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(Plats on Microfilm, Queen Anne's)

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Plats filed in the county circuit court, that were filmed by the Land Office. Plats filmed included those interspersed in land records and equity records, the latter referenced as Chancery Record or Judgment in Extenso. The electronic finding aid contains entries that give names of tracts and owners or litigants and citation to the record where the plat was recorded in the courthouse. The series also provides references to (Plats from Land Records) in series C2520 and C2149 and (Plats from Equity) in series C2521 and C2522.

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DatePlatFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksMSA Citation
 Details1911-1912Land Records WFW 2, p. 510CR 47018 (Scanned)Adkinson, C. H. and B. E. Neal from Mary E. M. TaylorS1530-1
 Details1941-1942Land Records ASG, Jr. 5, p. 276CR 47018 (Scanned)Anderson, Arlie W.S1530-2
 Details1935Land Records WHC 1A, p. 478CR 47018 (Scanned)Anderson, C. W. and Alan S. WallsS1530-3
 Details1913Land Records WFW 3, p. 324CR 47018 (Scanned)Emory, William, Survey for heirs, part of Oakwood and Anns PortionS1530-4
 Details1945Land Records ASG, Jr. 11, p. 226CR 47018 (Scanned)Anthony, E. R.S1530-5
 Details1891-1892Land Records WD 6, p. 450CR 47018 (Scanned)Anthony, James T., Survey of Oyster lotS1530-6
 Details1912-1913Land Records WFW 2, p. 39CR 47018 (Scanned)Ashley, William to James E. HigmanS1530-7
 Details1945Land Records ASG, Jr. 11, p. 404CR 47018 (Scanned)Smith, William C. to Albrecht E. Stude, Property known as Marshland or Bakers ExpectationS1530-8
 Details1910Land Records SS 8, p. 357CR 47018 (Scanned)Yeates, Edward E. and Annie M. Yeates to Henry A. Baker and Agnes E. BakerS1530-9
 Details1880-1881Land Records JW 11, pp. 146-148CR 47018 (Scanned)Barcus, William and Charles Barcus, Oyster lot surveyS1530-10
 Details1923-1924Land Records BHT 1, pp. 449-451CR 47018 (Scanned)Barroll, Hope H., trustee to Samuel G. SparksS1530-11
 Details1882-1883Land Records SCD 2, pp. 494-496CR 47018 (Scanned)Delaware and Chesapeake Railroad from F. Tate Barton and Sarah Josephine BartonS1530-12
 Details1944-1945Land Records ASG, Jr. 10, p. 83CR 47018 (Scanned)Baxter, RichardS1530-13
 Details1880-1881Land Records JW 11, p. 29CR 47018 (Scanned)Beecher, James, Oyster lot survey S1530-14
 Details1880-1881Land Records JW 11, p. 349CR 47018 (Scanned)Beecher, James, Oyster lot surveyS1530-15
 Details1945Land Records ASG, Jr. 11, p. 143CR 47018 (Scanned)Bennett, Morgan K., Plat of Marsh landsS1530-16
 Details1937Land Records WHC 5A, p. 189CR 47018 (Scanned)Benson, KarinS1530-17
 Details1938-1939Land Records WHC 7A, p. 148CR 47018 (Scanned)Benson, KarinS1530-18
 Details1781-1783Land Records RT 3, p. 256CR 47018 (Scanned)Benton, George D., Part of Sulfolk S1530-19
 Details1914Land Records WFW 5, p. 168CR 47018 (Scanned)Biddle, FrankS1530-20
 Details1944-1945Land Records ASG, Jr. 10, p. 582CR 47018 (Scanned)Bishop, GladysS1530-21
 Details1941Land Records ASG, Jr. 4, pp. 268-269CR 47018 (Scanned)Bishop, J. T. and Robert R. PriceS1530-22
 Details1937Land Records WHC 5A, p. 352CR 47018 (Scanned)Bittle, J. Percy to Paul BosticS1530-23
 Details1944-1945Land Records ASG, Jr. 10, p. 127CR 47018 (Scanned)Manor Real Estate and Trust Company to John Blackiston, Jr.S1530-24
 Details1935Land Records WHC 1A, p. 115CR 47018 (Scanned)Moffett, George M., Plat of BlakefordS1530-25
 Details1925Land Records BHT 3, p. 67CR 47018 (Scanned)Bookers Wharf propertyS1530-26
 Details1868-1870Land Records JW 1, p. 583CR 47018 (Scanned)Booker, Thomas B., Esq., Oyster lot surveyedS1530-27
 Details1937-1938Land Records WHC 6A, p. 121CR 47018 (Scanned)Boone, Harry H. to Thomas MarsalisS1530-28
 Details1909Land Records SS 6, p. 211CR 47018 (Scanned)Bordley, Simon, deceased, Division of real estateS1530-29
 Details1922Land Records JFR 9, pp. 369-370CR 47018 (Scanned)Lloyd, James, part of Bostic Homes FarmS1530-30
 Details1941Land Records ASG, Jr. 4, p. 21CR 47018 (Scanned)Bourne, Thomas B. and Edith H. Bourne to Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company of Baltimore CityS1530-31
 Details1913Land Records WFW 3, p. 99CR 47018 (Scanned)Boyer, AnnieS1530-32
 Details1913-1914Land Records WFW 4, pp. 492-493CR 47018 (Scanned)Boyle, Manus, FarmS1530-33
 Details1915Land Records WFW 7, p. 333CR 47018 (Scanned)Bright, Mrs. J. B., proposed subdivisionS1530-34
 Details1915Land Records WFW 7, pp. 406-407CR 47018 (Scanned)Bright, James T., Cable landing and pole line on property, (Duplicate plat on folio 507)S1530-35
 Details1913Land Records WFW 3, p. 370CR 47018 (Scanned)Coopers Subdivision of the Brown-Faithful land at Brier StationS1530-36
 Details1911-1912Land Records WFW 1, p. 147CR 47018 (Scanned)Finley, Woodland P., James B. Meredith, and James Brown, Right of Way thru Browns HillS1530-37
 Details1941-1942Land Records ASG, Jr. 5, p. 143CR 47018 (Scanned)Brown Alan F. and Mrs. A. E. BrownS1530-38
 Details1939Land Records ASG, Jr. 1, p. 72CR 47018 (Scanned)Brown, Gilbert N.S1530-39
 Details1903Land Records JEG 5, pp. 151-152CR 47018 (Scanned)Brown, James T., deceased, Survey for Curtis E. Crane, Merediths Adventure, Badoutlook, and LeverageS1530-40
 Details1927-1928Land Records BHT 7, p. 296CR 47018 (Scanned)Bryan, Annie E. and John R. Whaley, Boundary line between lands of the estateS1530-41
 Details1877-1878Land Records JW 7, pp. 510-511CR 47018 (Scanned)Bryan, Johnathan A., Annie E. Bryan, W. E. Bryan, and Ann B. Bryan, Oyster lots surveyedS1530-42
 Details1938-1939Land Records WHC 7A, pp. 476-511CR 47018 (Scanned)Buck, Harold WinthropS1530-43
 Details1919Land Records JFR 2, pp. 223-224CR 47018 (Scanned)Burke, AlS1530-44
 Details1877-1878Land Records JW 7, pp. 511-512CR 47018 (Scanned)Butler, J. E., J. A. Butler, and C. W. Butler, Oyster lots surveyedS1530-45
 Details1938-1939Land Records WHC 7A, p. 275CR 47018 (Scanned)Butler, Josephine Dole, WaverlyS1530-46
 Details1916Land Records WFW 9, p. 28CR 47018 (Scanned)Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company and Town Commissioners of CentrevilleS1530-47
 Details1942-1943Land Records ASG, Jr. 7, p. 496CR 47018 (Scanned)Carey, ThomasS1530-48
 Details1943-1944Land Records ASG, Jr. 9, p. 188CR 47018 (Scanned)Lynch, Charles E., Mary N. Lynch, and William H. Norris to William Thomas Carey and Margaret I. CareyS1530-49
 Details1849-1851Land Records JT 6, p. 84CR 47018 (Scanned)Carsons, William and Sarah Carsons to Corsey Phillips S1530-50
 Details1923Land Records JFR 11, p. 322CR 47018 (Scanned)Carter, Annie Estella and J. Thomas Carter to Knotts and DavisS1530-51
 Details1867-1868Land Records SED 3, p. 426CR 47018 (Scanned)Carter, John F., Survey of Oyster lot S1530-52
 Details1867-1868Land Records SED 3, p. 428CR 47018 (Scanned)Carter, John S., Survey of Oyster lotS1530-53
 Details1867-1868Land Records SED 3, p. 427CR 47018 (Scanned)Carter, Dr. R. T., Survey of Oyster lotS1530-54
 Details1867-1868Land Records SED 3, p. 426CR 47018 (Scanned)Carter, Samuel W., Survey of Oyster lotS1530-55
 Details1867-1868Land Records SED 3, p. 427CR 47018 (Scanned)Carter, Thomas B., Survey of Oyster lot S1530-56
 Details1938-1939Land Records WHC 7A, p. 380CR 47018 (Scanned)Carter, William H. and Olivia C. CarterS1530-57
 Details1781-1783Land Records RT 3, p. 347CR 47018 (Scanned)Carters Forest and Windsor Forest, Plat of part S1530-58
 Details1891-1892Land Records WD 6, pp. 29-30CR 47018 (Scanned)Caulk, William Wrightson, Survey of an Oyster lotS1530-59
 Details1885-1886Land Records SCD 7, p. 541CR 47018 (Scanned)Centreville, Plat of partS1530-60
 Details1799-1802Land Records STW 5, pp. 352-353CR 47018 (Scanned)Centreville, Plat of town S1530-61
 Details1882-1883Land Records SCD 2, pp. 489-493CR 47018 (Scanned)Centreville, town streetsS1530-62
 Details1940-1941Land Records ASG, Jr. 3, p. 428CR 47018 (Scanned)Boy Scouts of America, Centreville Troop 1S1530-63
 Details1868-1870Land Records JW 1, pp. 73-75CR 47018 (Scanned)Centreville, outlines of townS1530-64
 Details1886Land Records SCD 8, pp. 233-234CR 47018 (Scanned)Chairs, Samuel, property sold by John B. Brown and Edwin H. Brown, trustees in the case of Charles W. Truslow, Complainant and Samuel W. Truslow, et al DefendantsS1530-65
 Details1926-1927Land Records BHT 6, p. 117CR 47018 (Scanned)Chance, William H., Emory of Hufual WoodlandS1530-66
 Details1945Land Records ASG, Jr. 11, p. 561CR 47018 (Scanned)Chase, WilliamS1530-67
 Details Land Records WHC 7, p. 88CR 47018 (Scanned)Chester River Steamboat Company of BaltimoreS1530-68
 Details1909-1910Land Records SS 7, p. 199CR 47018 (Scanned)Newman, Sarah E., part of Chesterfield Street and Woolley StreetS1530-69
 Details1922-1923Land Records JFR 10, p. 41CR 47018 (Scanned)Chesterfield Development S1530-70
 Details1917-1918Land Records WFW 11, pp. 484-485CR 47018 (Scanned)Everett, John E., property called Clows Hazzard or Claus Hazzard and Kemp LandS1530-71
 Details1880-1881Land Records JW 11, p. 145CR 47018 (Scanned)Clough, Henry A., Oyster lot surveyS1530-72
 Details1936Land Records WHC 3A, pp. 189-191CR 47018 (Scanned)County Commissioners of Queen Anne's County to Herbert W. MooreS1530-73
 Details1867-1868Land Records SED 3, p. 501CR 47018 (Scanned)Cockey, Charles E., Oyster lot surveyS1530-74
 Details1873-1874Land Records JW 4, pp. 349-350CR 47018 (Scanned)Cockey, M. T., Oyster lot surveyS1530-75
 Details1878Land Records JW 8, p. 211CR 47018 (Scanned)Cockey, M. T., Oyster lot surveyS1530-76
 Details1920Land Records JFR 5, p. 109CR 47018 (Scanned)Cole, Daniel R. to John EavensS1530-77
 Details1920Land Records JFR 5, p. 274CR 47018 (Scanned)Cole, Daniel R. to William R. GibbsS1530-78
 Details1868-1870Land Records JW 1, pp. 346-347CR 47018 (Scanned)Coleman, James W. and Sarah E. Coleman, and Joseph Smith and Mary M. Smith to Mary Ann HoldenS1530-79
 Details1921Land Records JFR 7, p. 63CR 47018 (Scanned)Coleman, W. R.S1530-80
 Details1880-1881Land Records JW 11, p. 350CR 47018 (Scanned)Collier, James, Oyster lot surveyS1530-81
 Details1880-1881Land Records JW 11, pp. 351-352CR 47018 (Scanned)Collier, James, Oyster lot survey S1530-82
 Details1876-1877Land Records JW 6, pp. 104-105CR 47018 (Scanned)Cook, Henry H., Oyster lot surveyS1530-83
 Details1943-1944Land Records ASG, Jr. 9, pp. 447-450CR 47018 (Scanned)Cook, Howard E.S1530-84
 Details1939-1940Land Records ASG, Jr. 2, p. 427CR 47018 (Scanned)Cook, William H. and wifeS1530-85
 Details1938-1939Land Records WHC 7A, p. 270CR 47018 (Scanned)Killmer, Miles and Florence S. Killmer, tract of land in Corsica Neck called Cove Point FarmS1530-86
 Details1880-1881Land Records JW 11, p. 149CR 47018 (Scanned)Costen, James H., Oyster lot survey S1530-87
 Details1925-1926Land Records BHT 4, pp. 562-565CR 47018 (Scanned)Melvin, Frank W., Part of Costin Park or Holbrook FarmS1530-88
 Details1944-1945Land Records ASG, Jr. 10, p. 599CR 47018 (Scanned)Coursey FarmS1530-89
 Details1880-1881Land Records JW 11, p. 30CR 47018 (Scanned)Coursey, C. O., Oyster lot surveyS1530-90
 Details1880-1881Land Records JW 11, p. 30CR 47018 (Scanned)Coursey, Marion, Oyster lot survey S1530-91
 Details1880-1881Land Records JW 11, pp. 352-353CR 47018 (Scanned)Coursey, William O., Oyster lot survey S1530-92
 Details1935-1936Land Records WHC 2A, p. 505CR 47018 (Scanned)Coyle, Commander S. D.S1530-93
 Details1936-1937Land Records WHC 4A, p. 220CR 47018 (Scanned)Robinson, Walter, tract in Crab Alley NeckS1530-94
 Details1939Land Records ASG, Jr. 1, p. 17CR 47018 (Scanned)Crab Alley Neck Road to Goodhands Creek, Road and LandingS1530-95
 Details1903-1904Land Records JEG 6, p. 69CR 47018 (Scanned)Christian, A. A., Crows Nest and Wilson LandS1530-96
 Details1942-1943Land Records ASG, Jr. 7, p. 359CR 47018 (Scanned)Cummins, Henry F.S1530-97
 Details1942-1943Land Records ASG, Jr. 7, p. 434CR 47018 (Scanned)Dadds, Richard F.S1530-98
 Details1927-1928Land Records BHT 7, p. 497CR 47018 (Scanned)Daily, Harry S.S1530-99
 Details1929-1930Land Records BHT 10, p. 475CR 47018 (Scanned)Davis and Knotts LandS1530-100
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