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(Subdivision Plats, Carroll)

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Plats of proposed land developments, filed with the Land Office, 1945-1974, and since 1974 with the State Archives. Rendered on sheets of linen, mylar, or paper, each plat shows a drawing of the proposed divisions within a parcel of land. Plats bear names of the developer, surveyor, and land owner; scale of drawing; coordinates; courses; distances; approvals and certifications issued by state and local agencies showing legal compliance; recordation and filing dates with the circuit court; and plat book references. The series includes plats of proposed condominium developments, dating from 1975, and survey and easement plats. Also available on film in series SM198. Access available in electronic form created from the Archives accession database and (Plats, Index) in series C2438. Earlier survey, easement, and subdivision plats are found in (Plat Book) in series C2425 and C2426 and (Plats from Land Records) in series C2439 and C2106.

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MARYLAND STATE ARCHIVES (Subdivision Plats, Carroll) SM198, 1945

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DatePlatFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksLocationMSA Citation
 Details09/29/1992Plat Book LWS 35, p. 200; Plat Book LWS 36, pp. 1-2 Hawk Ridge Farm, Section 1, Revision03/70/03/052S1240-1
 Details11/05/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 166SR 5485Jasontown Village03/70/03/005S1240-2
 Details11/05/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 167SR 5485Cyles Estates03/70/03/005S1240-3
 Details11/08/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 168SR 5485Law, Gwendolen C., Resubdivision03/70/03/005S1240-4
 Details11/08/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 169SR 5485Bridlewood03/70/03/005S1240-5
 Details11/08/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 170SR 5485Lentzners Estates03/70/03/005S1240-6
 Details11/08/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 171SR 5485Pomilton & Snow03/70/03/005S1240-7
 Details11/14/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 172SR 5485Legos Choice03/70/03/005S1240-8
 Details11/14/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 173SR 5485Obrecht Estates03/70/03/005S1240-9
 Details11/14/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 174SR 5485Taneytown Industrial Park03/70/03/005S1240-10
 Details11/19/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 175SR 5485Bullfrog Plateau03/70/03/005S1240-11
 Details11/20/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 176SR 5485Kalten Acres03/70/03/005S1240-12
 Details11/20/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 177SR 5485Flamewood03/70/03/005S1240-13
 Details11/26/1991Plat Book LWS 34, pp. 178-179SR 5485Buckingham Forest03/70/03/005S1240-14
 Details12/02/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 180SR 5485Mathews Meadow, Section 203/70/03/005S1240-15
 Details12/03/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 181SR 5485Fehles Forest03/70/03/005S1240-16
 Details12/03/1991Plat Book LWS 34, pp. 182-183SR 5485Hay Springs, Section 203/70/03/005S1240-17
 Details12/09/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 184SR 5485Devilbiss Acres03/70/03/005S1240-18
 Details12/09/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 185SR 5485Alexander Fields03/70/03/005S1240-19
 Details12/11/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 186SR 5485Ciceri Manor03/70/03/005S1240-20
 Details12/13/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 187SR 5485Carroll County Air Business Center03/70/03/005S1240-21
 Details12/16/1991Plat Book LWS 34, pp. 188-192SR 5485Princeleigh Manor03/70/03/005S1240-22
 Details12/16/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 193SR 5485Strathmore03/70/03/005S1240-23
 Details12/16/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 194SR 5485Elysian Estates03/70/03/005S1240-24
 Details12/18/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 195SR 5485Hoff, Willard D.03/70/03/005S1240-25
 Details12/20/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 196SR 5485Muellenschlader, John A.03/70/03/005S1240-26
 Details12/24/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 197SR 5485Sharewood Acres03/70/03/005S1240-27
 Details01/02/1992Plat Book LWS 34, p. 198SR 5485Bridlewood03/70/03/005S1240-28
 Details01/08/1992Plat Book LWS 34, pp. 199-200SR 5485Morris Choice03/70/03/005S1240-29
 Details01/08/1992Plat Book LWS 35, p. 1SR 5486Mistwood03/70/03/008S1240-30
 Details01/08/1992Plat Book LWS 35, p. 2SR 5486Golden Maples Estates03/70/03/008S1240-31
 Details01/13/1992Plat Book LWS 35, p. 3SR 5486Jason Acres03/70/03/008S1240-32
 Details01/13/1992Plat Book LWS 35, p. 4SR 5486Water Spout Estates03/70/03/008S1240-33
 Details01/14/1992Plat Book LWS 35, pp. 5-6SR 5486Central Park West03/70/03/008S1240-34
 Details01/16/1992Plat Book LWS 35, p. 7SR 5486Ruths Choice03/70/03/008S1240-35
 Details01/17/1992Plat Book LWS 35, pp. 8-10SR 5486Abbys Retreat03/70/03/008S1240-36
 Details01/21/1992Plat Book LWS 35, p. 11SR 5486Sutton Hill03/70/03/008S1240-37
 Details01/23/1992Plat Book LWS 35, p. 12SR 5486Garland Acres03/70/03/008S1240-38
 Details01/23/1992Plat Book LWS 35, pp. 13-15SR 5486Hammonds Estates, Section 303/70/03/008S1240-39
 Details01/28/1992Plat Book LWS 35, p. 16SR 5486Christy Acres, Resubdivision03/70/03/008S1240-40
 Details12/31/1990Plat Book LWS 33, pp. 166-168SR 5485Shannon Run, Section A103/70/03/004S1240-41
 Details12/31/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 171SR 5485Carmae Acres03/70/03/004S1240-42
 Details12/04/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 154SR 5485Knollwood Manor, Section 1, Lot 8 03/70/03/004S1240-43
 Details12/11/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 155SR 5485Four Seasons, Section 203/70/03/004S1240-44
 Details12/14/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 156SR 5485Smiths Addition to Westminister, Resubdivision03/70/03/004S1240-45
 Details12/14/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 157SR 5485Glendora Acres, Section 103/70/03/004S1240-46
 Details12/14/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 158SR 5485Sykesville Train Stations, Revision03/70/03/004S1240-47
 Details12/19/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 159SR 5485Squires, Lots 20A, 21, 2203/70/03/004S1240-48
 Details12/19/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 160SR 5485Dublin Manor, Section 203/70/03/004S1240-49
 Details12/19/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 161SR 5485Narnia, Section 203/70/03/004S1240-50
 Details12/21/1990Plat Book LWS 33, pp. 162-163SR 5485Marsh Meadow Farm03/70/03/004S1240-51
 Details12/27/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 165SR 5485Village of Peachwood, Section 4, Lots 16-2303/70/03/004S1240-52
 Details11/09/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 140SR 5485Mountain View, Section 10, Resubdivision03/70/03/004S1240-53
 Details11/14/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 141SR 5485Equestrian Estates03/70/03/004S1240-54
 Details11/20/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 142SR 5485Welsh Estates03/70/03/004S1240-55
 Details11/21/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 143SR 5485Leese03/70/03/004S1240-56
 Details11/23/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 144SR 5485Lynn-Lee Park, Section 5, Lot 5003/70/03/004S1240-57
 Details11/23/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 145SR 5485Arthur Ridge, Section 203/70/03/004S1240-58
 Details11/26/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 146SR 5485Treelin Manor03/70/03/004S1240-59
 Details11/27/1990Plat Book LWS 33, pp. 147-149SR 5485Schalk Ridge03/70/03/004S1240-60
 Details11/28/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 150SR 5485Cranberry Hill, Section 203/70/03/004S1240-61
 Details11/29/1990Plat Book LWS 33, pp. 151-152SR 5485Tabby Delight, Plats A-B03/70/03/004S1240-62
 Details11/30/1990Plat Book LWS 33, p. 153SR 5485Glenvue Acres, Section 203/70/03/004S1240-63
 Details01/16/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 179SR 5485Wesleys Dilemma03/70/03/004S1240-64
 Details01/18/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 180SR 5485Carroll Haven, Inc.03/70/03/004S1240-65
 Details01/23/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 181SR 5485Ellisons Edge, Lot 103/70/03/004S1240-66
 Details01/30/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 182SR 5485Olde Washington Valley, Section 203/70/03/004S1240-67
 Details01/30/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 183SR 5485Bushey Heights, Section 203/70/03/004S1240-68
 Details01/03/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 164SR 5485Sun Valley, Section 2, Resubdivision03/70/03/004S1240-69
 Details01/08/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 172SR 5485Evans, Section 1, Lot 1, Minor Subdivision03/70/03/004S1240-70
 Details01/08/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 173SR 5485Walnut Park Industrial, Lot 5A03/70/03/004S1240-71
 Details01/08/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 174SR 5485Raydan Retreat03/70/03/004S1240-72
 Details01/08/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 175SR 5485Wolf Hill, Section 4, Lot 4903/70/03/004S1240-73
 Details01/11/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 176SR 5485Harrington, Section 203/70/03/004S1240-74
 Details01/16/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 177SR 5485Better Known, Dellmont, Lot 19, Resubdivision03/70/03/004S1240-75
 Details01/16/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 178SR 5485Amberly, Section 1, Resubdivision03/70/03/004S1240-76
 Details02/01/1991Plat Book LWS 33, pp. 184-186SR 5485Young Mans Fancy, Plats A-C03/70/03/004S1240-77
 Details02/01/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 187SR 5485Lynn Lee Park, Section 5, Resubdivision03/70/03/004S1240-78
 Details02/01/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 188SR 5485Carroll Wood Estates, Section 703/70/03/004S1240-79
 Details02/04/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 189SR 5485McGrady, David C., Addition03/70/03/004S1240-80
 Details02/05/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 190SR 5485Valley Hill Farms, Resubdivision03/70/03/004S1240-81
 Details02/07/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 191SR 5485Toner Estates03/70/03/004S1240-82
 Details02/07/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 192SR 5485Singerys Chance03/70/03/004S1240-83
 Details02/08/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 193SR 5485Mays Retreat03/70/03/004S1240-84
 Details02/08/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 194SR 5485Wonderland03/70/03/004S1240-85
 Details02/11/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 195SR 5485Uebel, Lawrence A., Lots 7-803/70/03/004S1240-86
 Details02/15/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 196SR 5485Cottage On the Knoll03/70/03/004S1240-87
 Details02/15/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 197SR 5485Chets Retreat, Section 203/70/03/004S1240-88
 Details02/20/1991Plat Book LWS 33, p. 198SR 5485Sun Valley, Section 1, Lot 40, Resubdivision03/70/03/004S1240-89
 Details02/21/1991Plat Book LWS 33, pp. 199-201SR 5485My Ladies Manor, Lot 1, Condominiums03/70/03/004S1240-90
 Details02/26/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 1SR 5485Stoner Warner Estates03/70/03/005S1240-91
 Details02/28/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 2SR 5485Small Crossings, Section 203/70/03/005S1240-92
 Details02/28/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 3SR 5485Dominos Acres03/70/03/005S1240-93
 Details03/11/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 4SR 5485Timber Branch, Lot 203/70/03/005S1240-94
 Details03/11/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 5SR 5485Fleers Folly03/70/03/005S1240-95
 Details03/12/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 6SR 5485Wright, Sections 2, 4, Lot 3A03/70/03/005S1240-96
 Details03/12/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 7SR 5485Braun Hills03/70/03/005S1240-97
 Details03/12/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 8SR 5485Jo-Nas Outback03/70/03/005S1240-98
 Details03/14/1991Plat Book LWS 34, pp. 9-11SR 5485Hammonds Estates, Section 203/70/03/005S1240-99
 Details03/14/1991Plat Book LWS 34, p. 12SR 5485Cranberry Hill, Lot 203/70/03/005S1240-100
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