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(Frederick and Harpers Ferry Road Proceedings)

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Minutes of meetings concerning the Frederick and Harpers Ferry Road. In 1815 (Ch. 166) the General Assembly chartered the Harpers Ferry Turnpike Road Company to build a toll road between the cities of Frederick and Harpers Ferry. A new company, Frederick and Harpers Ferry Road Company, was formed in 1828 to take over the road and make improvements (Ch. 142, Acts of 1828; Ch. 163, Acts of 1829). In 1848 the company transferred the road and its attendant corporate rights and franchises to the county government. Included in the transfer was one book of minutes, dated 1830-1848 and arranged chronologically by meeting date. Business matters handled by the company consisted of elections of officers and managers, surveys, road construction and maintenance, appointments of toll keepers, collections of stock subscriptions and tolls, payments of expenses and dividends, and lotteries to raise money. Recorded in the proceedings are agreements concerning road beds taken over by the C & O Canal and B & O Railroad. In 1848 the governing body of the county was the levy court, replaced by the board of county commissioners in 1851. The proceedings pertaining to the Frederick and Harpers Ferry Road continued to be recorded separately until 1863 and are arranged chronologically by meeting date. Generally business matters remained the same except for a heavier domination of financial considerations. The county commissioners appointed a road superintendent to manage daily operations. Included in the county proceedings are four plats, folded and pasted to the covers of the book. The Archives will use the existing series unit databases for an electronic finding aid, expanded by itemized descriptions for the plats.

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