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(Plats on Microfilm, Frederick)

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Plats filed in the county circuit court, that were filmed by the Land Office in 1949. Plats filmed included those interspersed in land records and recorded in plat books. A card index created by the Land Office pertains to only the documents found in land records, and furnishes limited information. The cards, converted to 1,268 entries, list the books, but not the pages, containing plats and the page numbers for plats not filmed. This index will be used to provide references to those plats not filmed within (Plats from Land Records) in series CM490, but eventually will be superseded by the finding aid prepared for (Plats from Land Records) in series C2310.

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DatePlatFilm ReelsLinksMSA Citation
 Details1897Land Records JLJ 16, pp. 191-193CR 47009S1538-1
 Details Land Records JLJ 16, pp. 199-200CR 47009S1538-2
 Details Land Records JLJ 16, p. 243CR 47009S1538-3
 Details Land Records JLJ 16, pp. 482-484CR 47009S1538-4
 Details Land Records JLJ 16, p. 565CR 47009S1538-5
 Details1903Land Records DHH 17, p. 115CR 47009S1538-117
 Details Land Records DHH 17, p. 164CR 47009S1538-118
 Details Land Records DHH 17, p. 166CR 47009S1538-119
 Details Land Records DHH 17, p. 189CR 47009S1538-120
 Details Land Records DHH 17, p. 290CR 47009S1538-121
 Details Land Records DHH 17, p. 393CR 47009S1538-122
 Details Land Records DHH 17, p. 539CR 47009S1538-123
 Details Land Records DHH 17, p. 614CR 47009S1538-124
 Details Land Records DHH 17, p. 623CR 47009S1538-125
 Details Land Records DHH 17, p. 695CR 47009S1538-126
 Details1903Land Records STH 265, p. 196CR 47009S1538-127
 Details1905Land Records STH 265, p. 540CR 47009S1538-128
 Details1904Land Records STH 267, p. 139CR 47009S1538-129
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 199CR 47009S1538-130
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 201CR 47009S1538-131
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 219CR 47009S1538-132
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 223CR 47009S1538-133
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 238CR 47009S1538-134
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 241CR 47009S1538-135
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 256CR 47009S1538-136
 Details Land Records STH 267, pp. 266-268CR 47009S1538-137
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 329CR 47009S1538-138
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 332CR 47009S1538-139
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 345CR 47009S1538-140
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 356CR 47009S1538-141
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 380CR 47009S1538-142
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 385CR 47009S1538-143
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 421CR 47009S1538-144
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 424CR 47009S1538-145
 Details Land Records STH 267, pp. 455-456CR 47009S1538-146
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 458CR 47009S1538-147
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 460CR 47009S1538-148
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 462CR 47009S1538-149
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 464CR 47009 S1538-150
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 465CR 47009S1538-151
 Details Land Records STH 267, pp. 467-468CR 47009S1538-152
 Details1905Land Records STH 267, p. 507CR 47009S1538-153
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 522CR 47009S1538-154
 Details Land Records STH 267, p. 553CR 47009S1538-155
 Details1904Land Records STH 269, p. 394CR 47009S1538-156
 Details1905Land Records STH 269, p. 426CR 47009S1538-157
 Details1905Land Records STH 271, p. 93CR 47009S1538-158
 Details Land Records STH 271, p. 97CR 47009S1538-159
 Details Land Records STH 271, p. 249CR 47009S1538-160
 Details Land Records STH 271, p. 296CR 47009S1538-161
 Details Land Records STH 271, p. 298CR 47009S1538-162
 Details Land Records STH 271, pp. 313-314CR 47009S1538-163
 Details Land Records STH 271, p. 319CR 47009S1538-164
 Details Land Records STH 271, p. 403CR 47009S1538-165
 Details Land Records STH 271, p. 500CR 47009S1538-166
 Details Land Records STH 271, p. 532CR 47009S1538-167
 Details Land Records STH 271, p. 553CR 47009S1538-168
 Details1906Land Records STH 271, p. 591CR 47009S1538-169
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 65CR 47009S1538-170
 Details1906Land Records STH 274, p. 431CR 47009S1538-171
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 433CR 47009S1538-172
 Details Land Records STH 274, pp. 520-522CR 47009S1538-173
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 544CR 47009S1538-174
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 546CR 47009 S1538-175
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 547CR 47009 S1538-176
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 548CR 47009S1538-177
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 550CR 47009S1538-178
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 552CR 47009 S1538-179
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 552CR 47009S1538-180
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 554CR 47009 S1538-181
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 555CR 47009S1538-182
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 556CR 47009 S1538-183
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 557CR 47009S1538-184
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 560CR 47009S1538-185
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 562CR 47009 S1538-186
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 563CR 47009S1538-187
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 564CR 47009S1538-188
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 566CR 47009S1538-189
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 569CR 47009S1538-190
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 570CR 47009S1538-191
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 572CR 47009S1538-192
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 574CR 47009S1538-193
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 576CR 47009S1538-194
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 579CR 47009S1538-195
 Details Land Records STH 274, p. 581CR 47009S1538-196
 Details1906Land Records STH 276, p. 38CR 47009 S1538-197
 Details Land Records STH 276, p. 129CR 47009 S1538-198
 Details Land Records STH 276, p. 133CR 47009S1538-199
 Details Land Records STH 276, p. 186CR 47009S1538-200
 Details Land Records STH 276, p. 193CR 47009S1538-201
 Details Land Records STH 276, p. 240CR 47009 S1538-202
 Details Land Records STH 276, p. 241CR 47009S1538-203
 Details Land Records STH 276, p. 256CR 47009S1538-204
 Details Land Records STH 276, p. 269CR 47009S1538-205
 Details Land Records STH 276, p. 271CR 47009S1538-206
 Details Land Records STH 276, p. 272CR 47009S1538-207
 Details Land Records STH 276, p. 325CR 47009S1538-208
 Details Land Records STH 276, p. 327CR 47009S1538-209
 Details Land Records STH 276, p. 329CR 47009S1538-210
 Details Land Records STH 276, p. 331CR 47009S1538-211
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