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(Certificates, Unpatented, Anne Arundel)

Series Description
Certificates of survey and plats for tracts of land, filed with the Land Office, for which patents were not issued at that time. A certificate of survey is an official description of a plot of land. The Land Office issued warrants of survey to the county surveyor who then generated certificates of survey. Arranged numerically by certificate number. Indexed by (Certificates and Petitions, Index) in series S25, (Patents, AA, Tract Index) in series S1581, and (Patents, Index) in series S1426. The Archives has created an electronic finding aid from the index in series S1581, to be supplemented by information from the records themselves. Most documents prior to 1704 were destroyed by a fire in Annapolis. The Land Office received no certificates for unpatentable land in Anne Arundel County between 1960 and 1967. For records after 1967, see (Warrants) in series S1285. The series consists of 470 folders, each containing an average of 3 pages of text and plats.

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LAND OFFICE (Certificates, Unpatented, Oversize, Anne Arundel) S1904,

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1713/12/02Unpatented Certificate 1Abington, James Finley, 689 Acres01/25/01/07740026-1/100S1212-1
 Details1794/12/18Unpatented Certificate 2Acorn Hill and Addition to Acorn Hill, John Welsh, 74 3/4 Acres01/25/01/07740026-101/200S1212-2
 Details1831/09/19Unpatented Certificate 3Additon, Richard J. Jones, 3528 Acres01/25/01/07740026-201/300S1212-3
 Details1782/10/21Unpatented Certificate 4Addition, John Snowden and Thomas Snowden, 149 Acres01/25/01/07740026-301/390S1212-4
 Details1702/04/15Unpatented Certificate 5Addition, William Taylor, 175 Acres01/25/01/07740026-391/461S1212-5
 Details1837/01/04Unpatented Certificate 6Addition To Accord, Benjamin Hood, 14 Acres, 1 Rod, 20 Perches01/25/01/07740026-4/459S1212-6
 Details1796/06/13Unpatented Certificate 7Additon To Belts Purchase, John Sprigg Belt, 1 5/8 Acres01/25/01/07740026-329S1212-7
 Details08/12/1782Unpatented Certificate 8Addition To Corys Retirement, Benjamin Stevens and Vachel Stevens, Jr., 21 1/2 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-8
 Details11/21/1725Unpatented Certificate 9Addition To Dorseys Angles, Joshua Dorsey, 630 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-9
 Details06/12/1787Unpatented Certificate 10Addition To Good Neighbourhood, Joshua Hood, 35 Acres, 75 Perches01/25/01/077 S1212-10
 Details12/28/1770Unpatented Certificate 11Addition to Hollitts Lot, George Connoway, 11 7/8 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-11
 Details07/16/1771Unpatented Certificate 12Addition To Homewoods Range, John Davis, 8 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-12
 Details09/23/1780Unpatented Certificate 13Addition ToLocust Hill, Thomas Collins, 19 1/4 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-13
 Details05/19/1797Unpatented Certificate 14Addition To Lot Number 54, Frederick Green, 14924 Square Feet01/25/01/077 S1212-14
 Details09/26/1783Unpatented Certificate 15Addition To Padgett, Col. John Weems, 5/8 Acre01/25/01/077 S1212-15
 Details10/08/1790Unpatented Certificate 16Addition To Partnership, Lancelot Dorsey, 15 Acres, 36 Perches01/25/01/077 S1212-16
 Details02/05/1798Unpatented Certificate 17Addition To Snowdens Reputation Supported, Richard Hopkins, 31 3/4 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-17
 Details02/03/1795Unpatented Certificate 18Addition To South Canton, Rezin Hammond, 3 1/4 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-18
 Details02/03/1795Unpatented Certificate 19Addition Th The Addition to Chance, Rezin Hammond, 2 3/8 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-19
 Details05/24/1775Unpatented Certificate 20Addition To The Remnant, Joshua Griffith, 5 1/2 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-20
 Details06/06/1807Unpatented Certificate 21Addition To Wrights Dividend, Henry Evans and Henry Dorsey, 1 23/160 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-21
 Details02/15/1755Unpatented Certificate 22Alexandera, Alexander Cromwell, 58 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-22
 Details07/02/1809Unpatented Certificate 23Alexander The Second, William Alexander, 510 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-23
 Details07/05/1833Unpatented Certificate 24Alleines Choice, Thomas Allein, 5 1/4 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-24
 Details01/13/1812Unpatented Certificate 25Alleins Bank On Patapsco, Charles Ridgley and Company, 120 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-25
 Details08/14/1773Unpatented Certificate 26Andersons First Adventure, Joseph H. Anderson, 13 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-26
 Details06/15/1783Unpatented Certificate 27Angle, Thomas Tongue, 19 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-27
 Details09/30/1738Unpatented Certificate 28Part Of anne Arundel Manor, Henry Coale, 100 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-28
 Details08/20/1738Unpatented Certificate 30Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Charles Connant, 60 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-29
 Details06/30/1737Unpatented Certificate 29Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Henry Coale, 100 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-30
 Details08/12/1738Unpatented Certificate 31Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, John Cheney, 100 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-31
 Details11/09/1739Unpatented Certificate 32Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, John Darnall, 100 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-32
 Details09/16/1738Unpatented Certificate 34Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Robert Gott, 50 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-33
 Details02/28/1738Unpatented Certificate 33Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Anthony Gott, 65 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-34
 Details11/09/1737Unpatented Certificate 35Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Robert Gott, 100 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-35
 Details08/24/1738Unpatented Certificate 36Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Ephraim Gover, 50 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-36
 Details09/19/1738Unpatented Certificate 37Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Ephraim Gover,160 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-37
 Details11/10/1734Unpatented Certificate 38Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Thomas Lane,100 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-38
 Details08/22/1738Unpatented Certificate 39Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, John Lang, 66 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-39
 Details08/06/1738Unpatented Certificate 40Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Zachariah McCubbins, 150 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-40
 Details06/30/1737Unpatented Certificate 41Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Zachariah McCubbins, 150 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-41
 Details11/09/1739Unpatented Certificate 42Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Zachariah McCubbins, 124 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-42
 Details09/25/1738Unpatented Certificate 43Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, James McLannan, 100 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-43
 Details11/09/1739Unpatented Certificate 44Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Henry Moore and Rachel Moore, 72 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-44
 Details09/10/1738Unpatented Certificate 45Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Thomas Owens, 100 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-45
 Details11/09/1739Unpatented Certificate 46Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Henry Roberts, 100 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-46
 Details11/02/1735Unpatented Certificate 47Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, John Sheckles, 40 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-47
 Details08/20/1738Unpatented Certificate 48Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, John Sheckles, 40 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-48
 Details08/30/1735Unpatented Certificate 49Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, George Simmons, 60 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-49
 Details06/30/1737Unpatented Certificate 50Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Samuel Simmonds,100 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-50
 Details08/30/1738Unpatented Certificate 51Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Isaac Lymmons, 60 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-51
 Details11/09/1739Unpatented Certificate 52Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, George Taylor, 50 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-52
 Details11/21/1735Unpatented Certificate 53Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Margaret Thomas, 50 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-53
 Details11/09/1739Unpatented Certificate 54Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, William Vernon, 100 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-54
 Details02/13/1735Unpatented Certificate 55Part Of Anne Arundel Manor, Robert Ward, 120 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-55
 Details08/20/1738Unpatented Certificate 56Part Of Anne Arundel Manor,Thomas White, 100 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-56
 Details08/10/1738Unpatented Certificate 57Part Of Anne Arundel Manor,Thomas White, 33 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-57
 Details06/28/1737Unpatented Certificate 58Part Of Anne Arundel Manor,William Wilson, 105 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-58
 Details11/21/1735Unpatented Certificate 59Part Of Anne Arundel Manor,Solomon Wooden, 150 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-59
 Details11/24/1804Unpatented Certificate 60Annes Lot, Elisha Brown, 74 Square Perches01/25/01/077 S1212-60
 Details06/22/1775Unpatented Certificate 61Anything Will Sute, Samuel Mansell, 15 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-61
 Details06/01/1810Unpatented Certificate 62Arcadia Resurveyed, William H. Dorsey, Mary Murray, Priscilla Hanson, Caroline Dorsey, Hill Dorsey and Hammond Dorsey, 285 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-62
 Details06/05/1736Unpatented Certificate 63Arden, Daniel Mariarty, 87 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-63
 Details03/16/1801Unpatented Certificate 64Ascent, William Plummer, 7 5/8 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-64
 Details04/24/1794Unpatented Certificate 65Ash Wednesday Resurveyed, John Hood, 10 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-65
 Details07/20/1790Unpatented Certificate 66Askewton Enlarged, William Whitcraft, 359 1/2 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-66
 Details10/28/1790Unpatented Certificate 67Attempt, William Hammond, 46 1/2 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-67
 Details11/11/1820Unpatented Certificate 68Bachelors Hall Enlarged, Richard Hopkins and Wife, 302 1/8 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-68
 Details01/28/1739Unpatented Certificate 69Bad Luck In It, Isaac Harding, 5 3/4 Acres, 37 Perches01/25/01/077 S1212-69
 Details12/07/1795Unpatented Certificate 70Bad Luck In It, William Ridgely, 5 1/4 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-70
 Details01/12/1819Unpatented Certificate 71Bad Weather, Henry Cord, 2 Acres, 133 Square Perches01/25/01/077 S1212-71
 Details12/14/1770Unpatented Certificate 72Bare Garden Forrest Enlarged, Samuel Musgrove, 286 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-72
 Details03/07/1705Unpatented Certificate 73Barren Neck, Robert Johns, 76 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-73
 Details04/01/1805Unpatented Certificate 74Barrys Enlargement, John Sappington, 3 3/4 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-74
 Details12/09/1771Unpatented Certificate 75Batchelors Refuge, Richard Yeates, 11 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-75
 Details09/13/1793Unpatented Certificate 76Bay Road, James Patterson, 18 Acres, 70 Perches01/25/01/077 S1212-76
 Details03/13/1803Unpatented Certificate 77Bear Island, William Hammond, 30 Square Perches01/25/01/077 S1212-77
 Details08/20/1759Unpatented Certificate 78Beards Chance, John Short, 4 1/4 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-78
 Details08/19/1741Unpatented Certificate 79Beards Habition, 134 Acres, Beards Lot, 256 Acres, Richard Beard01/25/01/077 S1212-79
 Details10/04/1718Unpatented Certificate 80Bedworths Addition, Jeremiah Chapman, 89 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-80
 Details08/21/1805Unpatented Certificate 81Bell Grove, Richard Cromwell, 580 2/8 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-81
 Details05/25/1772Unpatented Certificate 82B en Gorger, Elijah Robinson, 24 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-82
 Details10/09/1771Unpatented Certificate 83Benjamins Content, Benjamin Cheney, 103 7/8 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-83
 Details08/22/1705Unpatented Certificate 84Bessenton, Samuel Chambers, 374 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-84
 Details01/27/1777Unpatented Certificate 85Better Success, Charles Ridgely, William buchanan, Samuel Dorsey, Jr. and William Goodwin, 121 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-85
 Details08/10/1825Unpatented Certificate 86Big Rock, John R. Frost and William Shipley, 3 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-86
 Details01/28/1714Unpatented Certificate 87Birkheads Inlargement, Nehemiah Birckhead, 1037 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-87
 Details09/11/1741Unpatented Certificate 88Bishops Range, Thomas Bishop, 171 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-88
 Details04/20/1808Unpatented Certificate 89Blooming Planins Resurveyed, George French, 972 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-89
 Details10/19/1774Unpatented Certificate 90Bonds Purchase, Nichdemus Bond, 285 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-90
 Details01/15/1802Unpatented Certificate 91Boones Chance, John Boone, Sr., 6 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-91
 Details01/27/1791Unpatented Certificate 92Boones Connecsion, Richard Boone, 258 1/2 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-92
 Details12/12/1775Unpatented Certificate 93Brewers Pleasure, Nicholas Brewer, 15 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-93
 Details02/07/1822Unpatented Certificate 94Brick Yard, Stephen Slackhouse, 6 1/4 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-94
 Details06/03/1822Unpatented Certificate 95Broken Hatchet, Allen Dorsey, 4 Acres, 10 Perches01/25/01/077 S1212-95
 Details07/06/1762Unpatented Certificate 96Brothers Agreement, John Martin, Jr., 420 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-96
 Details11/28/1804Unpatented Certificate 97Browns Discovery, Elisha Brown, 2 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-97
 Details07/16/1771Unpatented Certificate 98Browns Exchange, James Brown, 18 1/2 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-98
 Details07/20/1837Unpatented Certificate 99Browns Point, Joseph Foreman, 20 1/8 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-99
 Details10/19/1861Unpatented Certificate 100Bull Run, Richard B. Crisp and Richard Cromwell, 75 3/4 Acres01/25/01/077 S1212-100
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