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(Certificates, Patented, Charles)

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Certificates of survey and plats for tracts of land, filed with the Land Office, for which patents were eventually issued. A certificate of survey is an official description of a plot of land. The Land Office issued warrants of survey to the county surveyor who then generated certificates of survey. Arranged numerically by certificate number. Indexed by (Certificates and Petitions, Index) in series S25. The Archives has created an electronic finding aid from the index in (Patents, CH, Tract Index) in series S1587, to be supplemented by information from the records themselves. Most documents prior to 1704 were destroyed by a fire in Annapolis. No applications for warrants concerning land in Charles County were filed after 1957. The series consists of 1,230 folders, each containing an average of 5 pages of text and plats.

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LAND OFFICE (Certificates, Patented, Oversize, Charles) S1911,

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1793/05/14Patented Certificate 649Locusts Thickett, James Moore, 30 Acres01/25/03/02440009-1/75S1195-1
 Details1827/10/09Patented Certificate 650Long Chase, Matthew Moore, 6 Acres, 2 Rods01/25/03/02440009-76/150S1195-2
 Details1741/11/26Patented Certificate 515Haslips Mistake, John Cornish, 100 Acres01/25/03/02240009-151/225S1195-3
 Details1742/08/13Patented Certificate 742Mistake, Bowling Speake, 572 Acres01/25/03/02540009-226/300S1195-4
 Details1751/05/30Patented Certificate 745Mistake Corrected, John Cornish, 100 Acres 01/25/03/02540009-301/375S1195-5
 Details1766/09/29Patented Certificate 407Friends Advice, Richard Speakes, 64 Acres 01/25/03/02140009-376/450S1195-6
 Details1777/02/13Patented Certificate 1Abberdeens Addition, John Actor Jr., 56 1/2 Acres01/25/03/01640009-451/525S1195-7
 Details1772/10/22Patented Certificate 72Any Thing, George Buckman, 42 Acres01/25/03/01640009-526/600S1195-8
 Details1783/08/11Patented Certificate 2Abbergerry, Resurveyed, Theopholis Hanson, 243 Acres01/25/03/01640009-601/675S1195-9
 Details1776/09/14Patented Certificate 82The Ashen Swamp, Joseph H. Harrison, 15 Acres01/25/03/01740009-676/750S1195-10
 Details1741/11/28Patented Certificate 3Actons Addition, Harvey Acton, 60 Acres01/25/03/01640009-751/825S1195-11
 Details1774/05/20Patented Certificate 4Adams Chance, Rhody Adams, 123 Acres01/25/03/01640009-826/900S1195-12
 Details1744/11/17Patented Certificate 5Adams Outlets, Samuel Adams, 50 Acres01/25/03/01640009-901/975S1195-13
 Details1742/08/06Patented Certificate 6Adams Retirement, Samuel Adams, 100 Acres01/25/03/01640009-976/1050S1195-14
 Details1766/10/31Patented Certificate 7Addition, The, Thomas Shercliff, 64 Acres01/25/03/01640009-1051/1125S1195-15
 Details1754/04/12Patented Certificate 8Addition, The, Thomas Marshall, 191 Acres01/25/03/01640009-1126/1221S1195-16
 Details1791/11/30Patented Certificate 9Addition, The, Zachariah Johnson, 5 Acres, 3 Rods, 9 Perches01/25/03/01640009-17/316S1195-17
 Details1773/03/16Patented Certificate 10Addition, The, William Coomes, 164 Acres01/25/03/00040009-149A-S1195-18
 Details1759/12/19Patented Certificate 11Addition, Nat Trueman Greenfield, 138 Acres01/25/03/01640009-319/617S1195-19
 Details1722/10/12Patented Certificate 12Addition, William Maconchie, 37 Acres01/25/03/01640009-624/753S1195-20
 Details1762/05/08Patented Certificate 13Addition Enlarged, The, John Wheatley, 222 Acres01/25/03/01640009-756/924S1195-21
 Details1734/06/10Patented Certificate 14Addition To Bellmount, Reverent William Maccoucie, 100 Acres01/25/03/01640009-929/1173S1195-22
 Details1802/03/29Patented Certificate 15Addition To Brotherhood, See Sandy Bottom, George W. Sothoron, 25 Acres, 1 Rod, 11 Perches01/25/03/01640009-1176/1221S1195-23
 Details10/20/1772Patented Certificate 16Addition To Candlemap, John Gray, 51 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-24
  Details12/12/1802Patented Certificate 17Addition To Chance, Joseph Chance, 111 Acres, 2 Rods, Joseph Chance01/25/03/016 S1195-25
 Details1725Patented Certificate 18Addition To Clare, Thomas Hagon, 60 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-26
 Details08/27/1773Patented Certificate 19Addition To Comree, Ignatius Fenwicks, 111 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-27
 Details10/24/1770Patented Certificate 20Addition To Darnalls, Delight, The, William Hases, 303 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-28
 Details05/25/1797Patented Certificate 21Addition To Double Trouble Resurveyed, Alex Hamilton, 26 Acres, 3 Rods, 8 Perches01/25/03/016 S1195-29
 Details10/04/1773Patented Certificate 22Addition To Fishing Point, Sarah Coles, 9 3/8 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-30
 Details12/19/1795Patented Certificate 23Addition To Four Brothers Resurveyed, The, Andrew Moran, 76 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-31
 Details04/06/1745Patented Certificate 24Addition To Foxs Race, Edus Birch, 20 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-32
 Details10/04/1806Patented Certificate 25Addition To Friendship, Geeorge Lee, 4 Acres, 2 Rods, 8 Perches01/25/03/016 S1195-33
 Details10/17/1794Patented Certificate 26Addition To Frogs Nest, Lott Mason, 16 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-34
 Details08/21/1794Patented Certificate 27Addition To Geisborough, Charles Beall, 16 Acres, 3 Rods, 38 Perches01/25/03/016 S1195-35
 Details12/04/1766Patented Certificate 28Addition To Gravel Walk, Thomas William, 20 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-36
  Details08/03/1787Patented Certificate 30Addition To Hargraves Venture, George Hargraves, 376 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-37
 Details10/05/1750Patented Certificate 29Addition To Greens Forest, Samuel Harrison, 82 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-38
 Details01/04/1794Patented Certificate 31Addition To Hazards, John Chapuran, 22 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-39
 Details Patented Certificate 32Additio nTo Herefords, Robert Taylor, 70 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-40
 Details01/28/1791Patented Certificate 33Addition To Hickory Thicket, 28 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-41
  Details03/19/1789Patented Certificate 34Addition To Hopewell, George Hargrovers, 142 1/2 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-42
 Details11/12/1725Patented Certificate 35Addition To Hull, and Mount Paradice, Stephen Cawoods, 140 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-43
 Details10/25/1767Patented Certificate 37Addition To Johnsons Beginning, The, Danil Jenifer, 86 1/2 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-44
  Details07/18/1821Patented Certificate 36Addition To Jenkins Poor Chance, 249 Acres, 22 Rods01/25/03/016 S1195-45
 Details10/29/1791Patented Certificate 38Addition To Mayday, Frederick Stone, 168 Acres, 1 Rods, 16 Perches01/25/03/016 S1195-46
 Details03/20/1733Patented Certificate 39Addition To May Day, L. Smallwood, 131 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-47
 Details05/26/1794Patented Certificate 40Addition To May Day Enlarged, Margaret, Danel of Mildred Stone, 6 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-48
 Details09/15/1756Patented Certificate 41Addition To None Such, William Winter, 60 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-49
 Details03/25/1765Patented Certificate 42Addition To Nothing Venture Nothing Have, James Maccottee01/25/03/016 S1195-50
  Details10/05/1789Patented Certificate 43Addition To Old Scottlands, Joseph Johnson, 149 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-51
 Details06/09/1727Patented Certificate 44Addition To Preston, Richard Wilson, 20 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-52
 Details06/25/1728Patented Certificate 45Addition To Robertus, Robert Hanson, 28 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-53
  Details04/18/1788Patented Certificate 46Addition To Sandy Levils, Catherine Thomas, 253 1/2 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-54
 Details11/29/1799Patented Certificate 47Addition To Scuffle Disappointed, Henry Green, 3 Acres, 2 Rods01/25/03/016 S1195-55
 Details1725Patented Certificate 48Addition To Shipwright Woodyards, Richard Barborn01/25/03/016 S1195-56
 Details12/26/1811Patented Certificate 49Addition To St. Johns, Elizabeth Gwinn, 662 Acres, 1 Rods, 13 Perches01/25/03/016 S1195-57
 Details08/27/1729Patented Certificate 50Addition To Stony Ridge, Richard Doavors, 50 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-58
 Details06/10/1754Patented Certificate 51Addition To The Carrott Bedd Enlarged, Thomas Beall, 185 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-59
 Details01/14/1786Patented Certificate 52Addition To Rhe Dry Branch, John Gray, 47 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-60
 Details11/20/1756Patented Certificate 53Addition To The Four Brothers, The, Andrew Moran, 60 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-61
 Details11/22/1790Patented Certificate 54Addition To The Maze, Alexander Hambleton, 35 Acres, 3 Rods, 30 Rods01/25/03/016 S1195-62
 Details11/29/1799Patented Certificate 55Addition To The Meadow, Henry Green, 2 Rods, 36 Perches01/25/03/016 S1195-63
 Details07/28/1768Patented Certificate 56Addition To The Mistake, Thomas H. Marshall, 9 3/4 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-64
 Details09/17/1772Patented Certificate 57Addition To Three Brothers, The, Phillip R. Fendall, 60 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-65
 Details12/02/1799Patented Certificate 58Addition To Three Brothers Hargmans Neglect and Good Neighborhood, Henry Good, 6 Acres, 1 Rods, 5 Perches01/25/03/016 S1195-66
 Details08/18/1742Patented Certificate 59Addition To Winterton, William Winters, 100 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-67
 Details02/14/1744Patented Certificate 60Alexanders Chance, Alexander McDaniel, 50 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-68
 Details1725Patented Certificate 61Allans Addition, Allan Davis, 200 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-69
 Details11/30/1796Patented Certificate 62All Dispute, Benjamin Luckett and others, 43 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-70
 Details02/16/1724Patented Certificate 63Allens Grove, Allen Davis, 350 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-71
 Details06/13/1734Patented Certificate 64Allisons Secret, Thomas Allison, 100 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-72
 Details12/21/1812Patented Certificate 65Amendment, Arian Scott and Garmelick Flanigan, 114 Acres, 3 Rods, 17 Perches01/25/03/016 S1195-73
 Details11/09/1737Patented Certificate 66Amendment, Thomas Smallwood, 250 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-74
 Details10/12/1733Patented Certificate 67Amendment, William Godprey, 155 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-75
 Details11/06/1741Patented Certificate 68Admendment, James Semones, 200 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-76
 Details09/29/1763Patented Certificate 69America Felix, Sabina Truman Marshall, 152 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-77
 Details10/20/1724Patented Certificate 70Amsterdam, Joseph Harrison, 427 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-78
 Details07/20/1741Patented Certificate 71Anterwerp, Richard Harrisons, 146 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-79
 Details09/29/1762Patented Certificate 73Anything, Henry S. Hawkins, 18 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-80
 Details12/09/1806Patented Certificate 74Arabiah Enlarged, 78 Acres, 1 Rod, 4 Perches01/25/03/016 S1195-81
 Details09/01/1729Patented Certificate 75Archibalds Desent, John Philburke, 100 Acres01/25/03/016 S1195-82
 Details03/31/1793Patented Certificate 76The Argyle, Robert Lawson, 157 Acres01/25/03/017 S1195-83
 Details07/13/1743Patented Certificate 77The Arguile, Thomas Matthews, 156 Acres01/25/03/017 S1195-84
 Details11/04/1774Patented Certificate 78Arrow Point, Joseph Hansen Harrison, 18 Acres01/25/03/017 S1195-85
 Details07/01/1791Patented Certificate 79The Arrow Point, Alexander Hamilton, 3 Acres, 2 Rods, 30 Perches01/25/03/017 S1195-86
 Details10/18/1792Patented Certificate 80Arvins Dispute, Joshua Arvin, 124 Acres, 1 Rod, 36 Perches01/25/03/017 S1195-87
  Details05/20/1790Patented Certificate 81Arvins Enlargement, Alexander Hamilton, 243 Acres, 2 Rods, 29 Perches01/25/03/017 S1195-88
  Details01/29/1831Patented Certificate 83 Ash Swamp, Delia and Joseph Henry Cooksey, 442 3/4 Acres01/25/03/017 S1195-89
 Details09/15/1743Patented Certificate 84Aspanals Chance Enlargement, James Skinner, 110 Acres01/25/03/017 S1195-90
 Details09/23/1723Patented Certificate 85Assinton, Richard Edelin, 630 Acres01/25/03/017 S1195-91
  Details01/03/1798Patented Certificate 86Assinton Resurveyed, Edward Edelen, 587 Acres01/25/03/017 S1195-92
 Details1725Patented Certificate 87Atchisons Hazard, William Atchison, 2 1/2 Acres01/25/03/017 S1195-93
 Details11/15/1782Patented Certificate 88Atchisons Hazard, Henry Acton Jr, 387 Acres01/25/03/017 S1195-94
 Details06/09/1727Patented Certificate 89Atchisons Woodyard, William Atchison, 86 Acres01/25/03/017 S1195-95
 Details01/28/1843Patented Certificate 90Bad Bargain, Francis E. Darington, 323 Acres01/25/03/017 S1195-96
 Details09/15/1760Patented Certificate 91Bad Weather, Benjamin Thomas, 100 Acres01/25/03/017 S1195-97
 Details07/23/1720Patented Certificate 92Baggots Wood Yards, Samuel Baggot, 150 Acres01/25/03/017 S1195-98
 Details07/09/1734Patented Certificate 93Baltimore Bounty, Alexander Couter, 1173 Acres01/25/03/017 S1195-99
 Details10/06/1732Patented Certificate 94Barbers Hazard, Richard Barber,01/25/03/017 S1195-100
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