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(Road Record)

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Proceedings of the circuit court and and its predecessor, the county court, regarding petitions to open, alter, or close public roads, as mandated by Ch. 89, Acts of 1818. The levy court, replaced by the board of county commissioners in 1851, retained concurrent power to consider petitions to alter roads and held full authority over petitions for private roads. All responsibility for roads was transferred to the county commissioners by Ch. 220, Acts of 1853. Documents for each case contain the petition, sometimes objection statements, court orders, commissioners return including surveys and plats, damage awards to landowners, and ratification of the return. Entries are arranged chronologically by recording date. The court sent copies or abstracts of the proceedings to the levy court, and later the county commissioners. The county government then arranged and paid for the required road work and compensation to landowners. The levy court and the county commissioners transcribed vital information, but not the plat, into (Road Book) in series C872 and C873. Rather than use separate books, the court clerk recorded the road proceedings in land record volumes, usually at the end or beginning, but did not provide references in the land record indexes. The road records are also available on film in series CM508 and CM507. For ways to access these documents through related records, see the descriptions for (Road Descriptions) in series C867 and C868 and (Road Book) in series C872 and C873. For concurrent and later records, see (Road Record) in series C2307 and C2308. The Archives will create an electronic finding aid from the records themselves.

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COURT (Road Record) CM508, 1816-1851

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DateDescriptionLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1816JS 3, p. 76901/38/07/03540341-43-2C871-1
 Details1820-1821JS 10, pp. 619-65401/38/07/04240341-50-2C871-2
 Details1821-1822JS 14, pp. 838-85301/38/08/00140341-54-2C871-3
 Details1823JS 17, pp. 802-80701/38/08/00440341-57-2C871-4
 Details1823-1824JS 18, pp. 744-752, 754-76001/38/08/00540341-58-2C871-5
 Details1825-1826JS 20, pp. 638-67101/38/08/00740341-60-2C871-6
 Details1827JS 24, pp. 668-67601/38/08/01140341-64-2C871-7
 Details1827JS 27, pp. 707-71001/38/08/01440341-67-2C871-8
 Details1827-1828JS 23, pp. 572-60801/38/08/01040341-63-2C871-9
 Details1829JS 29, pp. 676-68801/38/08/01640341-69-2C871-10
 Details1829JS 30, pp. 592-60401/38/08/01740341-70-2C871-11
 Details1829-1830JS 31, pp. 509-53501/38/08/01840341-71-2C871-12
 Details1830JS 34, pp. 621-62201/38/08/02140341-74-2C871-13
 Details1831-1832JS 36, pp. 583-65801/38/08/02340341-76-2C871-14
 Details1831-1832JS 37, pp. 1-18301/38/08/02440341-77-1C871-15
 Details1832JS 43, pp. 1-3701/38/08/03040341-83-1C871-16
 Details1832-1833JS 39, pp. 550-56801/38/08/02640341-79-2C871-17
 Details1833, 1837-1838JS 42, pp. 540-541, 571-58201/38/08/02940341-82-2C871-18
 Details1834-1835JS 44, pp. 425-51201/38/08/03140341-84-2C871-19
 Details1834-1837, 1841JS 50, pp. 485-498, 505-58701/38/08/03740341-90-2C871-20
 Details1835JS 47, pp. 584-58501/38/08/03440341-87-2C871-21
 Details1837JS 49, pp. 556-56401/38/08/03640341-89-2C871-22
 Details1838HS 5, pp. 489-50301/38/08/04240341-95-2C871-23
 Details1839HS 6, pp. 557-57401/38/08/04340341-96-2C871-24
 Details1839-1840HS 7, pp. 575-59501/38/08/04440341-97-2C871-25
 Details1839-1841HS 3, pp. 568-59401/38/08/04040341-93-2C871-26
 Details1841-1842HS 14, pp. 520-53501/38/09/00640341-104-2C871-27
 Details1842JS 40, pp. 543-54701/38/08/02740341-80-2C871-28
 Details1842HS 16, pp. 568-59401/38/09/00840341-106-2C871-29
 Details1844HS 19, pp. 586-58901/38/09/01140341-109-2C871-30
 Details1844HS 20, pp. 567-57801/38/09/01240341-110-2C871-31
 Details1845-1850WBT 1, pp. 593-73001/38/09/01640341-114-2C871-32
 Details1845, 1850-1851WBT 2, pp. 617-625, 634-670, 684-68801/38/09/01740341-115-2C871-33
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