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(Certificates, Patented, Harford)

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Certificates of survey and plats for tracts of land, filed with the Land Office, for which patents were eventually issued. A certificate of survey is an official description of a plot of land. The Land Office issued warrants of survey to the county surveyor who then generated certificates of survey. Arranged numerically by certificate number. Available on film in series SM77. Indexed by (Certificates and Petitions, Index) in series S25. The Archives has created an electronic finding aid from the index in (Patents, HA, Tract Index) in series S1592, to be supplemented by information from the records themselves. For records after 1967, see (Warrants) in series S1285. The series consists of 928 folders, each containing an average of 5 pages of text and plats.

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LAND OFFICE (Certificates, Patented, Oversize, Harford) S1929,
LAND OFFICE (Certificates, Patented, Harford) SM77, 1774-1967

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1774-1967 1-75 01/25/05/00640013-1/75S1199-1
 Details1774-1967 76-150 01/25/05/00740013-76/150S1199-2
 Details1774-1967 151-225 01/25/05/00840013-151/225S1199-3
 Details1894/07/11Patented Certificate 1Abattis, J. Martin McNabb, 17 Acres 2 Rods, 23 Perches01/25/05/00640013-226/300S1199-4
 Details1827/07/07Patented Certificate 2Abby Island Point, Jacob Rittinhouse, 17 Acres, 27 Perches01/25/05/00640013-301/375S1199-5
 Details1790/08/02Patented Certificate 3Abbyssinia, James Madden, 161 Acres01/25/05/00640013-376/450S1199-6
 Details1793/05/25Patented Certificate 4Ability, Henry Myers, 163 1/2 Acres01/25/05/00640013-451/525S1199-7
  Details1784/02/18Patented Certificate 5Abingdons Widow, Richard Dallam, 19 1/4 Acres01/25/05/00640013-526/600S1199-8
 Details1800/05/27Patented Certificate 6Abrahams Pleasure, Jesse Jarrett, 314 Acres01/25/05/00640013-601/675S1199-9
 Details1796/01/18Patented Certificate 7Abrahams Talley, Elisha Jarrett, 88 Acres01/25/05/00640013-676/750S1199-10
 Details1854/01/24Patented Certificate 8Accident, Samuel G. McKnutt, 16 1/2 Acres01/25/05/00640013-751/825S1199-11
 Details1798/10/10Patented Certificate 9Addition,Henry Richardson, 30 1/4 Acres01/25/05/00640013-826/915S1199-12
 Details1790/02/08Patented Certificate 10Addition, William Amos, 104 Acres01/25/05/00640013-5/690S1199-13
 Details1795/11/30Patented Certificate 11Addition, Matthew Wiley, 129 Acres01/25/05/00640013-714/894S1199-14
 Details05/29/1838Patented Certificate 12Addition, John Kirk and Jeremiah B. Haines, 18 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-15
 Details1797, 2005Patented Certificate 13Addition, John Forwood, 46 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-16
 Details11/15/1806Patented Certificate 14Addition, James Barnett, 14 1/4 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-17
 Details03/29/1887Patented Certificate 15Addition, Lewis B. Robinson and Alphonso Robinson, 14 Acres, 1 Perch01/25/05/006 S1199-18
 Details09/28/1808Patented Certificate 16Addition, Aquila Hall, 3 Acres, 33 Perches01/25/05/006 S1199-19
 Details11/11/1802Patented Certificate 17Addition, Robert Amoss, 112 1/2 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-20
 Details06/09/1795Patented Certificate 18Addition to Arms Delight, John Rumsey, 111 3/4 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-21
 Details08/31/1799Patented Certificate 19Addition to Bell Farm, Monica Rutledge, Tracey McAtec, HeneriettaWheeler, Francis Ignatious Wheeler, Mary Ann Wheeler, Bennett Wheeler, Ignatius Wheeler, and Elizabeth Wheeler, 141 1/4 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-22
 Details09/15/1797Patented Certificate 20Addition to Bonds Gratiuty, George Lucky, 42 3/4 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-23
 Details06/26/1797Patented Certificate 21Addition to Bonds Pleasant Hills, John Ford, 50 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-24
 Details01/01/1786Patented Certificate 22Addition to Bush Grove Resurveyed, William West, 183 3/4 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-25
 Details02/24/1806Patented Certificate 26Addition to Drunkards Harbour, James Johnson, 4 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-26
 Details05/19/1803Patented Certificate 24Addition to Fathers Last Will, Moses Maxwell, 5 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-27
 Details04/03/1841Patented Certificate 25Addition to James Delight Enlarged, Richard K. Kirkwood, 2 Acres, 9 Perches01/25/05/006 S1199-28
 Details01/18/1812Patented Certificate 26Addition to Joneses Inheirtance, Robert Saunders, 69 Perches01/25/05/006 S1199-29
 Details01/07/1818Patented Certificate 37Addition to Triangle, James Watson, 9 1/4 Acres, 31 Perches01/25/05/006 S1199-30
 Details12/07/1802Patented Certificate 27Addition to Pleasant Hills, Isaac Henry, 10 1/4 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-31
 Details12/01/1792Patented Certificate 28Addition to Rampleys Venture, James Rampley, 32 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-32
 Details02/10/1835Patented Certificate 29Addition to Rock Island, John Kerr, 1 Rod, 9 Perches01/25/05/006 S1199-33
 Details07/05/1834Patented Certificate 30Addition to Shad Island, Thomas Patten, Samual Kerr and Robert Kerr, 114 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-34
 Details11/24/1794Patented Certificate 31Addition to Sidses Range, Henry Johnson, 42 3/4 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-35
 Details12/29/1820Patented Certificate 32Addition to Slades, William Slade, 90 Perches01/25/05/006 S1199-36
 Details01/14/1828Patented Certificate 33Addition to St. Omers, John Forwood, 2 Acres, 23 Perches01/25/05/006 S1199-37
 Details04/11/1794Patented Certificate 34Addition to Streets Pleasant Hills, Thomas Street, 25 3/4 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-38
 Details12/10/1784Patented Certificate 35Additions to the End, Edward Norris, 45 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-39
 Details01/10/1811Patented Certificate 36Addition to Timber Grove, John Yellott, 20 1/2 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-40
 Details06/20/1803Patented Certificate 38Addition to Union, Josias W. Dallam, 2/12 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-41
 Details11/25/1785Patented Certificate 39Addition to John Wards Intent, John Ward Jr., 71 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-42
 Details11/28/1807Patented Certificate 40Addition to Woodyard, William Allen, 4 3/4 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-43
 Details01/16/1860Patented Certificate 41Adventure, John K. Sappington and William B. Rowland, 40 7/100 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-44
 Details12/12/1803Patented Certificate 42Adventure Resurveyed, John Forwood, 102 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-45
 Details06/28/1804Patented Certificate 43Agreement, James Carlen, 6 3/4 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-46
 Details10/05/1789Patented Certificate 44Airey Hall, Thomas Ayre, 22 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-47
 Details05/07/1844Patented Certificate 45Airy Anns Inheritance, Airy Ann Towson, 6 Acres, 3 Rods, 7 Perches01/25/05/006 S1199-48
 Details05/20/1794Patented Certificate 46Alberts Hope, Jacob Albert, 111 1/201/25/05/006 S1199-49
 Details04/30/1832Patented Certificate 47Alder Island, Henry Wesley, 12 Acres, 65 Perches01/25/05/006 S1199-50
 Details05/18/1795Patented Certificate 48Alice Garden, Benjamin Lukens, 261 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-51
 Details08/04/1824Patented Certificate 49Allenders Lot, William Allender, 37 1/2 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-52
 Details12/21/1838Patented Certificate 50Aluvion, James Bosley and George Gale, 467 Acres, 2 Rods, 23 Perches01/25/05/006 S1199-53
 Details12/21/1793Patented Certificate 51Amos and Myers Puzzle, Jesse Jarrett, 608 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-54
 Details10/02/1798Patented Certificate 52Amos's Chance, Robert Amos, 73 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-55
 Details10/15/1800Patented Certificate 53Amoss Farms, Benjamin Amos, 54 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-56
 Details12/11/1798Patented Certificate 54Amosses Industry, Benjamin Amos, 164 1/2 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-57
 Details09/24/1806Patented Certificate 55Amoses Inheritance, Robert Amos, Junior, 2 1/2 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-58
 Details10/22/1794Patented Certificate 56Amosses Outlett,William Amos, 69 3/4 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-59
 Details01/14/1800Patented Certificate 57Amosses Plains, Robert Amos Junior, 118 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-60
 Details03/16/1801Patented Certificate 58Amosses Purchase, John Hall, 78 1/4 Acre01/25/05/006 S1199-61
 Details03/18/1794Patented Certificate 59Amosses Range, William Amos, 158 1/4 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-62
 Details03/29/1797Patented Certificate 60Andersons Lott, Catherine Anderson, 204 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-63
 Details05/14/1796Patented Certificate 61Angle, Thomas Ayres, 10 1/2 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-64
 Details11/30/1803Patented Certificate 62Anns Addition, Hugh Parks, 48 1/2 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-65
 Details11/28/1797Patented Certificate 63Anns Delight, Benjamin Rumsey, 242 3/4 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-66
  Details02/26/1793Patented Certificate 64Anns Delight Enlarged, William Morgan, 409 3/4 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-67
 Details01/02/1835Patented Certificate 65Anns Grove, John Forwood, 47 Acres, 3 Rods, 3 Perches01/25/05/006 S1199-68
 Details05/11/1797Patented Certificate 66Anns Lott, Ralph Bond, 104 1/2 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-69
 Details12/27/1814Patented Certificate 67Aquiles Angle, John Neepen, 3 1/2 Acres, 21 Perches01/25/05/006 S1199-70
 Details02/16/1856Patented Certificate 68Aquilas Lot, John Donoho, 12 3/4 Acres,01/25/05/006 S1199-71
 Details05/29/1795Patented Certificate 69Archys Refuse, John Street, 9 1/2 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-72
 Details11/30/1795Patented Certificate 70Arrabella, Thomas Ayres, 48 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-73
 Details01/27/1820Patented Certificate 71Atkinsons Pleasant Plains, Isaac Atkinson, 119 1/2 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-74
 Details05/16/1788Patented Certificate 72Bachelors Hall, Robert Kirkwood, 157 1/2 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-75
 Details12/19/1776Patented Certificate 73Bachelors Neighbour, William Cox, 14 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-76
 Details12/04/1794Patented Certificate 74Bakers Mistake, John Thomas, 37 1/2 Acres01/25/05/006 S1199-77
 Details04/13/1800Patented Certificate 75Bald Eagle, Archibald Harvey, 166 3/4 Acre01/25/05/006 S1199-78
 Details12/12/1789Patented Certificate 76Baldwin and Ashton Innocency, William Baldwin and Joseph Ashton, 92 1/2 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-79
 Details08/20/1789Patented Certificate 77Baldwins Purchase, William Baldwin, 60 3/4 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-80
 Details03/05/1800Patented Certificate 78Barclays Slipe, John Barclay, 6 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-81
 Details10/23/1800Patented Certificate 79Barnes Rupalta, Bennett Barnes, 228 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-82
 Details04/15/1802Patented Certificate 80Barnetts Desire, Mark Barnett, 185 3/4 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-83
 Details06/11/1792Patented Certificate 81Barnetts Troubles, James Barnett, 61 3/4 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-84
 Details12/05/1800Patented Certificate 82Barron Hills and Pleasant Streams, James Rampley, 20 1/4 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-85
 Details01/21/1997Patented Certificate 83Bartens Neglect Corrected, Jesse Jarrett, 14 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-86
 Details10/05/1789Patented Certificate 84Batchelors Addition, Nathaniel Wyley, 100 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-87
 Details01/07/1801Patented Certificate 85Bays Addition,Hugh Bay, 24 1/2 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-88
 Details06/29/1789Patented Certificate 86Bays Hills, Hugh Bay, 147 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-89
 Details02/20/1832Patented Certificate 87Bays Hunting Ground, Thomas Bay, 26 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-90
 Details10/16/1814Patented Certificate 88Bealls Risk, Evan Beall, 16 1/2 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-91
 Details12/04/1800Patented Certificate 89Beatys Desire, William Beaty, 119 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-92
 Details12/15/1789Patented Certificate 90Beautiful Plains, Samuel Richardson, 305 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-93
 Details05/23/1800Patented Certificate 91Beautiful Plaines, Bennett Jarrett, 287 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-94
 Details07/20/1816Patented Certificate 92Beautiful Prospect, William McCoy, 86 1/4 Acres, 5 Perches01/25/05/007 S1199-95
 Details02/13/1794Patented Certificate 93Bednal Green, William Ford, 137 1/2 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-96
 Details02/26/1805Patented Certificate 94Belgium, Phillip Doran, 40 1/4 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-97
 Details10/25/1800Patented Certificate 95Belgrade, Abraham Jarrett, 42 1/4 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-98
 Details01/01/1800Patented Certificate 96Belguard, Thomas Bond Onion, 417 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-99
  Details03/16/1786Patented Certificate 97Bell Farm, Isaac Webster, Isaac Mafsey, and Aquila Mafsey,1001 1/2 Acres01/25/05/007 S1199-100
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