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(Plats on Microfilm, Howard)

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Plats filed in the county circuit court, that were filmed by the Land Office in 1949. Plats filmed included those interspersed in land, equity, and commission records and others recorded in plat books. The electronic finding aid contains entries that give names or descriptions of tracts and subdivisions, sometimes names of owners or litigants, and citation to the record where the plat was recorded in the courthouse. The series also provides references to (Plats from Land Records) in series C2469 and C2470, (Plats from Equity) in series C2471, (Plats from Land Commissions) in series C2468, and (Plat Book) in series C2125.

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DatePlatFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksMSA Citation
 Details1854Land Records WHW 15, p. 151CR 46999 (Scanned)Adams, Barbara, Survey of propertyS1541-1
 Details Land Records JHO 60, p. 303CR 46999 (Scanned)Village of Anderson (Now Hanoverville)S1541-2
 Details Plat Book HSK 1, p. 53CR 46998Subdivision of Anderson PropertyS1541-3
 Details Land Records HSK 133, p. 437CR 46999 (Scanned)Division of Anderson PropertyS1541-4
 Details1862Land Records WWW 21, p. 405CR 46999 (Scanned)Anderson, Isaac C.S1541-5
 Details Land Records WWW 25, p. 581CR 46999 (Scanned)Plat of Annapolis Junction*VilleS1541-6
 Details1929Land Records HSK 137, p. 64CR 46999 (Scanned)Oberlin, Stuart E. and wife deed to Robert E. ArmstrongS1541-8
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 31CR 46998Arnold, Charles and Helen ArnoldS1541-9
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 25CR 46998Schanken, C. E. and Adalaide Schanken to Arundel CorporationS1541-10
 Details1868Equity Record WWW 4, p. p. 273CR 46999 (Scanned)Plat of part of Avondale FarmS1541-11
 Details Land Records WWLC 87, p. 395CR 46999 (Scanned)Plat of Avondal MillS1541-12
 Details Land Records JHO 55, p. 615CR 46999 (Scanned)Map showing Patapsco Branch of Baltimore and Ohio RailroadS1541-13
 Details Plat Book HSK 1, p. 58CR 46998Baer, Jacob S., Plat of cable line through propertyS1541-14
 Details1904Land Records JHO 79, p. 11CR 46999 (Scanned)Barker, Charles, J., EsquireS1541-16
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 24CR 46998Barnes, Nathaniel C., Plan of part of propertyS1541-17
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 7CR 46998Bertling, Herman J.S1541-18
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 7CR 46998Bealmear, William R., Plat of LotS1541-19
 Details Equity Record JHO 28, pp. 180-185CR 46999 (Scanned)The Late Becraft, James, EstateS1541-20
 Details Equity Record WWW 4, p. 492CR 46999 (Scanned)The Late Belt, Otho Bellor, Plat of Real Estate belonging to heirsS1541-21
 Details Equity Record LJW 15, p. 40-41CR 46999 (Scanned)Belt, John Spriggs, Property of HeirsS1541-22
 Details1895Land Records JHO 63, p. 209CR 46999 (Scanned)Plan of Lots as sold by Benzinger, E. A. at WoodstockS1541-23
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 46CR 46998JoBe to Bert, Plan of parcel of landS1541-24
 Details1929Land Records HSK 135, p. 453CR 46999 (Scanned)Binder, Earnest L.S1541-25
 Details Land Records HBN 111, p. 511CR 46999 (Scanned)Birchead, Lennox, Plat of parts of The Advil surveyedS1541-26
 Details1930Land Records HSK 139, p. 237CR 46999 (Scanned)Boone, Daniel E. and Lillian I. BooneS1541-27
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 16CR 46998Boone, Mary LouiseS1541-28
 Details Land Records HSK 136, p. 548CR 46999 (Scanned)Bordley, James, Part of propertyS1541-29
 Details Plat Book HSK 1, p. 50CR 46998Brady, HavarS1541-30
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 34CR 46998Brickingham, Dr. David E., Spring Valley Farm, Property line surveyS1541-31
 Details Plat Book HSK 1, p. 16CR 46998Plat of lot sold to Brittingham, Mrs. Nellie, by Harry R. Moore and Barbara C. MooreS1541-32
 Details1904Equity Record WWLC 29, p. 52-54CR 46999 (Scanned)Brosenne Property, PlatS1541-33
 Details Plat Book HSK 1, p. 24CR 46998Brown, JackS1541-34
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 13CR 46998Brown, Robert A.S1541-35
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 5CR 46998Brown, Walter O.S1541-36
 Details1891Land Records JHO 56, p. 291CR 46999 (Scanned)Property concerned in Indenture and agreement between Browne, Dr. B. Bernard and wife and Cornelus Cavey and wifeS1541-37
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 31CR 46998Property of Buell, W. J., Parcel 1 from Frederick A. Kaiser, Parcel 2, from Alice H. RogersS1541-38
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 27CR 46998Plat showing property involved in lease between Buell, William L., Rose Buell and American Oil CompanyS1541-39
 Details1884Land Records LJW 48, p. 232CR 46999 (Scanned)Plat of Buena VistaS1541-40
 Details Land Records WWLC 93, p. 105CR 46999 (Scanned)Burgess, G. L. from Henry FranceS1541-41
 Details Land Records HBN 130, p. 234CR 46999 (Scanned)Subdivision of part of Burgess PropertyS1541-42
 Details1888Land Records LJW 52, p. 656-657CR 46999 (Scanned)Burgess, George W., Plat of Ellicott's DivisionS1541-43
 Details Equity Record BM, Jr. 52, p. 489CR 46999 (Scanned)Burleigh ManorS1541-44
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 40CR 46998Campbell, Homer E., Subdivision near WaterlooS1541-45
 Details Land Records WWLC 89, p. 490CR 46999 (Scanned)Owned by Carey, Charles A. Plat of several lotsS1541-46
 Details Plat Book HSK 1, p. 4CR 46998The CedarsS1541-47
 Details1887Equity Record LJW 19, p. 306CR 46999 (Scanned)Charles Carr, Real EstateS1541-48
 Details1917Land Records HBN 104, p. 282CR 46999 (Scanned)Carr, Charles C.S1541-49
 Details1897Land Records JHO 66, p. 385-387CR 46999 (Scanned)Plats in case of Carroll, Charles, et al vs. Mary Carroll et alS1541-50
 Details Partition Records EPH 1, pp. 72-162CR 46999 (Scanned)The Late Carroll, Charles, Division of Estate - folios 72-74, 79, 82, 87, 89, 91, 93, 95, 100, 104, 106, 109, 111, 113, 116, 123, 127, 129, 131, 133, 139, 143,145,147,149,151,162*(*folio 162 has plat of whole estate called Doughoregan Manor enlarged)S1541-51
 Details1909Equity Record WWLC 32, p. 275CR 46999 (Scanned)Ambrose, Cassimer, Plat of propertyS1541-52
 Details Plat Book HSK 1, p. 24CR 46998Proposed Road on Cecil PropertyS1541-53
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 11CR 46998Chance, Merritt O.S1541-54
 Details1927Land Records HBN 130, p. 32CR 46999 (Scanned)Brooks, Ursule deed to Louise M. ChapmanS1541-55
 Details Land Records HBN 117, p. 600CR 46999 (Scanned)Plat of Division of Charles College FarmS1541-56
 Details Land Records HSK 139, p. 548CR 46999 (Scanned)Plat of site of Charles CollegeS1541-57
 Details1896Land Records JHO 66, p. 71CR 46999 (Scanned)Childs, Francis E., Plat of landS1541-58
 Details Land Records HBN 122, p. 62CR 46999 (Scanned)Clark, J. Booker, Plat of Eldridge Farm No. 2S1541-59
 Details Plat Book HSK 1, p. 32CR 46998Clark, James Booker and wife to N. Irvine KeyserS1541-60
 Details1924Land Records HBN 123, p. 171CR 46999 (Scanned)Clark, Edward T., Plat of propertyS1541-61
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 21CR 46998Clark, Garnett Y., Plat of propertyS1541-62
 Details Land Records HBN 129, p. 38CR 46999 (Scanned)Clark, R. R., Plat showing proposed pole line over private Right of WayS1541-63
 Details Equity Record 21, p. 346-347CR 46999 (Scanned)Clark, WilliamS1541-65
 Details1889Equity Record JHO 21, p. 481CR 46999 (Scanned)Cleary, William and Isabella Cleary, Real Estate of HeirsS1541-66
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 28CR 46998Clark, Edward, Plan of a DevelopmentS1541-67
 Details Land Records HBN 128, p. 258CR 46999 (Scanned)Collins, John E. and wifeS1541-68
 Details Plat Book HSK 1, p. 5CR 46998Columbia WoodlandsS1541-69
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 19CR 46998Plan of a part of Columbia WoodlandsS1541-70
 Details1925Land Records HBN 122, p. 600CR 46999 (Scanned)Cooney, J. C. Farms, Plat of SubdivisionS1541-71
 Details Land Records WWLC 89, p. 421CR 46999 (Scanned)Cooney, J. H.S1541-72
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 37CR 46998Cooney, William H., Plat of propertyS1541-73
 Details Land Records JHO 56, p. 276-277CR 46999 (Scanned)Cooper, G. W. Subdivision of part of Snowden's New Birmingham Manor and Brothers FriendshipS1541-74
 Details1887Land Records LJW 52, p. 130-131CR 46999 (Scanned)Cooper, G. W. Subdivision, Part of Brothers FriendshipS1541-75
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 43CR 46998CrestmontS1541-76
 Details1900Equity Record JHO 27, p. 26-27CR 46999 (Scanned)Cronmiller, John, deceasedS1541-77
 Details1931Land Records HSK 140, p. 443CR 46999 (Scanned)Darby, R. U.S1541-79
 Details1885Equity Record LJW 16, p. 124CR 46999 (Scanned)The Late Daves, Samuel E., Parts of Ranters Ridge, Oliver's Choice and Good Fellowship, EstateS1541-80
 Details Land Records WWLC 89, p. 362CR 46999 (Scanned)Davis, Mrs. Robert S., Acquired from Claude M. Acklen, Plat of propertyS1541-81
 Details Land Records WWLC 87, p. 61CR 46999 (Scanned)Davis, WilliamS1541-82
 Details1849Land Records EPH 8, p. 444-445CR 46999 (Scanned)Owned by Day, John, Plat of a grave yardS1541-83
 Details Plat Book HSK 1, p. 27CR 46998Deninson, Abraham to County Commissioners Howard CountyS1541-84
 Details1886Equity Record LJW 18, p. 468CR 46999 (Scanned)Dicus, John R., Plat of EstateS1541-85
 Details Plat Book HSK 1, p. 33CR 46998Sold by Donovon, Joseph L., Charles L. Porter, G. A. Humphrey, and James Rowley, Plat of propertyS1541-86
 Details Partition Records EPH 1, pp. 246-252CR 46999 (Scanned)Dorsey, Hammond, Plat of EstateS1541-87
 Details1905Equity Record WWLC 30, p. 165CR 46999 (Scanned)Dorsey, Margaret E., Plat of FarmS1541-88
 Details1852Land Records WHW 13, p. 42CR 46999 (Scanned)Dorsey, ReubenS1541-89
 Details1885Land Records LJW 50, p. 140CR 46999 (Scanned)Dorsey, Edmund and wife, deed to Walter DorseyS1541-90
 Details Equity Record LJW 17, p. 333CR 46999 (Scanned)Dorsey, WilliamS1541-91
 Details Land Records HBN 124, p. 180CR 46999 (Scanned)Dorsey, William R., Plat of Lots to be soldS1541-92
 Details Land Records HBN 117, p. 386CR 46999 (Scanned)Subdivision of part of Doughoregan ManorS1541-93
 Details Plat Book HSK 1, p. 7CR 46998Beasley, Sallie R. to Down Brothers, Plat of LotS1541-94
 Details1927Land Records HBN 131, p. 596CR 46999 (Scanned)The Late Duinker, J., Subdivision of PropertyS1541-95
 Details Land Records HBN 124, p. 600CR 46999 (Scanned)Duinker, J. Subdivision of part of propertyS1541-96
 Details Equity Record WWLC 30, p. 617CR 46999 (Scanned)Dunkel, Ernest, Plat of 3 LotsS1541-97
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 15CR 46998Duval, Alton and wifeS1541-98
 Details Plat Book HSK 1, p. 34CR 46998Duvall, Mary E., Location of Electric line of propertyS1541-99
 Details Plat Book HSK 1, p. 34CR 46998Duvall, Mary Exie, Potomac Edison Lines on property S1541-100
 Details Plat Book HSK 1, p. 18CR 46998Plat of Earp, A. Howard propertyS1541-101
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 8CR 46998Earp, A. Howard, Plan of propertyS1541-102
 Details Land Records WWLC 90, p. 357CR 46999 (Scanned)Earp, A. Howard, property purchased from The Savage CompanyS1541-103
 Details Plat Book BM, Jr. 3, p. 42CR 46998Elkridge HeightsS1541-104
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