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A Supplement to The Early Settlers of Maryland was compiled by Carson Gibb, Ph.D. Identified as Index 117. This index comprises 8,680 entries correcting omissions and errors in Gust Skordas, The Early Settlers of Maryland and was published by the Archives in 1997. During the first years of his Province of Maryland, 1633-1681, Lord Baltimore rewarded people who transported themselves or others with rights to land, usually called headrights. For most of the period, the reward was a right to 50 acres of land per person transported. To enter and exercise his rights a person had to give the names of those, including himself, whom he had transported. Therefore, the records of these transactions list the names of the settlers. A Supplement continues an effort begun early in the nineteenth century to make a complete list of the men and women who founded Maryland. The Early Settlers of Maryland, the last major effort, initiated by the late Dr. Morris L. Radoff, State Archivist, and directed by Gust Skordas, Assistant Archivist, was published in 1968. It gave to all researchers an index previously available only to those who visited or wrote to the Maryland Hall of Records, and it stimulated an interest in the Colonial records of Maryland that coincided with a resurgence of genealogical research throughout the United States.

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