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(Certificates, Unpatented, Allegany)

Series Description
Certificates of survey and plats for tracts of land, filed with the Land Office, for which patents were not issued at that time. A certificate of survey is an official description of a plot of land. The Land Office issued warrants of survey to the county surveyor who then generated certificates of survey. Arranged numerically by certificate number. Indexed by (Certificates and Petitions, Index) in series S25, (Patents, AL, Tract Index) in series S1580, and (Patents, Index) in series S1426. The Archives has created an electronic finding aid from the index in series S1580, to be supplemented by information from the records themselves. The Land Office received no certificates for unpatentable land in Allegany County between 1931 and 1967. For records after 1967, see (Warrants) in series S1285. The series consists of 1,046 folders, each containing an average of 3 pages of text and plats.

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LAND OFFICE (Certificates, Unpatented, Oversize, Allegany) S1932,

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1834/10/28Unpatented Certificate 273Experiment, William Lamar, 582 5/8 Acres01/25/01/04440025-1/100S1211-1
 Details1725-1931 101-200 01/25/01/04340025-101/200S1211-2
 Details1725-1931 201-300 01/25/01/04440025-201/300S1211-3
 Details1725-1931 301-400 01/25/01/04540025-301/400S1211-4
 Details1725-1931 401-500 01/25/01/04640025-401/500S1211-5
 Details1725-1931 501-600 01/25/01/04740025-501/600S1211-6
 Details1725-1931 601-700 01/25/01/04840025-601/700S1211-7
 Details1725-1931 701-800 01/25/01/04940025-701/800S1211-8
 Details1725-1931 801-886 01/25/01/05040025-801/886S1211-9
 Details1725-1931 887-941 01/25/01/05140025-887/941S1211-10
 Details1725-1931 942-1008 01/25/01/05240025-942/1008S1211-11
 Details1725-1931 oversize 1-352 01/26/03/00740025-1/352S1211-12
 Details1725-1931 jumbo oversize 188, 377 B5/11/03/00040025-188/377S1211-13
 Details1725-1931 oversize 381-697 01/26/03/00840025-381/697S1211-14
 Details1725-1931 oversize 701-1005 01/26/03/00940025-701/1005S1211-15
 Details06/24/1822Unpatented Certificate 20Beall, John, Addition to Oilstone Hill 01/25/01/042 S1211-20
 Details1791Unpatented Certificate 202Scott, William and Joseph Scott, Craggy Rocks; 199 1/4 Acres01/26/02/035 S1211-21
 Details05/13/1795Unpatented Certificate 1Addition, Peter Devecmon, 2507 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-22
 Details Unpatented Certificate 2Addition, John Davidson, 2421 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-23
 Details06/18/1805Unpatented Certificate 3Addition, Partick Murdock, 295 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-24
 Details05/24/1803Unpatented Certificate 4Addition, Benjami G. Vaughan, 16 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-25
 Details03/23/1796Unpatented Certificate 5Addition, William Wilson, 32 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-26
 Details11/19/1844Unpatented Certificate 6Addition To Amhurst, Daniel McLaughlin, 135 3/8 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-27
 Details11/09/1810Unpatented Certificate 7Addition To Anything, William Hendrickson, 10 1/4 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-28
 Details10/05/1794Unpatented Certificate 8Addition To Ayers Caution, Moses Ayers, 537 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-29
 Details06/03/1796Unpatented Certificate 9Addition To Ayres Fancy, Moses Ayres, 394 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-30
 Details05/25/1796Unpatented Certificate 10Addition To Bachelors Folly, Griffin Johnson, Jr., 16 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-31
 Details12/16/1842Unpatented Certificate 11Addition To Beall Wisdom, Thomas Beall, 21 5/8 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-32
 Details06/18/1866Unpatented Certificate 12Addition To Carrybraugh, James Chisholm, Sr., 6 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-33
 Details01/27/1813Unpatented Certificate 13Addition To Chestnut Level, George Hinkle, 54 1/4 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-34
 Details11/04/1892Unpatented Certificate 13AAddition To Cream, Jonathan Dolan, 8 5/8 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-35
 Details01/25/1836Unpatented Certificate 14Addition To Fat Bacon, Nathan Riley, 64 1/4 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-36
 Details05/14/1810Unpatented Certificate 15Addition To Folksborough, John Folck, 476 1/2 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-37
 Details07/05/1814Unpatented Certificate 16Addition To Good Spring, Henry McKinley and Ninian Cockran, 55 3/4 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-38
 Details05/12/1795Unpatented Certificate 17Addition To Locust Tree Bottom, Jacob Boyer, Jr., 68 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-39
 Details12/31/1816Unpatented Certificate 18Addition To Lot 3860, William Barnes, 13 1/2 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-40
 Details11/24/1863Unpatented Certificate 19Addition To Mount Michael, Michael Twigg, 30 5/8 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-41
 Details06/24/1822Unpatented Certificate 20Addition To Oilstone Hill, John Beall, 45 11/16 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-42
 Details02/23/1849Unpatented Certificate 21Addition To Rattler, Daniel I. Hoye, 169 1/4 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-43
 Details07/13/1871Unpatented Certificate 22Addition To Rush Row, Harman Brinkman and Frederick Brinkman, 120 7/8 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-44
 Details05/20/1820Unpatented Certificate 23Addition To Shepherds Sheepfold, Henry Carroll, 55 1/4 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-45
 Details02/23/1822Unpatented Certificate 24Addition To Snow Hill, George P. Hinkle, 16 1/2 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-46
 Details01/16/1867Unpatented Certificate 25Addition To Spring Vale, John B. Davis, 50 1/16 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-47
 Details01/18/1815Unpatented Certificate 26Addition To Stillhouse, Joseph Robinet, Jr., 14 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-48
 Details09/15/1868Unpatented Certificate 27Addition To Tanbark, Michael O. Twigg, 47 1/2 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-49
 Details09/02/1793Unpatented Certificate 28Addition To The Hotel, John Simpkins, 341 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-50
 Details05/30/1796Unpatented Certificate 29Addition To The Lilly Of The Valley, Jesse Tomlinson, 2304 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-51
 Details11/09/1811Unpatented Certificate 30Addition To His Resurvey On Abedonigoes Choice, John Twigg, 19 1/2 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-52
 Details08/11/1797Unpatented Certificate 31Addition To The Three Springs, Peter Devecmon, 84 3/4 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-53
 Details08/10/1796Unpatented Certificate 32Addition To Three Springs, Daniel Fetter, 84 3/4 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-54
 Details08/20/1816Unpatented Certificate 33Addition To Timberland, Thomas H. Beall, 8 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-55
 Details08/05/1793Unpatented Certificate 34Addition To Walnut Ridge, Thomas Gassaway, 27 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-56
 Details03/04/1840Unpatented Certificate 35Adelia, William Mahoney, 292 5/8 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-57
 Details12/10/1796Unpatented Certificate 36Adventure, John Simkins, 3494 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-58
 Details10/02/1794Unpatented Certificate 37Adventure, John Simpkins, 530 1/4 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-59
 Details05/28/1814Unpatented Certificate 38Aetna Mount, William Lamar, 11 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-60
 Details09/07/1852Unpatented Certificate 39Agathos, James Browning, 380 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-61
 Details05/16/1897Unpatented Certificate 40Albania, Charles Oliver, 350 1/8 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-62
 Details06/06/1817Unpatented Certificate 41Alexandretta, John H. Alexander, 50 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-63
 Details03/19/1792Unpatented Certificate 43Allegany, Joseph Lyons, 83 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-65
 Details11/28/1795Unpatented Certificate 44Allegany Forrest, Ignatius Pigman, 21946 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-66
 Details05/30/1797Unpatented Certificate 45Allegany Forrest, His Excellency, John H. Stone, 20536 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-67
 Details12/07/1819Unpatented Certificate 46All That’s Left, Jesse Tomlinson, 8 Acres, 16 Perches01/25/01/042 S1211-68
 Details01/06/1831Unpatented Certificate 47Amendment, Jesse Tomlinson, 153 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-69
 Details10/20/1836Unpatented Certificate 48Ames, John L. Browning, 50 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-70
 Details11/14/1808Unpatented Certificate 49Amicably Adjusted, Heirs Of Samuel Street, 131 1/8 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-71
 Details09/15/1847Unpatented Certificate 50Amity, James Twigg, 16 1/8 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-72
 Details01/30/1836Unpatented Certificate 51Ammon, Elzy Twigg, 56 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-73
 Details07/18/1877Unpatented Certificate 52Amos, Amos Gross, 19 3/4 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-74
 Details09/03/1795Unpatented Certificate 53Andrew Was Deceived, Andrew Buckelew, 27 1/2 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-75
 Details04/07/1792Unpatented Certificate 54Anything, William Hendrickson, 10 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-76
 Details05/10/1802Unpatented Certificate 55Anything, Andrew Rice, 10 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-77
 Details05/28/1835Unpatented Certificate 56Appleby, James Roddy, 100 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-78
 Details12/06/1838Unpatented Certificate 57Arbela, James Twigg, 14 1/4 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-79
 Details11/08/1841Unpatented Certificate 58Arcadia, William Workman, 53 1/2 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-80
 Details01/28/1846Unpatented Certificate 59Arcadia, Hanson B. Pigman and Nathaniel Pigman, 231 5/8 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-81
 Details04/07/1859Unpatented Certificate 60Arizona, Edward Oneal, 24 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-82
 Details11/27/1794Unpatented Certificate 61Ash Bottom, William Johnson, 6 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-83
 Details05/04/1848Unpatented Certificate 62Ashbyville, Jesse J. Ashby, 237 1/2 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-84
 Details12/11/1848Unpatented Certificate 63Ashland, Denton D. Brown, 43 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-85
 Details02/27/1867Unpatented Certificate 64Ashs Glade, John M. Brewer, 210 5/8 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-86
 Details02/01/1832Unpatented Certificate 65Athens, George Athey, 16 3/8 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-87
 Details02/26/1864Unpatented Certificate 66Avondale, Florence Thomas, 11 7/10 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-88
 Details08/05/1793Unpatented Certificate 67Ayres Caution, Moses Ayres, 303 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-89
 Details09/04/1793Unpatented Certificate 68Ayres Fancy, John Brooke Beall, 308 1/2 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-90
 Details11/30/1847Unpatented Certificate 69Balance, James Twigg, 20 5/8 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-91
 Details07/24/1878Unpatented Certificate 70Bald Hill, Thomas J. Rollins, 8 11/16 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-92
 Details03/09/1815Unpatented Certificate 70ABalsers Luck, Lewis Crabtree, 69 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-93
 Details01/09/1838Unpatented Certificate 71Barbara, John Matthews, 15 1/8 Acers01/25/01/042 S1211-94
 Details12/28/1825Unpatented Certificate 71BBattram, John Friend, 7 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-95
 Details10/30/1866Unpatented Certificate 72Beachys First, John C. Beachy, 200 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-96
 Details01/05/1793Unpatented Certificate 73Bealls Addition, David Beall, 27 3/4 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-97
 Details07/24/1806Unpatented Certificate 74Bealls Coalmine, Thomas Beall, 48 1/2 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-98
 Details10/13/1796Unpatented Certificate 75Bealls Folly, Thomas Beall, 20 1/4 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-99
 Details11/26/1805Unpatented Certificate 76Bealls Good Luck, David Beall, 18 1/4 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-100
 Details12/24/1793Unpatented Certificate 77Bealls Plains, David Beall, 10 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-101
 Details04/03/1812Unpatented Certificate 78Bealls Wisdom, Thomas Beall, 13 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-102
 Details10/11/1805Unpatented Certificate 79Bealls Wish, Thomas Beall, 50 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-103
 Details01/12/1850Unpatented Certificate 80Bears Den, Solomon Sibert, 400 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-104
 Details05/18/1795Unpatented Certificate 81Beattys Plains, John Conrod Beatty, 9113 Acres01/25/01/042 S1211-105
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