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(Plats on Microfilm, Anne Arundel)

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Plats filed in the county circuit court, that were filmed by the Land Office. Plats filmed included those filed with single numbers or with cabinet and rod numbers and those interspersed in land records and equity records. The electronic finding aid contains entries that give names or description of tracts and subdivisions, sometimes names of owners or litigants, and citation to the record where the plat was recorded in the courthouse. The series also provides references to (Plats) in series C129 and C130, (Plats from Equity) in series C72, (Plats from Land Records) in series C2850 and C2851, and (Plats, Cabinet File) in series C2259.

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DatePlatFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksMSA Citation
 Details1920Equity Record WNW 5, p. 414CR 46950Admiral Park, Subdivision of Respess CityS1532-2
 Details Equity Record WMB 25, pp. 214-215CR 46950Aiemschneiders SubdivisionS1532-3
 Details1857Equity Record NHG 6, p. 138; Case OS 171CR 46948Aisquith vs. AisquithS1532-4
 Details1865Equity Record SH 2, pp. 178-179; Case OS 493CR 46949Anderson vs. TurtonS1532-9
 Details1894Equity Record JCB 28, p. 146; Case 1692CR 46949Annapolis Savings Institution vs. KingS1532-17
 Details1905Equity Record GW 48, pp. 150-151; Case 2710CR 46949Trott vs. Annapolis Savings InstitutionS1532-18
 Details1934Equity Record WMB 25, pp. 32-33CR 46950Anne Arundel Academy, tract of landS1532-21
 Details1892Equity Record SH 24, p. 378; Case 1434CR 46949Appell vs. AppellS1532-22
 Details1861Equity Record NHG 8, p. 339; Case OS 255CR 46949Armager vs. ArmagerS1532-23
 Details1906Equity Record GW 49, p. 87; Case 2856CR 46949Armiger vs. ArmigerS1532-24
 Details1939Equity Record JHH 49, p. 224CR 46950Arnold, Armanella S., near Robinson StationS1532-26
 Details Equity Record WNW 7, p. 16CR 46950Bacon, Maria, Subdivision as devised by her willS1532-27
 Details1888Equity Record SH 21, p. 193; Case 1103CR 46949Baldwin vs. SpriggsS1532-28
 Details1885Equity Record SH 15, p. 535; Case 1029CR 46949Baltimore Chrome Works vs. CrispS1532-31
 Details1885Equity Record JCB 27, p. 234; Case 1575CR 46949Barber vs. ChaneyS1532-34
 Details1861Equity Record NHG 8, p. 292; Case OS 283CR 46949Barber vs. BarberS1532-36
 Details1902Equity Record GW 43, p. 444; Case 2435CR 46949Barrand vs. GassawayS1532-37
 Details1893Equity Record JCB 27, p. 329; Case 1619CR 46949Basil vs. GrammerS1532-38
 Details1897Equity Record GW 33, p. 49; Case 1927CR 46949Basil vs. BallS1532-39
 Details1898Equity Record GW 41, p. 86; Case 2011CR 46949Basil vs. BrownS1532-42
 Details1899Equity Record GW 40, p. 122; Case 2123CR 46949Beard vs. BeardS1532-44
 Details1857Equity Record NHG 6, p. 95; Case OS 170CR 46948Belt vs. JonesS1532-45
 Details1899Equity Record GW 41, pp. 261-262; Case 1584CR 46949Benson vs. CromwellS1532-46
 Details1783Equity Record SH 6, pp. 454-455; Case 387CR 46949Benson vs. BensonS1532-47
 Details1877Equity Record SH 11, pp. 322-323; Case 1587CR 46949Berry vs. StockettS1532-49
 Details1867Equity Record SH 1, p. 396; Case OS 425CR 46949Bird and Gray vs. BirdS1532-50
 Details1867Equity Record SH 1, p. 396; Case OS 425CR 46949Bird vs. Gray S1532-51
 Details1874Equity Record SH 9, pp. 125-126; Case 425CR 46949Bird vs. ElliottS1532-52
 Details1854Equity Record NHG 3, p. 16; Case OS 77CR 46948Bonsal vs. RidgelyS1532-56
 Details1905Equity Record GW 50, p. 336; Case 2689CR 46949Boone vs. WilmerS1532-57
 Details1885Equity Record SH 16, p. 171; Case 1034CR 46949Boston vs. CollinsS1532-59
 Details1878Equity Record SH 6, p. 478; Case 379CR 46949Boteler vs. BotelerS1532-60
 Details1908Equity Record GW 54, pp. 15, 18, 31, 53; Case 3054CR 46949Brady vs. RevellS1532-64
 Details1904Equity Record JCB 28, pp. 442, 483; Case 2635CR 46949Brashears vs. DouglasS1532-65
 Details1902Equity Record GW 44, p. 235; Case 2493CR 46949Brehme vs. HallS1532-67
 Details1892Equity Record SH 24, p. 546; Case 1547CR 46949Brewer vs. BrewerS1532-68
 Details1901Equity Record GW 53, p. 150; Case 163CR 46949Brewer vs. BrewerS1532-70
 Details1909Equity Record GW 53, p. 210; Case 2990CR 46949Brewer vs. BrewerS1532-72
 Details1898Equity Record GW 35, p. 379; Case 1738CR 46949Brewer vs. BrewerS1532-73
 Details1943Equity Record JHH 57, p. 227ACR 46950Brian, Joseph M., III, Writ de Lunatico InquirendoS1532-74
 Details Equity Record JHH 57, p. 245CR 46950Brian, Joseph M., III, Writ de Lunatico InquirendoS1532-75
 Details Equity Record JHH 57, p. 255CR 46950Brian, Joseph M., III, Writ de Lunatico InquirendoS1532-76
 Details1944Equity Record JHH 57, p. 257CR 46950Brian, Joseph M., III, Writ de Lunatico InquirendoS1532-77
 Details Equity Record FAM 40, p. 317CR 46950Brice, R. T.S1532-78
 Details1905Equity Record GW 51, p. 355; Case 2778CR 46949Britton vs. MunroeS1532-79
 Details1905Equity Record JCB 28, p. 302; Case 2724CR 46949Brogden vs. BrogdenS1532-82
 Details1865Equity Record NHG 9, p. 527; Case OS 384CR 46949Brogden vs. Lemmon S1532-83
 Details1864Equity Record NHG 9, p. 716; Case OS 368CR 46949Brooklyn Company vs. HunttS1532-84
 Details1914Equity Record GW 48, p. 332; Case 4227CR 46949Brooks vs. Annapolis and Eastport Building AssociationS1532-85
 Details1918Equity Record GW 48, p. 370; Case 4276CR 46949Brown vs. Annapolis Savings InstitutionS1532-87
 Details1859Equity Record NHG 7, p. 83; Case OS 311CR 46949Brown vs. CamdenS1532-89
 Details1863Equity Record NHG 9, p. 701; Case OS 311CR 46949Brown vs. BrownS1532-91
 Details1891Equity Record SH 22, p. 244; Case 1416CR 46949Brown vs. BrownS1532-93
 Details1904Equity Record GW 46, p. 381; Case 2647CR 46949Bryan vs. SmithS1532-94
 Details1893Equity Record SH 22, pp. 577, 592-593; Case 1614CR 46949Butler vs. ButlerS1532-97
 Details1897Equity Record GW 57, p. 313; Case 3493CR 46949Butti and Wells vs. Brock and WellsS1532-99
 Details1877Equity Record SH 11, p. 249; Case 707CR 46949Bishop vs. Bishop and CarpenterS1532-101
 Details1859Equity Record NHG 9, p. 669; Case OS 244CR 46949Carr vs. CarrS1532-102
 Details1929Equity Record FSR 10, pp. 224-225CR 46950Carr, Fred L., Partition of tractS1532-103
 Details1893Equity Record SH 26, p. 70; Case 1628CR 46949Carter vs. CarterS1532-104
 Details1882Equity Record SH 14, pp. 509-512; Case 908CR 46949Cecil vs. Bond and CecilS1532-106
 Details1888Equity Record SH 22, p. 45; Case 1238CR 46949Chaney vs. GuthridgeS1532-108
 Details1939Equity Record JHH 48, p. 129CR 46950City Real Estate CompanyS1532-109
 Details1865Equity Record SH 26, p. 112; Case OS 404CR 46949Clagett vs. RobinsonS1532-110
 Details1894Equity Record GW 37, p. 71; Case 1672CR 46949Clark vs. ShipleyS1532-112
 Details1937Equity Record FAM 37, p. 470CR 46950Clark PropertyS1532-114
 Details1857Equity Record NHG 6, pp. 508-510CR 46948Claude vs. ClaudeS1532-115
 Details1857Equity Record NHG 7, p. 6CR 46949Claude vs. ClaudeS1532-116
 Details1855Equity Record NHG 4, p. 190; Case OS 91CR 46948ClaytonS1532-118
 Details1870Equity Record SH 3, p. 76; Case OS 133CR 46949Collins vs. DuvallS1532-119
 Details1915Equity Record GW 63, p. 107CR 46950Collinson, Dr. John and wife, Map of a portion of the tract of land called Larkinton allotted by her fatherS1532-121
 Details1912Equity Record GW 60, p. 51; Case 3408CR 46950Crandell, James H.S1532-125
 Details1886Equity Record SH 16, p. 475; Case 1088CR 46949Crisp vs. CrispS1532-130
 Details1888Equity Record SH 23, p. 140; Case 1196CR 46949Crisp vs. CrispS1532-131
 Details1857Equity Record NHG 6, p. 453; Case OS 142CR 46948Crisp vs. CrispS1532-132
 Details1907Equity Record GW 51, pp. 152-153; Case 2906CR 46949Cromwell vs. AndersonS1532-133
 Details1891Equity Record SH 22, pp. 373-374; Case 1470CR 46949Cromwell vs. HarmanS1532-135
 Details1858Equity Record SH 1, p. 129; Case OS 414CR 46949Cromwell vs. CromwellS1532-136
 Details1867Equity Record SH 1, p. 150; Case OS 482CR 46949Cromwell vs. CromwellS1532-137
 Details Equity Record GW 59, p. 320CR 46950Darnall, Annie E., dec'dS1532-138
 Details1924Equity Record WNW 12, p. 197CR 46950Duke of Gloucester Street, Lots 200, 202, 204 and Main Street, Lots 201, 205, 207S1532-139
 Details1901Equity Record GW 42, p. 231; Case 2252CR 46949Davidson vs. DavidsonS1532-140
 Details1901Equity Record GW 42, pp. 244-246; Case 2252CR 46949Davidson vs. RobinsonS1532-141
 Details1872Equity Record SH 11, p. 358; Case 321CR 46949Davis vs. TydingsS1532-143
 Details1902Equity Record GW 43, p. 476; Case 2449CR 46949Dennis vs. Annapolis Savings InstitutionS1532-144
 Details1889Equity Record SH 18, pp. 137-138; Case 1090CR 46949Dexter vs. MurdockS1532-145
 Details1909Equity Record GW 57, p. 219; Case 1039CR 46949Randall and Dorsey vs. SellmanS1532-148
 Details1909Equity Record GW 57, p. 197; Case 1039CR 46949Dorsey vs. RandallS1532-149
 Details1901Equity Record GW 42, p. 319; Case 2334CR 46949Dorsey vs. DorseyS1532-150
 Details1904-1905Equity Record JCB 28, pp. 442-483; Case 2635CR 46949Douglas vs. Brashears S1532-152
 Details1881Equity Record SH 12, p. 525; Case 826CR 46949Dove vs. DoveS1532-153
 Details1893Equity Record GW 35, p. 281; Case 1284CR 46949Sunderland vs. DruryS1532-155
 Details1856Equity Record GW 45, p. 419; Case 114CR 46949Dusenberry vs. DusenberryS1532-157
 Details1880Equity Record SH 16, p. 148; Case 786CR 46949Duvall vs. ThomasS1532-160
 Details1859Equity Record NHG 6, p. 373; Case OS 74CR 46948Duvall vs. DuvallS1532-162
 Details1861Equity Record NHG 8, p. 410; Case OS 261CR 46949Duvall vs. HammondS1532-163
 Details Equity Record WNW 10, p. 129CR 46950East-Port, a portion ofS1532-165
 Details1940Equity Record JHH 48, p. 40CR 46950Eastern Avenue, extened road conveyed to County CommissionersS1532-166
 Details1877Equity Record SH 14, p. 438; Case 594CR 46949Farmers National Bank vs. BrownS1532-171
 Details1892Equity Record SH 23, p. 118; Case 1526CR 46949Farmers National Bank vs. HuntS1532-172
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