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Card index to certificates of survey and land patents. Identified as Index 54. White cards refer to patented tracts and pink cards refer to unpatented tracts. Entries on the former give name, tract name, current county, patent date, acreage, and citation(s). Entries on the latter give name, tract name, current county, survey date, acreage, and citation. Arranged alphabetically by name of individual. Provides references to the following LAND OFFICE records: Certificates, unpatented, AL series [MSA S1211]; Certificates, unpatented, AA series [MSA S1212]; Certificates, unpatented, BA series [MSA S1213]; Certificates, unpatented, CV series [MSA S1214]; Certificates, unpatented, CA series [MSA S1215]; Certificates, unpatented, CR series [MSA S1216]; Certificates, unpatented, CE series [MSA S1217]; Certificates, unpatented, CH series [MSA S1218]; Certificates, unpatented, DO series [MSA S1219]; Certificates, unpatented, FR series [MSA S1220]; Certificates, unpatented, GA series [MSA S1221]; Certificates, unpatente d, HA series [MSA S1222]; Certificates, unpatented, HO series [MSA S1223]; Certificates, unpatented, KE series [MSA S1224]; Certificates, unpatented, MO series [MSA S1225]; Certificates, unpatented, PG series [MSA S1226]; Certificates, unpatented, QA series [MSA S1227]; Certificates, unpatented, SM series [MSA S1228]; Certificates, unpatented, SO series [MSA S1229]; Certificates, unpatented, TA series [MSA S1230]; Certificates, unpatented, WA series [MSA S1231]; Certificates, unpatented, WI series [MSA S1232]; Certificates, unpatented, WO series [MSA S1233]; Patent record series [MSA S11 and SM2]; Patent record, eastern shore series [MSA S8].

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DateDescriptionLinkLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Electronic Index.LinkSR/00/00/00050773S1426-1
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Aar-Amo SR/00/00/00050773S1426-2
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Amo-Ayr SR/00/00/00050773S1426-3
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Ayr-Bar SR/00/00/00050773S1426-4
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Bar-Bea SR/00/00/00050773S1426-5
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Bed-Bes SR/00/00/00050773S1426-6
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Bes-Bon SR/00/00/00050773S1426-7
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Bon-Bra SR/00/00/00050773S1426-8
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Bra-Bro SR/00/00/00050773S1426-9
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Bro-Bur SR/00/00/00050773S1426-10
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Bur-Cam SR/00/00/00050773S1426-11
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Cam-Cas SR/00/00/00050773S1426-12
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Cas-Chi SR/00/00/00050773S1426-13
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Chi-Col SR/00/00/00050773S1426-14
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Col-Cor SR/00/00/00050773S1426-15
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Cor-Cre SR/00/00/00050773S1426-16
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Cre-Das SR/00/00/00050773S1426-17
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Das-Den SR/00/00/00050773S1426-18
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Den-Dor SR/00/00/00050773S1426-19
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Dor-Dul SR/00/00/00050773S1426-20
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Dul-Ell SR/00/00/00050773S1426-21
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Ell-Fai SR/00/00/00050773S1426-22
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Fai-For SR/00/00/00050773S1426-23
 Details1634-1985Index 54. For-Gai SR/00/00/00050773S1426-24
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Gai-Gil SR/00/00/00050773S1426-25
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Gil-Gov SR/00/00/00050773S1426-26
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Gov-Gro SR/00/00/00050773S1426-27
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Gro-Ham SR/00/00/00050773S1426-28
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Ham-Har SR/00/00/00050773S1426-29
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Har-Hen SR/00/00/00050773S1426-30
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Hen-Hol SR/00/00/00050773S1426-31
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Hol-Hou SR/00/00/00050773S1426-32
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Hou-Hul SR/00/00/00050773S1426-33
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Hul-Jam SR/00/00/00050773S1426-34
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Jam-Jon SR/00/00/00050773S1426-35
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Jon-Kem SR/00/00/00050773S1426-36
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Kem-Lam SR/00/00/00050773S1426-37
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Lam-Lev SR/00/00/00050773S1426-38
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Lev-Low SR/00/00/00050773S1426-39
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Low-Mac SR/00/00/00050773S1426-40
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Mac-Mar SR/00/00/00050773S1426-41
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Mar-Mee SR/00/00/00050773S1426-42
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Mee-Mit SR/00/00/00050773S1426-43
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Mit-Mum SR/00/00/00050773S1426-44
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Mum-Nor SR/00/00/00050773S1426-45
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Nor-Owi SR/00/00/00050773S1426-46
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Owi-Pee SR/00/00/00050773S1426-47
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Peg-Plu SR/00/00/00050773S1426-48
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Plu-Pri SR/00/00/00050773S1426-49
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Pri-Red SR/00/00/00050773S1426-50
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Red-Rid SR/00/00/00050773S1426-51
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Rid-Roe SR/00/00/00050773S1426-52
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Rog-Sar SR/00/00/00050773S1426-53
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Sar-Sha SR/00/00/00050773S1426-54
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Sha-Sin SR/00/00/00050773S1426-55
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Sin-Smi SR/00/00/00050773S1426-56
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Smi-Sta SR/00/00/00050773S1426-57
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Sta-Ste SR/00/00/00050773S1426-58
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Ste-Swa SR/00/00/00050773S1426-59
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Swa-Tem SR/00/00/00050773S1426-60
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Tem-Toc SR/00/00/00050773S1426-61
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Tod-Tul SR/00/00/00050773S1426-62
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Tul-Wad SR/00/00/00050773S1426-63
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Wad-Was SR/00/00/00050773S1426-64
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Was-Wet SR/00/00/00050773S1426-65
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Wet-Wig SR/00/00/00050773S1426-66
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Wil SR/00/00/00050773S1426-67
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Wil-Wor SR/00/00/00050773S1426-68
 Details1634-1985Index 54. Wor-Zuc SR/00/00/00050773S1426-69
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