. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-383-1/201/02/06/0074877-41C72-44
 Details1866Equity Papers OS 437CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 437. Estate of Daniel Dorsey - lots in Annapolis. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-390-1/201/02/06/0104877-90C72-45
 Details1867Equity Papers OS 453 OS 453. Estate of William Aisquith. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-405-101/02/06/00440215-405-2C72-46
 Details1881Equity Papers OS 460CR 40715OS 460. Hazelnut Ridge, Cedar Valley. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-409-1/401/02/06/00440215-409-5C72-47
 Details1867Equity Papers OS 462CR 40715OS 462. Lots on Holland, Prince George, and King George Sts. in Annapolis. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-411-1/301/02/06/00440215-411-4C72-48
 Details1867Equity Papers OS 465CR 40715OS 465. Road for James S. Wilson to Magothy River Wharf. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-413-101/02/06/00440215-413-2C72-49
 Details1867Equity Papers OS 489CR 40715OS 489. Huntington Quarter. Case file in (Equity Papers MdHR 40,215-428-1/601/02/06/00440215-428-7C72-50
 Details1866MSA 51CR 40714 (Scanned)Sherwood Forest01/02/06/0114877-111C72-51
 Details1867MSA 52CR 40714 (Scanned)Estate of Susan Boyle01/02/06/0054877-7C72-52
 Details1867MSA 53CR 40714 (Scanned)Estate of Howard DuvallB5/11/03/0004877-98C72-53
 Details1867Equity Record SH 16, p. 441; Equity Papers OS 500CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 500. Murray vs. Murray, Steele, and Stewart, Estate of James Murray - lots on West, First, Bishop, Second, and Third Sts. in Annapolis. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-435B5/11/03/0004877-68C72-54
 Details1868Equity Papers 524CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 524. Hester Ann Chaney et al vs. Catherine Chaney et al01/02/06/0124877-129C72-55
 Details1868Equity Papers OS 530CR 40715OS 530. Norwoods Beale, Pickney Farm. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-457-1/4B5/11/03/00040215-457-5C72-56
 Details1869Equity Papers OS 537CR 40714 (Scanned)OS 537. Estate of Samuel H. Hamilton - Richlands. Case file in (Equity Papers) MdHR 40,215-463-1/2B5/11/03/0004877-63C72-57
 Details1871Equity Papers 21-22CR 4071621-22. Holly Hill Farm01/02/06/00240227-32C72-58
 Details1872Equity Papers 24CR 4071624. Estate of Elizabeth A. Carr01/02/06/00240227-34C72-59
 Details1869Equity Papers 35CR 40714 (Scanned)35. Estate of Archibald Hodges - Lynchs Purchase, Williams FancyB5/11/03/0004877-47C72-60
 Details1868Equity Papers 37CR 4071637. Estate of George Clayton01/02/06/00240227-21C72-61
 Details1871Equity Papers 99CR 40714 (Scanned)99. Estate of Thomas J. Mezick - Sandy Point Farm, lots in BC.01/02/06/0074877-33C72-62
 Details1869MSA 63CR 40714 (Scanned)Patiences Trouble, Westalls Resurvey01/02/06/0124877-126C72-63
 Details1879-Equity Papers 113CR 40716113. Ramsgatts Swamp, Carrs Inheritance, Dearborns Inheritance01/02/06/00240227-36C72-64
 Details1870Equity Papers 136CR 40716136. Lot 86 in Annapolis01/02/06/00340227-74C72-65
 Details1870Equity Papers 163CR 40716163. Certificate of survey for Todds Range, Acton01/02/06/00340227-81C72-66
 Details1871Equity Papers 176CR 40714 (Scanned)176. Estate of John IglehartB5/11/03/0004877-115C72-67
 Details1872Equity Papers 199CR 40716199. Padget01/02/06/00240227-33C72-68
 Details1871Equity Papers 207CR 40714 (Scanned)Estate of Richard Sellman01/02/06/0074877-35C72-69
 Details1872Equity Papers 202CR 40714 (Scanned)Estate of Stephen L. Lee01/02/06/0064877-22C72-70
 Details1871Equity Papers 206CR 40716206. Golden Valley, Anne Arundel Manor01/02/06/00240227-10C72-71
 Details1882Equity Papers 213CR 40716213. Meadow Lot on Northwest St. in Annapolis01/02/06/00240227-30C72-72
 Details1872Equity Papers 225CR 40714 (Scanned)225. Estate of James E. S. Harvey01/02/06/0124877-116C72-73
 Details1873Equity Papers 234CR 40716234. Lots on Market St. in Annapolis01/02/06/00240227-37C72-74
 Details1873Equity Papers 245CR 40714 (Scanned)245. Estate of Thomas J. Hardesty01/02/06/0074877-44C72-75
 Details1876Equity Papers 246CR 40716246. Lots on Bishop St. in Annapolis01/02/06/00240227-35C72-76
 Details1872Equity Papers 265CR 40714 (Scanned)265. Estates of Emma C. and Noah E. Dorsey01/02/06/0104877-72C72-77
 Details1872Equity Papers 275CR 40714 (Scanned)275. Estate of William H. Freeman01/02/06/0104877-89C72-78
 Details1872Equity Papers 290CR 40716290. Lots on Severn St. in Eastport01/02/06/00240227-16C72-79
 Details1873Equity Papers 303CR 40714 (Scanned)303. Estate of Andrew Lamb - lots on West and Washington Sts. in Annapolis.01/02/06/0104877-70C72-80
 Details1873Equity Papers 305CR 40714 (Scanned)305. Estate of William R. Goodman - Lot 28 in AnnapolisB5/11/03/0004877-16C72-81
 Details1873Equity Papers 321CR 40716321. Lots on Church and Conduit Sts. in Annapolis01/02/06/00240227-15C72-82
 Details1872Equity Papers 333CR 40716333. Lock Eden01/02/06/00240227-39C72-83
 Details1874Equity Papers 364CR 40716364. Lots on Tabernacle St. in Annapolis01/02/06/00240227-40C72-84
 Details1874Equity Papers 374CR 40716374. RoedownB5/11/03/00040227-38C72-85
 Details1874Equity Papers 379CR 40714 (Scanned)379. Estate of Edward J. Boteler01/02/06/0114877-105C72-86
 Details1877Equity Papers 392CR 40716392. Estate of Richard Anderson01/02/06/00340227-75C72-87
 Details1874Equity Papers 404CR 40716404. Dearborns Inheritance01/02/06/00240227-17C72-88
 Details1878Equity Papers 448CR 40714 (Scanned)448. Estate of Richard Arnold.01/02/06/0114877-103C72-89
 Details1874Equity Papers 452CR 40714 (Scanned)452. Estate of Thomas H. GaryB5/11/03/0004877-120C72-90
 Details1874Equity Papers 526CR 40716526. Lots on Prince George St. and Carroll's Alley in Annapolis01/02/06/00340227-42C72-91
 Details1877Equity Papers 536CR 40714 (Scanned)536. Estate of Thomas R. Beard01/02/06/0064877-23C72-92
 Details1877Equity Papers 536CR 40714 (Scanned)536. Estate of Thomas R. Beard - Harvey Farm, Rutland Farm01/02/06/0104877-87C72-93
 Details1856Equity Papers 548CR 40716548. Duck Cove01/02/06/00340227-43C72-94
 Details1877Equity Papers 576 576. Parrish Estate01/02/06/00140227-41C72-95
 Details1877Equity Papers 578CR 40716578. Lots on Severn Ave. and 5th St. in Eastport01/02/06/00340227-73C72-96
 Details1877Equity Papers 584CR 40716584. Lots on Chestnut and Compromise Sts. in Annapolis01/02/06/00240227-26C72-97
 Details1877/05/16Equity Papers 573 573. Centralia01/02/06/00340227-26C72-98
 Details1877Equity Papers 593CR 40716Lots on Bloomsbury Square and Charles, Cathedral, South and Conduit Streets in Annapolis01/02/06/00240227-28C72-99
 Details1878MSA 100CR 40714 (Scanned)Estate of William Bishop - lots on Cornhill, Hanover, and Doctor Sts., and Acton La. in Annapolis01/02/06/0104877-77C72-100
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