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(Certificates, Unpatented, Washington)

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Certificates of survey and plats for tracts of land, for which patents were not issued at that time. A certificate of survey is an official description of a plot of land. The Land Office issued warrants of survey to the county surveyor who then generated certificates of survey. Arranged numerically by certificate number. Indexed by (Certificates and Petitions, Index) in series S25, (Patents, WA, Tract Index) in series S1427, and (Patents, Index) in series S1426. The Archives has created an electronic finding aid from the index in series S1427, to be supplemented by information from the records themselves. Most documents prior to 1704 were destroyed by a fire in Annapolis. The Land Office received no certificates for unpatentable land in Washington County between 1896 and 1967. For records after 1967, see (Warrants) in series S1285. The series consists of 429 folders, each containing an average of 3 pages of text and plats.

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LAND OFFICE (Certificates, Unpatented, Oversize, Washington) S1908,

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1826Unpatented Certificate 402Archie, Archibald; West Farm01/30/01/02040045-1/100S1231-1
 Details1796/05/30Unpatented Certificate 348Snider, John; Sniders Landing, 10 Acres01/26/02/04140045-101/200S1231-2
 Details1798/03/23Unpatented Certificate 388Snyder, John; Union, 254.75 Acres01/26/02/04140045-201/300S1231-3
 Details1811Unpatented Certificate 90Porterfield, John, Drift Island, 13 1/4 Acres01/26/02/03840045-301/400S1231-4
 Details1794/09/04Unpatented Certificate 1Abrahams Plains, Samuel Johnson, 65 Acres01/26/02/03840045-401/421S1231-5
 Details1862/03/26Unpatented Certificate 2Acadia, Martha Downin, 80 Square Perches01/26/02/03840045-14/140S1231-6
 Details1790/08/06Unpatented Certificate 3Addition To Bakers Delight, Richard Cromwell, 2 1/2 Acres01/26/02/03840045-145/243S1231-7
 Details1797/10/06Unpatented Certificate 4Addition To Bealls Neglect, Balser Goll, 2 Acres01/26/02/03840045-267/418S1231-8
 Details11/02/1803Unpatented Certificate 5Addition To Bonds Refusal, Henry Landis, 1 1/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-9
 Details04/05/1793Unpatented Certificate 6Addition To Brookfield, John Steve, 3 3/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-10
 Details Unpatented Certificate 7Addition To Chance Enlarged, See Hopewell Enlarged, Et Al, William Boyd, Jr., 61 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-11
 Details09/09/1806Unpatented Certificate 8Addition To Downeys Lott, William Downey, 11 3/8 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-12
 Details Unpatented Certificate 9Addition To Grassy Cabbin, Thomas Williams, 9 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-13
 Details06/27/1788Unpatented Certificate 10Addition To Hunters Discovery, John McCoy, 19 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-14
 Details09/30/1795Unpatented Certificate 11Addition To Kindness, John Wolgamot, 5 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-15
 Details Unpatented Certificate 12Addition To Long Meadow, See Hopewell Enlarged, Et Al, William Boyd, 27 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-16
 Details05/13/1795Unpatented Certificate 13Addition To Mouses Dwelling, William A. Wilter, 12 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-17
 Details04/05/1793Unpatented Certificate 15Addition To Pensilvania, John Hoover, 4 4/8 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-18
 Details03/28/1843Unpatented Certificate 16Addition To Piney Forrest, Anthony Bredendolph, 38 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-19
 Details11/12/1791Unpatented Certificate 17Addition To Pleasant Hill, Richard Cromwell, 3 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-20
 Details11/13/1805Unpatented Certificate 18Addition To Renchas Luck, Theobald Glachner, 47 1/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-21
 Details10/09/1793Unpatented Certificate 19Addition To Rockey Land, Peter Baker, 54 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-22
 Details02/13/1797Unpatented Certificate 14Addition To Partnership, John Booth and John Hagmire, 1476 1/2 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-23
 Details07/23/1804Unpatented Certificate 20Addition To Scared From House, Samuel Hogmire, 397 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-24
 Details03/02/1804Unpatented Certificate 21Addition To Scared From Home, Samuel Hogmire, 39 1/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-25
 Details11/17/1806Unpatented Certificate 22Addition To Shormakers Purchase, Christopher Atton, 2 3/8 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-26
 Details04/16/1814Unpatented Certificate 23Addition To Sweepstakes, Jacob Benton, 86 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-27
 Details05/17/1805Unpatented Certificate 24Addition To The Old Fox Decieved, John Winder, 1 3/8 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-28
 Details05/12/1796Unpatented Certificate 25Addition To The Three Springs, Daniel Hughes, 240 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-29
 Details05/12/1815Unpatented Certificate 26Addition To The Vineyards, H. Locher, Jr., 9 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-30
 Details11/15/1800Unpatented Certificate 27Addition To Township, Peter Musselman, 1 3/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-31
 Details10/28/1802Unpatented Certificate 28Addition To White Oak Grove, Joseph McCoy, 7 3/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-32
 Details01/05/1802Unpatented Certificate 29Agree To Take It All, Michael Stonebraker and Leonard Middlecalf, 7 7/8 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-33
 Details08/27/1807Unpatented Certificate 30All That’s Left, John R. Reed, 1 Acre01/26/02/038 S1231-34
 Details03/01/1786Unpatented Certificate 31Amendment On A First Venture, William Stone, 10 1/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-35
 Details03/11/1795Unpatented Certificate 32Amsterdam, Jacob Shockey, 117 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-36
 Details02/07/1788Unpatented Certificate 33Andersons Discovery, Richard Anderson, 36 3/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-37
 Details11/22/1786Unpatented Certificate 35Barneys Venture, George Failor, 24 3/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-38
 Details02/14/1791Unpatented Certificate 36Batchelors Choice, Edward Breathead, 51Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-39
 Details06/24/1791Unpatented Certificate 37Bachtells Neglect, John Mitchell, 1262 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-40
 Details07/23/1849Unpatented Certificate 38Bayonet, Philip Mouse, 6 3/8 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-41
 Details Unpatented Certificate 39Bear Pond Forrest, See West Addition To Bear Pond Forresr, David R. Porter, 254 1/2 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-42
 Details05/16/1794Unpatented Certificate 34Antietam Farm, Robert Peter, 651 1/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-43
 Details10/14/1821Unpatented Certificate 42Bellgrave, William Roby, 1008 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-44
 Details10/21/1784Unpatented Certificate 47Blooming Plains, Joseph Chapline, 1363 1/2 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-45
 Details10/26/1792Unpatented Certificate 49Botelers Discovery Resurveyed, William Boteler, 178 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-46
 Details03/09/1761Unpatented Certificate 40Bechdels Delight, Samuel Bechdel, 45 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-47
 Details02/27/1790Unpatented Certificate 41Beckeys Fancy, Robert Clark, 53 1/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-48
 Details06/27/1813Unpatented Certificate 43Billmires Lot, Gabriel Billmire, 2 3/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-49
 Details08/06/1790Unpatented Certificate 44Birds Bill, Andrew Bash, 8 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-50
 Details12/09/1844Unpatented Certificate 45Black Oak Plains, Henry I. Tetian, 12 1/2 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-51
 Details06/05/1794Unpatented Certificate 46Blairs Ramble, Andrew Blair, 336 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-52
 Details12/29/1792Unpatented Certificate 48Boons Forrest, George Boon, 16 1/8 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-53
 Details04/18/1795Unpatented Certificate 50Bottle Ridge, Daniel Fuller, 30 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-54
 Details06/15/1796Unpatented Certificate 51Breach In The Bulwork, William Long, 122 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-55
 Details05/27/1811Unpatented Certificate 52Breatheds Desire, John Beard, 1/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-56
 Details11/26/1813Unpatented Certificate 53Broomstick Forrest, Jacob Waggoner, 1 9/16 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-57
 Details01/05/1802Unpatented Certificate 54Browns Lott, Rudolph Brown, 275 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-58
 Details05/31/1823Unpatented Certificate 55Browns Security, John Brown, 24 3/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-59
 Details09/04/1871Unpatented Certificate 56Bucks Lodge, John Know, 29 1/2 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-60
 Details06/02/1796Unpatented Certificate 57Buck Park, John Davidson, 4704 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-61
 Details10/05/1818Unpatented Certificate 58Buckstones Blunder, Anne Boyd, 67 1/2 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-62
 Details03/24/1920Unpatented Certificate 58ABuffington Island, F. F. Greenwalt, 5 51/100 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-63
 Details08/18/1785Unpatented Certificate 59Canaan, Joseph Chaplanie, 2390 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-64
 Details07/12/1790Unpatented Certificate 60Carrick Fell, Lancelot Denton Jacqeur, 2807 1/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-65
 Details02/27/1790Unpatented Certificate 61Chance, Robert Clark, 29 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-66
 Details06/09/1788Unpatented Certificate 62Chance Medley, Upton Scott, 61 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-67
 Details11/22/1863Unpatented Certificate 63Chance Regained, John Wolfenbarger, 1 3/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-68
 Details05/14/1793Unpatented Certificate 64Chance Regained, Christopher Ersburger, 113 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-69
 Details08/02/1784Unpatented Certificate 65Chaneys Mistake, John Shavor, 1 Acre, 23 Perches01/26/02/038 S1231-70
 Details06/30/1794Unpatented Certificate 66Charleys Defeat, Isaac Houser, 135 1/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-71
 Details07/21/1875Unpatented Certificate 67Cheneys Island, Lewis Cheney, 3 1/2 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-72
 Details11/22/1787Unpatented Certificate 68Cherry Valley, Thomas White, 105 1/2 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-73
 Details12/24/1810Unpatented Certificate 69Chestnut Grove, Emanuel Frantz, 121 1/8 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-74
 Details05/04/1797Unpatented Certificate 70Chestnut Ridge, William Deakins, 2 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-75
 Details08/20/1847Unpatented Certificate 72Ciera Gorda, Levi Moore, 58 3/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-76
 Details08/30/1792Unpatented Certificate 73Cloudy Weather, Peter Slice, 19 3/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-77
 Details01/21/1790Unpatented Certificate 75Cole Pitt, Samuel Ellison, 4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-78
 Details06/24/1796Unpatented Certificate 76Colliers Forrest, John Hershey, 170 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-79
 Details09/25/1813Unpatented Certificate 78Conjuction, George Nelson, 4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-80
 Details01/24/1790Unpatented Certificate 79Conrods Fancy, Conrod Nichodemus, 161 1/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-81
 Details06/29/1786Unpatented Certificate 71Chews Farm, Samuel Chew, Bennett Chew, Henrietta Maria Galloway, Elizabeth Fitzhugline and Ann Chew, 5191 1/2 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-82
 Details10/23/1793Unpatented Certificate 74Coal Yards, Daniel Hughes, 2568 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-83
 Details07/23/1813Unpatented Certificate 77Coliers Retreat, Daniel Hughes, 1972 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-84
 Details11/02/1801Unpatented Certificate 80Content, Jacob Martin, 142 1/8 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-85
 Details10/09/1792Unpatented Certificate 81Contentment, Zachariah Rhode, 50 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-86
 Details01/28/1851Unpatented Certificate 82Coons Contrivance Enlarged, Philip Coons, 36 1/2 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-87
 Details03/29/1787Unpatented Certificate 83Daniels Adventure, Daniel Mainberger, 29 1/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-88
 Details07/19/1820Unpatented Certificate 84Dark Woods, Upton Lawrence, 21 3/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-89
 Details12/26/1789Unpatented Certificate 85Deer Park, Patrick Alexander, 9 1/2 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-90
 Details10/19/1789Unpatented Certificate 86Deer Park Amended, Lawrence Oneal, 265 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-91
 Details09/16/1841Unpatented Certificate 87Deneens Discovery, Denton Poole, 63 1/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-92
 Details12/08/1854Unpatented Certificate 88Drift Bank, John Machtell, 5 7/8 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-93
 Details11/22/1813Unpatented Certificate 89Drift Island, John Ecard, 6 3/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-94
 Details01/27/1812Unpatented Certificate 90Drift Island, John Porterfield, 13 1/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-95
 Details08/30/1792Unpatented Certificate 91Dutch Folly, Jacob Haines, 32 1/2 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-96
 Details11/01/1856Unpatented Certificate 92East Addition To Bear Pond Forrest, David R. Porter, 313 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-97
 Details02/13/1844Unpatented Certificate 93Edina, John W. Boyd, 1 3/8 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-98
 Details03/01/1813Unpatented Certificate 94Elbow Ridge, William Lee, 407 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-99
 Details03/14/1882Unpatented Certificate 95Elmers First Survey, John Stauffer, 4 1/4 Acres01/26/02/038 S1231-100
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