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(Maryland State Papers, Index)

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Electronic index to Inventory of Maryland State Papers, Volume l: The Era of the American Revolution, 1775-1789. Database identified as MDSTPAP. Entries give names of author and recipient, date, description of the document, and citation. Accessible by name, office, date, and subject. Provides references to the following MARYLAND STATE PAPERS records: Black books series [MSA S987 and SM3], Blue books series [MSA S990 and SM6], Brown books series [MSA S991 and SM5], Confiscated British property papers series [MSA S999], Cotton manuscripts series [MSA S998], Executive portfolio series [MSA S992], Pforzheimer papers series [MSA S995], Red books series [MSA S989 and SM4], Revolutionary papers series [MSA S997], and Series A series [MSA 1004].

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