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(Equity Record)

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There is no description for this series.

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COURT (Equity Record) C785, 1815-1851
CIRCUIT COURT (Plat Book, Condominiums) CM1476, 1988-1993

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DateBook NameDescriptionLinkLinksMSA Citation
 Details1815-1816JS 1 Link CE7-1
 Details1817-1818JS 2 Link CE7-2
 Details1819-1820JS 3 Link CE7-3
 Details1821-1822JS 4 Link CE7-4
 Details1823-1824JS 5 LinkCE7-5
 Details1825-1826JS 6 Link CE7-6
 Details1827-1828JS 7 Link CE7-7
 Details1829JS 8 Link CE7-8
 Details1830JS 9 Link CE7-9
 Details1831JS 10 LinkCE7-10
 Details1832JS 11 LinkCE7-11
 Details1833JS 12 LinkCE7-12
 Details1834JS 13Please note: Pages are misnumbered starting at p. 465. There are no pages 465-466; the page that should have been numbered as p. 465 was misnumbered at the time of recordation as p. 467.LinkCE7-13
 Details1835JS 14 Link CE7-14
 Details1836HS 1 Link CE7-15
 Details1837HS 2 Link CE7-16
 Details1838HS 3 Link CE7-17
 Details1839HS 4 Link CE7-18
 Details1840HS 5 Link CE7-19
 Details1841HS 6 Link CE7-20
 Details1842HS 7 Link CE7-21
 Details1843HS 8 Link CE7-22
 Details1844HS 9 Link CE7-23
 Details1845HS 10 Link CE7-24
 Details1846WBT 1 Link CE7-25
 Details1847-1848WBT 2 Link CE7-26
 Details1849WBT 3 Link CE7-27
 Details1850-1851WBT 4 Link CE7-28
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